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TOP 97 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Kids +19 Gifts & Tips

Remember yourself in childhood, did you ever think about the cost of a present, especially if it fell into your soul at first sight. Therefore, when choosing inexpensive gifts for children, look at them through the eyes of a child, think about what will make him happy and help him develop.

Try to give something interesting, exciting, then your present will be a success, despite the low cost.

Do not panic ahead of time, a wide range of gifts from the budget category offered here will become your cheat sheet. You will certainly be inspired by interesting ideas that will suit both girls and boys for a birthday, New Year or any other holiday.

Choosing an inexpensive gift for a child is one of the most difficult tasks. After all, everyone wants to give something worthwhile, an item that will cheer you up, will be useful in everyday life.

If you don’t know where to start, just find a few free minutes to peruse a selection of original products that will captivate children for a long time and make them put their gadgets aside.

TOP 97 inexpensive gift ideas for kids

  1. Growing pencils.
  2. Toys for the bath or for playing in the sandbox.
  3. A set of cookie cutters.
  4. Small constructor.
  5. Bath bombs.
  6. A set of children’s cutlery.
  7. Coloring book with a set of stickers.
  8. Laser pointer.
  9. A set of bright cocktail tubes.
  10. Swimming goggles or goggles.
  11. Cool kids toothbrush.
  12. Puzzle set.
  13. Musical instrument (harmonica, maracas, triangle, etc.).
  14. Set for growing plants.
  15. Matryoshka set.
  16. Fan.
  17. A set of hydrogel balls.
  18. Small banana bag.
  19. A set of balloons.
  20. Textile wallet.
  21. Funny children’s umbrella.
  22. Funny sharpener or eraser.
  23. Candy machine.
  24. Fortune cookies.
  25. Toy-mitt for puppet theater.
  26. Cars or mini-dolls.
  27. Unusual pen.
  28. A set of paints, pencils, felt-tip pens.
  29. Children’s set for experiments.
  30. Slime kit.
  31. Pocket mirror.
  32. Souvenir whistle.
  33. Headphones that glow in the dark.
  34. Plane glider.
  35. Nice fluffy keychain.
  36. Slippers in the form of animals.
  37. A set of children’s tattoos.
  38. Boomerang, kite, flying saucer.
  39. Lamp-night light.
  40. 3D coloring.
  41. A set of crayons for drawing on asphalt.
  42. Space food in tubes.
  43. Finger paint.
  44. Jumping ball.
  45. A set of funny bookmarks for books.
  46. A set of plaster figurines for painting.
  47. Children’s compass.
  48. Basketball hoop on the door.
  49. Non bursting soap bubbles.
  50. Rope or hoop.
  51. Inflatable swimming toy.
  52. Set for playing ping pong or badminton.
  53. Set for creating a birdhouse.
  54. Shadow play.
  55. Glow in the dark sticks, bracelets or LEDs.
  56. Fashionable cap or panama.
  57. Darts magnetic or Velcro.
  58. An exciting board game.
  59. Ring throw.
  60. Small flashlight.
  61. Ball predictor.
  62. Pillow toy.
  63. Bengal lights.
  64. A jar of sweets.
  65. Puzzles.
  66. Projector-night light.
  67. Gum for hands or slime.
  68. Magnifier.
  69. Thermo Cup.
  70. A fascinating encyclopedia.
  71. A desk calendar with fun pictures or photos of a group or class.
  72. Hourglass.
  73. Keychain reflector.
  74. Creative ruler stencil.
  75. Set for creating origami.
  76. Spirograph.
  77. Keychain for finding lost things.
  78. Set of colored stickers.
  79. A set of colored paper and unusual cardboard.
  80. Globe.
  81. Diary with lock.
  82. Flashlight on a flexible leg, powered by USB.
  83. A set of gel pens.
  84. Pencils for drawing on glass.
  85. 3D puzzles.
  86. Soft backpack.
  87. Luminous toys with rubber pile.
  88. Crayons for drawing in the bath.
  89. Sweets with a small toy.
  90. Set for weaving bracelets.
  91. Holiday accessories (carnival glasses, caps, funny medals, etc.).
  92. Markers that draw on ceramics or fabric.
  93. A set of stamps and stencils.
  94. Wrist Watch.
  95. Trainer for tying shoelaces.
  96. A set of paints for face painting.
  97. Sweater for a cup.

