What to give a woman

433 gift ideas for a woman of 50

As a rule, many ladies enter this age already accomplished: with an established career, adult children and a well-equipped home. That is why they can devote more time to themselves and their hobbies. When choosing a gift for such a grandiose event, you must definitely rely on these nuances and take into account their interests, only then will it be possible to arrange a real surprise.

TOP 91 ideas of what to give a woman for 50 years

  1. Smart garden for growing plants
  2. wine table
  3. Thermal calendar
  4. Autoclave for home canning
  5. decorative money tree
  6. Living picture of plants
  7. Water cooler
  8. Juicer
  9. exotic houseplant
  10. A set of marmalade sweets from premium alcohol
  11. Crystal fruit rack
  12. Digital photo frame with uploaded photos
  13. Unusual umbrella
  14. Hairdryer with ionization and thermal protection
  15. Cooler bag
  16. Robot vacuum cleaner
  17. desktop waterfall
  18. Barbecue set
  19. Bath table
  20. Stylish floor lamp
  21. Gift set of honey
  22. Smokehouse
  23. Thermos set with thermo mugs
  24. Capsule coffee machine
  25. wine aerator
  26. Genealogical tree
  27. porcelain tureen
  28. Piggy bank
  29. Tandoori
  30. Set of decorative pillows
  31. Board game (“Mafia”, “Monopoly”, lotto, forfeits)
  32. Sachet with herbs
  33. Warm plaid with sleeves
  34. Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker
  35. Toaster
  36. Fur boots
  37. Sand coffee maker
  38. Goldfish in an aquarium
  39. Orthopedic mattress with memory effect
  40. wall plate
  41. car accessories
  42. original computer mouse
  43. Patterned wooden rolling pin
  44. Large flash drive
  45. Projector starry sky
  46. Reflex camera
  47. Set for sushi and rolls
  48. Wall Mounted Hand Dryer
  49. Flip dial watch
  50. Cookbook with recipes from the best chefs in the world
  51. Aroma lamp with a set of essential oils
  52. Silk kimono
  53. Charcoal grill
  54. Aquafarm
  55. Dressing table
  56. Chocolate fountain
  57. Orthopedic pillow
  58. Jewelry made from natural stones
  59. Basket with exotic fruits
  60. Table lamp for desktop
  61. Multistyler for hair
  62. Folding serving table
  63. Elliptical Trainer
  64. Electric blanket/plaid
  65. Wooden map of the world
  66. Massage chair
  67. electric samovar
  68. marinator
  69. Cupronickel or silver cutlery set
  70. Topiary
  71. Set of knives for curly cutting
  72. Pillow «Beauty Sleep»
  73. Rice porcelain tea set
  74. Personalized teaspoon made of silver or gilded
  75. Tiered Organizer for Cosmetics
  76. 3D lamp
  77. Lemonade
  78. Chocolate making set
  79. Case for business cards
  80. USB heated thermo mug
  81. Bakeware
  82. Travel bag with earplugs, sleep mask and headrest pillow
  83. Wall Clock
  84. Cooling effect laptop table
  85. Anklet (anklet on the leg)
  86. Electric waffle iron
  87. Reading lamp
  88. Icon with the image of the patron saint of the birthday girl
  89. yogurt maker
  90. Baking dish on a metal stand
  91. Visit to the makeover studio

What to give a woman for 50 years inexpensively

50 years is a significant date for every person. As a rule, on this day they try to give something solid and expensive, but not everyone can fork out for chic presents. You shouldn’t be upset. There are many inexpensive but worthy gifts.

Florarium.  A very popular, durable and unusual home decoration that does not require special care and special attention. A great gift for a flora lover.

Set for making mulled wine.  Everything you need to prepare this miraculous drink is packed in a beautiful gift box: a glass goblet, spices, juniper berries, candied candied fruit, chocolate and a recipe card.

