What to give a woman

518 ideas What to give a woman at 70

By the seventieth birthday, ladies come with a huge baggage of life experience and a piggy bank filled with worldly wisdom. They have enough free time, can do what they love and pay attention to their heirs. At this age, communication with loved ones, vivid impressions and emotions are especially valuable for them, rather than material wealth. They still want to feel the most charming, attractive and in demand. Therefore, when choosing a gift for a woman’s 70th birthday, you will have to think carefully in order to pleasantly surprise the hero of the day with an original and suitable present.

TOP 94 ideas of what to give a woman for 70 years

  1. Silver cutlery set
  2. Crystal fruit rack
  3. porcelain tureen
  4. Sand coffee maker
  5. Dressing table
  6. Electric crepe maker
  7. Beverage dispenser
  8. Illuminated magnifier
  9. Exotic fruit basket
  10. LED chandelier with remote control
  11. Thermos jug
  12. Captive scarf
  13. Electric broom
  14. Digital weather station
  15. Handmade soap set
  16. Choco puzzle
  17. catalytic heater
  18. Photobook
  19. Basket of elite teas
  20. Food Container Set
  21. woolen plaid
  22. Stationary mixer
  23. Video peephole for front door
  24. tea box
  25. Iron with steam generator
  26. Cache-pot with automatic watering system
  27. Canning Autoclave
  28. Vacuum food sealer
  29. Juicer
  30. Thermopot
  31. Heater
  32. Flow tap-water heater
  33. Trolley bag
  34. Double boiler
  35. Aroma diffuser
  36. Tablet
  37. ham
  38. Bread box with cutting board
  39. Coffee table
  40. Copper bowl for making jam
  41. Dehydrator for vegetables and fruits
  42. Decorative pillows
  43. Pavloposadsky scarf
  44. Liquid Soap Dispenser
  45. Natural wool belt
  46. Socket timer
  47. door knocker
  48. Blender
  49. Panel for photos
  50. Juicer
  51. Freezer
  52. Set of pots/pans
  53. Apparatus for manicure and pedicure
  54. Newspaper
  55. Seed germinator
  56. Vegetable cutter with interchangeable attachments
  57. Upright vacuum cleaner
  58. Hot tub for feet
  59. bread maker
  60. Orthopedic mattress with memory effect
  61. electric blanket
  62. Cauldron oven
  63. Acupuncture massage mat
  64. Fixed radiotelephone
  65. sugar bowl
  66. Subscribe to your favorite periodical
  67. fire bowl
  68. garden wheelbarrow
  69. River/sea cruise
  70. Lotto gift set
  71. Vertical clothes dryer
  72. Lawn aerator
  73. Rubber boots
  74. Cashmere Stole
  75. Leather gloves
  76. book holders
  77. Multicooker
  78. Bottle Cooler Bucket
  79. Towel set
  80. touch light
  81. Electric meat grinder
  82. Table service
  83. Magnetic board on the refrigerator
  84. Modular picture
  85. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  86. Brooch of the author’s work
  87. Robot vacuum cleaner
  88. desktop organizer
  89. Copper Turk with a set of exclusive coffees
  90. Carpet made of natural materials
  91. electric grater
  92. Knitted fur mittens
  93. street garland
  94. Solar Garden Lights

Original gifts for 70 years for a woman

It is rather difficult to surprise a lady of such a venerable age: in her entire life she must have seen a lot of interesting things. However, it is still worth presenting the hero of the day with an original gift. It could be:

Salt lamp.  In addition to the fact that this extraordinary lamp, made of natural Himalayan salt, is a spectacular element of the interior, it also has a beneficial effect on health. When heated, the device purifies the room air and fills it with charged ions.

Bedside mat with backlight.  The most ordinary rug fills the room with pleasant light, one has only to step on it. Thanks to him, you do not need to turn on the night light and be afraid to stumble on furniture or various objects.

Periscope glasses for lying down.  The revolutionary development allows you to maintain a straight head position when reading while lying down and serves as an excellent prevention of cervical osteochondrosis. A great gift for those who like to work on a laptop or read in bed.

A set of handkerchiefs with the birthday girl’s monogram.  A win-win gift option that conveys a piece of your warmth.

Volcanic baker’s stone.  An original present that can turn an ordinary oven into a hearth oven. The stone evenly warms up, ensuring perfect baking of the dish and adding an exquisite taste to it.

