What to give a girl

262 gift ideas for a girl of 16

Choosing a gift for a 16-year-old girl is not an easy task, because this age is characterized by rebelliousness and inconstancy. Therefore, you do not need to look for a universal present. Take an interest in the hobbies and worldview of the birthday girl, find out about her hobbies and preferences. Enlist the help of her friends, sisters and brothers, or directly ask the girl what she wants to receive as a gift. And do not forget to accompany your gift with flowers, and a well-composed and well-thought-out bouquet may well act as an independent present.

TOP 62 ideas of what to give a girl for 16 years

  1. Digital camera
  2. Computer mouse pen
  3. Darsonval
  4. Wish visualization board
  5. Hat/gloves with built-in Bluetooth headset
  6. Flexible phone holder
  7. scarf-transformer
  8. Collectible doll
  9. jewelry decoration
  10. Action camera
  11. Pogo stick trainer
  12. Baking molds
  13. Set of professional makeup brushes
  14. Personalized silver spoon
  15. Skates for figure skating
  16. French press
  17. cosmetic bandage
  18. Positive mirror “Vous”
  19. Bedding set with 3D effect
  20. Bike
  21. Name pajamas
  22. Motivational poster “100 things a real girl”
  23. Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner
  24. Nail polish dryer
  25. Certificate for tailoring a cocktail dress
  26. Home dryer for hair
  27. smart watch
  28. Frameless chair
  29. Balanceboard
  30. Fashion sunglasses
  31. Lamp for manicure with a set of gel polishes
  32. Sleep headphones
  33. Computer chair
  34. table fountain
  35. Tablet
  36. Synthesizer
  37. Wireless speaker
  38. Nominal medallion
  39. Travel suitcase
  40. Piggy bank
  41. Mini exercise bike
  42. Unusual wall/table clock
  43. Badminton set
  44. Certificate for a branded clothing store
  45. Kigurumi
  46. Electric waffle iron
  47. Longboard
  48. Set of natural body scrubs
  49. Fitness bracelet
  50. Tubing
  51. Subscription to the fitness club
  52. Exotic fruit basket
  53. Fashion sneakers
  54. Vanity mirror with LED light
  55. jewelry box
  56. Aroma diffuser with air humidification function
  57. Levitating lamp
  58. sandwich maker
  59. Thermo lunch box
  60. Fur earmuffs
  61. Belgian chocolate in the shape of animals/flowers
  62. Leather gloves

Original and inexpensive gifts for a 16-year-old girl

You should not literally take the saying “Not a gift is nice, but attention” and thoughtlessly buy what comes to hand. Even with limited funds, you can buy an original gift that can please and pleasantly surprise the birthday girl. For example:

Set for making big soap bubbles.  Huge shiny and shimmering soap bubbles will delight even the most serious and restrained girl.

Unusual bookmarks. Paper bookmarks have long since sunk into oblivion. They were replaced by products made of modern materials with an original design and additional functions.

Cardholder.  Surely, the girl already has a bank card and more than a dozen discount cards. Thanks to a convenient and compact business card holder, she will be able to store them in one place and not look all over her purse or backpack.

Also, the birthday girl will like:

  • headphone splitter;
  • attachable lens for smartphone;
  • heating pad toy;
  • pocket key holder;
  • original phone case;
  • set for creativity;
  • name keychain;
  • sketchbook;
  • hula hoop;
  • stirrer mug;
  • selfie monopod;
  • Temporary tatoos;
  • a set of geysers and bath bombs;
  • unusual night light;
  • anti-stress diary;
  • mug with individual design;
  • a set of frames for photos;
  • a bouquet of dried flowers;
  • funny sleep mask complete with earplugs;
  • electronic drumsticks;
  • leather passport cover;
  • luminous soap;
  • touchscreen gloves;
  • raincoats for shoes;
  • original mouse with a rug for it;
  • illuminated pocket mirror.

Useful gifts for the girl’s 16th birthday

Perhaps for some it will seem like a fantasy, but some 16-year-old girls prefer practical and useful gifts. You can safely give such persons:

Books. Yes, yes, books are back in fashion, and if you are sure that a girl reads more than just posts on social networks, give her a good book, preferably in her favorite genre.

Multistyler.  A great gift for those who always try to keep their hair in perfect condition.

Magnetic graphic board. Thanks to this device, the birthday girl will be able to leave reminders in a conspicuous place and will definitely not forget what time the consultation is scheduled for, or what time she needs to go to training.

Easel with a set for drawing.  Such a gift is suitable not only for a professional artist, but also for a girl with creative inclinations.

Bouquet of nuts and dried fruits. An unusual and useful present will appeal to absolutely all girls. You only need to find a specialist who will undertake the creation of such beauty.

Recipe book.  All women once begin to create a personal recipe book. Give the birthday girl a quality copy so that he becomes her faithful assistant for many years.

In addition, rational young ladies may like it.

