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54 gift ideas for a Capricorn woman + 23 gifts and tips

– What gift to give Capricorn to a woman? What is she, what is especially valuable to her?

This is the most purposeful, thorough and practical sign. She is ambitious, independent, and always gets what she wants. Success is her main focus. Professional achievements lead to social and material uplift – and this is very important for the Capricorn lady.

Below you will find a huge number of ready-made ideas of what to give a Capricorn woman for her birthday or other holiday.

TOP 54 ideas that you can give a Capricorn woman

Practical and useful things can interest a Capricorn woman.

  1. Weather station or barometer.
  2. Hanging lamp, original floor lamp or sconce.
  3. Word portrait.
  4. status service.
  5. Japanese garden “House”, “Lost World”. An interesting thing with a sandy base: both anti-stress and interior decoration.
  6. Massager for body or eyes.
  7. Jump rope with jump counter.
  8. Bread maker.
  9. Fondue pot.
  10. Antique souvenir. You will like an antique accessory made of stone or porcelain if it is not too pretentious and catchy. Capricorns appreciate conciseness and simplicity.
  11. Wireless karaoke microphone.
  12. Mini-pan “Heart”.
  13. Fryer.
  14. A set of confectionery syringes.
  15. A copy of the famous painting, painted in oil, in a luxurious frame. Great idea what to give a Capricorn woman for her birthday.
  16. Wooden chest for storing documents.
  17. Massage mattress.
  18. Magnetic slate board.
  19. Smartphone tripod for taking photos and videos.
  20. Mini coffee machine.
  21. A set of storage boxes.
  22. Set for making ice cream.
  23. Serving rack for fruits.
  24. Kitchen scales.
  25. Floor lamp.
  26. Grill tongs.
  27. A set of creamers.
  28. Flower in a pot. If you are thinking about what to give Capricorn on March 8, instead of a traditional bouquet, choose a beautiful plant for a practical girl, for example, an orchid.
  29. Rock garden or similar interior decoration.
  30. BBQ set.
  31. Set of rare spices.
  32. Humidifier.
  33. Expensive leather briefcase for documents.
  34. Panel, plaid or figurine with the image of a sign.
  35. Launch Box.
  36. Respectable pen from a well-known brand. At first glance, a banal, but very welcome gift for a successful Capricorn woman. For example, for an anniversary.
  37. Picture with LED-backlight.
  38. Vacuum face massager. The device removes toxins, reduces wrinkles, improves blood circulation and lymph flow. It is important for Capricorn to look good, this is what you need.
  39. Hairdryer or cordless styler. If you don’t know what to give a Capricorn girl, a beauty gadget will never be superfluous.
  40. Pillow-warmer.
  41. Biofireplace.
  42. Exercise bike.
  43. Massage chair.
  44. Set of sofa cushions.
  45. Car covers.
  46. Car vacuum cleaner.
  47. Reader.
  48. Bluetooth headset. A good gift for a Capricorn girl who prefers to chat while driving a car.
  49. Wall or floor clock. Avoid modern creative options. Capricorn will love classic antique clocks.
  50. Steam table. This is a type of pots designed for long-term heating of food. Food stays warm for many hours and does not need to be placed in the microwave or oven and reheated.
  51. Smart scales.
  52. Daylight device. The device increases efficiency and concentration – the workaholic Capricorn will appreciate such a present.
  53. Sewing machine, overlock.
  54. Books. Editions of favorite authors, encyclopedias, atlases, manuals for hobbies.

Additional gift ideas for a Capricorn woman or girl

Own significance, honor and high position in society – Capricorn cherishes these postulates all his life and knows exactly what he wants to get from life. The representative of the earth element does not build castles in the air and relies only on herself.

Capricorn is hardworking, diligent and stubborn, but perfectionism rolls over and complicates a lot. She needs to constantly grow and develop, she disappears in courses and trainings, looking for non-standard solutions. The Capricorn lady is too responsible, to the detriment of her own interests. Whatever she has to do, the end result should bring universal respect, admiration and recognition.