Electric samovar.  Samovar has long been considered a symbol of hospitality and warm friendly conversation. This is a great alternative to a banal teapot and a wonderful gift for a hospitable and hospitable hostess. Moreover, now on the market there are many different models of a wide variety of colors.

In addition, original gifts for the 70th anniversary will be:

  • perfume for home;
  • a bouquet of nuts and dried fruits;
  • 3D night light with individual engraving;
  • sorbet shop;
  • a device for normalizing sleep;
  • electric corkscrew;
  • bench-chest;
  • smart toothbrush;
  • cheese set;
  • stone mortar and pestle;
  • Galileo’s thermometer;
  • smart garden;
  • lace fan;
  • clutch for hands;
  • bladeless fan;
  • modern radio in retro style;
  • serving table;
  • marinator;
  • talking clock.

What to give a woman for 70 years inexpensively

For women at any age, love and attention are important, not personal and material gain. Therefore, if your budget is limited, do not worry: you can make an inexpensive, but memorable and practical gift. For example:

The cabinet.  A wonderful dish that allows you to beautifully serve different foods without mixing them together. As a rule, cupboards are made of porcelain, ceramics or wood. The choice is yours.

Shadow palette.  A woman wants to remain a woman at any age, so a small palette of high-quality shadows would be a very appropriate gift.

Recipe book.  Give the birthday girl a beautiful leather-bound edition in which she can record her best recipes, creating a family cookbook.

Organizer for needlework.  As a rule, many ladies knit, embroider or sew. So that everything you need is stored in the proper form and is always at hand, hand the hero of the day a beautiful and functional organizer.

Bluetooth keychain for searching.  A very popular and useful device can be hung on any object: keys, glasses and even a remote control! And, if suddenly the item is lost, you just need to press a special button and, thanks to the sound signal, find the loss.

Also in the list of budgetary gifts for the anniversary, you can include:

  • cosmetic organizer;
  • bath set;
  • a set of herbal preparations;
  • indoor plant;
  • textile tablecloth with napkins;
  • coffee grinder;
  • a set of serving plates;
  • Universal remote;
  • a set for making chocolate;
  • external battery;
  • homemade mycelium;
  • a set of glasses;
  • mug-mixer;
  • pan for pancakes;
  • French press;
  • a knife sharpener;
  • casket made of natural stone;
  • sand painting antistress;
  • perpetual calendar;
  • containers for liquid spices with a sprayer;
  • telescopic magnet;
  • jug with cooler;
  • cosmetic mirror with illumination;
  • personalized fortune cookies.

Ideas for expensive gifts for a woman for 70 years

On such a significant day, if funds allow, you can please the hero of the day with some expensive and valuable gift. As a rule, close relatives give such things, or other guests buy something solid and expensive. These presentations include:

Plasma TV.  You can give a model with a large screen for the living room or a small TV for the kitchen. In any case, a lover of series and TV shows will be happy with such a modern device.

Jewelry.  A classic and timeless gift option for anniversaries are various jewelry made of precious metals and stones. Depending on the preferences of the birthday girl, it can be earrings, a chain, a bracelet, a ring or even a watch.

Smartphone.  So that the birthday girl does not fall out of life and continues to keep pace with the times, give her a simple smartphone that allows you to communicate in instant messengers and make video calls to family and friends.

You can also donate:

  • dacha;
  • netbook;
  • wine cabinet;
  • figurine according to the photo;
  • levitating pot for plants;
  • eye Massager;
  • washing machine with drying function;
  • tourist trip;
  • home exercise machine;
  • repairs in a house or apartment;
  • clothing store certificate
  • sewing machine;
  • home blood pressure corrector;
  • a hat / vest / fur coat made of natural fur;
  • interior fountain;
  • family dinner in a restaurant;
  • massage chair;
  • Personal Computer;
  • massage certificate;
  • deluxe edition of works by your favorite author;
  • hanging chair.

Useful gift ideas for a 70 year old woman

The leading positions among gifts are still occupied by practical things that can be useful, make everyday life easier and free up time. These presentations include:

Insoles heated.  A very necessary and useful thing that can warm in dank and cold weather. The insoles are cut to the required size and fit any shoe.

Magnet to remove fat while cooking.  Thanks to this unique device, the hostess will be able to make food less caloric, only by passing it over the surface of the dish. It only takes a few seconds for the fat to stick to the magnet.