  • set for spa treatments;
  • external battery;
  • set spirit mini-forma;
  • laptop cooling pad;
  • thermal bottle;
  • hair dryer with thermal protection;
  • stylish wallet/clutch;
  • juicer;
  • keychain for finding keys;
  • certificate to a cosmetics store;
  • cosmetic organizer;
  • smartphone projector;
  • color laser printer;
  • anti-theft backpack;
  • column clock;
  • comb with ionization;
  • laptop bag;
  • apparatus for manicure and pedicure.

Original gifts for a young girl on her birthday

Due to the huge variety of products, it is becoming more and more difficult to surprise birthday people. However, knowing the tastes and hobbies of a girl, you can still present her with something original and exciting. And if you give a gift somehow in a special way, by arranging a raffle or a fun quest, you can generally make a splash. So, the original presentations:

Ingot of precious metal.  As you know, neither gold nor silver has lost value over the centuries. A solid gift presented in an original form is a great investment and a way to impress the birthday girl.

3D pen with a set of plastic. An extraordinary invention that captured the world of not only children, but also adults. It captivates seriously and for a long time.

Smart pen.  Thanks to this gadget, you can easily digitize the recorded texts. True, for records it is necessary to use special paper. A great gift for a creative person who writes poetry and stories.

Portable USB blender.  The device allows you to prepare fresh, smoothies and mixes in various conditions: at school, on a trip, in training and even at work. The blender is lightweight and does not take up much space.

Also, a lover of originality will appreciate;

  • original piggy bank;
  • pop art portrait;
  • laser projection keyboard;
  • earrings-cuffs “Elven ears”;
  • luminous slippers “Unicorns”;
  • notebook made to order;
  • a bouquet of socks / soft toys;
  • prefabricated model Roombox;
  • beast paw;
  • anticlock;
  • aroma alarm clock;
  • running alarm;
  • gift set “Ecobox”;
  • bracelet with charms;
  • growing pencils;
  • lucid dream mask;
  • creative photoshoot;
  • antibooks;
  • unusual pen;
  • wooden interior puzzle;
  • magic ball of predictions;
  • original umbrella;
  • kanekalons;
  • set of fluorescent laces;
  • “Just Add Ice Cream” set;
  • LED candles.

Romantic gifts for a girl on her 16th birthday

If you want to please your girlfriend with some kind of romantic gift, you can choose something from our list:

  • a trip on a river boat or limousine;
  • boom card with confetti;
  • interactive map of the starry sky;
  • rose in a glass flask;
  • photo walk;
  • serenade performance by professional musicians under the windows of the birthday girl;
  • lamp-night light “Galaxy”;
  • balloon flight;
  • a set of handmade sweets;
  • a bouquet of sunflowers;
  • hourglass;
  • set for creativity “Dreamcatcher”;
  • plan to conquer the world;
  • aroma lamp with a set of essential oils;
  • pen for drawing on coffee;
  • block of chewing gum “Love is …”;
  • author’s jewelry;
  • fluffy blanket;
  • waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker;
  • horse riding;
  • blanket with sleeves;
  • music Box;
  • chameleon mug with romantic print;
  • big soft toy;
  • a box with flowers and Macaron cakes;
  • biosphere with living plants;
  • breakfast table in bed;
  • home planetarium.

Impression gift for a 16 year old girl

16 years is the age of discoveries, new emotions and experiments. So why not please the birthday girl with an impression gift in which she will find all this? Depending on the character and interests of the girl, she can be presented with:

  • flight on a hang glider / gyrocopter;
  • dinner in a restaurant;
  • ropejumping;
  • certificate for visiting the water park;
  • walk with a wolf in the reserve;
  • weekend at the deer farm;
  • professional draw;
  • barista courses;
  • scuba diving;
  • swimming in the pool with dolphins;
  • image consultation of a professional stylist;
  • a trip to the city of dreams;
  • skydiving;
  • professional consultation of an astrologer;
  • visiting an immersive theater;
  • quest room of horrors;
  • playing laser tag, paintball or airsoft;
  • archery certificate;
  • hiking in the mountains;
  • go-karts, quad bikes or buggies;
  • nominal star from the sky;
  • city ​​tour on segways;
  • a master class corresponding to her interests;
  • tickets to a concert, theater or exhibition;
  • visiting the museum with a personal guide;
  • certificate for recording a song in a studio;
  • flight in a wind tunnel;
  • spa certificate;
  • organization of a birthday party with an interesting program.

Entertaining gift options for a girl on the DR at 16 years old

Of course, a birthday is a holiday that involves fun and entertainment. And a girl who is 16 years old certainly does not want to constantly sit at textbooks and gnaw at the granite of science. Give her the opportunity to have fun and laugh heartily. This can help:

  • Guinness Book of Records;
  • carnivorous plant;
  • subscription to a music service;
  • a set for making chocolate;
  • ant farm;
  • snow blaster;
  • quad rollers;
  • portable media player;
  • neuroskipping rope for one leg;
  • microphone for voice recording;
  • toy-repeater;
  • subscription to the pool;
  • LED shower head;
  • intricate puzzle;
  • pen with mini camera;
  • musical instrument;
  • 3D puzzle;
  • fitball;
  • set for making sushi and rolls;
  • professional makeup palette;
  • a device for weaving braids;
  • freezer;
  • city ​​scooter;
  • table tennis set;
  • virtual reality glasses.
  • nail design kit;
  • telescope;
  • set for growing plants “Ecocube”;
  • ring LED selfie lamp.

