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TOP 59 ideas What to give a Boy for 13 years +25 gifts and Tips

Many parents do not have time to notice how a child turns from a little boy into a stately young guy.

At the age of 13, the transitional age begins, which means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict the desires and dreams of a teenager.

In this regard, on the eve of a birthday, relatives, friends and even parents often have a question – what to give a boy for 13 years?

TOP 59 ideas What you can give a boy on his birthday for 13 years

There are many different gifts for teenagers, but choosing a specific birthday gift is quite difficult.

The best ideas for what you can give a boy for 13 years to make him happy:

  1. Desktop punching bag.
  2. High quality wireless headphones.
  3. Wireless waterproof speaker or sound system for smartphone.
  4. Board game – “Mafia”, “Jenga”, “Twister”, “Ekivoki”, “Elias”.
  5. Collectible modelka of a ship, plane or tank.
  6. A radio-controlled toy is a simple car, buggy, boat, plane or helicopter.
  7. Computer or accessories for it – backlit keyboard, wireless mouse, speakers.
  8. Starry sky projector lamp or electric plasma lamp.
  9. A case for a smartphone or other gadget that will protect equipment from falls and other damage.
  10. Stylish men’s watch is an “adult” gift for a 13-year-old boy on his birthday.
  11. A plan to conquer the world or a scratch card – on it the birthday boy will be able to mark his favorite places and countries he wants to visit.
  12. Joystick or game console.
  13. Game on PC or console.
  14. Steering wheel with pedals for total immersion in racing games.
  15. Virtual reality glasses with remote control.
  16. Rollers or skates.
  17. Gyroscooter, mini-segway – street vehicles that run on electricity.
  18. Skateboard, longboard, snowboard or scooter.
  19. home planetarium.
  20. An art book of a favorite genre or an encyclopedia dedicated to the history of aviation, navigation, military equipment, weapons, or any other topic that is of interest to a boy.
  21. Piggy bank with an original design in the form of an airplane, a pig, a treasure chest (or an electronic model).
  22. Football, volleyball or basketball.
  23. Bicycle complete with protection for active pastime.
  24. Compass or flashlight with portable charger for young travelers.
  25. Table football or hockey is a good gift for a brother for 13 years.
  26. Magic ball predictor.
  27. Aquarium with goldfish.
  28. Mobile phone or tablet. A 13-year-old boy can be presented with a modern gadget, the main thing is to make sure that the birthday boy does not spend all his free time on these items.
  29. An e-book with downloaded works of classical or modern literature.
  30. Darts – regular or magnetic.
  31. A warmer mug, on which an image appears after heating, is an inexpensive gift for a 13-year-old boy.
  32. Flash or special selfie stick with built-in Bluetooth.
  33. Weapon-toy: blaster or bow with arrows.
  34. Machine for making homemade popcorn or cotton candy.
  35. A quadrocopter is a gift that will appeal not only to the birthday man, but also to dad or grandfather. They will spend time with the boy doing aerial photography together.
  36. Sets of physical and chemical experiments – for example, on growing crystals.
  37. The camera is an inexpensive model that will help the birthday person to explore the world.
  38. Spyglass, telescope, binoculars or night vision device.
  39. A metal detector is a good gift for young explorers.
  40. Slippers in the form of a cat, a smiley face or another form – a present for a grandson or nephew.
  41. Audio player complete with Bluetooth headphones.
  42. Globe with illumination.
  43. Desk or comfortable gaming chair.
  44. A snow blaster with snowball charges is a great gift for the winter season.
  45. Neocube is an anti-stress toy for entertainment and memory training.
  46. A model railway is a gift that is relevant at any age.
  47. “Yo-yo” complete with instructions with a detailed description of the tricks – the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhat to give a boy of 13 years old inexpensively.
  48. A 3D pen is a gadget with which you can make any three-dimensional model.
  49. A silver chain with a cross is a good gift for a son from his parents.
  50. Indoor basketball – a device that consists of a ball and a ring, it can be mounted on a wall or the back of a door.
  51. Constructor for creating robots on the control panel.
  52. An inflatable chair or a soft ottoman in the boy’s room.
  53. Swedish wall or home horizontal bar.
  54. Puzzle made of metal or wood for brainy guys.
  55. External battery for charging gadgets.
  56. Suitcase with all the necessary tools for a teenager who wants to help his dad around the house.
  57. A cute and kind caricature of a boy is a gift to a friend who has a developed sense of humor.
  58. Flying saucer, boomerang or kite for outdoor play.
  59. Wood burning accessories in a handy case.

