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TOP 35 ideas What you can give a Virgo woman, Tips and Examples

What is the best gift for a Virgo woman? What will delight a perfectionist woman who seeks perfection everywhere?

She is a lifelong learner and loves to teach others. She notices flaws in everything that surrounds her, is pedantic and picky. Possesses good taste, selective in communication. Has a realistic outlook on life, economical and prone to accumulation.

Virgo just loves to create things : creativity brings her peace. The sign loves peace and order, honors family values, and dreams of making the world a little better.

  • How to surprise Virgo, what present will she accept with pleasure? There are almost 90 ideas in the article: look for the best!

Virgo is the embodiment of order, the victory of reason over feelings, the ability to see the whole in detail. She is overly cautious and often suspicious, monitors her health, loves to be treated. Gifts that keep the body in good shape will never be superfluous. A Virgo woman can be interested in a universal gift suitable for monitoring, treating and supporting the well-being of the whole family.

Virgo loves to make a cozy nest, so she will like things for relaxation, hygiene and comfort. He likes to cook deliciously and will gladly accept a modern kitchen gadget as a gift. If you are wondering what to give a Virgo woman for her birthday or other holiday, use the list of ideas below.

TOP 35 gift ideas for a Virgo woman

  1. Daylight device. Portable device, with bright and uniform illumination without flickering and ultraviolet, simulating sunlight. An actual gift for short winter days. The manufacturer promises a surge of strength, good mood, improved concentration and performance. Great for those who work hard, have little rest and suffer from a lack of sun.
  2. Humidifier. The device stabilizes the air humidity at the desired level. A healthy microclimate increases the body’s resistance to viral diseases, the skin and mucous membranes do not suffer from dryness, well-being and performance improve.
  3. Air purifier. The air in the room will pass 3 degrees of filtration, getting rid of unpleasant odors, dust, allergens (pollen and pet hair), viruses and bacteria. In a short period of time, the room will be filled with clean and fresh air.
  4. Aroma diffuser. Combines the healing properties of aromatherapy and the enjoyment of your favorite scents. The device distributes pleasant aromas and benefits: improves mood, normalizes sleep, relieves fatigue and headaches, protects against viruses, relieves cold symptoms. Attractive appearance and lighting make the device a full-fledged design element.
  5. Smart scales. They will be useful not only to the Virgo woman, but also to her household: to control the dynamics of weight in children, losing weight, athletes. The gadget measures BMI, calculates the percentage of fat and muscle, analyzes the water balance. Progress can be tracked via smartphone, while creating multiple profiles for each family member. The device operates in several modes: safe operation is provided for pregnant women and people with pacemakers.
  6. Infrared thermometer. It has an advantage over electronic and mercury counterparts: it will report the result in a second, it stores measurements in memory, it is contactless.
  7. The tonometer is automatic. It is better to purchase a modern gadget for a gift that interacts with a smartphone through an application. The device not only measures the value of pressure and pulse, it analyzes the accumulated data and can send the results to the attending physician or relatives.
  8. Nitrate tester. A gift for those who control food safety. The device determines the concentration of nitrates in vegetables, fruits, fresh meat. The tester is compact and easy to handle, it is convenient to carry it with you and check the quality of food before purchase.
  9. Water quality tester. The device determines the level of mineralization of water in a few seconds after immersion. The screen displays the total amount of solids dissolved in the liquid. The lower the value, the safer the water.
  10. “Vitaminometer”. Gadget for measuring the level of vitamins and minerals in the body without a blood test.
  11. For express analysis, it is enough to touch the body with the device and get the result on the smartphone screen. The device will help determine the excess or deficiency of elements, choose a diet or vitamin complex in case of imbalance.
  12. Eye Massager. Relieves fatigue, restores vision, eliminates puffiness, smoothes fine wrinkles.
  13. Massage pillow. The universal massager will fall in love not only with the birthday girl. Available massage at any time of the day from a free outlet. You can pick up with the function of infrared heating, this will additionally relax the muscles. relaxation of stiff muscles. An additional acupuncture cape will relieve nervous tension and relieve headaches.
  14. Electronic book. The most desired gift for a book lover is a book, ideal – a lot of books. The reader opens files of all formats, finds any books on the Internet, stores a whole library in itself. Translates texts in one touch, allows you to read in the dark.
  15. Stand lamp. Save your eyesight, hold a book.
  16. Pillow-transformer. The reading pillow is suitable for any of the “book” postures – sitting, lying, upside down. Plunging into the literary worlds, a lover of novels can even forget about convenience, and your care will make your leisure time enjoyable. “Comfortable” presentations are valued by book lovers no less than books.
  17. Blanket with sleeves. To read was not only pleasant, but also convenient.
  18. Glasses for reading lying down. A true book lover will read anywhere and any way.
  19. A book about Booklover books. An illustrated guide to the world’s best and world-renowned publications: a real boon for the book lover.
  20. Lamp-book. Spectacular lamp in the form of an open volume with bright pages.
  21. Book-planter. A miniature stand in the form of a volume is an original haven for cacti. Give an unusual decor already with live plants.
  22. Book safe. If the idea came to store banknotes in a book, why not? Completely secure vault with lock and keys.
  23. Book-case for laptop. The vintage-style leather case and laptop look like a big book volume. Beautiful and practical.
  24. Pillows for the sofa. There are not many of them. With them, the most uncomfortable sofa will be transformed, and if you also guess with a shade and design, you will become a welcome guest.
  25. Stand-tray. The perfect thing for breakfast with coffee and croissants right in your soft bed.
  26. Kigurumi pajamas. Funny and very cozy kigurumi home clothes in the form of a bear, pokemon or penguin will appeal not only to children. An original idea that you can give a Virgo girl for any occasion.
  27. Bath table. An excellent present for those who like to soak in comfort in warm water with fragrant foam. Everything you need for perfect relaxation will be at hand: even a book and a glass of wine. It’s a good idea what to give a girl to a virgin on some date.
  28. Bathtub headrest. A soft pillow with suction cups is another gift for a comfortable rest.
  29. A weekly journal in a practical and expensive design. A punctual Virgo will appreciate such a present.
  30. A set of kitchen boards.
  31. A set of pots or an expensive kettle.
  32. A set of forms for baking.
  33. Bread maker.
  34. Kitchen appliances: from a toaster to a slow cooker or a powerful meat grinder.
  35. A vacuum cleaner.

