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TOP 73 ideas What to give a Guy for a month of relationship + 27 more gifts

The first month of a relationship between a guy and a girl is an interesting time when people are just starting to get to know each other’s character traits. During this period, every word spoken can be misunderstood, and actions can easily offend each other.

A well-chosen gift for a guy for the first month of a relationship can enhance feelings and arouse increased interest on the part of a young man.

If you want to show how dear and interesting your loved one is, it’s time to decide what to give a guy for a month of relationship.

If there was little time to get to know your soulmate, then you should choose a universal gift that any man will like. It is important to avoid unsuccessful presentations that can upset, disappoint or even offend the chosen one.

Choosing what to give a guy for 1 month of relationship is necessary from pleasant little things.

You should know that for a monthly anniversary, it is preferable to opt for an inexpensive and pleasant surprise. Then later, both partners will have the opportunity to increase the level of the gift when celebrating more significant events.

If there are no worthwhile thoughts about what gift you can give a guy for the first month of a relationship, then the list below will help you make the right choice.

TOP 73 ideas What can I give a Guy for 1 month of relationship

Consider together what you can give a guy for a month of relationship.

  1. Sweet gift: cake, beautiful cakes, handmade sweets, cookies. You can buy or make your own.
  2. Set of exotic fruits.
  3. Nicely packaged tea or coffee set.
  4. Modern functional shaker.
  5. Case for phone.
  6. Souvenir for the car.
  7. Black male umbrella.
  8. Puzzle.
  9. Wireless headphones.
  10. Wireless mouse.
  11. Diary handmade.
  12. Lantern.
  13. Tea or coffee set.
  14. Thermos mug.
  15. Leather bracelet.
  16. Original piggy bank.
  17. Knitted scarf.
  18. Cakes with predictions.
  19. Flask with colored sand.
  20. Fragrance in the car.
  21. Original lighter.
  22. Personalized pen.
  23. Turk for brewing coffee.
  24. Selfie stick.
  25. Leg hammock.
  26. Cardholder.
  27. Mini fan.
  28. Gift honey.
  29. Heated USB slippers.
  30. Waterproof phone case.
  31. USB lamp.
  32. Cap or baseball cap of his favorite sports team.
  33. Business card holder.
  34. Laces that glow in the dark for sneakers.
  35. Handmade soap.
  36. Souvenir model of an airplane, motorcycle or car.
  37. Aeroball.
  38. Organizer for wires and chargers.
  39. Nominal or perpetual calendar.
  40. Housekeeper.
  41. Flexible keyboard.
  42. Map of the conquest of the world.
  43. Non-bursting (non-soap) bubbles.
  44. Launch Box.
  45. Sports bag.
  46. Spoon with clip.
  47. Cool multitool.
  48. Breakage protection for charging cables.
  49. Expander simulator.
  50. Bottle for water.
  51. Bicycle wheel lighting.
  52. Fitball.
  53. Car flashlight with magnet.
  54. Key fob.
  55. Napkin holder for car.
  56. Warm plush steering wheel cover.
  57. Magnetic car phone holder.
  58. Runaway alarm clock.
  59. Darts.
  60. Road blanket.
  61. Glowing headphones.
  62. Massage Mat.
  63. Eternal aluminum soap.
  64. Reusable cloth bag for snacking.
  65. Aquarium with its own eco-system.
  66. Knitted hat.
  67. Magnetic whiteboard.
  68. Insoles heated.
  69. Crystal Ball.
  70. Tree growing kit.
  71. Motivational poster.
  72. Frame-piggy bank for the traveler.
  73. Telescopic spoon.

Original gifts for a young man for one month of relationship

If a young man has an excellent sense of humor, understands his soul mate perfectly, loves surprises and extraordinary things, then you can give him something original.

It is especially nice when the gift is not like any other surprises. To do this, you just need to turn to your imagination.

Here’s what can be an original gift for a guy for a month of relationship:

Headphones for two . Such a gift is suitable if the young man has the same musical preferences as the girl, and young people often listen to compositions together.

Handmade sweets . They are small in size, have different shapes and fillings for every taste. You can beautifully lay out a romantic picture from such sweets, for example, a heart.

Double umbrella . If you are approaching the question of what to give a guy for the first month of a relationship with a creative message, this is one of the ideal options.

Such an accessory will save you and your loved one during the rain, and each of you will have your own “roof” over your head.

Touch bracelet . Do you have to break up often? This is no reason to forget about touching each other! Such an invention looks like a wrist watch. When you touch the display, your touch is also felt by a loved one.

