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TOP 44 ideas What to give a girl for 16 years +30 gifts and Tips

Finding an original and the right gift is not easy. And if you are thinking about what you can give a girl for 16 years, the task seems especially difficult.

Calculating innermost desires at this age is not easy: the tastes of young ladies change faster than fashion trends.

But we have put together a great selection of gift ideas! And if you add knowledge about the character, lifestyle, temperament of the birthday girl to our advice, take into account her hobbies and interests, study pages on social networks, it will become even easier to please a girl on her birthday.

TOP 44 ideas of what to give a girl for 16 years

We offer you to get acquainted with the win-win options for presents, what to give a teenager for a 16-year-old girl.

  1. Electronic devices . For teenagers, this is the #1 present. Girls follow the latest in the world of technology, they are well versed in them. Age requires to be “in trend”, to keep up with fashion. Prices do not delight parents, but 16 years old is a decent age to become the owner of a brand new gadget. The choice is wide: from a modern player with wireless headphones to a smartphone or tablet.

A good present is a digital camera. Many girls are fascinated by photography: themselves, their girlfriends, the world around them. It is best to purchase a so-called “reflex camera”: a device that allows you to see the object being filmed directly through the lens.

  1. Clothing and footwear . For a sixteen-year-old lady, there is no such thing as too many clothes. In the most crowded closet there is always room for a new skinny or sweatshirt. But such presents are made if the taste of the birthday girl (and the size too) is thoroughly studied.

It is better to give a gift card from a good store or original home clothes: funny kigurumi pajamas, cozy home clothes. An excellent gift for a teenage girl for 16 years is a certificate for tailoring a cocktail dress.

  1. Bag, clutch, backpack . Before choosing, study fashion trends, view the offers of virtual markets.
  2. Cosmetics . Of course, a set a la “Little Fairy” is no longer suitable: for some young ladies, make-up collections are comparable to a powerful arsenal of makeup artists. So a gift card is better. Or a spa treatment kit.
  3. Thermal bottle . A full-fledged thermos in the form of a convenient bottle with a narrow neck keeps the temperature for almost a day. It will come in handy for a walk, in the gym, in the cinema, at a concert and a skating rink.
  4. Original items for room design , pleasant leisure and good mood – frameless furniture, 3D bed linen, space night light, fluffy blanket, large soft toy. This item alone gives a lot of ideas what to give a girl for 16 years!
  5. Photoshoot certificate.
  6. Portrait from a photo on canvas. For example, in the style of fantasy or pop art.
  7. Unusual designer jewelry.
  8. Telescope.
  9. Magnetic whiteboard.
  10. Ant farm.
  11. Smart watch.
  12. Mini keyboard vacuum cleaner.
  13. Attributes for sports or fitness : skates, roller skates, skateboards, fitball. Or a bicycle, for example, a tourist one. A wonderful idea what to give a girl for another 16 years.
  14. An easel with a set of paints and brushes. A good present for a girl artist.
  15. Bluetooth mini speaker – for listening to music from your smartphone.
  16. Personalized pajamas. You can order any inscription, for example, “Our Princess”.
  17. Selfie flash.
  18. Unusual wall clock.
  19. Traveler scratch card.
  20. Color laser printer. For self-printing photos.
  21. A device for reading from electronic gadgets. With it, you can even read while lying in a bubble bath: most models are waterproof.
  22. Bluetooth tracker in the form of a keychain. For quick search of keys or phone.
  23. Cookbook, set of molds, electric waffle iron. A good gift for a girl who loves to cook.
  24. Named medallion. For storing sports awards in a conspicuous place.
  25. A set of scented or LED candles.
  26. Unusual 3D lamp.
  27. Laptop bag.
  28. Clock.
  29. Scarf with original pattern.
  30. Present for hairstyles – multifunctional hair dryer, straightener / curling iron, multi-colored crayons. What to give a girl for 16 years, no matter how accessories for the image?
  31. Manicure tools, a large palette of varnishes, a UV dryer for gel coatings.
  32. Pandora box. A handy little thing for storing jewelry and pleasant trifles.
  33. Subscription to the pool, fitness club or dance class.
  34. Action camera.
  35. Leather wallet.
  36. Photo frame or wall lamp with the image of a birthday girl.
  37. Table fountain with lighting.
  38. Desktop biofireplace. Choose a device, guided by the taste of the girl: in the form of a cube, flask, aquarium, bowl.
  39. Levitating plant. A pot with a live flower hovers above a special stand.
  40. A silver spoon with a personalized engraving is a status and memorable gift for the 16th anniversary.
  41. Stylish decoration . Depending on the tastes of the hero of the occasion: unusual author’s, precious, collectible. The right idea is to present a certificate from a jewelry store or choose such a present along with the birthday girl.
  42. Fur earmuffs.