Original gifts for a teenager for 13 years

Any birthday boy at the age of 13 will be delighted with the thing that will distinguish him from other teenagers.

To surprise and please the boy, give up banal gifts and buy him something really special.

Ideas for original and unusual gifts for a boy of 13 years old for his birthday:

Gadget constructor . Solar toy. With this gadget, the boy will be able to make an airplane, a boat, a car, a windmill or an animal.

You can also give a wooden 3D constructor from which a whole house or other things are assembled – such a gift will appeal not only to a teenager, but also to an adult man.

Glowing LED sneakers . Sneakers with LEDs are a popular item among modern teenagers. You can choose a model with several colors and flashing modes.

Using a fashion item is easy – just press the button on the shoe itself and the sneakers will start to glow. With such a gift, the birthday boy will be the center of attention of any company.

Interactive robot . What to give a child for 13 years to a boy to surprise him? An original and impressive gift – an interactive radio-controlled robot.

Typically, such robots are equipped with sensors, they have artificial intelligence and are controlled using a remote control. Many models can walk, run and communicate with the owner.

Other original and unusual gifts for a boy for 13 years:

  1. Backpack with built-in speakers in pockets.
  2. Rechargeable touch lamp.
  3. Gel anthill or ant farm-formicarium.
  4. Bluetooth hat with built-in stereo headset.
  5. Jumpers, pogo stick – a device for making jumps.
  6. Metal detector.
  7. Fingerboard or drum set for fingers.
  8. Cool alarm clock – running away, flying away, exploding.
  9. Glasses equipped with a hidden video camera.

Some more interesting gift ideas for a teenager for 13 years

The gift should be chosen depending on the hobby of the birthday person – every 13-year-old teenager has his own desires, hobbies and even dreams.

Try to fulfill them by giving him the following things:

Collector. A collector can be presented with a thing that is missing in the collection – a small car, a rare brand or coin, themed stickers. If a boy is seriously interested in collecting, this can easily develop into an adult hobby.

Athlete. For a teenager who takes care of his health and fitness, sports equipment and accessories – dumbbells, kettlebells, expanders, tennis rackets, gloves and other items from this area are suitable as a gift. You can buy a good sports uniform or a bag with which the boy will go to training.

Future scientist. A science-minded birthday person will love a new microscope, a set of flasks, or special tools for conducting safe experiments at home.

Musician. A 13-year-old boy will be happy with a gift if he is fond of music. Give him an instrument that he wants to learn how to play, such as drums, guitar, or a synthesizer.

Artist. A teenager who is interested in the fine arts will appreciate a canvas or easel, brushes, a sketchbook, a sketchbook, or a variety of good quality paints.

DIY gifts for a boy’s birthday


TOP 59 ideas What to give a Boy for 13 years +25 gifts and Tips

A do-it-yourself thing is an original and inexpensive gift idea for a 13-year-old boy.

It will suit the younger, older brother, classmate and not only – not always the invited friends of the birthday boy have enough money to make an expensive gift.