Kiss transmitter . The original set of two pigs will allow you to kiss your lover from a distance. Kiss a pig and she will give your kiss to a young man without delay!

By the way, you can replace the pigs with a special application on smartphones to send kisses to your soulmate.

Eggs for lovers . Another unique invention that will show your love from a distance. It consists of two eggs that are shared by the couple. When one of the lovers wants to remind himself, he changes the position of the egg, and the partner’s egg takes the same position.

Check out the following list of offerings below to find out how to surprise the practical young man.

Inexpensive gifts for a Young Man for 30 Days of Relationship

The best budget gift for a guy for a month of relationship is the one that you create with your own hands.

This requires only imagination and a desire to please a loved one. Make sure when you create:

  • Puzzle with a photo of a guy;
  • Crossword or scanword, for example, on the topic: “Unravel and find out what you are for me”;
  • Snood or scarf for a guy;
  • Hug pillow. It can be sewn from patchwork or embroidered with romantic motifs.

You can create such gifts for a guy for 30 days of relationship on your own or involve mutual friends in their creation.

If they introduced you to a young man, they will be happy to help strengthen and develop your feelings.

Symbolic pair gifts for the chosen one for the first month of relationship

This type of gift is one of the ways to express love, and at the beginning of a relationship, love for a young man.

A symbolic gift can show the desire of a girl to become even closer to a young man, as well as show others that they are a couple.

Here are some gifts for two that you can give a young man for the first month of a relationship:

  1. The same t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts.
  2. Decorative figurine in the shape of two people with romantic messages.
  3. Key chains in the shape of a heart and a key from it.
  4. An interesting version of key chains in the form of puzzles that clearly fit together.

Gifts from a Girl for a Guy for a Month of Relationships

Opportunities inexpensively and pleasantly to please a loved one do not end there.

So you can create such things as the first significant for your couple:

Wall or desk calendar . And let it begin from any month – mid-summer or late spring. Never mind. This will be the starting point for your couple’s story;

Mini composition in a matchbox . What to put in it, your imagination will tell, the memory of the best moments in 30 days and the size of the box;

Handwritten message . Just as men have forgotten how to climb through the window to their loved ones, so beloveds of the whole world have ceased to write tender letters to each other. Correct this situation at least in a relationship with your boyfriend.

While you try on the options for the proposed surprises for your couple, we will name …

A couple more interesting thoughts on what to give a Guy for 30 days of Relationships


TOP 73 ideas What to give a Guy for a month of relationship + 27 more gifts

It is difficult not to miscalculate and to figure out exactly what to give a guy at the initial stage of a relationship.

In order not to make a fatal mistake, listen to the advice of intuition and try to create or acquire:

  1. Videomagnet . This device consists of a miniature chamber that is attached by a magnet to an iron surface. With it, you can record short videos for each other and leave these messages instead of fridge magnets. With such a video magnet, caring messages become more tangible, and the shopping list is not annoyingly dry thanks to the playful intonations of your voice.
  2. Delicatessen basket . And then, together with the young man, enjoy them under your favorite series.
  3. Diamond mosaic set . The picture that you create together can be your first common brainchild. This will bring you closer together and teach you how to work towards a common goal.

To use the ideas we have proposed, you need to prepare in advance. Do you think your relationship won’t change much a week before X-Day?

Then start boldly preparing for the first common mini-anniversary!

Many guys are fond of sports and proper nutrition, and not all guys have the opportunity, desire and time to go to restaurants and cafes.

You can give this category of guys for the first month of a relationship:

  • Stylish and functional lunch box.
  • Sports water bottle. Comfortable, durable and bright.
  • A set of protein bars. This is a great sports snack for an energetic man who values ​​his time, work and body.
  • Terry towel for use in the hall. Even if towels are given free of charge to all clients in the gym, the young man will take what was presented to him. It is very important to share the guy’s hobbies and support him.

Do-it-yourself gifts for a guy at the initial stage of a relationship

When there is a great desire to give a young man a present for a month of relationship, but there is no extra money, handmade gifts will come to the rescue. Such gifts will be inexpensive, but pleasant to any young person.

A handmade gift is a part of the soul that comes off the heart and is beautifully packaged in bright wrapping paper.

Even if the girl has no experience, and the gift will turn out to be imperfect, a sincere young man will not notice this. For him, such a gift will be the most pleasant.

