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Gorgeous 28 + 47 ideas for what to give your husband for your wedding anniversary + Tips

Very often, the search for what to give a husband for a wedding anniversary can drag on for several months. After all, an anniversary is a serious date that symbolizes the beginning of your life together with your chosen one.

It is especially difficult with the choice of gifts for those whose family life is like a gift every day. We have tried to find for you a list of gifts for your beloved husband that will please even the most pedantic and strict man.

Many couples take wedding anniversary celebrations very seriously. One of the key points for creating a good mood on this day is to give a nice gift that can “ cheer up” relationships and create an atmosphere of romance.

There is no doubt that giving your husband a cute gift for a wedding anniversary is an integral part of the holiday, so the choice should be approached as responsibly as possible.

Below you will find ready-made gift lists for your husband.

TOP 28 ideas that you can give your husband for a wedding anniversary

  1. Book-safe for storing money;
  2. Mug with “thermos” function;
  3. Romantic game (board, card, etc.);
  4. Terry bathrobe in a set with a warm towel;
  5. Business card holder with purse;
  6. Bike;
  7. Picnic in nature (if the anniversary is in the summer);
  8. Skiing (if the anniversary is in winter);
  9. A set of tools for the home, or auto tools;
  10. A story in the form of a letter, written on gift paper;
  11. Underwear with your photo;
  12. Homemade bouquet of sausages, nuts and other tasty food for a man;
  13. Home theater that creates an amazing sound effect when watching your favorite movie;
  14. Echo sounder. A device that will allow you to determine the depth of water bodies by means of acoustic echo signals;
  15. Erotic dance or striptease from the spouse;
  16. A stylish tie, bow tie or cufflinks, an expensive gift pen, a leather notebook or motivating books by reputable authors (for a successful business person);
  17. Smart watch or docking station for wireless phone charging (gadget lover);
  18. RC plane or car;
  19. Fitness bracelet, home trainer or a pair of branded sneakers (for an athlete);
  20. High-quality trekking shoes, thermal underwear, a tent, organizing a hike or rock climbing with a trip to the mountains (a fan of active outings in nature);
  21. Mini printer;
  22. Unusual piggy bank or passbook for secret savings;
  23. An original cake, for example, in the form of a bust of a wife or a marital bed;
  24. A limousine or motorcycle ride through the city at night, in particular, to places where the couple likes to visit from the moment they met;
  25. Pair visit to a massage parlor or spa center;
  26. Warm scarf, slippers or socks for your loved one, knitted with your own hands;
  27. Paired medallions with your miniature photos;
  28. Armchair for two.

What to give your husband for a specific wedding anniversary

When choosing what to give your husband for your wedding anniversary, you can start from the name of the anniversary itself.

Answer questions like “ what to give my husband for the first wedding anniversary? “or” 3rd wedding anniversary: ​​what to give? “much easier, because it is enough to remember the symbols of these holidays. Consider such cases on the example of the following anniversaries:

1 year of newlyweds life – Printed wedding

Puzzling over what to give her husband for the 1st wedding anniversary, it is enough to remember that chintz is a symbol of the date presented. You can buy a beautiful, stylish shirt made of real chintz, and in addition, present your beloved with a chintz handkerchief embroidered with symbols of your love. Invent them yourself, and also use threads with a needle to create a memorable (author’s) thing. Such a gift to her husband for a print wedding will definitely be appreciated.

A gift for a husband for 1 year of marriage can be anything, and it does not have to be all chintz. But, in order not to completely shy away from the theme of the wedding, wrap the purchased item as a gift with chintz ribbon in the form of decor.

Another idea of ​​what to give your husband for a wedding anniversary of 1 year: order a unique package made of such fabric. Then you can not be limited to fantasies, and give your loved one something from the above list of our article. Let your gift to your husband for the wedding year be not only unusual, but also memorable.

