What to give for the New Year

TOP 56 ideas What to give a Friend for the New Year +21 gifts and Tips

A friend is one of the most important people in our life. He will always help and hold, at the same time he will scold for a bad deed.

And now the New Year is coming, and you do not know what to give him? No need to be sad and run around all the shops in the city, because there is this article that tells about the best ideas for giving a friend a gift for the New Year.

TOP 56 ideas What to give a Friend for the New Year

  1. A mini thermos with a cool Christmas image, such as a snowflake print.
  2. A manual wood splitter is a gift for those who have a fireplace, barbecue or any wood-burning hearth.
  3. Smartphone gloves.
  4. Cover or cape with heating for a car seat.
  5. Souvenir snow globe.
  6. Case for a smartphone in the New Year theme.
  7. Warm sweater with deer or snowflakes.
  8. Illuminated hookah.
  9. LED LED garland.
  10. Night light projector of the starry sky.
  11. New Year’s tea or coffee collection.
  12. Bucket for cooling bottles.
  13. Delicious jam made from pine or spruce cones.
  14. Chocolate figurine in the form of a snowman.
  15. USB heated slippers.
  16. Portable biofireplace.
  17. Ice skates.
  18. Thermal calendar, which, when clicked, will show the current date and an interesting fact about this day.
  19. Home fragrance with different New Year’s flavors – mandarin, spruce, cinnamon.
  20. A knitted tie is a spectacular and cool accessory.
  21. Piggy bank in the form of a symbol of the New Year.
  22. Small decorative tree.
  23. Magnetic board on the refrigerator in the form of a Christmas tree.
  24. LED disco ball for colorful parties or cozy home evenings.
  25. “Drunken” chess is a gift to a friend for a fun pastime at the New Year’s table.
  26. Wireless headphones vacuum or overhead;
  27. Bluetooth trackers for tracking a lost item;
  28. Media streamer for broadcasting video and audio from a smartphone or computer;
  29. Anti-stress coloring with ornaments of cities, nature or animals;
  30. Tripod floor or wall for photography;
  31. Camera backpack with 7 compartments for cables and camera;
  32. A set of lenses for a smartphone with different shooting ranges;
  33. An unusual set of screwdrivers in the shape of a grenade;
  34. Christmas tree seeds for home cultivation;
  35. Folding mini auto-shovel for traveling;
  36. Beer helmet for football matches;
  37. Runaway alarm clock that will ring until you catch up with it;
  38. Piggy bank for corks to check how much you drank in a year;
  39. Chocolate tree with natural nuts and sweets;
  40. Box with exotic fruits from all over the world;
  41. Toilet paper holder with radio and time display option;
  42. A device for making popcorn or cotton candy;
  43. Solar battery that can hold a charge up to 10 hours;
  44. Special waterproof shower radio;
  45. Blaster, bow, crossbow and more from NERF;
  46. Animal-shaped toothpaste squeezer;
  47. Santa Claus crawling the floor of the stairs for the Christmas tree;
  48. Magnetic darts for accuracy training and friendly battles;
  49. Mini-fridge for a can of beer, powered by a USB port;
  50. Coasters and bonfires for a home bar;
  51. Smart piggy bank with password and account display;
  52. Set for preparation of cocktails with the instruction;
  53. Electric toothbrush with improved cleaning;
  54. A mini-mouse that is worn on the finger is an original modern solution;
  55. Bubble sedative with an endless supply;
  56. Flashlight with radio or additional functions.

Original and cool gifts for a friend

Some people value originality first. It’s a good idea what to give a friend for the New Year – cool and funny things that create a magical New Year’s mood. Ideas for unusual gifts for the New Year to a friend:

Winter hat. But not the usual, but the original form – for example, with a false beard and sideburns, or a hat with large Viking horns. A cool New Year’s gift for a friend who definitely has a sense of humor. Another option is a Santa hat, which will keep the holiday atmosphere going.

Snow blaster . A fun plastic gun that shoots real snowballs. The gift will appeal not only to a child, but also to an adult of any age, if he likes to have fun. You can also donate a snowball maker.

Valenki with a cool inscription. Felt boots are insulated boots made of felted wool. Now you can buy a modern version that will not allow a friend to freeze even if it is very cold outside. If you wish, you can find felt boots with a cool inscription, image or handmade item, but such a gift will cost more.

Practical gifts for a friend for the New Year

Another mandatory quality of a good New Year’s gift is its relevance and practicality. If your friend prioritizes useful things, consider the following ideas:

Bath set. There are still a few more months of winter ahead, and going to the bathhouse is a favorite pastime for many men. especially during the cold season. If your friend is one of those people, give him a bath set that he will use for a long time to come. The kit usually includes a broom, a wooden bucket, a ladle for collecting water and a soft towel.

Warm mousepad. A gift from a caring friend or girlfriend for those who spend a lot of time at the computer. A rug in the form of an animal or other original shape will keep your hands warm for a long time while working or playing.

Weather forecaster. Not only an interior decoration, but also a useful thing in the house that predicts weather changes and the likelihood of precipitation. The content of the item’s container changes depending on what kind of weather is expected in the near future. A gift for people who are often on the street and want to be ready for any changes.

 What to give a friend for the New Year if she is an athlete

If your friend is an athlete, then neither sweet gifts nor alcoholic ones will suit him. He needs to give presents that are somehow connected with his difficult activities.