DIY gift for 16 years

A handmade gift can be presented if you do not have the financial means or want to give something really exclusive and memorable. The main thing in this case is to soberly assess your abilities and do what you are good at.

Photo collage

Materials:  positive and high-quality photographs.

Progress:  making a photo collage is completely up to your imagination. You can make various images from photos, for example, a heart. You can print a photo on fabric and create a pillow, a notebook cover or an unusual panel. You can choose great pictures, stick them randomly on the canvas and place them in a stretcher. And you can mount a whole film about the birthday girl, accompanying it with the appropriate text and beautiful music.

Exclusive bag

Surely a 16-year-old girl will like an unusual bag of the author’s work. When creating such a gift, you will need to focus on your abilities. A knitted handbag for a wallet and a smartphone, as well as a beach bag with an original decor and a pattern applied using a stencil, will be good. As a basis, you can use a purchased plain fabric bag or a hand-sewn product.

Florarium handmade

Materials:  aquarium, live succulents / cacti, soil, drainage, live moss, pebbles, decor, fertilizer, tools.

Progress:  Wash and dry the aquarium. Pour drainage into it, then add fertilizer and, carefully laying the soil, plant the plants. Lay moss, decorate the composition with pebbles and decor.


Materials:  brick, decorative elements, glue, brush.

Progress of work:  clean the brick from dirt and dust and decorate it as fantasy suggests. Use decoupage, sequins, beads, artificial moss – in general, whatever your heart desires. It is unlikely that anyone will immediately understand that you gave an ordinary brick.

Flower with wishes on petals

All sincere and best wishes for the birthday girl can be written on the petals of a paper flower, the size and number of petals of which are not critical. The main thing is to come up with original, positive and kind words that you want to reread again and again.

You can also donate your own:

  • wicker baskets for storage;
  • original sundress / skirt;
  • postcard
  • Stengazeta;
  • fruit and candy bouquet;
  • cake;
  • knitted snood / scarf;
  • fortune cookies;
  • patchwork plaid;
  • photo frame;
  • topiary;
  • soap with favorite aromas of the birthday girl.

Flowers for a 16 year old girl

Of course, when choosing flowers for a birthday girl, you need to take into account her preferences, but it doesn’t hurt to learn the basic rules for choosing bouquets, because each flower has its own symbolism and meaning.

Rose.  As a rule, roses are given by young people in love. For a young lady, a bouquet of pink or cream flowers will be relevant. Wherein:

  • one rose will indicate that the girl is the meaning of the life of a young man;
  • three roses will say that the relationship is just being born, and the guy wants them to develop;
  • five roses – an unconditional declaration of love;
  • seven roses mean that the young man wants to stay with the girl forever;
  • nine or more roses are presented only to the truly beloved and the only one.

Gerbera  is a symbol of joy and love of life. A bouquet of gerberas is suitable for a cheerful and optimistic nature. Especially by the way, it will come in handy on a rainy day and will be able to fill it with light and positive.

Carnation.  It is also customary to give loved ones a magnificent composition of carnations of delicate shades.

Lily.  Lovely flowers for a young lady. When choosing them as a gift, you should find out if the birthday girl is allergic to their pleasant, but strong aroma.

Pink lilac  is a symbol of tenderness, white is a sign of sincerity.

Ranunculus.  The original vintage flower has large and spectacular buds and is particularly delicate. Ideal for a girl with a fine mental organization.

Narcissus.  Suitable for brave and determined girls who know their worth.

Chamomile.  Indicates the depth of feeling, tenderness and sincerity. A nice surprise for any lady.

Pink alstroemeria speaks of the gentle attitude of the donor, purple – of his enthusiasm, and red – of serious intentions.


  • young people traditionally give a bouquet of scarlet flowers to girls with whom they are in a romantic relationship;
  • white flowers (freshness, tenderness, innocence) – a sign of attention;
  • yellow and orange (happiness, joy, the birth of love) – ideal for bright and creative people;
  • pink (romance, tenderness) – universal flowers suitable for any age and event;
  • purple and blue (friendship, sincerity, trust) emphasize the originality and originality of the birthday girl.

What is better not to give a girl for 16 years

Sometimes there may be an erroneous opinion that a 16-year-old girl will be happy with any present. In fact, this is far from the case. When choosing a gift, you should not buy:

  • standard cosmetic sets in mass markets;
  • scales;
  • means for weight loss;
  • dishes;
  • bulky sculptures;
  • kitchen utensils;
  • means to combat deficiencies (anti-cellulite gels, acne lotions);
  • certificates and master classes not related to the interests of the birthday girl;
  • things that are contrary to the rules of etiquette (books for self-development, hygiene products);
  • everyday clothes;
  • study guides;
  • things that will be useful in the future;
  • counterfeits of famous brands;
  • empty jewelry boxes;
  • cheap jewelry;
  • too childish things;
  • gaudy vases.

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