What to give a man

TOP 105 ideas What to give a man for his birthday + Tips

Every year you puzzle over what to give a man for his birthday? Husband, father, lover, boss or lover?

This article contains the best options and ideas for what you can give a man and gifts that will not leave indifferent any member of the stronger sex.

TOP 105 ideas What to give a man for his birthday

There are many gifts for men. We offer 230 different ideas (yes, exactly 230!), what can be given to a man for his birthday. We are sure that the best option for your birthday is among them:

  1. Photo printer. A useful gift for a professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur photographer.
  2. Wall clock with thermometer and hygrometer.
  3. Leather classic notebook. For a business person, even in the digital age, this status thing is always relevant.
  4. Folding bench under the bar.
  5. Universal knife sharpener.
  6. Desktop cooler.
  7. Mayan calendar.
  8. Card table for playing backgammon or chess.
  9. Engraved champagne bucket.
  10. Badminton.
  11. Shoe dryer.
  12. LED shower.
  13. A soft, frameless chair that risks becoming the birthday man’s favorite vacation spot. Or Cocoon chair, rocking chair.
  14. Digital weather station.
  15. Table grill.
  16. Gaming computer chair, gaming steering wheel, gamepad, wireless headphones or game pad, virtual reality glasses. Please your gamer.
  17. Robot vacuum cleaner. Or an innovative upright vacuum cleaner.
  18. Electric scooter, electric skateboard, rollersurf, gyro scooter or unicycle.
  19. Portable acoustics: speakers and subwoofer.
  20. Air wash. The multifunctional climatic device effectively cleans, humidifies and disinfects the air.
  21. A model of an airplane, a yacht, a ship, a sailboat, a Makarov pistol, a model of an American hard drive… Collectors will appreciate it!
  22. Barrel with beer.
  23. Ice generator. This is a small ice cube maker. Great gift for a boss.
  24. Safe. Real, “serious”. Or for wine and cigars. Nice gift for a 60th birthday.
  25. Press bench.
  26. Banknote Counter.
  27. Board games (monopoly, mafia cards, puzzles).
  28. Collectible chess (silver-plated, glass, bronze, with figures from the Lord of the Rings or Pirates of the Caribbean).
  29. Mini-book “Confucius. Sayings.
  30. Purse made of python skin.
  31. Self-rotating globe. An original and stylish product will become a real decoration of the office, so you can safely present it to your boss or colleague.
  32. Laser level or rangefinder.
  33. Stamp for steaks and barbecues for creating gastronomic masterpieces.
  34. Bronze caviar.
  35. Universal wrench.
  36. Cheese and wine set. A good gift for gourmets. The set includes a cutting board, several knives for different types of cheese, a corkscrew and a wine stopper.
  37. A real ball (football, basketball, volleyball), skates, racket – high-quality sports equipment for your male athlete.
  38. Removable hard drive.
  39. Set for shooting on the move. These include a handheld gimbal, a telescoping trolley, ball mounts, a smartphone holder, and a 3-position (3D) level to make it easier to visually check the camera’s position. A valuable gift for an enthusiastic amateur or professional photographer.
  40. Thermos in a leather sheath. Great gift for a coach.
  41. Balanceboard. This is both a balance trainer and a fun activity. It tones the muscles, teaches you to control your body. If your man trains regularly, he will be able to feel more confident on the surf, skate, snowboard, wake, kite.
  42. A set of accessories and products for beard care. If your man has succumbed to fashion trends and resembles a brutal Viking, a gift will come in handy.
  43. Leather apron. Brutal gift.
  44. Massage devices: foot or neck massager, compact vibratory massager. Massage cape with remote control. For those who are constantly driving, this is a very useful gift: several vibration programs, a timer, heating. Choose devices, focusing on the type of activity of your loved one.
  45. Orthopedic pillow. A caring gift for a close elderly man – father or grandfather.
  46. Digital roulette. A necessary item for repairing or assembling furniture.


If your friend has a wanderlust, let his birthday be the perfect occasion to make his life a little more comfortable.

Love for distant wanderings is not only romance and vivid impressions. These are surprises and difficulties: flight delays, tiring flights, weather surprises.

Useful gifts from our list will solve many problems and bring a lot of pleasure to any traveler.