Original and inexpensive gifts for a 16-year-old girl


TOP 44 ideas What to give a girl for 16 years +30 gifts and Tips

What can a teenage boy give a teenage girl for 16 years?

Inexpensive, but useful or funny presents from friends or classmates will definitely please the birthday girl:

  • Paired plaid with sleeves or paired cups. Romantic and cute gifts will remind the girl of the giver.
  • Keychain with a photo or initials of the birthday girl.
  • Original bookmark for books: steel, leather, silicone.
  • Warmer-soft toy – will warm, if necessary, relieve pain.
  • Unusual nightlight.
  • Set for creativity. It is selected taking into account the girl’s hobbies: for sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, modeling, quilling, creating jewelry.
  • Puzzle set.
  • Unusual piggy bank.
  • Original phone case. Be sure to take into account the taste of the birthday girl and the model of her device.
  • Leather cover for the passport.
  • Interchangeable lenses for your smartphone. With their help, you get high-quality professional-level pictures.
  • Luminous laces for sneakers.
  • Talking repeater toy Squirrel. Nice soft gift. The toy performs fun functions, so it will be a wonderful inexpensive surprise for a young girl.
  • Electronic musical drumsticks. A creative gift for a musical girl.
  • Unusual heated USB slippers or glow in the dark.
  • “Unique” mug. You can order an inexpensive exclusive with a cool picture or photo of a girl.
  • Diary coloring-antistress.
  • Headphone splitter. A useful gift will allow friends to listen to music from one device.
  • Original sketchbook. Present for creative sketches and notes.
  • Sleep mask “Do not sleep”. A useful and funny accessory for relaxing in transport or in a room where you can’t turn off the lights or close the curtains.

More Ideas for 16th Anniversary

  1. Antique item. If your family’s heirloom is waiting in line for a new owner, the sixteenth birthday is the most appropriate date.
  2. Bank account A long-term deposit is a good idea what to give a child for 16 years to a girl from grandparents in the near future. The granddaughter will receive the right to dispose of the amount that has grown from the accrued interest by the time she studies at the institute.
  3. Travel. Youth is a time of adventure. Expensive, but the most memorable gift for a grown daughter is a ticket to a dream corner.
  4. Preparatory courses, special literature, lessons with a tutor, a master class on a future profession. Everything that can bring the dream of higher education closer.
  5. What to give a 16 year old girl who has everything? Recognition and a huge photo on a billboard near the house will be an unforgettable surprise from a friend in love.
  6. Guitar, instrument case, guitar tutorial, nylon strings, plectrum.


Yes, yes, young people are reading books again today. If you definitely know that a 16-year-old girl studies not only Instagram, a present in any format will do: a publication of a favorite author or genre, an electronic device. A good idea is an art album with reproductions, an elegant volume of poetry.

At the age of thinking about love, relationships, success and the meaning of life, trainings or books on psychology will be a good gift:

  • K. Platonov “Entertaining psychology”.
  • Allan and Barbara Pease “Body Language”.
  • N. Kedrova “The ABC of emotions.”
  • Dee Snider “Survival Course for Teenagers”.
  • G. Timoshenko “50 life hacks: psychological quests.”
  • Oscar Brenifier “The Meaning of Life”, “Love and Friendship”, “What are Feelings?”, “The Big Book of Characters”.
  • Anita Naik “Practical psychology for girls, or how to treat yourself and boys.”
  • Thomas Armstrong “You can do more than you think.”
  • MagJ “The Important Years. Why you should not put off life for later.
  • Dale Carnegie, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  • John Kehoe “The Subconscious Can Do Anything”

DIY gift for 16 years

At 16, peers do not have decent amounts of money: they study. A gift from friends can be symbolic, handmade. The main thing is to invest your soul.

