What to give for a wedding

TOP 49 ideas of what to give friends for their Wedding Anniversary + 61 gifts

If you have the honor to become a participant in such a holiday, you should seriously think about what to give friends for your wedding anniversary.

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to present to your friends for your wedding anniversary. On such a day, I especially want the gift to evoke positive emotions and be truly original.

Below you will find a list of TOP gifts, as well as an additional 61 ideas depending on the date and preferences of gifts for every taste and budget.

TOP 49 wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends

Being invited to this kind of event, most guests ask only one question: “what to give friends for the first wedding anniversary?” or on another date. In such a situation, it is worth taking a closer look at the following ideas:

  1. Gift certificate for a visit to the bath, sauna or gym;
  2. Camping or sports equipment (if it matches the hobbies of the spouses);
  3. Personally baked cake, decorated with a symbolic inscription;
  4. Decorative pillows with photos of husband and wife;
  5. Furniture and tools for the dacha (if the family has a country house with a plot);
  6. Stylish table lamp or original lamps for the bedroom;
  7. Gift editions of your favorite books;
  8. Wall key holder;
  9. Gift coins with zodiac signs of family members;
  10. A picture embroidered with your own hands (cross stitch, beads, ribbons, etc.);
  11. A piggy bank in the form of a cow (this animal at all times symbolized the satiety and well-being of the whole family);
  12. Sand ceremony kit for creating real masterpieces;
  13. Stand-holder for jewelry, watches and cufflinks;
  14. A set of scented candles with candlesticks;
  15. A set of decorative wall plates with cartoon images of the heroes of the occasion;
  16. A tree of wishes in a frame on canvas, on which all guests can leave warm words for spouses, or a congratulatory newspaper;
  17. A measured ingot of gold or silver with the inscription “For a rainy day”;
  18. Author’s dolls, similar to the heroes of the occasion;
  19. Family coat of arms, which will be created by a specialist in heraldry, taking into account all the features of the family;
  20. A blanket consisting of two halves (such a product is suitable for people with different temperature conditions, since on the one hand the blanket is very thick and warm, and on the other it is lighter);
  21. A site on Venus (this planet was not chosen by chance – as you know, Venus is the goddess of love);
  22. Imitation of a money machine.
  23. A set of bed linen
  24. Matching pajamas with fun prints.
  25. Beautiful wall panel.
  26. Large floor vase for flowers.
  27. A set of beautiful dishes for the kitchen.
  28. Casket.
  29. Book safe for money.
  30. Globe bar.
  31. Coffee table.
  32. Shoe rack.
  33. Mangal for a summer residence.
  34. Large cauldron for pilaf.
  35. Cezve.
  36. Box with sweets.
  37. Oil burner.
  38. Set for pottery.
  39. Terry robes.
  40. Plant in the pot.
  41. Bath accessories.
  42. Kettle.
  43. Decorative fountain.
  44. Grocery set in a basket.
  45. Set of decorative pillows.
  46. Small household appliances.
  47. Humidifier.
  48. Handmade accessories.
  49. Sushi set.

What to give friends for a wedding anniversary, depending on the date

Many newlyweds treat their first wedding anniversaries with extraordinary trepidation. Guests should support the couple’s touching desire to give this event a special meaning and think in advance about what to give friends for their wedding anniversary.


Traditionally, 1 year of family life is a probationary period. If the relationship justified itself in the first year of the marriage, you can sail into the open sea.

If the spouses have not yet ceased to be newlyweds, and you need to find something to give to friends for the 1st wedding year , called the cotton anniversary, take a look at the following presents:

  • Printed shawls, diapers for a future or already born baby, fabric cuts;
  • Bedding sets from the material in question;
  • Printed curtains, potholders, tablecloths, napkins and other home textiles;
  • Rag toys from chintz.

What to give for a wedding anniversary 1 year: It is usually customary to give textile gifts – for example, towels, pajamas, bed linen, tablecloths. And on the cotton wedding anniversary, they give curtains, hand-embroidered fabric paintings, warm blankets, etc.