  1. Backpack-scooter. At first glance, frivolous, but in fact, an incredibly practical and cool thing. If your boyfriend often flies, with such a scooter it is faster to move around the numerous terminals.
  2. Walking chair.
  3. Walkie-talkie.
  4. spyglass or telescope.
  5. Sleeping bag.
  6. Traveler’s diary. It will help to save vacation memories – booklets, tickets, maps and photographs.
  7. GoPro camera, underwater or flexible video camera. Glasses with camera. A simpler option is a folding selfie stick.
  8. Uninterruptible power supply with maximum battery life.
  9. Survival kit. The camping kit combines a knife with interchangeable blades, a fork, a can opener, a fish scaler, an extractor for extracting a hook from a caught fish, and many more useful options.
  10. Adapter for all sockets in the world. Suitable for all connectors. A good gift for the active traveler.
  11. Metal detector. A must have for a friend obsessed with finding treasures and treasures.
  12. Musat. Are you looking for a gift for a hunter, fisherman or tourist who has almost everything for his favorite hobby? Does he have a large collection of knives and axes that get dull from time to time? Give a man a useful device for dressing blades – musat made of zirconium ceramics, diamond-coated or steel, with a handle made of precious wood. This stylish accessory will quickly sharpen knives and decorate your kitchen at the same time.
  13. Miracle ax 7 in 1 with built-in carabiner. This is a whole treasure trove of indispensable tools: an ax, a knife, a wrench, a ruler, a sling cutter, and much more.
  14. Mug for ignition of coals, fuel briquettes and other solid fuels.
  15. Picnic blanket with waterproof lining and shoulder strap.
  16. Camping lantern.
  17. Miracle shovel 10 in 1. A good idea for car enthusiasts, gardeners, hikers, campers and hikers. Included: shovel itself, saw, hoe, flint, screwdriver, knife for cutting fish, and much more.
  18. Unusual helmet.
  19. Self-inflating travel mat.
  20. Portable shower.
  21. Rubber boat. A good anniversary gift for 40 years.
  22. Ice drill (auger).
  23. A set of stainless steel bowls.
  24. Fishing rod with a video camera. This gift will surprise even an experienced fisherman.
  25. Echo sounder.
  26. Breathalyzer.

Summer residents and gardeners

An inexhaustible source of ideas are gifts for country life. For the owner of a summer house who is passionate about gardening and gardening, there is no better present.

“Country” gifts can be divided into two categories:

  • useful devices that facilitate physical labor;
  • “Comfortable” gifts for the holidays.

Find out in advance the needs of your friend. If you sit up in the yard until late at night, wrapping yourself in blankets, an outdoor fireplace or gas heater would be a great idea. And if he has a large garden, a new device for fruit harvesting will be a nice present.

  1. Chip-lever. With it, the preparation of firewood will become easier, and a delicious barbecue – more often, we are sure!
  2. Ultrasonic dog or pest repeller.
  3. Chaise lounge, garden awning or umbrella, hammock.
  4. Smokehouse or forged brazier with a roof.
  5. Inflatable pool.
  6. Electric dryer for vegetables and fruits.
  7. Lawn aerator.
  8. Trampoline.
  9. Kerosene lamp.
  10. Watering gun.
  11. LED torch.
  12. Solar garden lamp.
  13. Copper knocker or brass doorbell.
  14. garden figurine.
  15. Font.
  16. Tagine or tandoor.
  17. Forged weather vane.
  18. Garden swing.
  19. Home mini-brewery.
  20. Satellite dish.
  21. Alcoholometer.
  22. Hanging bird feeders.
  23. Folding chair with all the comforts of a gardener. Compact and lightweight seat with pockets to store a few essential tools.

Original gifts for a man on his birthday

The “correct” men’s gift:

  • necessary and useful: with practical value;
  • sentimental: reminds of relationships, important dates, childhood and dreams;
  • unexpected and uplifting: one that a man is unlikely to buy himself. Something from this section:
  1. Desktop relaxant based on falling water drops. Psychological unloading and removal of visual tension with such a device are provided.
  2. Illuminated glasses.
  3. Neurointerface. A wonderful gift for a lover of unusual devices. The relaxing device simulates the sound of the wind, the whisper of the waves, the rustle of leaves. Displays the reactions of the brain in the form of graphics.
  4. Rotating crystal goblet. Hypnotic spirals, the bewitching sound of ice, the warm color of whiskey – true male aesthetics!
  5. Didgeridoo musical instrument. The oldest Australian wind instrument is given to people who love everything unusual. Here is what the natives say about the didgeridoo: “A didgeridoo is a magician with his own power. When the didgeridoo speaks to you, listen.”
  6. Scratch poster with a list of 100 things you need to do in life. As the tasks are completed, they are removed from the list, erasing the silver coating. It turns out a visual presentation of their own achievements.
  7. The dog is a robot. A high-tech and stylish robot will really appeal to a young connoisseur of the latest technology. Sensors, sound and infrared sensors allow you to simulate the behavior of a real dog.
  8. Multitool bracelet.TOP 105 ideas What to give a man for his birthday + TipsAn unusual and functional set of tools in the form of a brutal men’s accessory. Each link is a separate tool (hex wrenches, screwdrivers, can opener, can opener, ring wrenches, square shanks…).
  9. Metal constructor. Someone had it in childhood, someone only dreamed about it … Even quite an adult man will be happy with this entertaining toy.
  10. Home planetarium droid R2-D2. An original gift for a Star Wars fan.