Additional gift ideas for Virgo woman or girl

What girls love is needlework. Mercury endows the sign with talent in various crafts. We decided to put gift ideas for hobbies into a separate section, by directions. But first – general practical gifts suitable for home creativity.

Great ideas if you don’t know what to give a maiden for her birthday or other holiday.

  • Magnifier lamp . Tandem lamp with magnifier for table or floor. The flexible arm rotates the instrument in all directions, while the magnifying glass makes it easy to work with fine details.
  • Tweezer with magnifying glass and backlight . Items for convenient work with small elements are collected “in one bottle”.
  • Clamp holder . Assistant holds charts and samples, frees hands and easily attaches to a flat surface.
  • Mat for cutting knives . A versatile item with printed corner markings and a dimensional grid.
  • Mini vacuum cleaner . A convenient device for quick cleaning of the workplace from scraps, scraps of thread and other trifles.
  • Photophone . An important entourage for beautiful photos with finished works.
  • Photocube . A portable daylight source that creates soft, diffused lighting in a mini home studio. Useful for needlewomen to photograph their creations.
  • Tag “Handmade” . A set of tags made of cardboard or thick paper, informing that the product is made by the hands of a talented craftswoman.
  • Ribbon “Handmade”. The label tape with the inscription “handmade” is used for finished fabric products: clothes, pillows, soft toys.


