What to give a man

50 gift ideas for a 50 year old man + 33 gifts and tips

Choosing what to give a man for 50 years is not an easy task, especially if he is celebrating an anniversary.

To surprise the birthday man with a special present, you need to properly prepare for the event.

In the article you will find a list of the best birthday gift ideas for a 50 year old man, your husband, work colleague, wealthy relative or acquaintance.

TOP 50 ideas that you can give a man for 50 years

Not every year people celebrate the golden jubilee, which is why it is necessary to congratulate the birthday man on such a responsible date accordingly.

What can you give a man for 50 years? Here are the best gift ideas for you:

  1. Shtof for strong alcoholic drinks, decanter.
  2. Doll made from a photograph.
  3. Panel or bas-relief made to order.
  4. Stylish caviar bowl, sugar bowl or candy bowl.
  5. Gift set of sweets, which includes collectible honey, jam and Belgian chocolate.
  6. Stylish men’s umbrella in a case.
  7. Collectible tea set with gold-plated coaster included.
  8. Genealogical book in a gift cover.
  9. Decorative fountain.
  10. Desktop portable biofireplace.
  11. Personalized flask and whiskey cooling stones..
  12. A leather stockbook for storing coins is an anniversary gift for a man who is fond of collecting.
  13. Clock: wall, wrist, vinyl record or souvenir hourglass.
  14. Collection bottle of expensive cognac or whiskey.
  15. New radio or GPS-navigator in the car.
  16. Multifunctional multitool or original modern knife .
  17. Souvenir spyglass.
  18. Festive edition of a book or encyclopedia (taking into account the literary interests of the hero of the day).
  19. A robot vacuum cleaner is a good gift for a single man.
  20. Wooden watch case or handmade glasses case.
  21. Bike for an active lifestyle.
  22. Personalized set of champagne glasses or whiskey glasses.
  23. Manual wood splitter.
  24. Zippo lighter with laser engraving.
  25. A box of Cuban cigars, an exclusive ashtray for a man who smokes.
  26. Model weapon, souvenir wall sword, Cossack whip or saber.
  27. Music center in retro style.
  28. Organizer for office supplies.
  29. Home barometer or weather station showing the weather and air humidity.
  30. Home sports simulator.
  31. A good travel bag or suitcase for travel and business trips.
  32. Modern technology: mobile phone, tablet, e-book, laptop.
  33. A thermo mug or thermos with an original pattern is an inexpensive gift that can be given to a man for 50 years.
  34. Home brewery.
  35. A picture painted by a popular artist or a work of a little-known author, but beautiful and original.
  36. Manual coffee machine that runs on a cigarette lighter (for use in a car).
  37. Modern electric samovar.
  38. Tent or sleeping bag for outings.
  39. Floor lamp or designer lamp for comfortable evening reading.
  40. Devices for a favorable home environment – a humidifier or an air ionizer, a climate complex.
  41. Original stand for business cards.
  42. Massage chair with multiple modes.
  43. Wicker rocking chair or hammock for a garden or cottage.
  44. A telescope is a great gift for a man who is interested in astronomy.
  45. A fishing rod, spinning rod or a set of spinners for a man who is fond of fishing.
  46. Mini-bar in the form of a globe, safe or other original shape.
  47. Collectible chess, checkers, dominoes or backgammon.
  48. Shoe shine set in vintage style.
  49. Portable cooler bag.
  50. Massage cape with heating for the car.

Gifts for the 50th anniversary of a man from colleagues

When a man turns 50, he is congratulated not only by relatives, friends and relatives, but also by colleagues – after all, work is the most important part of every person’s life. Ideas what to give colleagues for 50 years to a man:

Stylish leather product. Gift for a business man. Personalized purse-clutch, money clip, document folder, fashionable purse or purse. The product can be personalized or congratulatory engraved to make it more personalized.

Antistress items. A gift that can be placed on the desktop of the birthday boy. It can be a Japanese rock garden, Newton’s kinetic pendulum or a comic gift – a desktop punching bag.