You can give a Capricorn woman only useful things. Or very unusual.

  1. Soft blanket
  2. warm blanket
  3. fluffy knitted socks
  4. fur slippers-ugg boots:

Representatives of the sign were born in the midst of winter, among them there are many ” frosts “. You can be sure that your friend will really like a cozy furry present.

Women of this sign are very energetic, always watching their physical form. Possessing a masculine mindset, “steel grip” and rationality, the family is put in the first place, and they treat the household with trepidation. They value family warmth and long-term good traditions.

Representatives of earthly women adore their home and devote a lot of time to decorating it. Her weakness is a luxurious interior. They love to give new life to unnecessary things.

Vase for florarium . An unusual accessory in the shape of an icosahedron has twenty faces. Designed to create a personal tropical garden of succulents. Alternatively, you can store jewelry in a vase.

LED lamp “Orchid” . In daylight, it will merge perfectly with indoor plants: it is easy to mistake for a real indoor flower. In the dark, it will create a magical effect of a fabulous greenhouse.

Chocolate fountain . The invention in the form of an endless chocolate stream-fountain will appeal to all sweet tooth, both adults and children. From now on, the holiday will become with the taste of your favorite chocolate – bitter or milk. You can dip a biscuit, marshmallow or fruit into the chocolate mass. A wonderful gift for March 8!

Nominal apron “Always right”, “Chief in the kitchen”, “Always cooks delicious” . Order via the Internet, with any name you wish. A vain Capricorn lady, with humor and a love of cooking, will love the surprise.

Jewelry decoration . A Capricorn woman will love a modest earring + ring set suitable for everyday wear. Lucky stones are opal, turquoise, garnet, onyx, black tourmaline. You can buy luxury jewelry. Ladies-Capricorns despise ostentatious luxury. High-quality and stylish jewelry does not have to be gold. A woman will be happy to wear jewelry that emphasizes her business style – a brooch or laconic earrings.

Crystal predicting the weather . A stylish accessory will decorate your desktop and bring practical benefits. This is a real weather station that can warn of weather changes, the appearance of snow or rain, the approach of a thunderstorm. The device is a transparent crystal with a chemical environment that is sensitive to the smallest fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. The type of content depends on the weather: a transparent “barometer” indicates clear weather, the rapid formation of crystals indicates an unexpected thunderstorm, etc. Now you know how to surprise Capricorn.

Relaxation brings them nature and beauty. Caring for the garden, they find this harmony. For a hobby often chooses landscaping.

Capricorn women follow fashion trends, but innate conservatism and good taste oblige Capricorns to observe a classic restrained style.

True Capricorn girls on vacation enjoy music, prefer moderate sports, such as light jogging or walking.

With pleasure they plunge into reading and tactical games – chess, backgammon, solve puzzles. They love needlework, are interested in history, astrology and the occult sciences, collect collections.

What to give a Capricorn girl with your own hands

Rational representatives of the sign will appreciate crafts only as a surprise. Of course, with the exception of those presented in the second section of this chapter.

“Ice” rose

A beautiful and original gift is perfect for a Capricorn girl on February 14 or just like that, on another romantic evening.

Take a red flower with one large bud. Place the rose in a glass or small narrow vase. While holding the flower, fill the container with water until it completely covers the bud.

Place the future surprise in the freezer for several hours until completely frozen. At the right moment, remove the ice-shelled rose from the glass. To help the ice move away from the walls of the container, briefly immerse it in moderately hot water.

So that the souvenir, once in warmth, does not melt first, use it as a chip for a romantic dinner.

Cash gifts

If you are still faced with the choice of what is better to give a Capricorn woman, give money.

Here is the very sign to which you can safely present banknotes without hesitation.

It is impossible to imagine a Capricorn who believes that money is not a gift.