You will have to rack your brains not only over what to give friends for a cotton wedding – the next 365 days of living together also deserve a special present. Since the second anniversary received the title of paper , symbolic gifts will be:

  1. Gift books, photo albums, posters;
  2. Diaries, notebooks, desktop calendars;
  3. Portrait of spouses, puzzles with a photo of a husband and wife, origami crafts.

3 years after the wedding, everyone is going to celebrate the leather anniversary . It is believed that you can give friends for a leather wedding:

  • Paired genuine leather belts, bags or wallets;
  • Photo album in a leather cover;
  • Key chain, glasses case, jewelry box or souvenir with leather elements.

There are many options for third wedding anniversary gift ideas. A purse is suitable for a man, an original handbag for a woman. As a present, you can present leather phone cases, belts, document covers, gloves. You can give a suitcase made of leather, a punching bag.

Next year, the question “what to give friends for a leather wedding?” replaces another – ” how to please a couple on a linen anniversary ?” – 4 years of marriage.


Linen items are durable, which is why the fourth year from the date of the wedding is considered durable. The couple has already come a long way, it is not so easy to separate it. On wedding anniversaries of 4 years, it is customary to give something related to linen. After all, the spouses are intertwined like strong linen threads.

Good solutions can be:

  1. Durable linen bedding;
  2. Tablecloths, table napkins, towels from this material;
  3. Jewelry, accessories, linen belts.

It is noteworthy that a linen wedding is also called a wax wedding. Therefore, the range of expected gifts is significantly increasing. Spouses are given wax figures, wax candles.


Traditionally, on the 5th anniversary of the birth of the family, especially memorable gifts are given.

The first anniversary of living together makes close people of the family think about what to give friends for a wooden wedding (5 years of relationship). Usually, on such a holiday, a husband and wife symbolically try to hand over:

  • Wooden cutting boards, dishes;
  • Shelves, stools, benches made of solid wood;
  • Wooden photo frames and pictures in them, souvenir carvings.

On this day, it is customary to give everything related to the tree. It can be a three-dimensional frame for a picture, wooden utensils, pieces of furniture, figurines. You can give a handmade wooden box, cute boxes for small items, bath accessories, a table for breakfast in bed.


Having figured out what to give friends for a wooden wedding, start looking for a present for a cast-iron anniversary (6 years of marriage), because it is just around the corner – just a year later.

Relationships in the sixth year of family life become especially strong. Appropriate gifts will be:

  1. Any cast iron cookware, including pans and cast irons;
  2. Fireplace grates, barbecue grills;
  3. Heavy paperweights or paper clips, souvenirs or figurines;
  4. Kettlebells with dumbbells.

The seventh anniversary is called not only a copper, but also a woolen wedding, which greatly expands the choice of gift.

The most popular gifts for the seventh anniversary: ​​a copper horseshoe, dishes and figurines made of copper, a samovar, a tray, woolen blankets and bedspreads, mittens and socks made of wool.

You can approach the design of a gift in a very original way by decorating a box with a present with copper wire or woolen thread.

The seventh birthday of the family suggests that you can give your friends something copper for their wedding anniversary, to match the name of the holiday:

  • Copper utensils, basins, trays;
  • Cup “For a strong family”;
  • Engravings, figures, figurines made of copper;
  • Copper samovar, coasters;
  • Jewelry made of copper and a box for them.

Eight years is a long time for spouses. The family is already firmly connected by everyday life, the union is considered especially strong and strong.

On the holiday, it is customary to give gifts made of tin. Particularly memorable gifts can be: sets of dishes, jars for coffee and spices, jewelry boxes, decorative figurines, sweets in a beautiful tin box.

A tin wedding is also called poppy, so you can give gifts related to this theme. For example, bedding with poppies or a picture.

  1. Canned food with stew, condensed milk;
  2. Tin trays;
  3. Gift sets of tea or coffee in tin boxes or cans.

Faience is an expensive material that symbolizes the value of family ties. A gift for a wedding anniversary to friends in this case is chosen from faience.

