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TOP 85 Gifts for Wife on 50th Anniversary (+38 Ideas) and Tips

The question “what to give my wife for her 50th birthday” confuses many representatives of the stronger sex and makes them postpone the moment of purchase until the last moment, which ultimately causes them panic and unnecessary nerves.

Many husbands note that by this age, their beloved wife has already managed to become an ideal keeper of the hearth, give a decent upbringing to children and achieve some success in work.

At the same time, most of the jubilees begin to fear, as it seems to them, the coming old age. Thus, the donor faces a difficult task – to choose a present that would suit a mature birthday girl, but at the same time would not even hint at the numbers in the passport.

Your wife wants to remain young, beautiful and loved, so a gift to your wife for 50 years, first of all, should talk about your care and your feelings for your woman.

For many men, it is quite difficult to decide what to give their wife for 50 years, it seems that tastes and hobbies are known, but you always want to surprise and please the birthday girl with a good gift. Below you will find ready-made ideas for what you can give your wife for her 50th birthday!

TOP 85 ideas what to give your wife for 50 years

  1. A beautiful painting: photo printing on canvas, canvas by a contemporary artist, decorated with Swarovski crystals.
  2. Gold wristwatch with commemorative engraving. Do not limit yourself to a simple wish – in the text you can encrypt a significant date for the two of you, “only your” word, quote a classic.
  3. Electronic book.
  4. Coffee set: French press and cups. Or unusual devices for making coffee on hot sand.
  5. Land plot. Practical, solid and unexpected present.
  6. Apparatus for ultrasonic cleaning of the face.
  7. Vibrating foot massager.
  8. Anatomic pillow with memory effect.
  9. Tourist trip (within your country or abroad – you decide, starting from financial possibilities);
  10. Beautiful jewelry, brooch or exclusive designer jewelry;
  11. Fur coat, sheepskin coat or natural fur collar;
  12. Certificate for using the services of a beauty salon;
  13. Exotic houseplant;
  14. Opening a bank account with the nth amount in the account;
  15. Paid driving courses;
  16. Fondue in the shape of a heart;
  17. Painted electric samovar;
  18. Lightbox, on which a picture of the hero of the day is applied (wall lighting with photo printing);
  19. Certificate for individual tailoring of a dress from a famous designer;
  20. A thermal picnic basket that keeps food fresh thanks to a heat-reflecting layer inside;
  21. Desktop weather station, with which you can prepare in advance for upcoming weather changes and control the temperature and humidity in the room;
  22. Robot vacuum cleaner;
  23. Electric fireplace;
  24. Beads made of natural stones;
  25. “Health set”, consisting of honey or jam of different types;
  26. Portrait from a photo from a professional artist;
  27. Wicker furniture for a summer cottage (chairs, table, sofa, rocking chair);
  28. Leather products and accessories – bag, clutch, wallet, business card holder;
  29. Terry dressing gown complete with soft slippers;
  30. Wall, floor or portable biofireplace;
  31. Gorgeous figurine made of real Belgian chocolate;
  32. A set of delicious collectible tea with various aromatic herbs, fruit and berry additives;
  33. Designer curtains or openwork tablecloth;
  34. Designer lamp in the form of flowers, candles, kerosene lamps;
  35. Beautiful wristwatch with a name inscription;
  36. Cache-pot with automatic watering.
  37. Massage chair.
  38. Growing kit.
  39. Smart blender with separate mixing of products.
  40. Chinese vase.
  41. Wall florarium.
  42. Garden swing.
  43. Yoga mat.
  44. Humidifier.
  45. Japanese rock garden.
  46. Umbrella with original handle.
  47. Photo on canvas.
  48. Oak coffee table.
  49. Outdoor decorative fountain.
  50. Cosmetic mirror with light.
  51. Hanging chair.
  52. Orthopedic mattress.
  53. Hair dryer or curling iron.
  54. Purse or wallet made of genuine leather.
  55. Fondue set.
  56. A set of honey or jam with different flavors.
  57. Handmade soap set.
  58. Yoghurt maker.
  59. Bread maker.
  60. Bike.
  61. Coffee grinder and designer cezve.
  62. Beautiful underwear.
  63. Device for hardware manicure.
  64. Microwave.
  65. Coffee table.
  66. Stones for stone therapy.
  67. Color changing LED candles.
  68. Bracelet made of natural stones.
  69. Wireless headphones.
  70. Eye Massager.
  71. Portable speaker.
  72. Sushi set.
  73. LED lamp for gel manicure.
  74. A box of cookies with fortunes and wishes.
  75. Food processor.
  76. Heating blanket.
  77. Bath table.
  78. Pearl necklace.
  79. Waffle iron.
  80. Electric pancake.
  81. Jade foot sauna.
  82. Dishwasher.
  83. Smart watch.
  84. Styler or thermal curlers.
  85. Silk linens.