Original and inexpensive gifts for children

Buy unusual gifts that will sink right into the soul of children, perhaps even despite a modest budget.

The main thing is to connect your imagination, show creativity. If suitable ideas for inexpensive gifts for children do not come to mind, use the following options.

Soap that glows in the dark. Due to the component such as the phosphor, which is part of the composition, the soap glows in the dark. Do not be afraid, it is completely safe for health, so you can safely give it to children.

The pigment accumulates light and then glows in the dark. But in appearance, the bar is no different from the soap to which we are accustomed. This is a good inexpensive gift that will definitely make a splash!

A set of bells or bells. These are not only original gifts for children, but also educational ones. Hearing a melodic sound, children begin to feel the rhythm, try to move to the beat.

In addition, the use of bells or bells has a positive effect on the development of ear for music, fine motor skills, and memory. Musical instruments instill in children a love for art, allow them to develop creatively, express themselves through music.

Magnetic lesson schedule. Interesting and inexpensive gifts for children. This is a poster, with a special magnetic base, which is attached to any metal surface (most often they use a refrigerator).

They write on the board with water-based markers, which makes it easy to erase the notes. The design and color scheme of the glider is thought out so that it is convenient to write on it, and it is comfortable to read information.

Antistress toy Mokuru. Thinking about what gifts to buy for children inexpensively, this option cannot be ignored. This is a fun and most importantly useful game that will be interesting for both boys and girls. It is a tumbler toy made of wood.

Designed by Mokuru to perform a variety of tricks. Such an activity develops fine motor skills, attention, manual dexterity, speed of reaction.

Useful gifts from the budget category

When choosing interesting inexpensive gifts for children, it is advisable to pay attention to options that are beneficial. Even in the budget category, you can find many useful items. Let’s consider some of them.

Orthopedic puzzle mat. These are inexpensive gifts for children in kindergarten, but very useful. Many people think that the rug will not interest the kids, however, this is not the case. The bright colors immediately catch the eye, and when the children figure out how to play with it, they will be very pleased.

After all, exercises on the mat are carried out exclusively in a playful way, and this is a lot of fun. In addition, they improve blood circulation, strengthen the muscles of the ankle, prevent flat feet, relieve leg fatigue, and simply improve mood.

Breathing simulator (flying ball). Inexpensive gift for children in kindergarten. This is a toy that is somewhat reminiscent of a scroll. But its main feature is the ball, which rises through the air flow. The harder you blow, the higher the ball will rise.

It is interesting to arrange competitions, to spot who can keep the ball in the air longer. This simulator teaches you to use your air supply wisely, helps to correct speech defects, and improves lung function.

Water bottle in a case. These are useful and inexpensive gifts for children in school. Since children are very active and on the move all the time, it is important to drink water or other drinks regularly. It is desirable that the bottle be made of durable and safe plastic.

Choose convenient, but not too bulky containers, remember that they must be equipped with an opening lid and a drinking cap. The bright design is also important, it is much more pleasant to drink from a colorful bottle and not a single child will be embarrassed to get it out of a backpack.

Interactive poster. An interesting gift for 6 years. Thanks to the variety of posters, it is not difficult to choose a present that matches the interests and hobbies of the child. Posters speak, teach letters, numbers, sing songs, help learn tongue twisters.

You can place this item anywhere: on a horizontal or vertical surface. The posters are also equipped with touch buttons, which greatly simplifies the process of controlling the device.