Best ideas:

  1. A drawing or application with congratulations is a gift from a little brother or sister. You can do it both on your own and with the help of your parents.
  2. A box of sweets is a simple but nice gift, especially if you put chocolate, cookies and sweets in the box, which the birthday person really likes.
  3. Another edible gift is a bouquet of fruits or various snacks. You can assemble it yourself – you can adjust the content of the gift depending on the wishes of the birthday man and your budget.
  4. What can you give a friend for 13 years? A good idea is a portable hard drive with already downloaded music or movie collection.
  5. birthday boy or a T-shirt with a print of his favorite character or group. So you show that you know your friend well and remember his hobbies.
  6. Hand knitted sweater for birthday. A wonderful gift for a son or grandson for 13 years. If you know how to knit, you can make not only a sweater, but also a hat, scarf or warm socks with an original pattern.
  7. A chic cake in the shape of a car or other object, made to order. If mom knows how to cook well, she can make such a gift on her own – it may not be possible to bake a cake of the original form, but the gift will be made with love.

Tips: what gift to choose for a birthday boy 13 years old

At thirteen, a boy is already a teenager, he has his own thoughts and desires, as well as his own preferences.

Making the wrong birthday present for a 13-year-old boy is very easy – to prevent this from happening, use the following tips:

  • A 13-year-old teenager can be given a gift that supports his interest in a hobby that the boy has been keen on lately. If he has been dreaming of fishing for a long time, buy a fishing rod; if he likes cars, take him to a specialized exhibition. Perhaps such a present will be the next step to learning new skills.
  • A gift must be chosen not only in accordance with the interests of a thirteen-year-old guy. Make sure that the gift you buy is age appropriate – it’s easy to make a mistake here. Most likely, the boy is no longer interested in toys for children, but it is still too early for him to give status “adult” gifts.
  • Remember that the tastes and preferences of a teenager can change very often, so you should not give a thing that he wanted to receive six months ago. The gift should be relevant and take into account the interests of the boy at the moment.
  • In order for the holiday to remain in the memory of the birthday man for a long time, do not forget about its original design and method of presentation. To impress the boy and leave only positive emotions, pay attention to him, say a few kind words and present a gift chosen wisely.
  • If you are choosing a gift for a distant relative, try to consult with the birthday man’s parents – most likely, they know about their son’s secret desires and dreams. It is better not to buy a gift blindly – there is a chance that you will not guess right with the present. If you do not plan to make a surprise, directly ask the birthday man himself what gift he wants to receive for his birthday.

What is better not to give a birthday man for 13 years

Not all gifts will be happy with a teenager – at this age it is difficult to predict the reaction of a birthday boy to a particular present.

But you can refuse things that you definitely don’t like or don’t suit the birthday man.

List of gifts that should not be given to a boy for 13 years:

  1. Money. Choosing a sum of money as a birthday gift, you run the risk of showing your unwillingness to use your imagination and show attention to the birthday person. Moreover, many teenagers at the age of 13 still cannot manage money wisely – there is a chance that they will be spent on some nonsense. That is why money is a controversial gift.
  2. Cloth. At the age of 13, boys like to choose their own clothes – they know what is fashionable now and what is not. There is a high probability that you will not guess with the style, color or brand of clothing, and the guy simply will not wear it. This also applies to shoes and accessories – give such things, only to her you are sure that the birthday man wants to receive them.
  3. School supplies. It is unlikely that the birthday boy will be happy if you give him a set of notebooks, a pencil case, textbooks or other stationery for the school – such items must be purchased separately.
  4. Home pet. An animal is a huge responsibility, and it is better to know in advance whether a teenager will take care of a new family member on his own and how his parents will react to this. Give such a gift only if you are sure that it will not be superfluous.
  5. Poor quality items. If you bought a used skateboard or cheap headphones, don’t be surprised if after a few days your gift becomes worthless and the birthday boy gets upset. Give preference to quality things – for example, instead of a fake, you can pick up an inexpensive but high-quality gift.
  6. Hygiene products. Shampoo, shower gel, soap, deodorant or acne remedy is a banal gift that can confuse the birthday person, especially if he is worried about his appearance.


It is difficult to decide what to give a teenager boy for 13 years, but it is possible – it is enough to approach this issue responsibly and think about the wishes of the birthday boy.

At the same time, it doesn’t matter who you choose a gift for – a son, grandson, nephew or friend, the main thing is to give enough time to choose, and surround the hero of the occasion on his birthday with attention and care.

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