Original gifts

A 50th anniversary gift for your wife should stand out from the rest. This is not an ordinary gift for the DR. In this case, it would be nice to turn on your imagination and pick up an unusual and original gift for your wife.

This section contains current gift ideas that will undoubtedly surprise and delight any woman.

Aquarium with exotic fish . Today you can buy an aquarium with automatic cleaning, which requires almost no maintenance.

You can add a beautiful backlight to it in order to admire the beautiful fish at night. Inhabitants for the aquarium can be selected in a variety of colors and sizes, the main thing is to feed them on time.

Such a gift will especially appeal to those women who have always wanted to have a pet, but did not dare due to allergies, lack of time or other similar reasons.

Anatomic pillow . This is an unusual gift that, among other things, will help your wife maintain excellent health and beauty.

When a person lies down to rest, the pillow takes the shape of his body and, thus, allows you to relax the muscles of the body as much as possible.

The material from which the pillow is made has an anti-allergic property and is impregnated with a special substance that prevents the appearance of various pathogenic microorganisms on its surface.

Live butterflies in a box . Such a cute box with unexpected contents should really surprise your wife. When she opens it, beautiful multi-colored butterflies fly out from there.

It looks like real magic and symbolizes the lightness of dreams and the fulfillment of desires.

Plaid with sleeves . This will be an unusual and cozy gift for your wife. Wrapped up in such a blanket, it is convenient to watch a movie, drink tea, read a book or work at a computer.

Such a gift is especially good if the wife’s birthday falls on winter time. A warm blanket as a gift is a manifestation of care and attention in relation to a loved one.

Useful gifts

When choosing what you can give your wife for 50 years, do not forget about practical gifts. A good gift in this case is one that will be constantly used by a woman and bring benefits. A few good examples of useful gifts from a husband that will delight the birthday girl.

Coffee maker . Many people like to start the day with a cup of aromatic coffee. If your wife loves this drink, she will surely be delighted with the coffee maker. You just need to press a few buttons and your favorite drink is ready.

There are large and expensive coffee machines, there are carob and geyser coffee makers, which are not so expensive and at the same time are not inferior to expensive devices as a finished drink. It all depends on your budget and preferences.

Whatever you choose, your wife will be very pleased.

Manicure set . Many women spend a lot of money on trips to salons where they get manicures and pedicures. However, it is quite possible to do this at home, if for this your wife has a beautiful suitcase, where there is everything to create the perfect manicure.

Such sets, as a rule, have all the necessary tools for nail care, nail files, scissors, shovels, nippers, lamps for drying varnish and much more.

Tea set made of porcelain and silver.  This is an elite and stylish gift for a lady with good taste. The tea pair consists of small porcelain mugs with saucers and silver spoons.

If your wife is a connoisseur of fine workmanship and loves exclusive things, she will surely be fascinated by such a stylish and sophisticated gift.

Robot vacuum cleaner . A modern device that greatly simplifies all the issues of cleaning the house. Such a vacuum cleaner can even do wet cleaning in automatic mode, just press a couple of buttons.

Thanks to him, your wife will have much more time to take care of herself and loved ones.

Multicooker . An indispensable thing in the modern kitchen, which greatly simplifies the process of preparing various dishes. And this means that a woman will have much more time for herself.

A multicooker usually comes with a brochure with simple recipes that you can start with if your wife has never used such a device before.

Over time, she will get used to and be able to cook almost all her favorite dishes, quickly, tasty and with minimal time.

Jewelry organizer . By the age of 50, most women already have a solid set of jewelry, but not everyone has a decent place where they can store all of them.

If your wife does not have such a magic box, then be sure to give it to your lady for her anniversary.