Here are some of them:

Balanceboard . A great trainer that helps develop coordination. It can be used anywhere, both at home and on the beach. And also the Balance Board helps to align the back.

Gym gloves . They come in handy for strength training. Thanks to them, fingers do not slip, and the weight of the simulator is distributed evenly. And also with the help of these gloves hands do not sweat.

Expandable dumbbells . These dumbbells are very compact and you can change the weight in almost a second. For example, from 2 kg to turn into 24 kg. That is why they will last more than one year.

Nominal diary “Training diary” . If your friend only dreams of going in for sports and he does not have enough willpower or time, then such a diary will definitely come in handy for him. It includes a detailed exercise and diet plan.

What to give a gamer friend


TOP 56 ideas What to give a Friend for the New Year +21 gifts and Tips

So what if your best friend is into video games? Give another game or a joystick for a console? We have a better option:

Collector’s Edition . If your friend has a favorite video game, then why not give him such a gift. This edition includes a figurine of one of the heroes, a disc with soundtracks and a game, various stickers, books and posters. This is a great Christmas present for a friend.

GuitarHero 3 and RockBand . If your friend is into video games and is not averse to playing the guitar, then he will need such a thing. This musical instrument was created specifically for video games and is no different from the real thing.

Hero figurine . The main difference between figurines and ordinary dolls is that they are made very carefully, every little thing is worked out. All that she was a real copy of the hero from the video game.

Steering wheel and pedals . You need to understand that playing races is much more interesting when you control the car yourself with the steering wheel. And, moreover, in addition to vivid sensations, your friend can learn to drive a car, if he does not know how to do it at all.

What to give a friend a motorist for the New Year

Most men just love their cars and are ready to take care of them for days. And if your friend belongs to these personalities, then he needs to give a special gift:

  • Car vacuum cleaner . This thing is small, but very important for any motorist. With this vacuum cleaner, you can completely rid the car of dust and dirt, both inside and outside.
  • Covers for tires . If your friend has an entire garage full of tires, then he needs to give him such a gift. These covers are very compact and able to accommodate any tire, and, moreover, they can be hung on the ceiling.
  • Fluffy rugs . They are not easy for beauty, they are also multifunctional. Carpets instantly absorb any dirt, slush and snow, do not pollute the car.
  • Auto glasses . Such glasses will be needed for a person who often travels at night and travels. They protect your eyes from bright nighttime headlights, lanterns and glare.

What to give a friend a musician for the New Year

It seems to you that giving a quality gift to a musician is not an easy task, since they have everything.

But in fact, there are many cool little things that your friend will definitely like.

Wall holder for guitar . If your friend always has a guitar lying under the bed, then give him such a holder. It looks very nice and will protect the guitar from any damage.

Dictaphone . This is an essential tool for any musician. Thanks to the voice recorder, you can check the sound of the instrument and compose music.

Practice pad . Such a thing is useful for drummers. Now your friend will not have to carry a heavy headset with him everywhere, because he will have a pad. You can play on this device both at home and at work.

Tips for choosing a gift for a friend for the New Year

If you do not know how to choose a quality gift for a friend, then our tips will come in handy. Here are the most important ones:

  • Give your friend fun and funny gifts. He is not your boss and you are not his relative, so you should not give any serious things. A friend wants from you to get some funny thing that will cheer him up or at least surprise him greatly.
  • Give practical things. You should not give a man a thing that will just stand on the shelf and simply does not suit him because of his lifestyle.
  • Look at social networks. In fact, on the Internet, you can quite easily find out what your friend is dreaming about. For example, look at what groups he sits in, what posts he posts and uploads photos. All this can give you a gift idea.
  • And also you can directly ask your friend what he wants to get for the New Year. This is the most proven method. You will definitely be able to please the recipient and make this day one of the best in his life.

What not to give a friend for the New Year

  • Men’s cosmetics. This is a classic and boring gift. If you give men’s cosmetics to a friend, he will definitely not be happy, but will be very disappointed in you and will consider himself worthless. Therefore, if you want your friend to be really happy, you do not need to give him a razor and shampoo.
  • Pets. If your friend has been dreaming of a pet for a long time, then you can give him such a gift. But if a guy has never talked about wanting a pet in his life, then you don’t need to give him a puppy or a kitten. This will cause a lot of problems and confusion.
  • Personal items. Do not give underwear, socks, blankets and more. Your friend can buy all these things on his own, so he will not appreciate such a gift. Yes, and these gifts are too personal.
  • Clothing and footwear. Giving such gifts is very dangerous. Even if your friend likes these things, there is a good chance that they will be small or large. It is best to go with him to the store and let him choose any thing he likes.
  • Homemade gifts. Yes, such things are much more valuable and important, since you made them yourself, but other than that, they are of no use. You should not give a friend a handmade wallet or a small figurine, most likely they will gather dust on the shelf.
  • Things for the whole family. If your friend lives with his parents or has a family of his own, you don’t need to give him a gift that other people will use. Your friend wants you to buy a gift for him, not 2 other people. Therefore, the place of the juicer is better to give a new phone.


New Year is a holiday of magic and magic. On this day, every person wants to be happy surrounded by loved ones. As has been customary for a long time, we set the festive table and give each other gifts for this holiday.

And you, like many other people, also wondered what to give a friend and decided to read our article. And we really hope that thanks to her you have decided on a gift for a friend and his New Year’s Eve will be covered with bright colors.

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