Tips and tricks on how best to choose a gift for a man


TOP 105 ideas What to give a man for his birthday + Tips

If you liked the gift, then you gave a part of your soul. (Japanese wisdom)

A successful gift brings pleasure, it is original and necessary. Men love practical gifts. The more useful the gift, the more pleasant it is for him.

How do men live? This:

  • work, business, social activities, physical labor;
  • hobbies, sports, collecting;
  • holidays and leisure.

A gift from these listed areas will be useful.

If the gift budget is not limited, present “smart” equipment, expensive gadgets. And in general, as R. Podlevsky said ,

“…perhaps the cheapest way to cure a man of drunkenness is to give him a car.”

But when we return from heaven to earth, we will find a more reasonable alternative.

Some men practically do not separate life and work. Choose gifts for a particular workaholic for frequent business trips, work comfort. If he works with people, a relaxant or anti-stress is very useful.

A fan of fiction can find an exclusive edition of his favorite book. Even a read volume, but in a gift version, will be a pleasant surprise.

Some bookstores sell expensive limited-edition copies: leather-bound or cloth-bound, with expensive finishes, luxurious illustrations.

As for the present to a wealthy man. As folk wisdom says, the ideal gift for a man who has everything is a woman who knows what to do with it all) But seriously, a rich person can be surprised by an unexpected surprise, an interesting master class or an unusual gift from a selection of humorous and original. Show a little imagination, and your man will be satisfied!

Everyday routine with fuss and worries makes the days indistinguishable. Fill the life of the birthday boy with positive impressions. IN

unlike material gifts, vivid emotions remain in memory forever. Give joy – with or without it!

Take care lover


TOP 105 ideas What to give a man for his birthday + Tips

A few words about what to give a married man for his birthday. Letting an unfree man into her life, a woman must be aware of her role in his life, accept the rules of the game.

Despite a romantic relationship with another, a man often has a wife and family as a priority.

When deciding what to give a lover, think not only about his preferences, but also about his calmness. Your present should not cause a family quarrel.

When thinking about what to give your beloved man for his birthday, do not forget that too personal things are excluded. If he plans to take the present home or keep it at work, where a spouse may appear, pick up such a thing that friends or colleagues could give. The gift should remain invisible to the wife. Give tools, something for a hobby.

What is better not to give a man a birthday

Alas, some men would gladly throw away some presents immediately after delivery. It’s not even about souvenir boomerangs.

Men are quite simple. But, as is the case with a good Chanel dress, complexity hides in their simplicity.

When the time comes to choose gifts, the realization comes: men are fundamentally different from us! The easiest way is to ask directly what he dreams of, and present exactly that. But … someone is shy, someone is afraid that his desires will be too expensive, and someone is sure that the gift should be a surprise …

Before shopping, keep the worst gifts in mind. This way you can avoid completely fatal mistakes.

So, the anti hit parade of men’s gifts:

  • Sets “shower gel / shaving foam”. Banal to the point of impossibility. It can be taken as an offensive hint.
  • Socks / Underpants. Unless in the form of a ridiculous “annual supply.”
  • “Cool” disposable item. The guys are very practical, and squeak from “cute” trifles in two cases: at the time of delivery (after all, they are tactful and do not want to upset you) and when they part with it in the trash (easier). Do not give a helmet-stand for beer cans, a Hulk mask, a clay firefighter … Everything that is doomed to just gather dust is not considered a gift for a man.
  • Razor & shaving accessories. Pleasant associations – zero.
  • “Cute” shirt, turtleneck, jumper: substitute the right one. The stronger sex does not like things that they buy without their consent. Despite the fact that many of them do not know how to choose clothes, and hate to do it.
  • A technique in which you do not understand and do not know the exact type / model / modification. God forbid you buy not the GEM-12345-abv model, but only the GEM-12345 – you won’t get upset! Don’t take risks. Or ask them to write down the exact data.
  • A gift card to a store he’s never been to.
  • A handmade gift. For most men, the common cliché “the best gift is the one you made yourself” does not make sense. The need to be touched by a homemade candle or a knitted warm scarf (when he does not wear scarves at all) causes them confusion. Spare him, buy a better pack of beer).


Finally, I would like to recall the wise words of W. Walcott.

Every gift, even the smallest one, becomes a great gift if you give it with love.

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