The box will organize all your favorite jewelry, the jewelry will be in one place and beautifully laid out in compartments and drawers.

Inexpensive gifts

You always want to please your beloved wife with expensive gifts, but this is not always possible due to unforeseen complications in the financial sector. However, it is quite possible to pick up an inexpensive gift that will please your spouse. The main thing is to choose it with the soul.

Fragrant sachets .  These are small decorative bags of herbs that can be stored in a purse, at the head of a bed, or in a closet. Subtle, barely perceptible aroma can contribute to faster falling asleep and quality rest. Such a gift harmonizes the space of the house, creates coziness and a subtle, subtle aroma.

Stylish cosmetic bag . Quite budgetary and at the same time a necessary accessory for storing cosmetics. Useful when traveling when you need to collect all your favorite beauty products in one place or a more mobile option that you can take with you to work.

Choose an original design, it is important that the cosmetic bag looks compact and at the same time is roomy enough.

Decorative exotic tree . If the wife loves the greenery of the house, then for the anniversary you can give her an unusual plant that will become a living decoration of the interior.

Bamboo is a symbol of fortitude, palm tree symbolizes prosperity and long life, ficuses – family harmony. Choose a plant that suits your family best.

A set of tea in test tubes . If your spouse is a connoisseur of Chinese tea, then she will surely be delighted with such a gift. The test tubes contain ten different varieties of tea from light – white and yellow, to dark and earthy, such as the famous pu-erh.

Thus, you can not only enjoy drinks, but also taste such varieties of tea that you have never tasted before.

What can I give my wife for 50 years, depending on her hobby

Having raised children, established a life and built a career, any person, as a rule, wants to live for himself and devote himself to his beloved work.

Your spouse is hardly an exception in this regard, therefore, in order to answer the question “what to give your wife for her 50th birthday?” just remember her hobby.

An enthusiastic beloved wife will definitely like such presents as:

Frame for embroidery or painting on fabric . Having visited any forum of needlewomen, you will see that this device is the real “must-have” of modern craftswomen.

Of course, you can make masterpieces without his help, but the task of a loving man is to simplify the life of his beloved as much as possible, right?

Modern sewing machine . When choosing what to give your beloved wife for her 50th birthday, give preference to this practical option.

Even if after some time your chosen one gets bored with sewing, such a device will in any case come in handy in the family and will not be left idle;

Sets for soap making, beading or scrapbooking . The presented types of hobbies are extremely popular in recent years, so if the spouse has not yet caught fire with one of them, most likely it is only a matter of time.

Remember that you need something really worthwhile to give your wife for her 50th birthday, so try to choose a set with high quality materials and with the maximum number of elements;

A cookbook or cookbook subscription . If your beloved wife is happy to stand at the stove and delight the household with original dishes, present her with such a publication.

With the help of this present, you will save the hero of the occasion from long searches for recipes on the Internet, giving you the opportunity to find what you need in one place;

Master class on your favorite business . Puzzling over what you can give your wife for 50 years, if she is very passionate about something, keep in mind that the best present is new knowledge.

At such events, the birthday girl will be able to improve her skills, learn a lot of new things and exchange experiences with the same creative natures as herself.

What to give your beloved wife for her 50th birthday unusual

Such a serious occasion as an anniversary requires originality and the rejection of banal decisions.

A present presented by a beloved husband must also meet these requirements, so the donor should pay attention to the following gifts:

Exotic fish . In the pet store you can find many aquatic inhabitants of different colors and sizes.

The gift can be supplemented with an aquarium and accessories for it. The fish do not need special care, and they will please the eye every day.

Alternatively, you can give other living creatures – a decorative rabbit, a hamster or a land turtle.

Photo session . After reading any women’s forum, you can be sure that all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity love to admire themselves in good pictures. It boosts their mood and self-esteem.

You can give such pleasure to your wife by inviting her to shoot with a professional photographer who can reveal all the facets of a woman and emphasize her dignity;

Living butterflies . A box with such a surprise looks like a very nice gift for an anniversary.

For most women, this present is associated with lightness and a real miracle, which means that it will easily cheer up the birthday girl and cause genuine delight;

Horse ride .What could be more romantic than horseback riding with your beloved man?

Of course, when choosing such a present, it is necessary to take into account the health of the hero of the day, since the trip can be a real torture for people who, for example, have back problems.