Many are ready to run around all the shops in search of what to give friends for 10 years of wedding, while the previous anniversary, faience , is not given due attention. However, the importance of this holiday is no less than that of the next one, so you should show your imagination and pick up a symbolic present, for example:

  • Table service or tea set for several persons;
  • Teapot, jug, sugar bowl, etc. faience;
  • Faience figurines or souvenir compositions.

An original gift for an anniversary is chosen very carefully, and the anniversary itself is celebrated on a grand scale.

For 10 years of family relationships, you can give: beautiful candlesticks, paired figurines, unusual designer pewter jewelry, a large vintage jewelry box, kitchen utensils. On the tenth anniversary, they often give bouquets of roses, bed linen with petals of these flowers.

Based on the fact that the anniversary is called and pink , the ideas presented should be considered:

  1. Pink silk or satin bedding;
  2. Live roses in a pot or bouquet;
  3. A bottle of rose wine or champagne;
  4. Glasses, dinner sets, sofa cushions and other kitchen utensils and home decor in pink.

Wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends on big dates together

After the 10th wedding anniversary, couples, as a rule, widely celebrate only anniversaries. So, for example, the nearest round date is the 15th anniversary of marriage, called a crystal wedding.

For anniversaries, it is customary to give larger gifts, they usually give presents along with flowers, congratulations in poetic form and heartfelt wishes.

Crystal is usually given for 15 years of marriage. The fifteenth anniversary of family life is usually called a crystal wedding, and therefore appropriate gifts are given.

Suitable presentations for this occasion are:

  • Crystal wine glasses or goblets;
  • Figurines of swans, wedding rings, other symbolic figurines;
  • Crystal boxes, vases, trays.

For 20 years of the union of two people, it is customary to give porcelain. The date itself is called a porcelain wedding. They give dishes from the material of the same name, tea or coffee sets, porcelain figurines or figurines:

  1. A set of tea or coffee cups made of porcelain;
  2. Porcelain teapots, jugs or trays;
  3. Graceful horseshoes from the presented material for good luck.

Silver products are given for 25 years: jewelry, dishes, cutlery, jewelry boxes, coins and souvenirs made of silver. Gifts for a silver wedding anniversary to friends are distinguished by their original appearance and special value.

If the budget is limited, and you are still puzzling over what to give your friends for a silver wedding  inexpensively, try to take a closer look at the presents below:

  • Paired silver jewelry;
  • Cutlery made of this metal;
  • Silver coins for good luck.

For 30 years from the date of the wedding, pearl products are given. The thirtieth anniversary is called a pearl wedding, so all gifts are chosen based on the theme. Friends are presented with jewelry inlaid with pearls, souvenirs, boxes and other things decorated with pearl beads.

When you are faced with the question “what to give to friends for a pearl wedding”, remember the options below for presents:

  1. Pearl body jewelry – necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. The only nuance of the present in question is that only one of the heroes of the occasion in the form of the female half will become its owner, since it is inappropriate to give such things to a man. However, when presented correctly, a gift can look very beneficial and appropriate to the occasion;
  2. Comic orders “For fidelity to the family”, decorated with pearls;
  3. Paired photo frames with joint photos, studded with pearls.

For 35 years, spouses are given everything related to corals. A beautiful date is called a coral wedding.

In this case, gifts will be appropriate:

  • A bottle of expensive red wine;
  • Souvenirs from coral, so popular with merchants in hot resorts;
  • Any accessories (scarves, gloves, umbrellas, hats, etc.) in bright red (coral) color.

Such an important celebration as the 40th anniversary of married life, called the ruby ​​anniversary , requires a serious approach to choosing a present. The ubiy anniversary is a significant date for spouses.

When looking for the right gift, you should pay attention to such things as:

  1. Sparkling red wine;
  2. Paired bracelets or rings with ruby ​​inserts;
  3. Boxes for storing small items and jewelry, inlaid with precious or semi-precious stones of crimson hue.

