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TOP 81 ideas What to give a woman for 50 years +27 gifts and Tips

In the life of any woman, the 50th golden anniversary is one of the most important and significant dates. That is why on this day you need to choose a special gift.

This article contains the best ideas for what to give a woman for 50 years, as well as tips for choosing a gift.

TOP 81 ideas What can you give a woman for her 50th birthday

The list of gifts that can be given to the hero of the day is quite extensive – the difficulty lies in choosing a specific present.

The best birthday gift ideas for a 50 year old woman:

  1. Exotic houseplant in a pot.
  2. Cookbook, which contains recipes from the best chefs in the world.
  3. Manicure set in a beautiful leather case.
  4. Portable biofireplace.
  5. Desktop digital weather station for measuring and forecasting the weather.
  6. A wine decanter is a device that is needed in order to saturate the wine with oxygen before serving.
  7. Aroma lamp, a set of essential oils or scented candles for the home.
  8. Sachet with herbs.
  9. Original bag, wallet or clutch.
  10. Compact air conditioner, ionizer, humidifier or air purifier.
  11. Expensive and high-quality perfumes from the birthday girl’s favorite store.
  12. Barbecue or grill set.
  13. Floor lamp or table lamp to add sophistication to the interior.
  14. An electronic photo frame with family pictures loaded into it.
  15. A beautiful lady’s umbrella with bright illumination or made in an original shape – for example, in the form of a heart.
  16. Tea basket with packages of high-quality tea of ​​different varieties.
  17. Cooler bag.
  18. Beautiful table fountain.
  19. Figurine for a desktop from natural stones.
  20. Capsule coffee machine.
  21. A set of several varieties of natural honey in beautiful gift jars.
  22. Pleasant to the touch plaid with sleeves.
  23. Board game for adults (“Monopoly”, “Mafia”, as well as chess or checkers).
  24. Hydromassage foot bath.
  25. Chic floor or table vase for flowers – ceramic, porcelain or earthenware.
  26. Wall key holder of the original form.
  27. Pedometer or fitness bracelet.
  28. A picnic set that includes a basket, blanket and utensils for outings into nature.
  29. Figurine made of real Belgian chocolate in the form of a birthday girl’s favorite animal.
  30. An expensive fountain pen is a good gift for a woman leader for 50 years.
  31. Good wine in a gift box.
  32. A set of bright decorative pillows.
  33. Crystal candy bowl with openwork legs.
  34. Charger for gadgets that runs on solar panels.
  35. Gift box of marmalade based on premium alcohol.
  36. Bread maker, pancake maker, ice cream maker.
  37. Steamer or food processor.
  38. Modern juicer or multifunctional blender.
  39. Jewelry storage box.
  40. Stylish organizer for cosmetics.
  41. Steel flip clock, made in the form of the Eiffel Tower or other world landmark.
  42. Bonsai (tree in miniature) with care instructions.
  43. Nominal teaspoon – silver, gilded, engraved, enameled or blackened.
  44. Beautiful brooch for clothes – precious or handmade jewelry.
  45. Fondue set.
  46. A warm bathrobe with personalized engraving complete with terry slippers is a nice gift for a woman from a close relative.
  47. Orthopedic mattress or pillow.
  48. Scratch map of the world.
  49. Electric blanket or sheet.
  50. Home trainer.
  51. Interior 3D lamp.
  52. Stylish travel bag.
  53. Travel bag (sleep mask, head pillow, earplugs).
  54. Set for needlework (beading, decoupage, embroidery, scrapbooking).
  55. Wall clock of the original form.
  56. Women’s handmade leather belt.
  57. Bathroom table – you can put a glass of wine, a book or other items on it.
  58. Safe-piggy bank, made in the form of an ATM or a book.
  59. Waterproof shower radio.
  60. Teapot or French press.
  61. Tea or coffee pair from Chinese porcelain.
  62. Thermal mug with heating function.
  63. Gift set of spices.
  64. Apparatus for making popcorn or hot dogs.
  65. Pouffe or bean bag chair with soft filling.
  66. Massage or orthopedic chair.
  67. Beautiful wall plate for interior decoration.
  68. Salt lamp.
  69. Night light of the starry sky.
  70. Electronic butterfly in the bank.
  71. Portable mini reading lamp.
  72. Aqua farm – an aquarium with a fish and a small plant that can exist without care (it is enough just to feed the fish).
  73. Ecocube – a set for growing a tree yourself.
  74. A set of delicious gingerbread fortune cookies.
  75. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  76. Electric samovar.
  77. A thermal calendar is a device, touching which, the birthday girl will see the current date and interesting information about it.
  78. Table or pocket mirror with light.
  79. Luminous LED alarm clock with note board.
  80. Decorative money tree.
  81. Compact coffee table or bar table.

