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TOP 116 ideas What you can give a girl for 3 years +28 gifts and Tips

At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing easier than choosing a gift for a child. However, if you think about what to give a girl for 3 years, there will not be so many answers to this question.

This is an important period in a baby’s life. She begins to actively study the world around her, becomes more independent, her views and preferences change dramatically. The present should not only please the birthday girl, but also help in the development of her abilities.

It is very difficult to guess what to give a child for a 3 year old girl. After all, she does not openly talk about her dreams, and if she asks to buy something, her desires are changeable.

One thing is known for sure – the girl often copies the behavior of adults, therefore, toy models of objects familiar to us are in priority. In addition, she strives to be like her mother, she likes to dress spectacularly, which means that things that emphasize beauty will also appeal to her.

If you were invited to a holiday, but you still haven’t figured out what to give a girl for 3 years, carefully study the proposed selection of presents. You will be able to pick up a worthy gift that will interest the girl, she will want to return to it again and again.

TOP 116 ideas What can I give a girl for 3 years

  1. Barbie doll with accessories.
  2. Luminous plush toy.
  3. Children’s watch.
  4. Water painting mat.
  5. A set of hair ornaments (headband, elastic bands, hairpins, etc.).
  6. Beautiful bright ball.
  7. Three-wheeled scooter with glowing wheels.
  8. Net for catching beautiful butterflies or fish.
  9. Great set for drawing.
  10. Rackets for playing tennis or badminton.
  11. Pillow toy.
  12. Gypsum figurine, which can be painted at your discretion.
  13. Stained glass paints.
  14. Candy machine.
  15. Home theater of shadows.
  16. Children’s desk that grows with the child.
  17. Jewelry (earrings or chain).
  18. Children’s suitcase on wheels.
  19. Interactive doll that talks and sings songs.
  20. Kaleidoscope or spinning top.
  21. Cards for learning to read or count.
  22. Gum for hands, slime or slime.
  23. Magnetic chalkboard.
  24. Mosaic or cubes.
  25. Goldfish in a small aquarium.
  26. Kinetic sand.
  27. Insert frame.
  28. Rocking horse.
  29. Horse carriage.
  30. Karaoke microphone.
  31. Magnetic fishing.
  32. An easy board game.
  33. Plastic folding sandbox with cover.
  34. Toy stroller.
  35. Easel, a set of paints or pencils.
  36. Books with bright pictures.
  37. Non-popping or giant soap bubbles.
  38. Dance mat.
  39. Lacing toy.
  40. Accessories for the doll (bath, high chair, set of dishes, etc.).
  41. Puzzles for a small number of parts.
  42. Favorite cartoon character.
  43. Radio control toy.
  44. Dollhouse.
  45. Tablet for drawing with light.
  46. Coloring book with stickers.
  47. Bath toy.
  48. Fascinating constructor.
  49. Doll with hair.
  50. Children’s country set (wheelbarrow, bucket, shovel, molds for sand, etc.).
  51. Musical night-light-projector.
  52. Sports and gaming complex.
  53. Bowling with balls and plastic skittles or ring toss.
  54. Toy household appliances (washing machine, vacuum cleaner, iron, etc.).
  55. Water coloring.
  56. Musical instrument (children’s guitar, synthesizer, xylophone, harmonica, etc.).
  57. Toy zoo or farm.
  58. Talking poster.
  59. Crayons for drawing on asphalt.
  60. Tricycle.
  61. A stylish children’s apron and a small wooden rolling pin for dough.
  62. Interactive globe.
  63. Large inflatable pool.
  64. Smart plasticine or dough for modeling.
  65. Bed-lock.
  66. Children’s bag or backpack.
  67. A set of finger toys.
  68. Matryoshka (classic or plot, for example, according to the fairy tale “Ryaba the Hen”).
  69. Finger paints with stencils and sponges.
  70. Inflatable sofa or armchair.
  71. Modular massage mat.
  72. Garden or indoor swing.
  73. A set of hedgehog balls.
  74. Bedding with a cheerful print or fairy tale characters.
  75. Windmill-turntable.
  76. Kite.
  77. Inflatable toys and accessories for swimming.
  78. Trolley with products.
  79. Poster coloring book.
  80. Hoop or jump rope.
  81. Children’s slide for the house.
  82. A piece of clothing with your favorite cartoon character.
  83. Drawing tablet with water.
  84. Dry pool.
  85. Educational smart robot.
  86. Interactive pet.
  87. Jumper toy.
  88. Scooter bike.
  89. Rollers or skates.
  90. Bath towel with a hood or a cozy dressing gown.
  91. Bathing pencil set.
  92. Kigurumi pajamas and slippers.
  93. Sand painting table.
  94. Plane glider.
  95. Electric car.
  96. 3D coloring.
  97. Tubing, ice, sled.
  98. Snow castle kit.
  99. Glow in the dark pajamas.
  100. Set for drawing with colored sand.
  101. Children’s laptop, phone, tablet.
  102. Sports complex for home (for example, wall bars).
  103. Festive dress and elegant shoes.
  104. A set for role-playing games (seller, doctor, hairdresser, etc.).
  105. Spring-rainbow.
  106. Bright raincoat or umbrella, rubber boots.
  107. A set of magnets (numbers, letters).
  108. Children’s domino or loto.
  109. A set of small dolls.
  110. Soft toy.
  111. Play tent.
  112. A set of pencils, markers, crayons.
  113. Bouquet of miniature soft toys.
  114. Set of children’s cosmetics.
  115. A water mill that spins under the pressure of water.
  116. Coloring house.