And yet it will be better if the “cash” gift is originally designed.

  1. “Pizza” from money . Make a round blank out of cardboard, paint it “a la pizza”, put the banknotes in the center like a fan in a circle, “sprinkle” with coins. In the center – a nice bow, and the “pizza” is ready! Put it in a special box with the original inscription.
  2. Harvesting “Greens for the winter” . Place rolled dollar tubes vertically in a glass jar and roll up with a real tin lid. It is better to take Russian banknotes of different denominations, and then the supplies will be called “Cauliflower”.
  3. Tube with a bow . Roll a few bills into a tight tube and tie with a beautiful ribbon.
  4. “Money” photo album . Buy a small album and insert a bill instead of a photo.
  5. “Rich” soft toy . Get a cute character in clothes with pockets and put money in them.
  6. Sledge with firewood . Buy a small toy sled, lay a few thin tubes of money, tie with braid. Original present for the New Year.
  7. “Candies”. Buy sweets in a beautiful box (preferably in the shape of a heart) and fill it with money tubes tied with ribbons or “rain”.
  8. “Money tree” . Draw in watercolor (print on a color printer) an oak tree with a thick trunk, lay out a “crown” of banknotes. Frame under glass.
  9. Gift alcohol . Take a bottle of wine, tie to it with colored thick threads and twine, according to your imagination: a sprig of fir, small souvenirs, sweets, etc. And hang a few inconspicuous money tubes among this “holiday”.
  10. Dressy Christmas tree . Decorate a small Christmas tree on a stand with bill figures and laconic red ribbons.
  11. Original ball . A tube of banknotes is placed inside an uninflated balloon. When inflated, it will straighten up and become a kind of decoration.

Tips – how to choose a gift for Capricorn for a female

Capricorns rarely open their souls. With a pronounced vanity and frequent conversations about their person, they hardly talk about innermost desires, and they don’t “order” gifts. They expect you to be attentive, but tactfully will not be offended if the guess turns out to be erroneous.

That’s what practical representatives of the sign expect from a presentation.

  • practicality – things should be useful;
  • reliability and quality – a gift should serve for many years;
  • restraint and elegance – frills and rhinestones are vulgarity;
  • individuality – a shrewd Capricorn woman will be delighted if she notices how you tried to please her.

Practical Capricorn will appreciate the present needed for a hobby or work. Useless souvenirs and trinkets, things outside of her interests, will upset a woman. You can give her money or gift certificates. She will choose a great gift and will remember you with gratitude.

Household gifts are somewhat dangerous – sometimes it seems practicality on the verge of indifference. From such a gift, pragmatic Capricorns want to get some kind of excess: specialization, a top brand, a unique appearance.

An ordinary pot and a vacuum cleaner will not seem out of place, but they will not cause much joy either.

For example, for connoisseurs of tea traditions, special attributes will be a wonderful gift: clay teapots, a set of bowls, gongfu teapots, chahe, and many other items for tea drinking.

What is better not to give a Capricorn woman

Do not puzzle over the original surprise. A conservative lady will not be happy with skydiving, exotic butterflies or paintball.

Refrain from presents in bright colors and silver: metal makes Capricorns absent-minded and irritable.

Do not present Capricorns with something that they will definitely give away:

  1. Coloring book for adults or puzzles. In their opinion, this is a waste of time.
  2. A ticket to a play, concert or circus performance. They tremble with time, and decide for themselves how to spend it. The exception is the event they mentioned themselves.
  3. Wellness course. Capricorns will gladly accept scented candles or a massage for relaxation, but if you present a certificate to a health center, they may be offended by the suggestion that they need to relax!


Capricorns will definitely appreciate the “soulfulness” of the gift, a postcard with handwritten wishes is important for them, and packaging is no less important. Design choose strict, no frills. An excellent choice is matte plain paper and a narrow ribbon with a satin bow.

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