  1. Photo collage.

Make a bright collage from the pictures, make the birthday girl the heroine of a comic book, create a photo story. Different images are created from the pictures, for example, a heart. A printed photo on fabric expands the list of ideas: a pillow, a notebook cover, an original panel. Making such a collage is very simple, and the options are endless. You can print a few good shots and hang them on strings, or you can buy a canvas on a stretcher and stick photos – then you get a real picture.

A young man in love can create a whole film about his girlfriend from joint photos with touching text and beautiful music. The file can be sent via WhatsApp or handed out spectacularly on a postcard with a video screen.

  1. Exclusive bag .

A 16-year-old teenager girl can be presented with a stylish bag of her own creativity. It can be knitted or sewn – there would be a taste and experience.

  1. Florarium handmade .

Flowers in a small glass aquarium – the original version of the bouquet. Florarium with unpretentious succulents will become a living decoration of the birthday girl’s room.


TOP 44 ideas What to give a girl for 16 years +30 gifts and Tips

You will need:

  • fishbowl;
  • live cacti;
  • soil and drainage;
  • live moss;
  • pebbles;
  • decor;
  • fertilizer and tools.

Wash the aquarium and dry it. Fill the drain and add fertilizer. Then lay down the soil and carefully plant the plants.

Lay moss, water, decorate with decor and small pebbles. The original flower arrangement is ready.

Tips: How to choose a gift for your 16th birthday

At 16, maximalism rolls over. Teenagers want to celebrate their birthday “to the fullest”, receive “cool” presents, or do not want anything at all. In a rebellious age, a teenager is difficult to please.

So what to give a child for 16 years to a girl? Do not look for the idea of ​​​​a “universal” gift, take an interest in her hobbies, try to understand what will please the hero of the occasion. Be attentive, notice an enthusiastic attitude towards something, listen to the signals. Find out your zodiac sign, favorite color, hobby.

Ask for help from her friends, brothers and sisters. Or to the birthday girl herself with a simple question: “What do you want to receive as a gift?”.

Relatives of the older generation, far from understanding the desires of a 16-year-old girl, are better off giving money. An envelope with banknotes or a gift certificate will allow her to choose what she wants.

Everyone loves unique, out of the box items. Not necessarily expensive. For example, an unusual painting by an unknown artist. Pendant or author’s bracelet of a talented craftsman. A rare item from another country.

A traditional bouquet can be made unusual and super-romantic. The girl will love this cute present made of miniature teddy bears! An explosion of emotions is guaranteed!

What is better not to give for 16 years

If you have decided to introduce a girl to something new with a gift, be sure to think about how the present and the inner world of the hero of the occasion are combined. A bright party girl hardly needs a ticket for a tourist rafting on the Baikal lakes, and an athlete needs uncomfortable stilettos.

Sometimes gifts cause irritation: bought in a hurry at the nearest supermarket, inappropriate presents that are contrary to the rules of etiquette and good manners.

You can’t give hygiene items, bathroom scales, a fitness certificate, a simulator, a thousand diets book, or cosmetics for problem skin. Such gifts can be perceived as a hint of imperfections or excess weight. This girl will not forgive you!

It is not a good idea to present everyday dishes, household appliances, a fussy vase or a bulky sculpture to a young lady.


Be sure to complete a gift for a 16-year-old girl with a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers. Choose simple and elegant compositions without pomposity and pathos and pomposity. Flowers of delicate shades with a delicate aroma are suitable for a young lady.

Give good presents – those that evoke pleasant emotions and are remembered for a long time. Rejoice, surprise and enjoy gratitude!

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