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TOP 58 ideas of what to give a girlfriend for 18 years + 15 more gifts and Tips

The first step towards recognition as an adult of any person in our country is the onset of the 18th birthday.

What to give an original gift to a friend for 18 years, if you never found a magic wand in the attic?

This is a symbolic age when relatives and the state itself recognize a citizen as independent in any choice.

Everyone strives to celebrate this special date of the beginning of a new life on a grand scale. Have you been invited to a celebration? It’s time to decide what to give your girlfriend for her 18th birthday?

Let’s make a list of special surprises for the birthday girl together!

TOP 58 ideas that you can give a girlfriend for 18 years

  1. Decoration with a four-leaf clover. Good start to adulthood.
  2. Smart brush for retouching.
  3. Selfie ring.
  4. Stylish urban backpack with built-in recharge for devices.
  5. Jewelry box.
  6. A compact gadget for delicious hot dogs. An option what to give to your best friend for her 18th birthday, if she likes to gather big companies. The appliance allows you to cook up to 12 treats at a time.
  7. Pear chair.
  8. Wireless keyboard with backlight.
  9. Figured sugar in the form of hearts, for example. It is worth supplementing such a gift with the birthday girl’s favorite drink.
  10. Bivan (inflatable sofa). The gift will come in handy on the beach, rented accommodation, and even in a hostel if the girl is studying away from home.
  11. Edible body paint.
  12. Selfie toaster.
  13. Smart pen.
  14. Biofireplace.
  15. Multifunctional travel holder.
  16. Endless calendar.
  17. Dinosaur skeleton heater.
  18. Fitball.
  19. Solar lamp.
  20. Scratch map of the world.
  21. Soaring plant.
  22. Mini exercise bike.
  23. Necklace.
  24. Nominal glass or vase.
  25. Flip clock in the form of the Eiffel Tower. This can be a souvenir for a close friend for 18 years, if she is not superstitious.
  26. Voice picture.
  27. Smart ring.
  28. Table fountain.
  29. Travel planner.
  30. A set of spices or seasonings for cooking different dishes.
  31. Fountain pen in a case.
  32. Smartphone case with mirror function.
  33. Pillow-antistress.
  34. Desk writing set.
  35. Waterproof notepad. This souvenir will come in handy when a great idea visits a friend right in the shower and you need to urgently write it down.
  36. Cache-pot with automatic watering of plants. There are so many interesting events around that your adult girlfriend will sometimes simply have no time to water her favorite flower. Or a cactus.
  37. Stand on hooks for a balcony. For work or tea drinking in the fresh air, without leaving home.
  38. A set of quality home textiles.
  39. Light alarm.
  40. Electronic notepad.
  41. Pocket Scanner.
  42. A device for peeling pomegranates and other fruits.
  43. Hair dryer holder.
  44. Compact power generator. A device for a hike or in case of an emergency power outage will help out your friend in difficult situations.
  45. Self-cleaning aquarium.
  46. Smile Trainer. Yes Yes! You will have to smile a lot in adulthood, and it is better to practice a beautiful smile.
  47. Microwave mini. It works autonomously, heats up and cooks food at a picnic.
  48. Set of origami candles.
  49. Manual juicer.
  50. Oil burner.
  51. Music Box.
  52. Sleep mask or head pillow for travel.
  53. Interactive butterfly in a jar.
  54. Table lamp of the original form.
  55. An elegant scarf or shawl.
  56. Set for growing a flower or plant.
  57. A box of cookies, each wrapped in a piece of paper with cute predictions.
  58. Projector-night light of the starry sky.

Modern gifts for a girlfriend for 18 years

At the age of 18, a girl cannot be surprised with ordinary presents. When choosing a gift, forget about traditional mugs and other small souvenirs. They will quickly lose their attractiveness and interest from your girlfriend. Pay attention to the following modern ideas:

Wireless stereo speaker . You can listen to music with such a device for up to 20 hours without a break, and it is relatively inexpensive. Suitable for a friend who loves to walk, travel and enjoy her favorite tracks at the same time. You can also give a column to a classmate, and you can listen to music together between classes.

Instant camera . This small but functional device is designed to capture life’s special moments right here and now. The camera will print a small and cute picture as soon as it is taken.

USB vacuum cleaner for desktop or keyboard. An original gift for a girl who has a laptop or computer. It will help you keep your workspace clean. You can also give a mini-fan, a mug with a USB heating function, as well as a mouse or mouse pad.

What to give a girlfriend for 18 original and cool

If a girl has a good sense of humor, feel free to give her some cool thing. Also, the gift will be relevant if you have known each other for a long time, and you have a very close relationship. Pay attention to the following ideas that you can give a cool friend for 18 years old:

Kigurumi. Unusual pajamas in the form of any animal – pandas, kangaroos, cats, cougars. With this piece of clothing, your girlfriend will look cool and will not be cold. In addition, you do not need to worry about the size – such pajamas should sit freely.

Safe piggy bank. At the age of 18, the birthday girl enters a new stage of life. Yesterday she was a teenager, and now she has turned into an adult girl. Now she can manage her finances on her own. And if the birthday girl does not yet have her savings, this can be fixed with a cool piggy bank in the form of a safe or an ATM.