2 years of marriage together – Gift to husband for a paper wedding

The 2nd wedding anniversary is called paper, so the presents should be appropriate. By turning on your imagination, you can find many interesting and useful things that are made from this material.

A 2 year wedding anniversary can be celebrated with a stylish diary or a fascinating book. In addition, you can present your beloved with tickets for an event or a gift certificate for a particular service.

The 2nd wedding anniversary implies a mandatory addition to the main gift in the form of a greeting card, which ideally should be made by the hands of your beloved wife.

The stationery store is the place to pick up a gift for your husband for a 2 year wedding. Do not look at the value of the thing, let it be an inexpensive present from you. If you choose something unusual and interesting, as well as emphasize the significance of the date, you will definitely be able to impress and remain unforgettable. One of the options is a gift edition of books. If your spouse loves to read, you can please him with such a present.

If you want something more exciting, then a certificate for “quad biking” would be a great idea. If your husband is a fan of keeping notes, planning his day on paper and entering important details into diaries and diaries, then order him a notebook with your photo to always remind you how beautiful you are.

3 years from the date of marriage – Leather wedding

3rd wedding anniversary is called leather. When choosing what you can give your husband for your wedding anniversary, you should first of all pay attention to expensive leather accessories and wardrobe items: boots, gloves, a belt or a purse.

The best things as a gift will always be those that a man needs every day. These are a purse, gloves, a key holder, a coin purse, slippers – one of these leather things will definitely appeal to your man. Something, and they love the skin.

Sometimes men spare money for these necessary things, and such a serious occasion as the birthday of married life will allow you to present your beloved with an expensive and necessary present. As a gift, a comfortable leather armchair is also suitable, which will save your chosen one from back pain.

Another idea of ​​what to give your husband for his 3rd wedding anniversary: ​​a travel suitcase made of genuine leather. The beauty of such a present lies in the fact that not only the recipient benefits from its use, but also the donor, for example, during a regular trip abroad;

4 years – Linen wedding

Going in search of what to give for the 4th wedding anniversary to her husband, many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity rightly focus on linen products – the symbol of the date in question.

The first thing that comes to mind is linen clothing that is incredibly comfortable to wear in hot weather, for example, a shirt, trousers or a whole two-piece suit.

But, this does not mean at all that you will have to give a shirt again. Buy a delicious wine that your husband likes very much, or another drink, wrap it in a linen fabric embroidered by you. Decorate the author’s packaging with ribbons and other decorative elements.

An actual gift idea today is a portrait on canvas. It can be your joint portrait, or a picture with a unique image of something special.

Do not forget also about linen towels that the spouse can take with him to the gym or fishing.

A rather creative present is a linen wicker hammock – you can take it outdoors or hang it in the garden;

5 years – A gift to my husband for a wooden wedding

The wedding anniversary of 5 years is the first serious anniversary of married life and is called a wooden one. You can be sure that you can give your husband a 5th wedding anniversary a lot of presents made of wood.

The list of successful solutions includes carved wooden pipes, pen or mobile phone holders, massive table or grandfather clocks, etc.

Family life at the age of 5 is only getting stronger. Hence the wooden gifts. If we are talking about originality, then do not bother too much, but just give your husband:

  • Wooden case for phone;
  • Exclusive stand for knives;
  • Wooden coffee table or laptop stand.

To make a wedding gift for your husband bright and unusual, you can create it with your own hands (or to order). Dream catchers are popular gizmos used in interiors more and more often. The symbol of tranquility, the keeper of dreams and the hearth can be made of feathers, beads, chains, threads and other materials. Only at the base must be a wooden hoop (base). Such a gift to her husband for 5 years of family union will not only be memorable and pleasant, but will also update the home environment.

With a limited budget, you should pay attention to inexpensive, but no less cute gizmos, for example, wooden figurines of couples in love or animals ( elephants, swans, turtles ) as symbols of stability and fidelity.