Also great gifts are:

  • a set of herbal preparations;
  • bag holder;
  • a set of cups for cappuccino and latte coffee;
  • aroma diffuser with sticks;
  • a pair of candelabra;
  • cosmetic organizer;
  • foot hammock;
  • interior doll;
  • power bank;
  • hair ornament;
  • roller massager made of natural stone;
  • touchscreen gloves;
  • Dictaphone;
  • socks for pedicure;
  • beach bag complete with towel;
  • wall calendar with a photo of the birthday girl;
  • ant farm;
  • clutch;
  • folder-organizer for documents;
  • comb massager.

Original gifts for a woman for 50 years

Of course, traditional gifts are a win-win option, but sometimes you want to pleasantly surprise the birthday girl with an unusual and interesting present. But even in this case, it is worth focusing on the hobbies, interests and character of the hero of the day.

Certificate for the purchase of interior perfume.  As you know, the smell directly affects our mood and well-being. This certificate will allow the lady to choose a non-trivial fragrance for her home, contributing to the creation of a harmonious and complete atmosphere.

Portrait from a photograph.  If you decide to make such a gift, then you will have endless scope for choosing the style in which it can be made. You might like digital art, metrics, dream art, cartoon portrait, word portrait, grunge portrait. It all depends on your imagination.

Name cake.  The apotheosis of the holiday can be a delicious custom-made cake with a symbolic figurine of the birthday girl in the center. No less interesting will be a set of cupcakes with photo printing, packed in an original box.

Rattan rocking chair.  A cozy armchair will allow you to relax after a busy day and take a nap to the beat of a measured sway.

Anniversary medal from charoite.  A souvenir made of expensive natural stone will serve as a symbol of the life achievements of the hero of the day and emphasize her significance.

Cheese set.  A magnificent gift will be appreciated by culinary aesthetes. Fast slicing and spectacular presentation – what a real cheese needs.

Surprise box.  Pick up a beautiful box and fill it with various gizmos that match the taste of the birthday girl. It can be a gastronomic, cosmetic or office box.

Congratulations on local television or in the local newspaper.  Order congratulations for the woman in the local media. Just make sure she notices it.

Grandfather Clock.  An original and status piece of furniture. It will appeal to women leaders and ladies with a strong character.

In addition, you can donate:

  • holidays abroad;
  • lightbox with photo;
  • diploma of a well-deserved hero of the day;
  • creative photoshoot;
  • jewelry watch;
  • glasses of the author’s work with engraving;
  • fondue set;
  • fountain pen;
  • gift set of Indian spices;
  • Chinese tea in the form of a pancake;
  • eco alarm;
  • hanger mannequin;
  • night lamp “Monogram with initials”;
  • cosmetics with colloidal gold;
  • clothes in national/ethnic style;
  • a book on psychology;
  • a piggy bank for wine corks;
  • interactive t-shirt with print;
  • art objects.

Nice gifts for a woman for 50 years

The following ideas will help to please the fair sex:

Honey cosmetic set.  Unique effective cosmetics based on natural honey has a delicious aroma and will be a chic gift for any woman.

Soap bouquet.  A spectacular bouquet of incredibly realistic flowers, created from high-quality soap, can be stored for years without losing its original beauty and aroma.

Certificate for a cosmetics store.  The perfect gift for a mature lady. When she goes to the store, she can choose the right cosmetics and fragrance for herself, and she will be grateful that you did not give her a cream that causes irritation or mascara that does not make her eyelashes voluminous.

Leather bag or clutch.  A win-win gift option. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the style.

Status perfumery.  Knowing the preferences and tastes of the birthday girl, it will not be difficult to choose her a luxurious fragrance from a limited collection.

Flowers and chocolate.  A classic traditional gift that does not lose its relevance and gives pleasant emotions to the birthday girl.

Universal gifts for a woman for 50 years

If you do not have time to search for a suitable gift, you should turn to universal, but very useful presents. For example:

  • set for champagne with a bucket;
  • spa certificate;
  • manicure set;
  • voucher to the sanatorium;
  • family dinner on board the ship;
  • massage certificate;
  • theater/concert tickets;
  • tablecloth in a set with napkins and napkin rings;
  • a basket with elite varieties of tea;
  • picnic set;
  • car tuning.