What to give a woman for 50 years inexpensively

50 years is an important date in the life of every person. On such an anniversary, it is customary to give worthwhile gifts, but not everyone can afford to buy an expensive and chic present.

However, this is not necessary – you can buy an inexpensive and at the same time a good gift. A list of interesting ideas that you can give a woman for 50 years inexpensively:

Magnetic whiteboard. An inexpensive but practical gift that can be hung on a wall or refrigerator. Choose a beautiful board in a classic square, round or original shape – for example, in the form of a fruit or a heart (if appropriate). You can use the board to leave messages or keep a to-do list.

Florarium. A popular item for home decoration. It is a container made of glass, inside of which there are various plants and flowers.

Such a gift requires minimal maintenance, it is durable, compact and fits perfectly into any interior. A wonderful surprise for a 50 year old woman who loves flowers and everything related to them.

Bag holder. A device with which you can fix your handbag on a table in a cafe, at work or anywhere else. Using this accessory is easy – it is attached under any surface and does not take up much space in the bag.

You can choose both a precious option and a more budgetary one, but no less beautiful and elegant.

Original gifts for a woman for 50 years

Traditional gifts are a win-win option, but sometimes you want to surprise the hero of the occasion and present an interesting and unusual present.

What original can be given to a woman for 50 years?

Lightbox. If the birthday girl likes bright and unusual things, give her a lightbox – an original little thing for decorating the interior. It is a frame with glass, inside which the backlight is placed.

You can choose a model with a photo of your choice, an abstract drawing or a reproduction of a famous painting.

Eco alarm clock. A gift for those who find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning even with an alarm. This gadget will help you wake up comfortably – it gradually increases the level of lighting in the bedroom, simulates the dawn, plays the sounds of nature or turns on the specified radio station.

Interactive printed T-shirt. The peculiarity of such a T-shirt is as follows: when the birthday girl presses a special button, she will hear a cool sound or a congratulation you recorded.

A funny and inexpensive gift for a woman on her 50th birthday.

Other original gift ideas for a woman on her 50th birthday:

  • sushi set, teapot coasters and Japanese-style cups;
  • chocolate fountain.
  • an unusual night light, for example, in the form of candles or a kerosene lamp.
  • a picture with a voice, from threads or an image assembled from words (including from a photograph).
  • long pillow with photos from the life of the birthday girl.
  • modern music player.

More birthday gift ideas for women


What else can you give to your beloved wife, girlfriend or sister for the anniversary of 50 years, so that the birthday girl is satisfied and the mood is good throughout the day?

Perhaps the following ideas will help you decide on a gift:

Modern woman. A laptop, mouse or keyboard, smartphone, e-book or tablet is a gift for women who understand the latest in modern technology.

Gifts for a business lady. As a gift to a colleague for 50 years, a stylish business card holder, a leather-bound diary or a collectible designer pen are suitable.

For a 50-year-old boss, you can give a picture (for example, a French tapestry) that will hang in the birthday girl’s office, decorating the interior and pleasing to the eye.

Jewelry decoration . A gift for a romantic birthday girl. Beautiful earrings, a chain with a pendant, a pendant, a bracelet, precious hair accessories or a beautiful ring are a wonderful gift for your beloved wife on her golden anniversary.

Hair care devices. If you don’t know what to give your friend or sister for 50 years, you can buy a professional hair care device for her – a hairdryer with several modes, a curling iron, tongs or a styler.

A set of natural cosmetics for the body (scrub, washing milk, soap, shower gel, foam or bath bombs). The idea of ​​​​what to give a woman for 50 years is inexpensive.

You can order a handmade cosmetic set, the main thing is that it is made without the use of dyes and artificial flavors.

Reading woman. To the question of what book to give a woman for 50 years. This may be a collector’s edition of the birthday girl’s favorite writer’s novel or a copy signed by the author himself.