6 years from the date of marriage – Cast iron wedding

Many people ask what gift to present to her husband on this date, because you need to give something made of cast iron, and there are not many options that come to mind.

It is a good idea to present a table clock for a cast-iron wedding. A set of stacks in a beautiful case will generally become an indispensable thing on a hike. If your soulmate is a fan of collecting unusual gizmos, then a gift in the form of a collectible model of a steam locomotive will be a win-win.

7 years of marriage – Copper wedding

All original wedding anniversary gifts should slightly reflect the theme of the date. Therefore, it is better to give your loved one an expensive hookah or a belt with a copper buckle for a copper wedding.

8 years – What to give your husband for a Tin wedding

Metal again, only different. Thanks to tin, you can make not only an original present, but also a useful one. For example, it can be a barrel, chest or bucket. One of the unusual ideas is the design of the cake in the form of a tin can. So you “kill 3 birds with one stone” – originality, symbolism and yummy. From tin, you can also create a piggy bank with your own hands.

9 years of marriage – Faience wedding

A gift to a spouse on the wedding anniversary of this date should be symbolic, like everyone else. Here it is better to give preference to premium figurines, it is possible with an inscription. As an option – a cup with the name of her husband.

10 years – Tin wedding

The 10th wedding anniversary involves gifts associated with a tin symbolizing this date. We are talking about various kinds of tin figurines, stylish sets of glasses, a pocket flask, etc.

Regardless of whether you give your husband the first gift for the wedding, or the 10th, it should be unusual. But, drowning in thoughts about originality, do not forget about the benefits of things.

Do not give gifts that are unnecessary and incomprehensible to men. Someone will consider a set of tin soldiers a good surprise for a tin wedding. However, not every man will perceive it normally.

It is better, in order not to get into an awkward position in front of your husband, to present him with chess made of metal, or a beer mug of the same tin. A gift for a husband for 10 years of marriage should be carefully selected, after all, a round date.

15 years of wedding – Glass

At this stage, family life goes to a new level. Relationships are already very strong and trusting. Therefore, whatever you give your spouse for 15 years of marriage, he will appreciate it. Some completely cease to please their soulmate with presents, limiting themselves to the usual congratulations. But, you can give your loved one a glass thing, for example, an expensive watch, or a beautiful figurine in the form of his zodiac sign, or a symbol of the year in which he was born.

Twentieth Wedding – Porcelain

A special thing for a husband will be a genealogical book, and if it is symbolic, then an order, or a medal made of porcelain.

25 years – Silver wedding

Of the useful and more approved gifts for men on this date, there will be rings, or other silver jewelry. The most original and also necessary for a man will be a flask or a cigarette case.

30 years of married life – Giving a gift for the Pearl wedding

For a pearl wedding, it is not at all necessary to buy jewelry and other products with pearls. This natural mineral symbolizes nobility. You can give your husband a nice gift for 30 years. Give him a warm blanket or bathrobe. Also, household appliances or an electrical appliance (razor, hair clipper, trimmer, etc.) will be a great gift.

35th Anniversary – Coral Wedding Anniversary

Here are some suitable 35th birthday gift ideas:

  • A board game that will allow you to have a good time together in the evenings;
  • New phone;
  • Massager for the back and other parts of the body.

If the budget allows, you can give your beloved husband the opportunity to ride a yacht or a helicopter. A parachute jump will also be a good present in honor of a significant holiday.

40 years – Ruby wedding

In our time, 40 years of a strong union is a rarity. Having lived to this age, give your loved one a rocking chair, a good book, or a bottle of expensive wine.

45 years of marriage – Sapphire

Hobbies are the best assistant in choosing a gift. Rely on your spouse’s hobbies, and you will be able to make a truly successful gift. It can be a boat, a fountain in the garden, thermal underwear, a suit for a fisherman made of fabric that does not get wet.