Original gifts for a three-year-old girl

If it is difficult for you to choose a gift for a 3-year-old girl, especially if she has everything she needs: dolls, games, houses, etc., then pay attention to the following selection of presents. These surprises will not go unnoticed by the birthday girl.

Fancy dress. At this age, children like to imagine themselves as cartoon characters, fairy tales, and if you don’t know what to give a 3-year-old girl, then a princess, mermaid or even a unicorn outfit is a good option.

You can buy an elegant dress or a kigurumi costume, positive emotions of the birthday girl are guaranteed!

Engraved silver dessert spoon. This is an original, and most importantly, a memorable gift for a girl. She will be happy to eat her favorite sweets with a sophisticated and refined dessert spoon.

The text of the engraving can be anything – the name of the girl, her date of birth, a pleasant wish, etc. Your gift can become a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.

Busyboard. A great gift idea for a toddler. Children are very inquisitive, they do not know the feeling of fear, so they touch sockets, switches, etc. without fear.

The business board will allow you to satisfy the interest of the child, while not harming him. This is a board on which locks, fasteners, buttons and other analogues of things dangerous in real life are located.

The baby will be happy to play and at the same time get acquainted with household items, develop self-service skills.

Children’s dressing table. An interesting idea that you can give a child-girl for 3 years. The dressing table is equipped with sound and light effects, and to make it convenient for the baby to “apply makeup”, decorate herself, a small comfortable chair is sold with the table.

The little princess will be able to store her jewelry and cosmetics in a specially equipped drawer. Be sure that such a “girlish” gift will not go unnoticed by the birthday girl.

What an inexpensive gift you can give a girl for her birthday 3 years

An expensive gift does not mean good, especially since children at this age do not realize how much this or that thing costs. The main thing is that the present is of interest to the baby, then you can be sure of success.

Toy-jacket-transformer. This gift option will appeal to those who think what to give inexpensively, but with taste. In addition to being an interesting gift, it is also useful.

At any moment, the toy can turn into a cozy sweatshirt that will warm the baby and give her a feeling of comfort. The girl will perceive the toy as a friend who is always there and ready to help out at the right moment.

Interior luminous stickers. Such an inexpensive gift will come in handy for a baby who has her own room.

Having pasted funny drawings on the walls, she will no longer be afraid to be alone, because with the onset of darkness, the images “come to life” and give a pleasant glow. Stickers can be in the form of fairy tale characters, starry sky, animals, etc.

Timer for brushing teeth with brush holder. A suitable idea for a gift for a 3 year old girl. Teeth need to be taken care of from an early age, and children often do not attach any importance to this.

The timer will help make the process of brushing your teeth more interesting. It is easy to keep track of time with it, because dentists recommend brushing your teeth for at least three minutes. The girl will have fun and keep her teeth healthy.

Set for making figured soap. If you find it difficult to choose a gift and do not know what toy to give a girl for 3 years, take note of this option. With the help of adults, the baby will create soap in the shape of a butterfly, flower, animal, etc.

This process will captivate the child for a long time, delight from the result is guaranteed! This soap, despite its bright color, does not contain harmful additives, does not cause allergies.

Useful gifts for a girl for 3 years

Store shelves are overflowing with children’s toys. However, you should not buy everything, it is desirable that your present be useful and educational. If you find it difficult to choose, take note of the following ideas.

Children’s mini portable projector. Perfect gift for a three year old. With this small but very useful thing, you will give your child a lot of impressions. The projector does not harm your eyesight like a TV, smartphone or tablet. With it, the girl will play, study, watch videos, listen to music. The device is equipped with powerful speakers, so you do not need to connect additional speakers.

Talking pen. A suitable gift if you are looking for something developing for a girl. The pen is aimed at expanding the horizons of the child, using this device, the baby will receive new knowledge and skills.