Handmade gift for a 50 year old woman

Women are very emotional, especially when it comes to holidays and gifts.

To touch and surprise the birthday girl, consider giving a woman a handmade gift for her 50th birthday.

List of best ideas :

  1. A card with applications or a picture is a wonderful gift for your beloved grandmother for 50 years.
  2. Bedspreads and blankets made using the patchwork technique (a kind of needlework from multi-colored patches of fabric).
  3. A stylish diary or planner made by yourself using the scrapbooking technique.
  4. A family tree book with your own hands, in which you can collect everything related to the birthday girl’s family – photographs, memories, newspaper clippings and documents.
  5. Soft soap made from remnants with the addition of essential oils and dye.
  6. Handmade candle.
  7. Flip-flop portrait – it is easy to make it yourself, it is enough to order a base from a photograph and a special set in the workshop.
  8. An openwork tablecloth or a set of towels with personal embroidery is a gift for 50 years to a mother from a loving daughter.
  9. A colorful panel made from improvised materials: sea shells, artificial flowers, coffee beans, buttons.
  10. Topiary decorated with coffee beans.

Tips: what gift to choose a woman for 50 years

A gift for a woman should express your feelings, as well as show attention and care for the birthday girl.

When choosing a gift for a woman for 50 years, some nuances should be taken into account.

Tips and tricks for choosing and presenting a gift :

  • 50 years is the most important date in the life of every woman, and you need to choose the appropriate gift. The presentation should be presentable and should be given from the heart.
  • All people are different – someone will be delighted with a large bouquet of flowers, someone will want to receive a new TV as a gift for an anniversary, and someone will be happy with a hand-made little thing. Gifts must be chosen strictly individually, guided by the nature and interests of the birthday girl.
  • Be sure to consider the lifestyle of the birthday girl. For example, a woman who leads an active lifestyle and lives in the city will not be happy with a set of wicker furniture. If the birthday girl spends almost all the time in the village, she is unlikely to like a new mobile phone, tablet or other modern gadget.
  • Another aspect to consider when choosing a gift is your relationship with the birthday girl. Gifts from friends, children, and a spouse are different from a gift from a team at work. In the first case, you can give something personal; in the second, you should limit yourself to a business surprise.
  • Remember, perhaps a woman in a conversation with you mentioned that she wants to receive a gift. Perhaps she shared with you her innermost desires. Anniversary of 50 years is the time to please the birthday girl and fulfill these desires.
  • As an addition to the gift, do not forget to give flowers – women adore them. What flowers to give a woman for 50 years? You can buy a beautiful bouquet of burgundy roses, chrysanthemums or asters, or you can show originality and present flowers in a vacuum or in ice.

What is better not to give a woman for her 50th birthday

There are things that should not be given to a woman on her 50th birthday.

You should immediately refuse to buy the following gifts – they will not cause joy, and in some cases they can ruin your birthday:

  1. Gifts that remind you of your age. Many ladies perceive the age of 50 as the beginning of old age. On this day, surround a woman with care and love, compliment her, and in no case give gifts that will remind you of your age – for example, anti-aging cosmetics.
  2. Medical equipment. Even if at the age of 50 a woman has health problems, you should not give her medicines and medical devices. Such things must be bought just like that, for no particular reason.
  3. Cheap gifts. If the birthday girl has a sweet tooth, pick up a good set of quality sweets. You should not buy cheap sweets, this also applies to tea and coffee packages. It is better to pay more, but give a really good gift that the hero of the day will like.
  4. Money. As a gift from family and friends, the birthday girl will be pleased to receive a more personal gift. Money should be given only if the hero of the occasion is experiencing serious financial difficulties. If you decide to donate money, you can do it in an original way – for example, in the form of a money tree.
  5. Clothing and footwear. It is difficult to guess the size of clothes, unless you and the birthday girl are in a very close relationship. In addition, there is a risk of picking up a thing that does not suit the hero of the day in color or style. Buy clothes or shoes only if you are sure of the woman’s tastes.


When thinking about what to give a 50-year-old woman for her anniversary, do not forget that the main thing is the sincere words spoken to her, as well as the love and care that you surround the birthday girl with on her birthday.

If with the help of a gift and warm congratulations you manage to cheer up the birthday girl, you will make this day special and memorable for her and the invited guests.

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