What to give a woman

TOP 51 ideas What to give a Woman for her Birthday + 22 gifts and Tips

The world is full of women. Mom, daughter, aunt, sister, niece, granddaughter, boss, colleagues, girlfriend, classmate.

Ladies have a close circle of relatives, friends and colleagues who, at least once a year, have to solve one question: what to give a woman for her birthday?

It seems simple when it fits into the formulas “perfume + postcard” or “jewelry + bouquet of flowers.” What about those who understand that these ideas no longer delight the heroes of the occasion, but appear to them as “duty gifts”?

Look for a solution with us!

TOP 51 Ideas for a Birthday Gift for a Woman

  1. Mini exercise bike.
  2. Reusable spice grinder.
  3. Stylist set.
  4. Ultrasonic air purifier.
  5. Wooden safe box.
  6. Electric broom.
  7. Coconut shell soap dish.
  8. Wireless flexible keyboard.
  9. Kitchen rack.
  10. Docking station for wireless charging of mobile devices.
  11. City backpack.
  12. A set of spices is an idea what to give a woman an inexpensive birthday if she likes to invent new recipes.
  13. Camping mosquito trap.
  14. Photophone for filming.
  15. Mini laundry container.
  16. Smart socket.
  17. A back scratcher is a fun device that a woman with a good sense of humor will appreciate.
  18. Breadmaker.
  19. Tripod for smartphone.
  20. Battery-operated bladeless fan.
  21. Solid wood tray with dividers.
  22. Ironing net. It will appeal to women over 55 years old who are used to ironing linen with moisturizing “through gauze”.
  23. Adjustable additional shelf for the cabinet.
  24. Stand for remotes.
  25. Smart soap dispenser.
  26. Viscose towels in a roll.
  27. Universal overlay for the keyboard.
  28. Egg separator.
  29. Wireless headphones will come in handy for a woman coach when she has already explained everything to her wards and is ready to listen to the track.
  30. Hammock for yoga.
  31. A food container with a funny design and at 50 will be able to cheer up the birthday girl.
  32. Folding pelvis.
  33. Toaster with croissant heating mode.
  34. Powder for a magic fire. Let the woman feel like a sorceress at least for a while.
  35. Rolling pin stencil.
  36. LED night light made of natural stone.
  37. Blender.
  38. Purse. If you are dreaming of gifting money for a woman’s birthday in a beautiful way, this is one of the best options for packing it. Even the most desperate realists give a purse with banknotes inside, so as not to hurt the feelings of loved ones.
  39. Bluetooth beacon for quick search of keys.
  40. Wireless waterproof stereo speaker.
  41. A belt organizer for tools is an extraordinary option for what to give a summer resident to a woman for her birthday. For the greater joy of the birthday girl, fill it with mini versions of the most popular inventory when working on the inventory site.
  42. Wicker organizer for napkins.
  43. Square frying pan.
  44. Smart ring. A lover of modern technology will be pleased with such a functional decoration.
  45. Lamp for filming on a smartphone.
  46. Portable printer.
  47. Bread box with cutting board.
  48. Vinyl player.
  49. Travel bag.
  50. Household waste disposer.
  51. Cezve.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give a woman for her birthday


Choosing gifts for a young or old woman for her birthday is one of the most fascinating tasks for the mind.

To find a solution, you will have to connect all the resources of your memory, imagination, creativity and attention to the interests of the birthday girl.

We continue the list of what to surprise a lady on her birthday.

Tea clock . Three flasks with sand of different colors will help to brew tea of ​​different strengths, even if a woman has never been trained in tea traditions. The rule that chronometers are not given on a birthday is canceled in this case.

Foot hammock with USB heating . All leg comforts in one device. In addition to the fact that the lower limbs with such a hammock will be in a comfortable position, they can also be warmed. To do this, you just need to connect the cable from the hammock to the connector of your computer or laptop.

Comb with ionizer . Such an offering will not only help to untangle the hair after sleeping, showering or walking. The device massages the scalp, saturates it with oxygen, disinfects and restores the hairline.

Original gifts for a woman

When you know how to give money for a woman’s birthday in an original way, you can only envy.

Do not own this talent, and none of the options above suit you? Check out some more ideas.

Steam cleaner . Removing stains, odors, limescale or rust with such a mop is a matter of a few minutes. This device is especially useful for young mothers and pet breeders.

Electronic home weather station . It is designed so that the lady can monitor not only the weather in the house, but also outside the window. This will help you correctly compose images for the whole week already on the weekend.

Flexible computer mouse . If a lady may not like a vertical mouse with its appearance, then she is unlikely to refuse such a computer manipulator.

Scratch map of the world . If a woman does not dare to go on a trip, such a present will be an additional incentive for her to get ready for the trip.

Hot tub for feet . Even the most persistent ladies get tired at the end of the day and will not refuse a delicate foot massage.

Aerogrill . It will be appreciated by a lady who leads a healthy lifestyle or is trying to reduce the consumption of oil in the diet without losing the taste of her usual dishes.