Ozonizer-ionizer of air.  A compact device with an attractive design is a real killer of viruses and bacteria. It helps to cope with seasonal allergies, eliminates unpleasant odors and defeats moths, dust mites and other insects that live in hard-to-reach places. In addition, the device humidifies the air and saturates it with useful ions.

Multicooker.  This indispensable assistant will quickly and tasty cook a variety of dishes. The birthday girl only needs to put the necessary products into it and select the appropriate program.

In addition, it can be very useful for a lady:

  • ecovisor;
  • smart bracelet;
  • leather wallet;
  • duvet;
  • a master class related to the hobbies of the birthday girl;
  • Dishwasher;
  • wireless doorbell;
  • Steam Mop;
  • set of satellite television;
  • a blanket;
  • window cleaning robot
  • cooler bag;
  • microwave;
  • alarm button;
  • electric clothes dryer;
  • dispenser for paper towels;
  • stand for remotes;
  • a set of curtains;
  • air conditioner;
  • bedding set;
  • pouffe for legs;
  • water cooler;
  • ironing board.

Commemorative gifts that can be given to a woman for 70 years

A real memorable gift should carry a deep semantic load and evoke the most positive emotions in the birthday girl. These options include:

Pedigree book.  A woman of silver age will be pleased to remember her ancestors and fill out such a publication. In addition, this book, diluted with photographs and documents, will become an excellent family chronicle, passed down from generation to generation.

Word portrait.  A striking and special gift, based on a portrait, composed of a variety of gentle and warm words, and possibly poems. Through such a gift, you can convey your subtle feelings and touch the most delicate spiritual strings of the birthday girl.

Talking photo album.  Give the birthday girl such an ordinary thing in an unusual performance. With it, she will be able not only to see memorable pictures, but also to hear comments on each of them. Each photo can be accompanied by a voice message lasting no more than 10 seconds, and the annoying message can be erased and a new one overwritten.

Other memento gifts include:

  • photo collage;
  • floor vase;
  • personalized wine box;
  • antique figurine;
  • portrait from photograph;
  • coaster with name engraving;
  • accessory-decoration;
  • a snapshot of the birthday girl in a crystal in the form of a hologram;
  • personalized pen;
  • family wall key holder;
  • photoplead;
  • a pair of candelabra;
  • digital photo frame;
  • damask with photo printing or engraving;
  • photo calendar;
  • nominal diary;
  • family calendar;
  • money tree from coins;
  • book for writing memoirs;
  • name icon.

Soulful gifts for a 70-year-old birthday girl

It is imperative for a good person to give a warm, original and meaningful gift. Surely, the lady to whom you were invited to the anniversary deserves all the brightest and most positive. If so, then the following selection will definitely appeal to both you and her. So:

Tree of happiness from gemstones.  This is a magnificent and symbolic gift that will become a talisman at home and attract good luck and prosperity. Gems are amulets of health and happiness, help to improve the life of their owner and increase his well-being. In order for the gift to bring tangible benefits, it is necessary to select gems in accordance with the zodiac sign of the hero of the day.

Phytopanno.  A hassle-free picture of living plants is an excellent decor element and turns any room into a cozy nest. The panel is equipped with automatic watering and does not need attention. All he wants is admiration!

LED flowers.  Unfortunately, despite their splendor, fresh flowers please the eye for too long and quickly wither, upsetting the birthday girl. A great alternative to a living bouquet will be an LED flower that turns into an original night light at night. This product is made of silk and latex and practically does not differ from a natural plant.

Japanese desktop rock garden.  This composition, as a rule, consists of white quartz sand, stones of different sizes, statuettes of an oriental deity and mini-rakes. Using all these materials, the birthday girl will be able to create a unique composition every time that matches her mood. In addition, the garden can be supplemented with various figures and plants. This is a great solution to relieve stress and find inspiration.

The hero of the day will also like:

  • bonsai tree;
  • florarium;
  • aromatic sachet;
  • set for mulled wine;
  • floor lamp with lighting;
  • selection of favorite songs;
  • personalized embroidered pillow;
  • medallion with a photograph;
  • boots-whisperers;
  • cupcakes with photo printing;
  • interior storage basket;
  • painting with Swarovski crystals;
  • tea/coffee service;
  • musical pot for flowers;
  • stabilized rose in a glass flask;
  • blanket with sleeves;
  • a set of handmade gingerbread;
  • ivory box;
  • aroma lamp with a set of essential oils;
  • box of handmade chocolates;
  • desktop waterfall;
  • coffee grinder;
  • rocking chair;
  • openwork downy shawl;
  • honey-nut set;
  • a picture embroidered with ribbons;
  • interior doll;
  • books in your favorite genre;
  • box with Soviet postcards;
  • fruit and berry bouquet.