Unusual gifts for a woman for 50 years

An unusual and well-chosen gift will give the birthday girl a great mood and positive emotions. Even when it seems that she already has everything, you can give something that will not leave her indifferent:

  • an exclusive writing pen coated with precious metals;
  • a jewelry box made of bone;
  • bonsai tree;
  • chest-banquette;
  • collection wine;
  • a certificate for a star (meaning a celestial body);
  • multilevel aquarium;
  • figurine made of Belgian chocolate;
  • coaster with a commemorative inscription complete with a crystal glass.

In addition, you can give a gift frozen in ice. A great solution will allow you to congratulate the hero of the day in an original way by giving her perfume, a bottle of elite alcohol, jewelry or even money placed in an ice sculpture. Such a present looks very unusual and status. During a banquet, it serves as a decoration of the hall, and after the celebration, when the years melt, it allows you to get to the point.

Practical gifts for a 50 year old woman

As a rule, women meet this date already very rational and pragmatic, and often they want to be presented with something useful and practical. It could be:

  • travel suitcase;
  • dressing room mirror;
  • notebook;
  • Bluetooth keychain for finding keys;
  • kitchen scales;
  • certificate for the master class;
  • Webcam;
  • smartphone;
  • windshield wiper robot;
  • table service;
  • subscription to the pool;
  • wireless headphones;
  • steak set;
  • bedding set;
  • repair in the apartment;
  • certificate to your favorite store.

Gifts-impressions for a woman for 50 years

These gifts are getting more and more popular. However, you should think carefully about what impression for the birthday girl will be positive. If she is terrified of heights or has any medical contraindications, sending her on a balloon flight would be, at the very least, unreasonable. Most requested entertainment:

  • horse riding;
  • a day at the spa;
  • immersive show;
  • River rafting;
  • fireworks;
  • pottery lesson;
  • check-in on the map;
  • culinary master class with a star;
  • thematic segway tour of the city;
  • riding a quad bike / snowmobile;
  • swimming with dolphins;
  • exciting quest;
  • bus tour of historical places;
  • professional massage session;
  • paragliding or wind tunnel flight;
  • extreme driving lesson.

Cool birthday gifts

Trying to be original, you should not go beyond the bounds of decency. Refrain from giving intimate items, rude jokes and offensive inscriptions. You might like some of our ideas:

  • figurine “Oscar”;
  • running alarm;
  • wall clock-cache;
  • nominal Hollywood star;
  • scratch map of the world;
  • virtual reality helmet;
  • gastronomic bouquet;
  • interactive piggy bank;
  • apron with original print;
  • birthday girl prank on the radio or by phone;
  • funny decorative pillows;
  • magic ball for decision making;
  • glossy magazine with a birthday girl on the cover;
  • portrait nesting dolls;
  • comic “medicines”: pills for shopaholism, wish fulfillment lollipops, drops for work allergies, etc.

Presents for a close woman for the anniversary of 50 years

From the closest people, the organization of the anniversary, which should be held in strict secrecy, will be appropriate. Also a good gift would be:

  • heartfelt video congratulations;
  • a song recorded at the studio especially for the hero of the day;
  • photo collage;
  • personalized bathrobe;
  • lamp for manicure with a set of gel polishes;
  • hanging chair;
  • mesoscooter;
  • Check-up of the body;
  • set for home spa treatments;
  • sea ​​cruise;
  • Electric Toothbrush;
  • personalized wall key holder;
  • inlaid genealogical book;
  • video message from friends and relatives who will not be able to attend the celebration;
  • holiday dress;
  • wrist watch;
  • photoepilator;
  • collection of favorite films;
  • wall newspaper.

Gifts for a beloved woman for 50 years

Every man wants to give his beloved a worthy gift, while making a compliment and never hinting at her age. Sometimes it is not easy to do this, because the beloved does not always voice her wishes. In this case, there are some win-win options:

Jewelry.  All women love jewelry, so you can safely go to the salon and choose the right product. The main thing when choosing a bracelet or ring is not to make a mistake with the size.