However, if the hero of the day does not experience such difficulties, it is quite possible that your surprise will be the beginning of her new hobby, because it is impossible not to fall in love with horses;

Outdoor tea ceremony . If the hero of the occasion is crazy about tea, collects its various varieties, scrupulously observes all sorts of rules for its preparation, and is generally crazy about everything connected with it, then the present in question will be a good solution.

The event should include carefully organized leisure activities with the involvement of experts who can tell about all the important points related to tea drinking.

Gifts for the soul

No less relevant are gifts that help create comfort at home or have fun with loved ones.

A list of the most interesting gift ideas for the soul that your wife will surely like.

Tree of happiness . This tree is a talisman that symbolizes happiness and prosperity in the family. Natural stones are attached to the branches, which fill the space with good energy and make the house more comfortable.

If your wife is into astrology, choose stones that match her zodiac sign. The tree of happiness will be a wonderful decoration for any interior.

Breakfast table in bed . Please your spouse and show care by giving her a miniature breakfast table. There are different tables from ordinary wooden ones to carved ones with various patterns.

Many of them are made to order, then you can ask the master to make an engraving with wishes for the birthday girl.

Music center with karaoke . Many women love to sing, especially on holidays. In order for your beloved wife to have a worthy accompaniment, present her with karaoke.

With him, she will be able to perform her favorite songs for the holidays or just when she is in a good mood.

Bio-fireplace . Many people dream of a beautiful fireplace, but most still live in apartments. However, there is an analogue, modern electric fireplaces, which will not only be an additional source of heat, but also decorate the interior.

The modern, minimalistic and airy design of the fireplaces captivates at first sight. There are small desktop bio-fireplaces and large floor standing options.

DIY gifts for wife for 50 years

No matter how old a woman is, she will always like to receive as a gift something made by the hands of her beloved husband.

Here are a few DIY gift ideas for your wife for her 50th birthday:

  1. A family album with photographs of a birthday girl of different years, made using the scrapbooking technique;
  2. Sachet with herbs inside;
  3. Vase decorated with burlap;
  4. Handmade soap or a set of candles;
  5. Wall photo collage of family photos or photos of the spouse;
  6. Box for storing cosmetics made of cardboard and fleece;
  7. A bouquet made up of fruits or sweets;
  8. A handmade shelf, stool or coffee table.

Do-it-yourself needle bed


TOP 85 Gifts for Wife on 50th Anniversary (+38 Ideas) and Tips

This is a simple tutorial on how to make a cute do-it-yourself needle bed that you can give to your wife for her 50th birthday. You will need:

  • small coffee cup;
  • cotton wool;
  • glue, thread, scissors;
  • beautiful fabric.

Progress of work :

  1. Take a piece of cotton wool and stuff a cup tightly with it. Next, take a small piece of cloth and put in it all the cotton that fits in the cup.
  2. Fold the ends of the fabric together and tie with thread. Sew the edges or secure them with an elastic band.
  3. Apply glue to the inside of the cup. Gently place the pad into the cup and press it to the bottom. The glue will dry in a few hours.

Painted bottle


TOP 85 Gifts for Wife on 50th Anniversary (+38 Ideas) and Tips

An ordinary bottle can be turned into a real work of art. Buy a good collection wine for your beloved wife and decorate the bottle – the birthday girl will definitely like this idea. For crafts you will need:

  • bottle;
  • acetone or alcohol;
  • primer for glass;
  • acrylic paint and varnish;
  • brushes;
  • squared paper;
  • Scotch;
  • felt-tip pen;
  • beads for decoration.

Master class on making a gift :

  1. Soak the bottle, then peel off the label and wipe the bottle with acetone or alcohol.
  2. Take a wide brush and prime the bottle, then completely cover it with paint. Paint should be applied vertically.
  3. After the paint has completely dried, cover the workpiece with acrylic varnish. Apply three layers, each next – after the previous one has dried.
  4. Cut out templates from paper – these can be different shapes, flowers or patterns. Using adhesive tape, attach them to the bottle, and use a felt-tip pen to place dots according to the drawing.
  5. Attach small beads where the dots are.

How to choose what to give your wife for 50 years

Each forum dedicated to choosing gifts for your wife for your 50th anniversary contains many tips to help you find the perfect gift for your loved one.