Unusual gifts for a 70 year old woman

If the birthday girl does not feel the need for material gifts and has everything she needs, she urgently needs to give something extraordinary that can evoke the most positive emotions and impressions. Choosing such a gift, you should pay special attention to the character of the hero of the day, her worldview, habits and hobbies, so as not to get into trouble and not spoil the holiday. We offer you unusual and exclusive gift ideas:

Living tree made from Icelandic moss.  Such an original tree is able to feel comfortable at room conditions, and when watered, fill the air with useful macro- and microelements, iodine, sea and forest aromas. Also, the plant ionizes the air, fights mold and fungi and helps strengthen the immune system. This is a great gift for a woman who is difficult to surprise with something.

Concert organized by relatives.  Dedicate a concert to the hero of the day. Read poems dedicated to her, sing her favorite songs, put on a scene from her favorite movie or play, play a musical instrument for her. Put in a little effort and imagination. The emotions received by the birthday girl will be worth it.

Smart garden.  This device is based on the principle of hydroponics – growing plants without the use of land. You just need to sow the seeds, watch the growth of your plantings and water them according to the signal from the built-in sensor. Everything is simple and safe. A wonderful gift for urban ladies who dream of their six hundredths, but do not have the opportunity to constantly travel out of town.

Family photo session.  Invite a professional photographer and choose a thematic shoot that matches the interests of the birthday girl. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time by all participants and will charge them with a great mood and positive.

Revived memories.  Take the whole family to memorable places where significant family events took place. To make the trip special, rent a limousine or rent a carriage with a driver. But, before making such a gift, make sure that it does not harm the health of the birthday girl.

In addition, the hero of the day will be pleasantly surprised by receiving:

  • retro phone;
  • dressing room mirror;
  • vinyl player;
  • a flower with wishes on the petals;
  • biofireplace;
  • a bouquet of skeins of yarn;
  • charging wallet;
  • congratulations on radio or local television;
  • comic award (diploma, medal, order);
  • tickets to a performance with your favorite actor;
  • hanging balcony table;
  • weather forecaster;
  • plaid blanket glowing in the dark;
  • table lamp with wireless charging;
  • smart socket;
  • desktop wine barrel;
  • family excursion;
  • panel made of natural stone with personalized engraving;
  • carnivorous plant;
  • a short hike with a fire and singing with a guitar;
  • personalized painting “Family Tree” with photographs of relatives.

Presents for beauty and health

As the unsurpassed Audrey Hepburn said: “The beauty of a woman multiplies with her years.” And now there are many ways to maintain both the beauty and health of a woman. The best gifts for this would be:

Corset belt.  An indispensable device for a woman suffering from osteochondrosis and pain in the spine. The belt will help warm the ligaments, fix the lumbosacral region, reduce unnecessary stress and support the muscles. Thanks to the advanced design, it does not stand out under clothing and fits any figure.

Set for Nordic walking.  The original form of fitness in a very short time was able to win love and popularity all over the world. With the correct execution of the walking technique, up to 90% of the muscles are involved, while the athlete feels better, lowers blood pressure and increases the amount of endorphins.

Darsonval.  A universal tool in the fight for beauty, which allows you to fight mimic wrinkles and problems with veins, stimulate hair growth and increase blood microcirculation, eliminate muscle pain and vascular spasms, improve the functioning of internal organs and restore the skin. Any birthday girl will be glad to become the owner of this effective device.

Also, a lady who cares about her beauty and health will like:

  • myostimulator;
  • electric curlers;
  • laser comb;
  • herbal pillow for sleeping;
  • a set of cosmetics with bio-gold;
  • robot massager;
  • Posture Corrector;
  • subscription to the pool;
  • raclette;
  • massage Slippers;
  • pillow “Beauty Sleep”;
  • smart scales;
  • thermal underwear;
  • shower filter;
  • tonometer/glucometer;
  • yogurt maker;
  • shagomer;
  • a ticket to a sanatorium;
  • yoga mat;
  • LED mask;
  • infrared thermometer;
  • certificate in a beauty salon;
  • multistyler for hair;
  • sanitizer USB;
  • massage mattress with remote control;
  • multivitamin complex;
  • electronic pill box with a timer;
  • aromaculone;
  • foot hammock;
  • massager with light therapy;
  • comb massager with ionization function;
  • bladeless hair dryer;
  • electric file for pedicure.