Linen.  Drop stereotypes and do not think that such a gift for 50 years will be inappropriate. Women are such women! On the contrary, your chosen one will be delighted with your choice. It remains only to find out the required size and go shopping.

Romantic dinner.  At any age and for any occasion, a woman will dine with her beloved in a respectable restaurant, with good music and excellent cuisine.

Subscription to the fitness club.  Contrary to popular belief, this is a very good gift that provides an opportunity for psychological relief and keeping oneself in good physical shape. You can purchase two subscriptions at once: for yourself and your beloved.

Weekend in another country.  You can have a great time and congratulate the birthday girl on a joint trip, even if it is not long, but bright and memorable.

Training courses.  If your chosen one loves various trainings and seminars, give her another opportunity for self-development. Perhaps she has long wanted to learn French or learn the culinary arts. Make her wish come true.

Certificate in fur salon.  Even if the hero of the day already has an excellent fur coat, believe me, she will not be able to resist and will not leave the salon empty-handed.

Country cottage.  If you know for sure that your lady of the heart has long wanted to become the owner of suburban real estate and spend leisure time in the company of various plantings, give her such an opportunity.

Gifts from friends and colleagues to a woman for 50 years

It is customary to present a colleague with some neutral gifts or things that can brighten up her stay at the workplace. A gift from friends should be more sincere and warm. We bring to your attention some options:

  • jewelry flash drive;
  • photo calendar with joint photos;
  • ultrasonic jewelry cleaner;
  • nominal diary;
  • computer chair with orthopedic back;
  • desk set made of natural stone;
  • biofireplace with live flame effect;
  • a book about a birthday girl;
  • thermo lunch box;
  • backlit keyboard;
  • subscription to e-books and audiobooks;
  • slate magnetic board;
  • rocking chair;
  • moss phytopicture;
  • lightproof photocurtains;
  • modular picture;
  • floor vase;
  • salt lamp;
  • antistress pillow.

Gifts for beauty and health

The birthday girl has entered the age of maturity and wisdom, when health and appearance require a more careful and attentive attitude. So, what can you give for this:


  • Greek olive cosmetics;
  • a set of face masks;
  • bath set;
  • eco-cosmetics;
  • shower gel with 24 carat gold
  • spa basket;
  • cosmetic handmade soap;
  • Dead Sea cosmetics;
  • sugar scrub;
  • cosmetics based on snake venom.


  • fragrance according to the sign of the zodiac;
  • classic fragrance;
  • perfume shop certificate;
  • interior fragrances;
  • designer perfume bottle
  • favorite fragrance of the hero of the day.


  • cashmere tippet;
  • leather gloves;
  • a set of handkerchiefs with the monogram of the birthday girl;
  • silk scarf;
  • lace umbrella from the sun;
  • beach straw hat;
  • handmade leather belt;
  • wooden eyeglass case;
  • bag-cover;
  • Pavloposad scarf.


  • designer brooch with a mix of stones;
  • silver earrings with sitalls;
  • gemstone ring;
  • gold set with garnet;
  • pendant with emeralds;
  • gold pendant with diamond;
  • watches with Swarovski crystals.

medical devices

  • darsonval;
  • massage acupuncture mat;
  • salt heating pad;
  • device for diamond peeling;
  • medical collar on the neck;
  • foot massager;
  • device for cleansing and massaging the skin of the face;
  • cosmetic apparatus for lifting;
  • steam sauna for the face.

Healthy Devices

  • hydromassage foot bath;
  • fitness bracelet;
  • eye Massager;
  • inhaler;
  • raclette;
  • cooling pad;
  • massage cape on the chair;
  • paraffin Bath;
  • water filter;
  • set for growing microgreens;
  • contactless thermometer;
  • smart cup;
  • massage roll;
  • double boiler.