50 years – Golden wedding

The significance of this round date is so great that it should be celebrated brightly and in a family way. If you are thinking about a gift idea on this day, then the best warrants would be: a photo composition compiled in the form of a collage by you, soft slippers, orthopedic pillows for a comfortable sleep.

What can I give my husband a romantic wedding anniversary

Many people forget that romance should be present throughout life, and not just when answering the question “ what to give my husband for his 1st wedding anniversary?” “.

It is important to understand that such things and actions help strengthen relationships and return the marriage to its former novelty, so the following can be considered successful options:

Joint photo session . When a wedding anniversary of 5 or 10 years comes, for example, and you need to choose a present, many givers who want to bring some romance into their married life find themselves at a dead end.

With such a serious period, not everyone wants to litter the house, albeit with cute, but trinkets, or perform meaningless feats, so popular in youth.

A love-story photo shoot becomes a real salvation in this situation, as it will not only allow you to expose your feelings during the shooting, but also leave behind the result in the form of beautiful pictures. You only need to choose the right images and find a professional photographer who is close to you in spirit, in which you will not be shy and close.

Later, the photo can be used to create your family movie, adding beautiful effects and overlaying romantic music;

Wish Fulfillment Day . The considered option is suitable for young couples who are tired of everyday life and are embarrassed to openly tell each other about their innermost desires, so the wedding anniversary of 2 years will be the perfect occasion for such a present.

Both spouses must write down their dreams in advance on pieces of paper, and on a festive morning exchange cards among themselves and agree to complete all tasks, whatever they may be.

Thus, each of you will win and at the same time please your loved one with your willingness to do everything for him. Please note that desires must be adequate and realistic for fulfillment, as well as pleasant for your partner;

Paired gifts . We are talking about a couple of watches, pendants, T-shirts and other things that should be the same or made in the same style. This approach will emphasize your deep connection and desire to tell the whole world about your love;

Engraving . Most couples, when choosing wedding rings before the wedding day, prefer classic models without any inscriptions or decorations.

A great reason to make them more symbolic and original is your family’s birthday, especially if the couple has a pretty solid, for example, 10th wedding anniversary on their account.

The engraving that will decorate your wedding rings should have a serious meaning – it can be your initials, wedding date or some important words;

A picnic in nature or a romantic dinner in a restaurant for two . The most valuable thing you can give your beloved spouse is time spent together. A beautiful setting, delicious food and pleasant music will help make it even more beautiful.

Such a lunch or dinner will allow you to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, move away from other people, and also simply discuss with each other the results of your life together and plan new achievements;

Joint travel . Of course, such a present involves considerable expenses, therefore, it is most likely appropriate for celebrating serious dates (for example, a wedding anniversary of 5 years is suitable).

When choosing a route, again, it is worth starting from your financial capabilities – it can be either a trip abroad or a weekend spent in a beautiful city in the neighborhood.

List of useful wedding anniversary gifts for husband

Many men do not understand meaningless gifts, that is, those that do not bring any benefit.

Some consider gifting such things as a waste of money. These people require a special approach.

  • Erotic game . At the beginning of a life together, passion, emotions and a strong sense of attraction to each other are at their maximum. When the years go by, the passion subsides, and such a gift as an erotic game will restore its former intensity. The game will definitely bring a lot of pleasure to both you and your husband, and will also allow you to bring freshness to your usual relationship.
  • Joint trip to the master class . Choose the direction that your husband prefers, but do not forget about yourself.

The gift will definitely be useful if you choose it for the interests of your spouse:

  • Artist – hand over an easel, an album or a set of paints;
  • Writer – a new notebook or branded fountain pen;
  • For an amateur astrologer – a telescope with an encyclopedia about the stars;
  • For an adherent of a healthy lifestyle – a book on proper nutrition, a gym membership or a fitness tracker;
  • For a traveler, it would be ideal to give a scratch card, which is made using a unique technology. It is coated with a special coating, which is erased alternately in places visited earlier.