Among them are the following recommendations:

  • Let the hero of the day feel young. You should not strive to buy an overly serious and “adult” present – in this way you will only remind the lady of the approaching old age. The donated item should demonstrate to the woman that she is still young, loved and attractive, thanks to which feelings for her have not faded over the years;
  • Don’t forget romance. The questions “what flowers to give to my wife for 50 years?”, “What crazy act to do for your beloved?” etc. should not leave family life. When choosing a presentation, be guided, first of all, by feelings, and not by concepts of practicality;
  • Originality and innovative thinking are the main criteria for choosing a gift for the hero of the day, who has not lost humor, optimism over the years and keeps up with the times;
  • Whatever present you choose, remember that it is just an addition, while it is much more important to give the birthday girl admiration, compliments and an ocean of smiles;
  • Be sure to take care of the flowers – they are no less important than the gift itself. When choosing which flowers to give your wife for 50 years, be guided, first of all, by her preferences, and not by generally accepted norms. For example, yellow flowers, which mean an imminent parting, can be dearly loved by your chosen one – then there is nothing wrong with giving them to her;
  • Prepare for the holiday ahead of time. Before the anniversary, pay attention to the reactions of the spouse to certain things, watching her in stores, when watching ads, while talking with friends, etc. Often, women involuntarily give out their innermost desires in the process of such a pastime.

What is better not to give a wife for 50 years

Many representatives of the weaker sex are annoyed at the half-century anniversary, considering it the beginning of inevitable old age.

An unsuccessful present from a beloved man can finally spoil the mood of the birthday girl on this day.

Refusal of such gifts as:

  • Ready-made cosmetic sets . They can be called “on-duty” gifts, i.e. those who usually buy “in haste” and at the last moment, for lack of a more worthy option. By handing such a gift to the hero of the day, you show her your indifference and laziness;
  • Things that remind a woman of the numbers in her passport and flaws in her appearance . We are talking about anti-aging cosmetics, scales, corrective underwear, etc. These presents are able to offend the lady and offend her;
  • Banal tasteless souvenirs . The presented gizmos can also be classified as “on-duty” gifts, so it’s clearly not worth giving them. In addition, as a rule, such items do not find proper use and simply gather dust on the shelves as unnecessary;
  • Clothes, shoes . Firstly, there is a great chance to make a mistake with the size. Secondly, the tastes of women and men often differ, so it’s far from certain that the dress you choose will appeal to the hero of the day. If you really want to see your chosen one in the wardrobe items you donated, just give her a certificate for a purchase in a good store.

The presentation should not emphasize age, the onset of a “special time”, indicate problems with appearance. Anti-aging cosmetics, scales, vitamin complexes “for mature women”, exercise equipment without a request are an absolute taboo for such gifts.

Medical devices. If there is a need for them, purchase in the current order – this is not an option for a presentation.

Ready-made perfume and cosmetic set. Formal present, on-duty level.

Alcohol. Women do not treat alcoholic beverages as gourmets, they do not collect elite items – they are usually just consumers. Expensive alcohol should be on the table, it is inappropriate to give it.

Casual clothes, shoes. If such a desire arises, something is wrong with the family budget. Even if you just want to please your wife with a new thing, it’s better not to impose your taste and not take risks. Go to a boutique together, or give a gift certificate.

Money.  Banknotes in an envelope can be perceived as a sign of inattention and even neglect.

Souvenirs and trinkets. On the 50th anniversary, the birthday girl expects a touching, personal present from a loved one. Such a date is not a reason for presenting comic or useless things.

Bijouterie . In the “gold” many ladies prefer to look in accordance with stereotypes – “solid and expensive.” It is better to purchase jewelry made of noble metal or valuable minerals.

To please your beloved spouse – even on an anniversary, even at 50 – is not difficult. A little imagination, free time, energy, more care, love and attention – and your gift will be accepted with gratitude. Make surprises from the bottom of your heart, give feelings – they come back!

50 years – this is the milestone that inspires fear in many women due to the fact that half the journey has already been completed. The task of the beloved spouse is to save the birthday girl from painful thoughts and prompt thoughts that another, even more intense half awaits her ahead. A man can do this with the right gift, his love and attention.

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