  1. Bowl for yarn. An elegant object with a thread holder is simple, convenient and beautiful.
  2. Yarn bag. Spacious organizer with skein compartment and tool pockets.
  3. Needle organizer.
  4. Knitting machine. Device for knitting straight stripes.
  5. Row counter. Despite being completely immersed in your favorite pastime, it is still easy to get distracted and lose count. The problem is solved with the help of an electronic counter.
  6. Yarn markers. An elementary way to mark the desired loops in the knitting process.
  7. Knitted mug. A large mug in a warm knitted “clothes” will surely warm the soul of your familiar knitter.
  8. The book “Knitting. Fashion Ideas and Techniques. Pooling, log cabin, cloque effect, knitting on a fork – the most relevant knitting secrets, illustrations and master classes.

Creation of textile dolls, sewing, quilting, patchwork

What to give a Virgo girl who loves to sew? Lovers of these trends are inspired by everything that can be used for sewing: from equipment to fabrics and beautiful accessories.

  • Sewing machine. This is a very good anniversary gift.
  • Overlock.
  • Table for cutting and work.
  • Organizer for accessories.
  • Tailor’s mannequin. A necessary item for convenient and comfortable work.
  • Thread cutter with needle threader.
  • Needle bed in the form of a mannequin on a stand. Convenient storage for tailor’s needles and pins, a wonderful decorative item.
  • Magnetic needle. The bracelet is worn on the wrist and securely holds the needles. Comfortable and convenient.
  • Mini iron. Compact device for ironing small parts and seams. The perfect gift for patchwork or quilting.
  • Pattern for patchwork. Acrylic templates will help you cut complex geometric shapes easily and accurately.
  • Tailor’s scissors zigzag.


For a craftswoman, a huge amount of multi-colored glass is required to create masterpieces. As an addition, the following will do:

  1. Spinner for beads . A device for stringing beads on a fishing line or thread. The device saves time for monotonous work. The needlewoman will be able to pay more attention directly to creativity.
  2. Container for beads . Such things are not redundant.
  3. The book “Beads . We weave flowers and trees. With a detailed description of the fascinating process.


Embroidery with satin stitch, cross stitch, ribbons, beads and even gold is a small part of the varieties of needlework that decorates fabrics.

Choose a gift for the craftswoman that will make the hobby even more enjoyable.

What gift to give a virgin to a woman who prefers to spend evenings at the hoop?

  • Heron scissors . Small scissors in the form of a heron. The very sharp tip is indispensable for cutting threads.
  • Tablet for reading diagrams. A handy gadget with magnetic holders and a pocket for accessories.
  • Illuminated magnifier on cord . The magnifier will help in all types of needlework. Comfortable handle, neck strap, backlight – everything you need for comfortable and productive work.
  • Hoop-frame . The universal helper for free hands will securely fix the canvas and facilitate the work.
  • KU Snap for embroidery is a popular hoop.
  • Self-disappearing markers , fabric edge adhesives.
  • Encyclopedia of Fashionable Embroidery . Actual types and techniques. The history of embroidery techniques in beautiful illustrations and detailed instructions.
  • The Great Encyclopedia of Embroidery . Detailed descriptions of over 250 decorative seams and stitches.


A popular method for decorating albums and postcards using decorative paper, shreds, ribbons, stamps, buttons, and other decor.

A good present for a scrap craftswoman will be original elements or devices for creativity.

