What to give for a wedding

How much money is customary to give for a wedding – Answers in numbers and Tips

Money has long become a familiar gift – usually they are given by those who cannot decide on a present.

But when it comes to such a significant celebration as a wedding, deciding whether to give money and how much money to give is much more difficult, since a monetary gift can be very important for a young family.

How much money to give for a wedding to newlyweds

Have you chosen money as a wedding present? It remains to understand how much money is usually given for a wedding.

Each person has their own needs and different financial situation. The specific amount depends on the guest’s capabilities and the degree of his relationship with a happy young couple.

From friends, neighbors or colleagues

From people who are not close relatives or friends of the couple, you can donate from 3 to 5 thousand rubles .

You can calculate how much money you need to give for a wedding with the help of a little trick: find out where the celebration takes place, estimate the approximate amount of money that the newlyweds will spend on one guest and donate twice as much.

This will pay off your stay at the holiday and congratulate the couple additionally.

From friends and witnesses

The average age of young people who are going to tie the knot is from 20 to 30 years old. Friends of the newlyweds are most often young boys and girls, many of whom are not firmly on their feet.

Not all of them have a stable income, and not all of them can afford to give a lot of money for a wedding.

How much money to give to friends for a wedding? You can give one large bill – for example, 5 thousand rubles per person or per couple.

If you are going to a wedding with your best friends or are witnesses, it is better to give more – from 5 thousand rubles.

Witnesses usually cooperate and give money for the wedding to a friend and girlfriend in one envelope, donating the same amount of money.

From relatives

The whole large family is usually invited to a magnificent celebration dedicated to the marriage.

How much is it customary to give money for a wedding from relatives? The amount of a gift from close relatives can reach 10-15 thousand rubles. Distant relatives can donate from 5 to 10 thousand – this is the minimum amount that you should count on when going to a wedding.

From parents

Parents are the closest relatives of the bride and groom, and the wedding is one of the most significant and exciting events in life, so it is customary to give expensive gifts for the celebration.

Most often, parents give their children the keys to a new car, apartment or vacation vouchers for a wedding. However, not everyone has such an opportunity – some decide to make a gift in cash.

How much money do parents give for a wedding? This can be any maximum possible number – the amount that it is not a pity to give to the newlyweds. On average, it can reach 50-100 thousand rubles.

Do you know how much they give for weddings in different countries now?

  • In Russia, the amount starts from 2-3 thousand rubles per person.
  • In Italy and Germany, they give 100 euros each.
  • In France – about 100-150 euros.
  • In China – 99 euros (the number 9 is considered a symbol of fidelity and happiness there).

In America and some other countries, special services called the Wedding registry (wishlists, wish lists) are popular. Guests go to the site, choose a gift, pay for it and give it to the wedding.

  • As for money, usually in the USA they give about 100-200 dollars per person.

The question of the amount of the gift will always be individual and depend on the proximity to the newlyweds and financial capabilities.

Do I need to give money for a wedding: For or Against


How much money is customary to give for a wedding - Answers in numbers and Tips

Some guests believe that it is not worth giving money – this is a sign of bad taste and a faceless gift that the newlyweds will quickly forget about.

But this is not so – now it is a very common, appropriate and even expected gift.

Often, future husband and wife warn guests in advance that they are ready to accept a gift in monetary terms.

Also, many guests choose money as a wedding gift because of the following advantages:

  • this saves time and effort on finding the perfect option;
  • the chosen gift may not be liked or not suitable for the newlyweds;
  • there is no risk that one of the guests will give the same as you;
  • money donated to the newlyweds will help pay for the banquet or even the entire event;
  • With the collected funds, the newlyweds can go on a honeymoon trip or purchase what they really need.

How to give money for a wedding: DIY original ideas

Most often, guests put money in an envelope, which is decorated with bored drawings – flowers, white doves, rings and other symbols of great and bright love.

Sometimes a large postcard with standard congratulations is also attached to the gift. But there are more original ways to donate money for a wedding :

  1. Handmade postcard in envelope format. Make a postcard yourself, write warm congratulations to the newlyweds on it. This option is much more interesting than the usual cardboard with a standard image.
  2. Box decorated with colorful ribbons. You can make such a box using the scrapbooking, quilling or origami technique – its execution depends only on your imagination. Inside the box, you can put a small present, rose petals, fresh flowers, sweets or festive tinsel.
  3. Gift paper cake. A good way to originally give money for a wedding. Lay out neatly folded bills in the form of a tube in several rows and attach them to a round cardboard base. Tie each layer with a ribbon, and decorate the cake itself with flowers.
  4. Present under glass. You can beautifully arrange a cash gift for a wedding by placing bills in a photo frame. Engrave it with sweet wishes, and you can attach a small hammer decorated with a ribbon or a bow to the gift.
  5. Gift balls. Swap a large bill for several smaller ones. Prepare a large box by pasting it with gift paper. Fill the balloons with helium, tie a bill to each and place in a box, fixing them securely. Be careful: so that the balls do not fly away, the box should be opened indoors.

Tips: how to give money and how much to give for a wedding

The following tips and tricks will help you decide on a specific amount and make the best wedding gift:

  • Remember that the amount of a cash gift may vary depending on the region – due to different prices and salaries in small towns, people can afford less than, for example, in the capital. For example, 10 thousand in Moscow is the average amount, for other cities 5 thousand will be enough, in villages you can give 2-3 thousand. This is the average amount for distant relatives, colleagues and acquaintances.
  • If you don’t know how much money is usually given for a wedding, the scale of the event will also help you determine the specific amount – if the wedding is modest and takes place in a small cafe, you can count on a smaller amount, and if the newlyweds organized a banquet in a chic restaurant, donate more than the standard amount (if budget allows).
  • If you are experiencing financial difficulties and do not want to give an indecently small amount, tell the newlyweds about this and offer your help in organizing the wedding – most likely, extra hands will not interfere with them.
  • If possible, check with other guests who are invited to the event – this will help you find out how much money they are giving for the wedding now.
  • You can donate money in foreign currency – dollars or euros. Most likely, this money will be useful to the newlyweds during their honeymoon. And if not, they can save them and exchange them later at a better rate.
  • In addition to the main amount of money that you are going to give to the newlyweds, just in case, take a little more – this is the money that you will spend during the celebration at various competitions.

When you can not give money for a wedding

The rules of etiquette say that it is not always necessary to give money gifts for a wedding. Sometimes you have to give up bills and choose something else. Thinking about how much money to give for a wedding is pointless in the following cases:

  1. If the head of work gets married or marries. It is considered indecent to give money for a wedding to a person who is above you on the career ladder, especially if he is your immediate superior.
  2. If the newlyweds are very well provided for and do not need money. Rich lovers should not give money, especially if you have a difficult financial situation. Such newlyweds will be pleased to receive a more personal gift – for example, a handmade one.
  3. If the newlyweds are much older than the guest. Not only young people get married – if you are invited to a wedding where the newlyweds are older people, you should give preference to another gift.

Many couples who plan to connect their lives with each other are sure that the best gift for a wedding is money that the newlyweds can spend as they see fit.

How much money you need to donate for a wedding, everyone decides on their own to the best of their ability – remember that a wedding is primarily arranged for the sake of emotions, and not money collected from guests.

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