Original figurine made of handmade chocolate. An ideal gift for both a colleague and a big boss. Such a figure can be bought at a specialized store or made to order. Ideas: figurine in the form of tools, weapons, cars or any other object.

Birthday award. What gift to give for 50 years to a man who already has everything? Colleagues can make a memorable surprise for the hero of the day – he will definitely like the star of the walk of fame, award cup or medal. Any memorabilia can be engraved with “Best Employee”, “Happy Anniversary” or come up with more personal inscriptions.

Other gifts from colleagues for the fiftieth anniversary:

  1. Collectible Parker pen with name lettering.
  2. Paperweight in antique style.
  3. An ergonomic leather computer chair is a great gift idea to give a male boss for his 50th birthday.
  4. A new item in the collection is a vinyl record, a coin or a stamp.
  5. Large antique map of the 18th-19th century for connoisseurs of history.

What to give your beloved man for his 50th birthday

One of the most important gifts for an anniversary a man will receive from his wife. A gift to a husband should be given from the bottom of his heart. What to give a beloved man for 50 years? Consider the following ideas:

Fitness bracelet. A useful gadget for people leading an active lifestyle. Stores offer many models – the most complete bracelets not only count the number of steps, but also measure the pulse, show the weather and the number of calories burned.

Jewelry decoration. Gold is a noble metal that is often given to men. But if the hero of the day likes silver, you can give him jewelry made of this material. They usually give bracelets, seals, rings and chains. If a man wears classic suits, you can give him precious cufflinks or a tie clip.

Comfort items. To make the life of your beloved man even more comfortable, you can give him a warm soft blanket or a men’s bathrobe with personalized embroidery, heated USB slippers or chic bed linen. A good present will also be things that are intended for health – an orthopedic mattress or a memory foam pillow.

Oil burner. A romantic gift for room aromatization. You can choose options in the form of a beautiful candle, lantern or candlestick. Also buy and attach a variety of essential oils to the gift. The gift is suitable for a man who appreciates a cozy home environment.

Other gift ideas for a beloved man for an anniversary from his wife:

  1. Leather belt handmade.
  2. Brutal leather apron.
  3. Bath set with a hat, a brush, felt slippers and a fragrant fir broom.
  4. Exercise machines and dumbbells for a man who goes in for sports.
  5. Professional tool kit in a handy case.

A few more original gifts for a man for 50 years

Throughout his life, a man has received many gifts, and there is nothing to surprise him with.

What to give a rich man for 50 years or a man who has everything?

Ideas for unusual and non-trivial gifts will come to the rescue:

  • Aqua farm. An original birthday present for a 50 year old man. A closed ecosystem, which consists of two parts – plants and fish. The principle of operation is simple: the fish feeds the plants, and they, in turn, clean the aquarium. This system is based on an ancient farming technique developed by the Aztecs.
  • Gift for a gourmet. If a man likes to cook meat, he can be presented with a marinating machine at home, a barbecue grill, a shawarma grill or a tandoor. You can attach a set of spices for cooking barbecue or several personalized skewers in a special case to the gift. If the hero of the day does not like to cook, but prefers to eat, you can buy an exclusive set of cheeses.
  • “Smart” diary. A 50-year-old man can be presented with a notebook, on each page of which there is a puzzle or a rebus. This will interest the hero of the day – he will return to your gift every day. If you try, you can make such an unusual notebook yourself. You can attach a beautiful pen to the gift.
  • Radio-controlled robot transformer. Men, even at the age of 50, remain children, and many of them will definitely like an unusual radio-controlled robot. As an option, you can donate a quadrocopter – a controlled aircraft, which, if desired, can be equipped with a camera.

Other original and unusual gifts:

  1. Designer night light or luminous frame with family photos.
  2. Fountain pen with personal engraving.
  3. Washing world map or scratch poster “100 things to do in a lifetime.”
  4. “Smart” key fob that reacts to the whistle of the owner.
  5. Alarm clock with LED-backlight, on which you can leave messages.

DIY gifts for a man 50 years old

A 50-year-old man can be given something made by himself.