What inexpensive gifts to give children for creativity

Children are creative individuals. Drawing, modeling, music help to know the world, express yourself, teach you to think outside the box, to notice beauty in small things. When choosing original inexpensive gifts, take note of the ideas suggested here.

Watercolor pencils. A good gift option for 10 years, especially if the child is fond of drawing. At first glance, these are ordinary pencils, but their distinguishing feature is the water-soluble pigment that is part of the stylus.

It is worth putting a little water on the pencil strokes, as the drawing immediately “comes to life” and sparkles with new colors.

Castanets. If you want to add some fun to your daily routine, small musical instruments are great inexpensive gift ideas for kids. These are shell plates made of wood that are put on the fingers and make clicking sounds.

Such a gift will not only cheer up and give a charge of vivacity, but also develop logical thinking, ear for music, a sense of rhythm.

Wallpaper-coloring. Such impressive and inexpensive birthday gifts for children will definitely not go unnoticed. This is a huge canvas, the image on which you can decorate as you wish.

Such an activity is an interesting way of spending time, as well as an immense field for creativity. In addition, drawing develops fine motor skills, instills interest in art, develops creativity, the ability to think creatively.

A set of markers with fluorescent pearlescent paint. These are felt-tip pens filled with fluorescent paints (safe for health), to which mother-of-pearl powder is added. Such a present will allow you to create a real work of art, which, when the light or viewing angle changes, will shimmer in various shades.

Markers draw on any surface – paper, glass, plastic, natural wood, etc.

Delicious gifts

Inexpensive sweet gifts for children are a win-win option if you still couldn’t figure out how to surprise the kids.

All children love sweets and will be happy with such a surprise, however, before handing, check if the child is allergic to chocolate or citrus fruits. It will be a shame to receive a delicious gift that cannot be enjoyed.

Handmade cupcakes. A good option for a present for 11 years. A small sweet gift is all it takes to make a child smile. Choose cakes with an unusual design, then the recipient will have no end of joy.

Entrust the delivery of a gift to a third party, such as a courier, then your present will be remembered not only for its exquisite taste, but also for its original design.

Souvenir gingerbread. This is not only tasty, but also healthy pastries. Indeed, often the main component of such gingerbread is natural honey, the benefits of which are difficult to overestimate.

It turns out that your gift contains useful substances that help strengthen immunity, improve the functioning of the digestive tract, and improve mood. The composition of the delicacy also includes such useful spices as ginger. This component improves brain activity, removes harmful substances from the body.

Mini chocolate and fruit bouquet. An interesting and memorable gift option that can surprise and delight a child of any age. You can be sure that fireworks of positive emotions are guaranteed!

This present is given for any occasion, be it a birthday or any other holiday. It is equally pleasant to receive both girls and boys. One of the best ways to organize an unforgettable surprise.

Kinder surprises. This interesting delicacy always delights children, no matter how old they are. However, the kinder itself will not impress, so you need to take care of the original packaging.

The gift will look original if you buy a beautiful box, which you fill with a couple of kinder surprises, chewing gum, candy and other goodies.

cool gifts


TOP 97 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Kids +19 Gifts & Tips

Children are cheerful people, which means that they need to give appropriate gifts. A surprise that will make you smile will certainly leave a mark in your memory, no one will even think about its cost.

If you do not know what will please a modern child, feel free to choose any of the proposed gifts.

Pen with magic ink. At first glance, this is an ordinary fountain pen, but in fact, it is refilled with unique ink that disappears as if by magic.

To make the inscription invisible, you need to rub it with a special tip located on the pen body. To restore the image, a piece of paper is placed in the freezer.

Glasses-tubes for drinks. It seems that it is simply impossible to improve the familiar cocktail tube. However, from a familiar device, it easily turns into a fun accessory that will add a touch of cheerfulness to everyday life.