Magic ball of predictions. Cool little thing that predicts the future. It is enough just to ask a question of interest, shake the ball, and then it will display the answer on the screen. Of course, this gift is a joke, and you should not take it too close to your heart. A classmate or best friend will love it.

Inexpensive birthday gifts for a girlfriend at 18

Not every girl of adulthood can boast of expensive gifts. But if the thing is inexpensive, this does not mean that it will not cause sincere positive emotions in the birthday girl. The best ideas for giving a girlfriend for 18 years inexpensively:

Mobile phone accessories. A win-win. Modern girls and boys devote more and more time to new technologies. You can give a selfie stick or a tripod for filming. This is an inexpensive and necessary gift for an active user of social networks.

Stylish umbrella. A great idea what to give a girlfriend for 18 years is inexpensive and original. Buy a stylish accessory for your beloved friend, classmate or classmate for her birthday – an umbrella. But not ordinary, but with a beautiful pattern. You can also find a model that changes colors when wet.

Table game. If a girl is the soul of the company and loves to spend time with friends, give her an interesting and fun game – Activity, Elias, Monopoly, UNO or any other. These game sets are inexpensive, but bring a lot of positive emotions.

A few more ideas of what to give a girlfriend for 18 years for 500 rubles or less:

  • headphones with a headset;
  • designer photo holder;
  • stylish keychain with hidden object function;
  • cool cover for passport and other documents;
  • bookmarks for books in the form of cute and funny characters;
  • antibooks (cool covers for books);
  • illuminated pocket mirror.

What can you give a girlfriend for 18 years with your own hands

When gifts from the store seem too ordinary for you on such a day, surprise your friend with your own hands. Surprise the birthday girl can:

  • Wooden or frozen rose.
  • A set of hot cup holders in the form of typographic signs.
  • Box from an old book.
  • Candlestick with photographs.
  • Box or tree of sweets.
  • Shelf for lipstick from a wooden block.
  • Decoration made of felt or other material.
  • Painting in the style of string art.
  • Homemade bath bombs.
  • Rope rope holder for pencils.

Door hanger


For work you will need:

  • a strong branch or snag;
  • drill and drills;
  • rope;
  • colour pencils.

Working process:

  1. Drill holes in the stem.
  2. Insert pencils into them.
  3. Hang the branch on a rope.

Wax crayon painting


For work you will need:

  • hair dryer;
  • wax crayons;
  • canvas;
  • glue.

Working process:

  1. Glue the crayons in the order of the colors of the rainbow. Let the glue dry.
  2. After about an hour, attach the canvas to the wall.
  3. Turn on the hair dryer at full heat setting. Aim for crayons.
  4. As soon as you like the image on the canvas, turn off the hair dryer.
  5. Let the painting dry before serving.

To make the plot of the canvas more interesting, you can use the silhouettes of people, animals or mythical creatures.


Recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a girlfriend for her 18th birthday depend on the nature of the girl herself and your capabilities. However, there are general tips that should be heeded by everyone who goes to a friend’s birthday party:

  1. Orientation to the desires of a friend . Choose a gift that matches your friend’s passions and goals. If she likes to read books under a warm blanket, she will not be pleased with sports equipment.
  2. Budget . Determine for yourself the amount that you can spend on a surprise for a friend. The recipient probably knows about your capabilities; she will be embarrassed to accept a gift that is too expensive.
  3. Present a gift in a beautiful and original package . Make your coming of age day unforgettable. Accompany the presentation with beautiful poems or wishes in prose from the heart.

Before giving your own gift, arrange for the birthday girl small tests or a flash mob in her honor.

For the last surprise, ask your friends to help you and rehearse your moves.

What is better not to give a girlfriend for 18 years

When you are trying to figure out what to give a girlfriend for her majority, keep in mind that you should never give as a gift.

  • Silicone bra. Like any other piece of clothing, this gift is very personal. Giving such gifts is reckless if you do not know the tastes of a friend in all the subtleties, like her size.
  • Alcohol or other “adult” gifts. The onset of 18 years should not be turned into a real test for her health for a friend. And, if she adheres to a healthy lifestyle, then such gifts are not appropriate. Such a surprise can cause unpleasant emotions in your girlfriend and even embroil you. You don’t want this, do you?
  • Scales. Smart or simple mechanical, they will arouse the girlfriend’s suspicions of their own attractiveness.
  • Creams and other acne treatments. Even if there are small rashes on the girl’s skin, then it’s ugly to remind about them on her birthday. Even if you chose these remedies carefully, only a doctor can choose a cream and other medicines.
  • Stuffed Toys. Ahem! Today you are going to celebrate the coming of age of a girl, not her return to childhood, right?
  • Fake things. We will not talk about the ethical side of the issue in relation to the brand. But such a surprise will definitely disappoint the birthday girl.
  • Pets. Even the most charming kittens and puppies can be allergic to wool, and simply do not fit into the plans of the birthday girl.
  • Perfumes and decorative cosmetics. One more gifts with which you can not guess.
  • Certificates for a beauty salon, clothes or visits to parks. The girl herself can take care of her own appearance and plan entertainment.
  • Money. So you sign your own failure in choosing gifts.


You have studied our ideas of what to give your girlfriend for 18 years. Take a closer look at your girlfriend, remember her hobbies, character, temperament and purchase or create a gift for her in accordance with her tastes.

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