  1. Mounting mat (self-healing or glass).
  2. Eyelet installer WR Memory Keepers.
  3. Reciprocating cutter . Provides smooth cutting of thick stacks of paper. Cutter-dummy knife, cutter-trimmer.
  4. Hairdryer for embossing . The gadget makes convex images on paper, creating a unique decor for albums and postcards.
  5. Embossing and punching machine . Appreciated by SizzixBigShot. The device expands the technical capabilities: it cuts complex patterns, applies prints on paper, fabric, felt, rubber and metal. The device greatly expands the possibilities of the needlewoman.
  6. Booklet maker WR Memory Keepers for creating albums and notebooks on rings or springs.
  7. Color printer. A high-quality printer will not replace purchased scrap paper, but it will be very useful for printing photos, inscriptions and similar decor.
  8. Plotter for needlework . In the field of scrapbooking, a high-quality cutting tool will become an indispensable attribute in the embodiment of creative ideas.
  9. The book “Paper. A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Modern Paper Techniques” . The publication contains detailed instructions, step-by-step illustrations, interesting projects from the world of scrapbooking, quilling or origami
  10. DIY Paper Flowers Set . From leaf to leaf, from petal to petal, beautiful paper flower arrangements are assembled. Includes step-by-step instructions with inspiring illustrations.
  11. Scrap paper sets.
  12. Hole punches.
  13. Various scrappy whims : flowers, stickers, brads, die-cuts, rhinestones, lace, braid, textiles, lice-tapes, paper tape, enamel DOTS, envelopes, curly paper clips.
If your Virgo has been “in the know” for a long time, most likely she has everything for a hobby. But for a high-quality and modern instrument, she will simply regret the money.

To please a painstaking earthly woman, give her something that simplifies her favorite creative process. If you don’t know what to give the maiden on March 8, this is a good idea.

What to give Virgo to a girl with your own hands

It is worth mentioning that only a romantic nature will appreciate gifts in the “hand-made” style. The Virgo girl may not belong to this type.

“Heart” from a photo

A romantic collage of memorable photos will decorate the wall of your common bedroom and will really please a virgin girl in love on February 14 or New Year .

It is convenient to use square photos from Instagram, but this is not essential. If you want a panel in a 20 × 20 frame, select the 3 × 4 format for printing.

Take a square sheet of paper or cardboard and draw a heart shape. Stick the photo on the bottom, and don’t be afraid to step on the edges of another photo. It remains only to choose a beautiful frame of the right size.

Fragrant body scrub

Take a nice little jar and fill it 70% with coffee beans: this is how you measure out the main ingredient.

In a coffee grinder, you need to grind coffee beans, and then hercules flakes – at the rate of 1 tbsp. l. for 3 st. l. ground coffee.

Melt coconut oil (2 tsp) in a water bath.

Mix coffee, oatmeal flour, coconut oil, 0.5 tsp. vitamin E. Then add 3-4 drops of orange essential oil.

Dilute the mixture to the desired consistency with any healthy oil (almond, wheat germ or apricot kernels).

Put in a jar, close the lid. A little bit of design wouldn’t hurt: a “Fragrant Scrub” sticker, on the lid – a piece of fabric wrapped with string with beads, etc.

Handmade gifts are appropriate to give as a surprise, to renew emotions, or just like that .

On a birthday, on certain dates, it is better to present a practical gift.

Tips – how to choose a gift for Virgo for a female

It is very right to give Virgo something that will improve the quality of life, bring convenience, comfort and harmony.

Among the representatives of the sign, you can often meet enthusiastic collectors. A new copy to replenish the collection will greatly please your friend.

They will not refuse the offer to go on a trip. Quiet and beautiful corners will be chosen for relaxation.

Given their passion for healing, a trip to a sanatorium, a trip to a healing spring, a course of strengthening procedures will be a good gift.

What is better not to give a Virgo woman

Do not give souvenirs and soft toys to an “earthly” woman: in her opinion, they litter the apartment and collect dust. “Present trinket” can irritate Devs who maniacally value cleanliness.

An expensive gift that quickly loses sight, or an “ephemeral” surprise will not bring pleasure.

Do not present an overly luxurious bouquet or exotic butterflies. Money thrown to the wind will not bring joy to the practical Virgo.

Virgos do not like pathos and ceremonies, so excessive solemnity when presenting a gift will be inappropriate. It is important that the Virgo feel sincerity and care.

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