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TOP 78 ideas What to give a girl for 8 years +20 gifts and tips

Choosing what to give a girl for 8 years is not easy. So that you can choose the perfect solution for how to please the birthday girl, we have created this huge selection of gift ideas for girls on their eighth birthday.

Eight-year-old beauties over the last year of their lives have dramatically changed the rhythm of life. New people appeared around them, they lost half of their old connections after graduating from kindergarten and starting a new life at school.

The girls, after the first confusion, probably adapted to the new conditions. They are already aware of what they want.

By the age of eight, young schoolgirls have their first serious dreams and aspirations. Because of this, it is not easy for adults to understand what to give a child to a girl for 8 years, when she has matured so rapidly in a short time.

In order for you to be able to sort out the wide range of gifts for the 8th birthday of a girl, we offer you a unique range of surprise ideas.

TOP 78 ideas What can I give a girl for 8 years

  1. Light tablet for drawing.
  2. Rubber bracelet making kit.
  3. Ant farm.
  4. A soap making kit is something that you can give an 8-year-old girl if she dreams of creating original recipes for care cosmetics for herself and her mother.
  5. 3D pen with LCD display.
  6. Fitness bracelet.
  7. Home microscope.
  8. Oceans map.
  9. Cycling gloves and helmet.
  10. Boomerang.
  11. Monocular.
  12. Digital photo frame.
  13. Synthesizer or flexible piano.
  14. Leg hammock.
  15. Telescope.
  16. Diving mask.
  17. Electric pencil sharpener.
  18. Lace knitting machine.
  19. Solar fountain.
  20. Tennis trainer.
  21. Antigravity toy.
  22. Growing pencils.
  23. Sweets thief.
  24. LED flashlight with magnet.
  25. Flying Fairy.
  26. Sleeping bag.
  27. Diamond embroidery set.
  28. Colored smoke.
  29. Virtual reality glasses.
  30. Children’s suitcase.
  31. Chalkboard sticker.
  32. Set for creating 3D sculptures.
  33. Game Say Different.
  34. A set of molds for baking.
  35. Scooter-trider.
  36. Dance mat.
  37. Wooden or magnetic constructor.
  38. A set of double-sided felt-tip pens will definitely please your sister.
  39. Ebru set.
  40. Vertical computer mouse.
  41. Sports water bottle with juicer.
  42. Inflatable bed.
  43. Manual fan.
  44. Children’s knitting machine.
  45. Kigurumi pajamas.
  46. Express sculptor.
  47. Gamepad for PC.
  48. Handbag in a fun design.
  49. Music Box.
  50. Stylish lunch box.
  51. Portable music speaker.
  52. Cycling suit.
  53. Portable printer.
  54. Foldable picnic basket.
  55. Sets for experiences and experiments.
  56. Doll-mannequin for creating hairstyles.
  57. Umbrella with wind protection.
  58. A set for creating a chocolate egg with a surprise.
  59. Bicycle Bag.
  60. Mini rollers for shoes.
  61. Luminous powder for creating varnish in a dark room.
  62. Backpack-capsule.
  63. Children’s sewing machine.
  64. Hanging tent.
  65. Ice skates.
  66. home planetarium.
  67. Kid’s Kitchen.
  68. Perfume making kit.
  69. Chocolate fountain.
  70. Sea wave projector.
  71. Suitcase house.
  72. Princess crown.
  73. Flying saucer with lights.
  74. Multicube.
  75. Swedish wall.
  76. Clay modeling kit.
  77. Block flute.
  78. Easel.

DIY gifts for a girl’s 8th birthday

The best birthday surprise for a girl is the one that no one else will have! Network reviews say that birthday girls may be interested in gifts made by themselves. The real hits of such offerings were:

  • Stitched helper. A backpack, like that of Masi, Shpuli or Simka, will delight a girl at the age of 8.
  • Wall organizer.
  • Paper cake with wishes.
  • Small chest of drawers.
  • Notepad handmade.
  • Video card with wishes from friends and family.
  • Tilda doll.
  • Salt dough decorations.
  • Pillows-antistress.
  • A set of frames for photographs in the original design.

Dream catcher from old jeans


TOP 78 ideas What to give a girl for 8 years +20 gifts and tips

To work you need:

  • pieces of denim;
  • rope or twine;
  • wooden beads with a hole of 5 mm;
  • pins;
  • fabric glue;
  • branch.

Working process:

  1. Cut out the template.
  2. Cut out the required number of feathers on it, laying along the longitudinal part of the jeans.
  3. Cut the twine or thread 2-3 cm longer than the feather itself.
  4. Glue the thread in the center of the feather.
  5. Form feathers. To do this, pull out as many threads of the fabric as you need. You can remove white threads or colored threads from denim.
  6. Put a bead on the threads of two feathers.
  7. Fasten the threads to the stick.
  8. Tie a thread at the ends of the branch so that a dream catcher can be hung on it in the girl’s room.

Handmade candles


TOP 78 ideas What to give a girl for 8 years +20 gifts and tips

For work you will need:

  • shell;
  • gold spray paint;
  • wax;
  • wick for candles;
  • gift box;
  • an old pot or jug;
  • two wooden skewers or Chinese sticks.

Working process:

  1. Spray golden spray on the inside of the shell.
  2. Measure the amount of wax you need for sinks. To do this, fill them with water and pour into a measuring jug.
  3. Melt the desired amount of wax in a water bath.
  4. If you need colored wax, drop a few drops of paint into it when it melts. Aroma oil can also be added there.
  5. Carefully pour the wax into the oyster shells, add a wick to it. To prevent the wick from drowning in wax, secure it with skewers.
  6. Leave the candles to dry. This will take about two hours.
  7. After the wax has hardened, cut the length of the wicks.
  8. Pack candles in a gift box.