Fashionable and stylish gifts for a woman for 70 years

Regardless of age, a woman always remains a woman, and any cute thing that can advantageously emphasize her appearance will always be to her taste. It could be:

  • designer decoration;
  • homemade sheepskin ugg boots;
  • certificate to a cosmetics store;
  • things with national flavor;
  • Sunglasses;
  • certificate for the services of a personal stylist;
  • dress tailoring certificate;
  • leather and silver bracelet;
  • a set of silk beauty pillowcases;
  • hair ornaments;
  • leather belt;
  • vintage fragrance;
  • silk scarf;
  • wrist watch;
  • shopping accompaniment with a stylist;
  • elegant cane;
  • felt boots with embroidery;
  • leather clutch;
  • jewelry made of natural stones;
  • fur scarf;
  • clasp bag.

Gifts depending on the character and hobbies of the birthday girl

If the birthday girl has any hobbies, choosing a gift for her becomes much easier.

Lover of cooking

  • multifunctional cutting board;
  • dispenser for dough and fillers;
  • microwave cleaner;
  • mill for greenery;
  • cooking thermometer;
  • kitchen scales;
  • pillow in the form of a burger;
  • kitchen timer;
  • holder for chef’s blades and lids;
  • measuring cups and smart mixing bowls;
  • rotating cake stand
  • serving board;
  • co-vid;
  • cooking course;
  • creamer;
  • kitchen multitool;
  • greenery storage device;
  • tool for cooking chops;
  • device for wrapping dolma and cabbage rolls
  • home cheese factory;
  • meat timer;
  • board for quick defrosting;
  • cookbook with recipes from the best chefs in the world;
  • electric mill for spices;
  • baking dish;
  • food processor;
  • folding shelf for washing;
  • scissors for cutting greens;
  • machine for making pasta and dumplings;
  • set for carving and canapes.

Technology lover

  • original flash drive;
  • clock-fan USB;
  • mini keyboard vacuum cleaner;
  • virtual reality glasses;
  • quadcopter;
  • smart ring;
  • electronic spoon scales with LCD display;
  • massage pillow;
  • sterilizer for smartphone with wireless charging;
  • USB hub;
  • calendar-constructor LEGO;
  • virtual keyboard;
  • smart pen;
  • wireless headphones;
  • Yandex. Station;
  • retro handset for mobile phone;
  • laptop table with cooling system.

art connoisseur

  • reproduction of a painting by a famous artist;
  • subscription to museums;
  • Venetian carnival mask;
  • Graphics tablet;
  • book for creativity and inspiration;
  • voice picture;
  • a book autographed by a favorite author;
  • subscription to the theater / philharmonic society;
  • set for drawing on the water;
  • theater premiere tickets;
  • porcelain figurine.

Country houses

  • rattan garden furniture;
  • greenhouse;
  • seedlings;
  • electric brush cutter;
  • garden shredder;
  • gazebo tent;
  • bench;
  • tandoor;
  • doorbell;
  • barbecue grill;
  • LED torch;
  • frame pool;
  • sprinkler for irrigation;
  • wood splitter;
  • Summer shower;
  • soil heating system;
  • nitrate tester;
  • outdoor gas heater;
  • Garden swing;
  • weather vane;
  • kerosene lamp;
  • garden composter;
  • hammock;
  • ultraviolet insect trap;
  • smokehouse;
  • phytostellage;
  • tree house;
  • lawn mower;
  • garden vacuum cleaner;
  • watering equipment;
  • wicker basket for harvesting;
  • tub for salting;
  • sun lounger

Lover to read

  • pendant books;
  • bookend;
  • original bookmark for books;
  • pillow in the form of a book;
  • a set of antibooks;
  • bookstore certificate
  • pocket scanner-translator;
  • armchair with bookshelves;
  • a table for reading in the bathroom;
  • invisible bookshelves;
  • book safe;
  • portable lamp on a clothespin;
  • cart for books;
  • reader’s diary;
  • bookend with plant pot;
  • waterproof book cover;
  • scented candles based on famous works;
  • lamp in the form of a book;
  • clutch book;
  • phone case in the form of a book.