It will take time and effort to create a gift, but a surprise will become a symbol of attention and care.

This can be a small addition to the main gift for the golden anniversary.

Here are some DIY gift ideas:

Knitwear – mittens, hat, scarf, jacket or sweater. If you know how to handle knitting needles, these things are suitable as an anniversary gift for a man from his daughter, granddaughter or wife.

Collage of photos and wishes , on which each of the relatives and friends will leave their congratulations. A heartfelt and very personal gift that any hero of the day will love.

A mug is a commonplace gift, but it takes on a new unusual look if you decorate it with coffee beans.

Small fortune cookies , a jar of wishes and declarations of love are wonderful gifts for a man on his 50th birthday from his beloved wife.

Men’s bouquet . You can make an original bouquet of bottles of beer and various snacks – fish, nuts. If the man does not drink, make a bouquet of chocolate bars and sweets.

Image or inscription on a T-shirt . You can buy a white t-shirt, fabric paint and make your own little masterpiece. You can write a funny phrase or draw any picture.

Tips: how to choose the right gift for a man for 50 years

It is difficult to choose a gift, especially for such a serious date – the anniversary of 50 years.

A man has taken place in life, he has everything and he does not need anything. But it is quite possible to do this if you follow the following useful tips and tricks:

  1. Flowers. A bouquet can be given to a man on special occasions, and the 50th anniversary is one of them. If you decide to implement this idea, choose white or bright shades. What flowers to give a man for an anniversary? Callas, roses, chrysanthemums or lilies are perfect.
  2. The gift must be relevant. Consider the characteristics of your relationship with the birthday person, his hobbies and interests, as well as the nature and ideas about life. A serious businessman will not like a funny and funny surprise, and a person who does not wear a suit is unlikely to need a tie and cufflinks.
  3. The gift may be associated with the hobbies of the birthday man. Perhaps you will pick up something useful for his hobby that a man cannot afford or simply did not have time to purchase. Such a gift will bring a huge amount of joy and cause a feeling of gratitude.
  4. A pleasant impression on the hero of the day will be made by the aesthetic appearance of the presentation. Don’t forget the beautiful packaging – a 50th anniversary golden anniversary gift should look elegant.
  5. Any object or thing can be made memorable. Let it be a simple souvenir at first glance, but it should be associated with the personality of the birthday person or the nature of his activity.

What is better not to give a man a golden anniversary

Some gifts are best discarded right away – they are not suitable for giving them to a man on his 50th birthday.

In addition to standard socks, postcards and handkerchiefs, you can also add to the list:

  • Items of male cosmetics . Shower gels, shampoos, shaving products. It is not customary to give such simple things on round dates – this inappropriate gift can offend the birthday man.
  • Clothing . When buying clothes, you can make a mistake with the size, color or style, then the gift will be useless. Men prefer to buy their own clothes. Exceptions are cute knitted things made by yourself – but this gift should also be made by a loved one.
  • Pet. You can give little kittens, puppies and birds only when the hero of the day knows about your intentions and is not against such a surprise. But this happens infrequently, usually people at the age of 50 are in no hurry to get pets – they take too much time and effort.
  • Gifts hinting at age . The 50th anniversary is not a reason to give vouchers to a sanatorium, anti-aging cosmetics, all kinds of medicines and medical devices. Such things need to be bought separately, in addition, 50 years old is the prime of life of a man and he simply does not need such presents.
  • Items for the interior . Decorative and creative souvenirs, things to decorate the apartment are most suitable for women. The list can include curtains, vases, tablecloths and more. Men do not consider such things practical and useful.
  • Gifts-impressions . Only if the birthday person himself does not dream of an extreme vacation, you should not give him gifts-impressions. The list includes rollercoaster rides, skydiving, participating in a scary quest, and other similar activities.


As you can see, there are many practical, original and even inexpensive gifts that can be given to a man for his 50th birthday. Responsibly approach the choice of a gift, complement the present with sincere wishes, then your attention and care will certainly be appreciated.

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