The tube, turned into entertaining glasses, will certainly amuse the child. The drink will seem even tastier, and life will be brighter and more positive!

Luminous shoelace. Nothing will cheer you up like a bright and spectacular accessory. LED shoelaces will attract the eyes of others, they look especially impressive in the evening or at a party.

The laces are equipped with a compact electronic unit, inside of which LEDs are built-in, which are powered by a conventional battery.

Mixer mug.  This is a cup that, with its appearance, will make a positive impression on anyone. Her secret is a miniature mixer, which is located at the bottom of the mug.

Therefore, to stir the contents of the container, you do not need to use a spoon, just press the special button located on the handle. In addition, the mug is equipped with a sealed lid, which allows you to keep the temperature of the drink for a long time.


Sometimes it seems that there is nothing easier than choosing a gift for a child. However, in practice, this issue is no longer so rosy.

A wide range of children’s products is both impressive and mind-boggling. To make this task a little easier, read the following tips.

  • Gift decoration.  The success of a presentation depends on the first impression it makes. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of its outer shell. Get a beautiful box or a smart bag for your surprise, buy a bright ribbon. Think about what you will say when presenting a gift. After all, your speech should be fun and encouraging, understandable for the child.
  • The interests of children come first.  You need to give only what the child himself would like to receive, and not the thing that an adult dreamed of in his childhood. Times are changing, and with them the hobbies and preferences of children are changing. Your ideas may seem boring and irrelevant to modern children.
  • Gift quality. When buying a present, do not be shy and be sure to ask the seller to show you a quality certificate and a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion.
  • On par with everyone. Regardless of age, all children are very vulnerable. Therefore, if you choose gifts for kindergarten or school, a prerequisite is that all presents must be the same. Separation of gifts by gender is acceptable. Not a single child should feel like a “white crow”, having received a gift different from that of the others. Gift giving can be discussed with the caregiver or school teacher. Teachers, for sure, will tell you how to make it more interesting and exciting – they will come up with some kind of fairy tale or legend.

What is better not to give

Many believe that children will be delighted at the sight of any new knick-knack. This is an erroneous opinion and you will see this by reading the list of anti-gifts below.

  1. Sweet gifts.  The choice of such presentations should be treated with particular care. Sweets are quickly eaten, so the guys will not have anything memorable. Not all parents allow their children to eat sweets, besides, someone may be allergic to chocolate, honey or citrus fruits.
  2. Souvenirs and interior items. These are useless things that will gather dust on the shelf. Such a gift will definitely not interest children.
  3. Pets.  You do not need to give such a gift without first consulting with the child’s parents. Perhaps if the family still does not have a pet, there are good reasons for this.
  4. Too cheap gifts.  Fragile items, as well as those that smell bad, can harm the health of children. And if the donated toy breaks quickly, it will cause a lot of disappointment, so it’s better to abandon this idea.
  5. Clothing and toys that are not age appropriate. Every child wants to use a gift right here and now, so be extra vigilant when choosing a present.
  6. Off-season gifts.  It is unlikely that someone will be happy with a swimming mask when there are snowdrifts outside the window. Such a present will not bring positive emotions and will be thrown into the far shelf, and with the onset of summer, it will most likely be forgotten.
  7. Stuffed Toys. Every child has plush friends in abundance, in a few days such a gift will be forgotten, and even worse, it can become the culprit of allergic reactions.
  8. Books or encyclopedias.  Not all children like to read, so when choosing such a gift, it is important to be guided by their preferences, for example, a boy who is interested in dinosaurs will definitely be delighted with a book on paleontology. Only first you need to make sure that the child does not already have the instance that you have selected.


We all know the age-old phrase that the main thing is not a gift, but attention. It is difficult to disagree with this expression, because a present is, first of all, an opportunity to give a child joy. As the famous English writer John Walcott said: “Every gift, even the smallest one, becomes a great gift if you give it with love.” Keep this in mind when shopping!

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