Orthopedic pillow . A clear head is the best “tool” for improving the quality of life. In order to stay alert and productive throughout the day, it is important to have a good rest. A pillow on an orthopedic basis will help in this birthday girl in the best possible way.

DIY gifts for a woman’s birthday

You can’t decide what to give a woman for her birthday? Use the centuries-old method – create a unique gift with your own hands. This will require a little patience, high-quality materials and a desire to sincerely please the hero of the occasion. If all this is present, choose one of the options for making a surprise for the birthday girl with your own hands.

  1. Creating a clip or book about a woman.
  2. An apron with a fun print or design.
  3. Suitcase cover.
  4. Textile or leather document organizer.
  5. Diary handmade.
  6. Photo album with your own hands.
  7. Lamp.
  8. Accessories for a photo shoot.
  9. Patchwork painting.
  10. Knitted plaid.

Steampunk key holder


For work you will need:

  • cardboard, plywood, wood blanks;
  • screws, coins, unnecessary decoration tools;
  • hooks;
  • hot glue;
  • acrylic paint with a metallic effect;
  • varnish;
  • sponge and brushes.

Working process:

  1. If cardboard is involved, you need to glue a box of the selected size out of it. Dry the workpiece.
  2. Using hot glue, attach the decor to the future key holder in the order you choose.
  3. Hooks are attached to the base with the same glue or Moment glue.
  4. When the glue dries, cover the product with acrylic paint with a sponge.
  5. Coat with varnish and let dry.

Bath bomb “Coconut”


For manufacturing you will need:

  • 3 art. spoons of coconut oil;
  • 1 st. a spoonful of water;
  • 0.5 tsp of any essential oil;
  • 4 tbsp. spoons of corn starch;
  • 180 gr. soda;
  • 3 art. spoons of citric acid;
  • form for filling;
  • container for mixing ingredients.

Working process:

  1. Melt the coconut oil in a water bath or in the microwave. In the cold season, you can do this on the battery.
  2. Add essential oil and water, mix the ingredients.
  3. Add starch, mix everything.
  4. Pour soda into the mixture. To stir thoroughly.
  5. Add citric acid. Mix all.
  6. Transfer the finished mass into molds. Tamp the finished mixture with a spoon for greater density.
  7. After 2 days, remove the bombs from the mold and dry before presenting the gift.


You can get recommendations on what to give an adult woman for her birthday from relatives and friends of the lady herself.

Our team will try to give advice on how best to choose a gift and how to present it.

  1. Set a budget for yourself . Try to find a gift so that it does not go beyond the designated means, and at the same time does not seem too cheap or meaningless offering.
  2. Once again about money . You can make a luxurious gift if the birthday girl is your mother, a close relative, or can respond with an equivalent gift. In other cases, it is better not to subject the hero of the occasion to doubts about whether she can accept your gift or not.
  3. Remove price tags . From the purchased item intended for the birthday girl, it is worth removing all signs of how much the item costs. If you are handing over a device under warranty, you must put all documents and a receipt in the box along with the gift.
  4. Pack your offering . Even the most expensive thing, carelessly thrown into a bag, loses its appeal. Take care of the beautiful and neat packaging. Complete the gift with a greeting card and your signature.
  5. Give women flowers ! But do not forget that they are an addition to the main gift, and do not replace it.

The most important advice is simple: choose a gift so that the recipient of the gift will like it.

Imposing your tastes and preferences is tactless in relation to the birthday girl.

What is better not to give a woman a birthday

Today there are many offerings that can be given even to an unfamiliar woman for her birthday.

However, there is a list of gifts that are better not to give to the closest relatives or girlfriends on their birthday. These include:

  1. Underwear . This piece of clothing is very personal, so the choice of a set can only be made by the woman herself. Instead of a lingerie set, you can put a certificate for a purchase in a lingerie store in the box.
  2. Hygiene items and cosmetics are another taboo for gifts. Etiquette says that these things, when handed over, may indicate to the recipient that he needs to take better care of himself. Refuse such an offering if you do not want to accidentally offend a woman. The signs of the people are also against such a gift. Belief claims that after such a souvenir, relations with the birthday girl will quickly end.
  3. Home pet . Like any plant, even the most unpretentious pet requires constant care and a certain daily routine. If such a gift was not discussed with the hero of the occasion in advance, it is better not to give it.
  4. Towels or scarves . What if the birthday girl herself or one of her guests turns out to be superstitious and reminds that such offerings are a harbinger of illness and tears?
  5. Casket . If you want to maintain a trusting relationship with a woman, do not give her chests, chests and other containers on her birthday. Signs say that the recipient of the gift will have secrets from you.

What offerings should not be made yet, it is worth considering immediately after the invitation to the celebration.

The character, temperament and lifestyle of each woman are special, as well as the principles.

Rely on all the information about personality traits so as not to get into an awkward situation.


The choice of options for what to give a young woman for her birthday is extensive.

Remember the hobbies of both young ladies and older women in order to give the birthday girl the best gift.

All of the above examples are suitable for women of different ages, professions and pace of life. And to make the present a perfect birthday surprise, do not forget to complement the surprise with the woman’s favorite flowers.

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