Collector woman

For any collector, the exhibit that he does not yet have in his collection will be especially dear. Depending on hobbies, this can be:

  • old coin;
  • doll;
  • decorative plate;
  • bell;
  • handicraft;
  • vintage postcard;
  • figured candle;
  • Soviet Christmas tree toy;
  • miniature book;
  • decorative magnet;
  • Handmade soap.

In addition, the passionate collector will be particularly pleased with the item to display his collection. For example:

  • showcase table;
  • rack;
  • album;
  • box;
  • special case;
  • tablet;
  • folder;
  • frame;
  • metal panel.

Gift from husband

The moment has come, and your lady of the heart has become quite an adult, but this does not mean that she has ceased to be a woman. Most likely, she still likes the heady aromas of good perfumes and the heavy shine of precious metals. Or maybe she was fond of yoga or swimming.

Pamper your beloved and give her what she dreams of. Shake the old days and invite your sweetheart for a romantic dinner or a weekend at the recreation center. Walk your dusty outfits and refresh your old feelings. And do not forget to present the birthday girl with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, even if they are not status roses and eternal chrysanthemums.

Present from daughter

Warmth and coziness should come from a child gift. It can be some cute, homely thing that reflects the invisible connection between the two closest women. Daughter may well give:

  • nominal terry dressing gown;
  • cozy home suit;
  • necessary footwear/clothes;
  • a bottle of your favorite perfume;
  • fashionable and practical bag;
  • unusual umbrella;
  • funny house slippers in the form of cute animals;
  • silk sleep mask
  • manicure set;
  • a set of care cosmetics;
  • set for visiting the pool;
  • set for phytotherapy;
  • face masks;
  • wall picture with a hiding place.

Gifts from son

The son is a reliable rear and support. From it, various household helpers and electrical goods will be appropriate. Perhaps it will be:

  • organization of the celebration;
  • electronic book;
  • water heater;
  • a set of knives;
  • overlock;
  • accessories for sports;
  • fitness/yoga membership;
  • heating pad;
  • aquafarm;
  • slideshow with a selection of the best photos of the birthday girl;
  • festive fireworks;
  • tickets for an interesting event;
  • city ​​tour with a personal guide.

Gifts from grandchildren

Grandchildren, to whom the grandmother gives all her heart, can please the birthday girl with homemade cards and souvenirs that convey their warmth and love. They can also present to the hero of the day:

  • photo album with general pictures;
  • a set of mugs with family photos;
  • T-shirt with a funny inscription;
  • bath curtain with original print;
  • a set of molds for baking;
  • wooden rolling pin with a pattern;
  • hot pads;
  • ultrasonic washing machine;
  • woolen socks;
  • flower vase;
  • shopping bag;
  • birch bark;
  • fruit basket;
  • toothbrush holder;
  • spice container;
  • church candlestick;
  • stand for napkins;
  • tea couple;
  • soap postcard.

DIY gifts for a woman for 70 years

Handmade gifts are of particular value because of the pieces of soul, care and time invested in them. Please the birthday girl and make an interesting craft for her. For example:

glasses case

Materials:  cardboard, scissors, glue, decorative elements.


  1. Cut out a 15×15 cm square from cardboard, fold it into a tube and secure one edge by smearing it with glue.
  2. Make the “bottom” of the case by cutting out a circle from cardboard and leaving 3-4 tails, as on clothes for paper dolls.
  3. Bend the tails and, after smearing them with glue, insert the bottom into the case.
  4. Decorate the product with decorative elements.

Wall mounted jewelry organizer

Materials:  cork base, hooks or safety pins, frame, paints.


  1. cut out the required size of the future organizer from the cork base.
  2. Cover it with paint or varnish and let dry.
  3. Insert hooks or pins into the product in the order you choose.
  4. Insert the organizer into the frame.

Also for the birthday girl with your own hands you can do:

  • congratulatory wall newspaper;
  • knitted product (scarf, hat, vest, shawl);
  • cake / birthday cake;
  • video about the life of the hero of the day.

What is better not to give a woman for 70 years

Despite the variety of possible gifts, there are such things that it is better to refrain from giving:

  • objects that make loud noises;
  • pets;
  • complex gadgets;
  • empty wallets / purses;
  • gifts associated with superstitions;
  • capricious plants;
  • money;
  • Underwear;
  • stupid souvenirs.

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