The pen is designed to work with special manuals (books). One has only to touch the working end of the pen to a picture or text, as the device will immediately begin to tell useful information.

Tepee tent . The third birthday is an important period in a child’s life. The girl strives to be more independent, begins to fantasize more, is fond of the game for a long time.

The wigwam has many benefits. The child develops imagination, the baby will imagine herself as a princess in the castle, and since this is her personal space, she will learn to maintain order around herself. The tent is equipped with strings, soft rugs, pillows, through which it is convenient to develop fine motor skills.

Electric Toothbrush. Perfect gift for a 3 year old girl. The sooner you start developing hygiene habits in your child, the better. The process of brushing teeth seems to the girl something painful, turn this activity into an exciting game.

Such a brush not only looks interesting, it gently cleans the teeth, gently removes plaque and food debris.

The best toys for a girl of 3 years

All children will be happy to receive a toy as a gift. But in order to see the happy eyes of the birthday girl, you need to know what exactly will make the girl happy. Here are the most popular options that will interest and captivate the baby for a long time.

A baby doll that can eat, drink, cry, etc. It is this toy that will allow the girl to bring her game as close as possible to reality. The baby will develop faster and learn life.

A doll for a girl is not just a toy. She is a daughter, a girlfriend, so when choosing a baby doll, first of all, pay attention to the quality of the toy. Do not forget that it should have an aesthetic appearance.

Interactive kitchen. From about the age of three, the girl begins to be interested in the process of cooking, but it is still dangerous for a little housewife in a real kitchen. To fulfill the dream of a birthday girl, to let her feel like a chef or pastry chef, give her a toy kitchen.

In addition to a set of dishes, it will be equipped with the necessary kitchen appliances, thanks to which the baby will be able to “bake” pies or “cook” soups.

Small bag with a dog. If a girl dreams of a pet, then she will definitely like such a gift.

After all, a toy dog ​​can be walked, fed, combed, dressed up, and also taken with you anywhere. A small dog will become a true friend for the baby, which can be carried in a glamorous bright handbag.

Children’s digital camera. Such a present will not only captivate the girl for a long time, but also allow her to spend time with benefit. The toy is aimed at developing imagination and creativity.

The baby will learn how to create unique pictures that can be decorated with funny frames. In addition, several fun games are built into the device that will not let the child get bored.

Educational gifts for a three-year-old girl

It is desirable that your gift was aimed at developing the thinking, imagination, and creative abilities of the child.

If you are still wondering what to give a three-year-old girl, win-win options are offered to your attention.

Projector for drawing. Such a gift will help the girl learn to draw, create unique drawings.

The projector consists of a lamp and a plastic table. The lamp projects the image onto the surface, so that the girl can trace the contours of the picture, and then color it in her own way.

With the help of this device, the baby will learn how to hold a pencil correctly, she will develop fine motor skills, imagination, and artistic skills.

Interactive educational book. This is a book that literally comes to life the moment you open it. What once seemed like a fantasy is now a reality. Thanks to your gift, the girl will believe in magic.

The characters of the book, under the action of the fingers, begin to dance, fly, walk, talk. This invention will allow the child to develop faster, both mentally and physically, trains the hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for emotionality and the subconscious.

Potter’s wheel. Learning pottery, the girl will receive joyful emotions. In addition, such an activity will allow the child to express himself, to believe in himself, develops imagination.

Working with clay will make it clear that making mistakes is not scary, because they can always be corrected. The girl will admire the result, and the realization that she made a cup or a vase on her own will significantly increase her self-esteem.

Tactile Lotto. This is a game that will allow the child to spend time fun and usefully. Lotto consists of cards, each of which has its own characteristics.

Having taken out a card from the bag, the girl should understand by tactile sensations on which field it should be placed. The game develops memory, attention, fine motor skills, oral speech, perseverance, the ability to reason logically.

Gifts for active games


TOP 116 ideas What you can give a girl for 3 years +28 gifts and Tips

Children from a very early age should develop physically, and the gifts offered here will help them in this. Thanks to any of them, the birthday girl will have a fun and useful time.

Runbike. One of the most useful and interesting means of transportation. A balance bike resembles a bicycle without pedals; to set it in motion, the child must push off the ground with his feet.

Thanks to this, many muscle groups are involved, the vestibular apparatus is trained, the girl will learn to ride and catch movement from side to side at the same time. This type of transport, in addition to developing useful skills, will provide an active pastime in the fresh air.

Trampoline for home. All children love to jump, it seems that the more you push off, the more likely it is to fly up to heaven. It is a pity that you can only jump in entertainment centers.

Make your little one’s dream come true by giving her a homemade trampoline. In addition to the fact that she will have fun, the girl will form strong muscles of the back, abdomen, legs, the respiratory system will train, blood circulation, the vestibular apparatus, and memory will improve.