What to give your husband for his anniversary if he is a motorist

If you are sure that your man considers driving a car his main hobby, then choosing a gift will already be easier.

A list of practical gifts that every car enthusiast will appreciate:

  • Autodial technical assistance . The set includes banal things – a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a cable, a sign. The advantage is that everything is new and well packaged. Who would not want to replace the old with the new;
  • Anti slip tapes . Just an indispensable thing in case you manage to get stuck in the mud. Give them to your husband, and he will not know the hassle;
  • Cases for storage of wheels . They help keep the tires in good condition, and also save storage space in the garage (for special fastenings, covers can be hung from anything);
  • Auto glasses . A useful thing for the driver, as it improves the visibility and quality of vision of what is happening on the roads. Protects from the sun, from the harsh light of headlights and from lanterns.

Some of the listed gifts will not be cheap, but very useful, and will definitely please your motorist. It’s guaranteed!

DIY gift ideas for husband

What could be nicer than a handmade item. There are original ideas that will definitely please every man, regardless of age.

Vouchers for various services – this do-it-yourself wedding gift for a husband involves cards on which various services will be written. For example, “massage”, “breakfast in bed”, “lap dance”, etc. Here you can roam and fantasize.

Think about what your spouse loves the most, write down wishes on pieces of paper and surprise your loved one. And remember, at the same time, you undertake to fulfill everything that is indicated on the coupons. As an option – 1 desire (service) per day.

A collage of joint photos. Surely you will find pictures that you love. Perhaps these will be photos from the moment you met, from joint trips, etc. A photo collage can be taken from the Internet and then printed at a photo studio.

How to choose what to give your husband for your wedding anniversary

To decide on a gift for your husband on your wedding anniversary, you can use the following recommendations:

  • The first years of marriage are usually full of romance and passion, while wisdom and stability come later. Therefore, the 3rd wedding anniversary, for example, involves presents that are not burdened with a special meaning, but express the brightness of feelings, and gifts for more impressive dates should be solid and useful;
  • The gift should correspond to such features of your spouse as his character, temperament, hobbies, age, work and style. For example, a tie is unlikely to be appropriate if the work of the gifted person does not imply a business dress code;
  • When choosing a present related to your spouse’s work or hobby, buy only one whose quality or need you are sure of. If you do not understand all the intricacies, it is better to give him a certificate for the purchase in a specialized store and go there with him;
  • If you understand that your husband has everything and it is almost impossible to surprise him with some thing, bet on humor. Choose a joke gift and laugh at it together during a gala dinner;
  • Think in advance of the words with which you will present the present to your other half. It would be better if during the congratulations you remember all the joyful moments in your relationship and wish your husband exactly what he wants. It will look much more touching than the most expensive gift;
  • With congratulations, you can go further by voicing it on the radio or writing words of love on billboards near your home;
  • You can warm up a man’s interest in your present with the help of a pre-organized quest, the prize for completing which will be your gift. Naturally, all tasks in it should be related to your couple.

What is better not to give your husband for a wedding anniversary

If your task is not to disappoint your beloved man, you should avoid such presents as:

  • Money(this way you can insult your spouse and hint at his financial insolvency, as well as demonstrate your lack of desire on your part to spend time and effort looking for a worthwhile gift);
  • Cheap things (indicate your unwillingness to spend money on a loved one);
  • ” On- duty gifts “: shorts, socks, ready-made cosmetic sets, etc. (look banal and uninteresting);
  • Gifts that correspond exclusively to your beliefs and tastes, but do not take into account the preferences of the recipient at all;
  • Things that have no practical meaning (photo frames, souvenirs, etc.).
When choosing a gift for your beloved spouse, take into account all his features, your joint activities and memories, but remember that the main thing is love and care. Listen to your heart and the idea of ​​a suitable gift will come to your mind.

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