Here’s what you can give a guy for the first month of a relationship if there is no money:

  1. Homemade cookies with funny and comic predictions of the future. It is necessary to prepare short phrases in advance, write them on paper and put them in cookies.
  2. You can cook a beautiful cake , decorate it with romantic inscriptions or declarations of love.
  3. From multi-colored paper, you can glue the box , decorate it with everything that fantasy tells, put notes inside. Their number can be symbolic for 30 days of relationship.


Knowing the recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a loved one for a month of relationship also does not hurt.

To know what you can give a guy for a month of relationship, you should pay attention to the little things. If there is confidence that the chosen one is a real romantic, then you can safely give him symbolic and romantic presents.

The best gift for a guy for a month of relationship would be something not very significant, but sweet and meaningful for two.

When choosing a gift, it will be useful to remember the last conversations with the young man over the past month. Perhaps a young man’s story about how he broke a mug at work or his mouse broke will come to mind. He could tell what he dreamed about or share how his hands freeze in the cold.

Many guys, especially older guys, love practical and useful gifts. Therefore, it is advisable to give the guy such a gift so that even romance is beneficial.

And the guy’s gratitude will appear immediately. Attention and care bring more joy than the gift itself.

What is better not to give a young man for the first month of relationship

There is also a list of gifts that are better not to give a young man on the 30th day of a relationship. Here he is:

  • Avoid overpriced gifts . Unfortunately, they have a property: they put the recipient in an awkward position.
  • Avoid items that cause allergic reactions . In a month, the guy might not have time to tell that he can’t stand dust or certain smells.
  • Forget about business items . Such offerings are made to colleagues or new business partners. Why are they your boyfriend from you?
  • Turn your back on lingerie boutiques . After 30 days of romance, a guy may not yet feel close enough to you to accept a set of underwear as a gift from you.
  • Reject advice to buy a precious metal ring . The guy may not understand the message of this offering. If it seems to him that you are hinting at marriage, then he may think that you are putting pressure on him and cool off towards you.
  • Throw away thoughts of a symbolic gift from a culture that is unfamiliar to a guy . So things of a triangular type in ancient Egypt meant that a person is capable of love. In our culture, the triangle with the epithet “love” has taken on a completely unflattering meaning.
  • Refuse too “vanilla” offerings . Even the most sensitive guy can feel embarrassed if he is presented with a too “sweet” gift.
  • Do not take the risk of giving award figurines . They can confuse a guy. He may feel like he has “lasted” with you the longest.
  • Don’t gift books to your loved ones . Except in those cases when a loved one himself openly asks for this offering, you should not present books to your beloved. So it may seem to the guy that you are trying to re-educate, “reach out” him to your level of education.
  • Living being . An animal, like a plant, requires a certain level of care and maintenance. Maybe the guy is not yet ready to change his life so drastically?

In addition to the rating of anti-gifts indicated by us, remember what the guy showed a negative attitude to during the month of his relationship with you. These things also will not be ideal gifts for a lover by the thirtieth day of a relationship.

It is undesirable to give a guy an expensive present at the initial stage of a relationship, for example, a leather purse, an elite watch, a photo printer for a smartphone, branded glasses, and gold jewelry. You should not do this, even if the girl has money, and you really want to please your companion. With such a gift, the young man will find himself in an awkward situation, since it is unlikely that he has prepared an appropriate surprise for this.

It would also be inappropriate to give a guy a set of regular socks, a tie, and handkerchiefs for a month of relationship. The young man is not a husband and will be disappointed with such gifts.

Plush toy and flowers – an absolute failure. Even the most subtle romantic will not be happy with such things. In addition, he may think that the girl was just too lazy with the choice of a normal surprise.

In no case should you give a young man gifts that are designed for the future.

First of all, when choosing a gift for a guy with whom the relationship has passed the monthly milestone, you should show him attention and care. A young man expects from his chosen one a desire to please him, and what the present will actually turn out to be is not the main one. The first month of a relationship is an important date, the start of a long and pleasant relationship.


Giving gifts to each other is a wonderful custom in a relationship. And it is desirable to start this tradition from the very beginning of communication, when a couple, possibly a future family, only learns and gets used to each other. A month of relationships is a great occasion to start pleasing each other with gifts.

Tips on what to give a guy for the first month of a relationship deserve an extensive discussion. The main thing to remember is that the date is not too significant yet. Grandiose and expensive gifts are not suitable for her.

Try to choose or create a present for the guy that will remind him of your growing affection for him every day.

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