Original gifts for a girl for her 8th birthday

An eight-year-old girl already wants to be noticed and shown interest in her as a person. To give your best friend an unforgettable gift, look for a unique idea. Here are just a few options for such surprises:

Pen-scanner . A real attribute of spy life will help to digitize any handwritten notes in seconds. No more copying notes from school notebooks if you missed a lesson!

Soap bubbles . Boring? And if they never burst, would you like to have such bubbles for yourself?

Focus piggy bank . If the girl’s birthday is 8 years old, you can give her an interesting piggy bank. With such a magic cube, saving coins will be fun, and finding them inside it is even doubly interesting!

Toothpaste dispenser . Designed in the form of a minion or other cartoon characters, this device will make morning and evening routines a fun game.

Butterfly in a jar . This toy completely imitates the behavior of a real moth inside a jar. In this case, not a single insect will be harmed. Is not that great?

Choosing an original gift is not easy because one girl will be delighted with drawing with water, while the other will dream of an interactive toy.

To be able to choose the best option for a friend’s birthday, listen carefully and dream out loud in private more often.

This will allow you to find out the girl’s innermost desires and fulfill them!

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give a girl for 8 years


TOP 78 ideas What to give a girl for 8 years +20 gifts and tips

When almost everything has already been presented to the granddaughter in recent years, you need to show all your imagination in order to surprise her with a unique surprise. But you can make it easier: check out our list of additional gift options!

  1. Doll house . The charm of such a gift will not fade for a long time. The beauty for the donor is that you can create a home for the dolls yourself. Use quality materials if you decide to build a do-it-yourself girl’s toy house.
  2. Graphics tablet . With such a device, the girl’s drawing skills will develop significantly.
  3. Segway . A wonderful modern birthday present for an 8 year old girl. Such a present will not leave indifferent any girl!

Listen to the words of the future birthday girl, follow her hobbies and just be friends with her. All this will help to form a trusting relationship in which the girl will be happy with any gift from you. She will know that you made it from the heart.

Tips on how to choose the best gift for a girl for her 8th birthday

Understanding the recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a daughter for 8 years is only difficult at first glance. We propose to analyze the basic rules for giving gifts to children. You will see that there is nothing complicated in this. So, let’s begin:

  • Choose a gift related to the interests of the child. Watch the girl, ask her to make a wish list. All this will make it easier for you to find the best gift for the birthday girl.
  • Stop at the option that suits the girl by age. So you will avoid bewilderment of parents and discontent of the child.
  • Talk to other party guests about gifts. Perhaps your ideas will match? Do not repeat yourself so as not to upset the birthday girl.
  • Do not repeat gifts. If you gave a girl a doll last birthday, maybe this time you choose something different?
  • Expensive gifts for a girl can be purchased together with other guests in a pool. This will save the parents of the birthday girl from unnecessary awkwardness.
  • Organize comic tasks for the hero of the occasion before presenting the gift. So the impression of receiving it will remain for a long time in the memory of the girl.
  • Beautiful design and a greeting card are essential attributes of a good gift. Don’t forget about cute bouquets for the birthday girl and her mom.

Remember that the main condition for presenting any surprise to a girl will always be a sincere desire to please the child.

What is better not to give a girl for 8 years

Choosing a present for your niece for her 8th birthday and not disappointing the child is not an easy quest. In order for you to be able to cope with it, you must immediately exclude the following items from the gift options.

  1. Clothing and footwear . An eight-year-old girl already has her own preferences in the manner of dressing. Let mom buy wardrobe items for the birthday girl, and you present another gift to the hero of the occasion.
  2. Certificate . Whether it’s for shopping or entertainment, these things have a limited lifespan. Are you sure that parents will be able to take you to the amusement park or to pick up the desired toy strictly before the specified date?
  3. Used items . Considering a girl at 8 years old is not worth it. She will immediately see that someone has used the item before her. This hurt her young soul deeply. For the presentation of family heirlooms, the age of the girl is also not entirely suitable.
  4. Items for school . A set of notebooks or a school backpack are not at all the surprises that a girl expects on her birthday. Even if a school-themed gift seems charming or practical to you, don’t give it.
  5. Any attribute that does not match the age of the birthday girl . Whether it is marked younger or older than the girl herself, such an item is not suitable for her as a gift for her 8th birthday.
  6. Pet . Such a gift is always risky. For example, a girl may be allergic to wool. In addition, such a surprise cannot be given without discussion with the girl’s parents. Are they ready to take on most of the pet care themselves? Psychologists say that children begin to feel the full measure of responsibility for a living being only by the age of 10.
  7. Crockery . A cup with a charming picture, a personalized flower vase or a service – do you think that these ideas only came to your mind?
  8. Sharp objects . No knives or other piercing things should be given. In addition to bad omens, such attributes can threaten the girl’s health.
  9. Perfumery and cosmetics . When a girl is only 8 years old, her natural beauty only blossoms. The birthday girl will learn how to apply makeup later. Now such gifts can only harm her. Remember that high-quality components are not always used for a children’s line of products.
  10. Books . Even if the hero of the occasion loves to read, postpone the presentation of the book for another time. The girl is waiting for special gifts for her birthday.


In search of what to give to a girl of 8 years old, do not forget the main thing. A surprise can be budget or expensive, but it must bring joy to its new owner.

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