Gifts for a woman for 50 years for comfort

It is a well-known fact that women are the keepers of the hearth, and with age this quality manifests itself even brighter in them. For home improvement and life, you can give them:

Household appliances for the kitchen:

  • dehydrator for vegetables and fruits;
  • coffee grinder;
  • thermal pot;
  • wine cabinet;
  • blender;
  • electric crepe maker;
  • mélanger;
  • oven;
  • slow cooker;
  • chocolate storage cabinet;
  • microwave;
  • electric meat grinder;
  • Dishwasher;
  • vacuum cleaner.

For house cleaning

  • washing machine with drying function;
  • ironing system;
  • window cleaner robot
  • vertical steamer;
  • steam cleaner;
  • vertical cordless vacuum cleaner;

Climate maintenance

  • ozonator / air ionizer;
  • humidifier;
  • breezer;
  • split system;
  • heater.

Interior gifts for comfort in the house

  • wall mirror in the hallway;
  • bedside rugs;
  • decorative screen;
  • a panel of plates;
  • mini bar;
  • hourglass on a stand;
  • souvenir “Ax of the leader”;
  • book holder;
  • stand for umbrellas and canes;
  • modern chandelier;
  • Japanese stone garden;
  • a set of photo frames;
  • dream Catcher;
  • floor lamp mannequin;
  • painting with Swarovski crystals;
  • carpet made from natural materials.

Gifts for a woman for 50 years for leisure

Lover to read

  • original bookcase with built-in bench;
  • subscription for 12 books;
  • gift edition of your favorite book;
  • pendant books;
  • night light-bookmark;
  • book-scented candle;
  • pillow in the form of a book;
  • armchair with bookshelves;
  • invisible shelves for books.

Lover of technology and gadgets

  • notebook;
  • Personal Computer;
  • tablet
  • solar charger;
  • portable weather station;
  • electronic book;
  • smart pen.

Country houses

  • garden figures;
  • garden furniture;
  • swing;
  • tent;
  • instant hot water faucet;
  • automatic watering system;
  • hammock;
  • forged shop;
  • a set of garden tools;
  • seedlings of rare plants;
  • mini fountain;
  • bowl for fire;
  • wood-fired samovar;
  • greenhouse;
  • Summer shower;
  • mechanical snow blower;
  • brazier with a roof;
  • ground heating system.

to the artist

  • easel;
  • new canvases;
  • sketchbook;
  • certificate to the creative store;
  • Graphics tablet;
  • collection of reproductions;
  • plaster busts for painting;
  • exhibition ticket;
  • sketchbook;
  • bag for storing and transporting materials.


  • sewing machine;
  • overlock;
  • comfortable office chair;
  • storage cabinet for consumables;
  • master class from a professional;
  • certificate to a specialized store;
  • thread basket;
  • knitting machine;
  • table with magnifying glass.

Handmade gift for a 50 year old woman

Women are very emotional creatures, especially when it comes to gifts. To touch and amaze the hero of the day, present her with a handmade present. It could be:

  • knitted sweater, hat or shawl;
  • medal;
  • Frame;
  • coffee toy;
  • patchwork bedspread;
  • candy tree;
  • embroidered picture;
  • scrapbooking photo album;
  • postcard with poems;
  • cake;
  • soft toy;
  • portrait of a birthday girl;
  • wicker furniture;
  • candle;
  • openwork tablecloth;
  • mug / vase of coffee beans.

Flowers for a 50 year old woman

It is absolutely impossible to come to such a celebration without flowers. On the day of the 50th anniversary, it is customary for ladies to present luxurious fragrant bouquets. It is recommended to donate the following:

  • burgundy roses;
  • room hydrangea;
  • potted chrysanthemums, violets, orchids and dwarf roses;
  • lilies;
  • blooming geranium;
  • succulents;
  • begonia.

It is also not forbidden to make bouquets based on individual preferences and the nature of the hero of the occasion.

What is better not to give a woman for her 50th birthday

Naturally, there are such things that it is better not to present the birthday girl on her 50th birthday:

  • money;
  • low quality gifts
  • gifts that remind of age;
  • medical equipment;
  • clothing and footwear;
  • “grandma’s” bathrobes”;
  • anti-cellulite agents;
  • slimming products;
  • kitchen utensils;
  • animals;
  • offensive gifts.

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