Jump trainer. This device has gained popularity among children because it gives the feeling of flying, in addition, it is equipped with sound and light effects. The simulator will allow the girl to grow strong, dexterous, courageous, and most importantly healthy.

You can jump anywhere: both at home and on the street. An excellent gift option for fidgets. The baby will quickly master sports equipment. After all, all you need is to put your feet on a support, and put your hands on the handrail. Starting from the surface, you must try to fly as high as possible!

Ponycycle. Absolutely safe toy that forms the correct posture in children. The horse is stable, so you don’t have to worry about it rolling or losing balance. One of the advantages of the toy is that it does not need recharging or batteries.

The speed of the horse’s movement depends on the intensity of the baby’s squats. The girl will be able to feel like a real princess with her faithful horse.

A few more interesting ideas for giving a girl a 3-year-old birthday

It is difficult, but possible, to please a three-year-old young lady. If you still could not decide on a present, consider a few more original options.

Toy warmer with cherry bones. It attracts such a gift with naturalness and the fact that it can be reused. A heating pad, in the cold season, is placed in a child’s bed so that it has time to warm up until the girl goes to bed.

The product also helps to quickly cope with colds. And when heated, cherry pits begin to emit a pleasant aroma, which has a beneficial effect on the emotional background.

Face painting. If the girl is a big inventor, then this gift is what you need. With it, she will be able to change her images, turning into the main characters of fairy tales, cartoon characters.

The paints do not contain harmful substances, so they do not cause allergies. Face painting is water-based, so it washes off easily.

Soft puzzle mat. This is not only a decorative decoration for the children’s room, the rug will allow the girl to have fun, and also teach her something new.

Collecting puzzles is an exciting activity that develops fine motor skills, ingenuity and perseverance. This flooring is soft and pleasant to the touch, so the child will be comfortable to sit on it, play their favorite games.

A set of bright bamboo dishes. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material with antibacterial properties. Bamboo tableware has an attractive appearance, pleasant to the touch.

It can be given to a girl who does not have an excellent appetite. Colorful dishes will arouse interest in dishes, allow them to be enjoyed.


Children at this age are mobile, inquisitive, they need everything at once. To choose the best gift for a girl, you need to work hard and be sure to arm yourself with the following tips.

When choosing a toy, pay attention to the material of manufacture. It should not contain harmful substances, cause allergies.

Do not purchase fragile items, as well as those with sharp edges or small objects. The child may unknowingly harm himself.

Let your gift be not very bright, but safe, because “acidic” colors often hide dyes that are dangerous to health.

If you choose a gift not for your daughter, then it is better to ask your parents what cartoons, books, games the girl is fond of.

Toys aimed at physical or creative development are a win-win option. Be sure to pay attention to what age they are intended for, this information can be read on the product packaging.

Money or a gift certificate is a gift that will please the girl’s parents, but not herself. After all, a child, due to his age, does not understand the value of money. If you still decide to present this present, be sure to supplement it with a small toy for the birthday girl.

A girl at this age wants to feel as mature as possible, so she will be happy to dress up, paint with children’s cosmetics, like a mother, or “work” on a toy laptop, like a father.

Don’t skimp on holiday packaging. The brighter and more beautiful your gift will look, the more interest it will cause in the birthday girl. Complete the present with a bunch of balloons or a soft toy.

What is better not to give

If a three-year-old girl does not like your gift, you can be sure that she will not hide her emotions and declare it publicly. Therefore, before you buy something, carefully study the following list.

  • Pet.  It is impossible to give such a gift without the consent of the parents. Of course, the girl will be delighted at the sight of a cute kitten or puppy, but the care of a living creature will fall on the shoulders of adults.
  • “Boy” toys . No need to experiment by choosing a robot or a set of tools for a girl as a gift. Of course, the baby is not forbidden to play with cars, but it would be better if her parents get them.
  • Gifts for growth. The child will be disappointed if he receives a gift that cannot be used now. You can give her, for example, a two-wheeled bicycle, but complement the gift with a small toy so that the birthday girl gets pleasant emotions on the holiday. Also, do not give toys that are too complicated, if they do not immediately arouse interest in the baby, she is unlikely to want to return to them.
  • Toys that can harm. Fragile items, gifts with small details, and items of dubious quality are not the best gifts for a three-year-old child.


If you want the girl to remember the holiday for a long time, you need to give her the desired gift. Find out what she dreams of easily. Just consult with her parents, and also use the tips from this article. So you can feel like a real magician who fulfills dreams! Surround children with love and care, organize unforgettable holidays for them, because childhood will fly by very quickly, leaving behind a feeling of joy and happiness.

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