For 45 years, things in blue or blue are presented. Such color preferences are associated with the name of the anniversary – a sapphire wedding.

Approaching the celebration of the 45th, sapphire anniversary , anniversaries are, as a rule, quite old people, so your friendship, most likely, has already been tested for years.

In order not to disappoint close friends, it is important to responsibly approach the choice of a good gift. A great idea would be to present to the heroes of the occasion:

  • Home textile items in the form of bed linen, curtains, bedspreads, blankets, etc. rich blue;
  • Miniature fountains for giving;
  • Fishing accessories (if at least one or both spouses are fond of fishing).

As a gift on this day, you can present beautiful rich blue bedding, blue lamps, chandeliers, sconces, kitchen utensils.

As for later anniversaries, older couples don’t often choose to throw lavish celebrations on their anniversaries. Most often, such dates are remembered by relatives and friends who, wanting to please their loved ones, begin to puzzle over presents.

Undoubtedly, at this age it is much more important for old people to receive attention and kind words from loved ones, but a material gift can be a great addition to them. The following options are suitable as presentations for such a serious occasion:

  1. A voucher to a health resort or a trip to the city or country of the dream of anniversaries;
  2. A photo book in which you can collect all the memorable pictures of the spouses, starting from the time they met;
  3. Film-congratulations from children, grandchildren and friends, accompanied by photographs of the heroes of the occasion and warm words from donors;
  4. Paired warm scarves, mittens or socks, made by hand and demonstrating your concern for the anniversaries.

How to choose what to give friends for their wedding anniversary

To give a married couple an interesting, bright and unusual gift, it is important to take into account such points and rules as:

  • It is advisable to avoid universal presentations. It is better if the thing corresponds to a specific occasion and symbolizes the date of the anniversary, its name;
  • We must not forget about the age, health characteristics and temperament of the husband and wife – a parachute jump can be the answer to the questions “what can I give friends for the wedding year?” or “what to give friends for 10 years of marriage?”. At the same time, the question “what to give to friends for a pearl wedding?” it cannot always be solved in this way – one should proceed from the distinctive features of a particular pair;
  • A handmade gift is always more valuable than a store bought one. If there is no opportunity to make something on your own, try to bring at least a fraction of individuality and your own style into the product. Then, at one glance at the thing, the heroes of the occasion will always have memories of you;
  • Mandatory additions to the gift should be a postcard, a bouquet of flowers and an original congratulation. It seems to many that to give friends for 25 wedding years and other impressive dates, you definitely need something solid and expensive. At the same time, they forget about these little things, considering them optional, although it is they who give the present a special charm and a complete look;
  • You should not chase the high cost – it is much more important to choose a sincere gift that demonstrates your warm attitude towards your spouses and desire to please them. Therefore, if you, for example, are puzzling over what to give inexpensively for a silver wedding, you should not be ashamed of it – just try to pick up a touching present that takes into account the tastes and preferences of the husband and wife.

What is better not to give friends for a wedding anniversary

Whether you need to decide what to give your friends for a calico wedding, or wish them a happy sapphire anniversary, the following options should be avoided:

  • Money (may offend the heroes of the occasion or, on the contrary, look ridiculous if they do not need anything);
  • Things associated with bad omens (sharp and cutting objects, watches, mirrors, scarves, etc.);
  • Presents that are not suitable for a particular couple (for example, when choosing what to give to friends for the wedding year, it is hardly worth buying tools and equipment for the garden – at this age, young people, as a rule, are still far from gardening);
  • Useless things (the only exception is those items that are symbolic and are designed to reflect the name of the anniversary);
  • A gift intended only for one of the family members.


You can give almost any present for a wedding anniversary – as long as it reminds the spouses of their solemn date and eternal love. You only need to show imagination, take into account the characteristics of this family and approach the choice with a soul – then the joy and admiration from your gift in the eyes of the heroes of the occasion is guaranteed.

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