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TOP 63 ideas of what to give grandma for her birthday + 20 gifts and tips

Grandma’s birthday is a great opportunity to express care, devotion and respect to one of the closest people in the family. Can’t decide what to get grandma for her birthday?

A selection of the best ideas for useful and original presentations for any budget will help you decide on a surprise.

TOP 63 ideas of what to give grandma for her birthday

  1. A rose in a vacuum flask is a flower that does not wither for several years.
  2. Wall or floor electric fireplace with live fire effect.
  3. A mobile phone is a modern model for a young grandmother, or a phone with a large screen, large buttons and a loud speaker for an older grandmother.
  4. A chic Orenburg scarf with a beautiful pattern or a warm painted shawl.
  5. Stand or box for storing jewelry.
  6. Elegant folding umbrella.
  7. Rocking chair.
  8. Cutting board with your text or original drawing.
  9. A book or an annual subscription to Grandma’s favorite magazine. A good gift would be books on needlework, gardening or cooking.
  10. Foot massage bath.
  11. Gift set of Belgian chocolates.
  12. A set of caring cosmetics (hand and face creams, washing gel, mild soap).
  13. A sweet gift for grandma: a jar of collectible honey, ordered in a pastry shop cake or pastries with congratulatory inscriptions.
  14. Soft terry bathrobe and heated slippers.
  15. Air conditioning or heater.
  16. An electronic photo frame with family photos loaded onto it.
  17. Photo frame in the form of a genealogical tree.
  18. Painted electric samovar.
  19. Gorgeous panel or picture on the wall.
  20. Portrait of a grandmother from a professional artist (from a photograph).
  21. Comfortable massage chair.
  22. A handy leather bag or wallet with a photo compartment.
  23. Electric sewing machine.
  24. Large table lamp, beautiful lamp or floor lamp.
  25. Ionizer or humidifier.
  26. A chic wall clock or alarm clock with a photo.
  27. Thermos or thermo mug for active grandmothers who go to the forest for berries or mushrooms.
  28. Good perfumery (if you know exactly what fragrances grandma likes).
  29. Name vase for flowers.
  30. Gorgeous service, tea or coffee pair.
  31. Massage orthopedic pillow or mattress.
  32. Nesting dolls with the image of all family members.
  33. Sticks for Nordic walking.
  34. A crystal chandelier or an inexpensive option is a beautiful ceiling lamp.
  35. Beaded or painted wooden icon.
  36. Premium tea with berry, fruit and other flavors.
  37. Tablecloth, towels and napkins with hand embroidery.
  38. Warm and beautiful home plaid or blanket with electric heating.
  39. Electric heating pad with adjustable heat and auto-off.
  40. Beautiful wrought iron candlestick.
  41. Soft bedside rug.
  42. Large LCD TV.
  43. Satellite dish for a grandmother who likes to watch TV shows on different channels.
  44. A beautiful desktop calendar dedicated to the birthday girl’s hobby (for example, with tips on planting and caring for different plants).
  45. Massage Certificate.
  46. Knitted cardigan or fur stole.
  47. Light switches with a touch mechanism that will make it easier to move around the house at night, in the dark.
  48. Forged or carved bench for giving.
  49. Double swing for a summer cottage or a folding gazebo.
  50. High quality portable radio.
  51. Nice decorative fountain.
  52. Salt lamp – purifies the air and has a positive effect on health .
  53. A new frame for glasses or a beautiful case for them.
  54. Decorative plate with congratulations.
  55. Filter for water purification.
  56. New chic curtains for the kitchen or living room.
  57. Silver cutlery with original carvings.
  58. Quality bed linen.
  59. Figurine for decorating the garden for the grandmother-cottage resident.
  60. A good bike – some grandmothers lead an active lifestyle and keep their bodies in shape.
  61. Goods to simplify everyday life – dishwasher or washing machine, vacuum cleaner.
  62. Electric meat grinder, electric kettle, coffee maker, bread box or yogurt maker.
  63. Funny apron with the words “The best grandmother.”

What to give your beloved grandmother for her birthday

An anniversary is a great occasion to show care and give a worthwhile gift that will help you express deep respect and gratitude, as well as make grandma feel loved.

What to give a grandmother for 60 years, 70 or 80 years so that she is satisfied? A selection of interesting gift ideas:

A trip to a sanatorium or on vacation. What can I give my grandmother for 70 years or another anniversary? Organize a vacation trip for her if she has been dreaming of going somewhere for a long time, but she lacks finances. This may be a trip to a sanatorium, a boarding house or an excursion to a neighboring city. Don’t forget to pay for your road tickets.

Jewelry decoration. You can give your grandmother exquisite earrings made of gold or silver in the form of a drop or rings.

Another gift option is a beautiful decoration made of natural stones (you can pick up pearl, amber and garnet jewelry).

Desktop weather station. An original gift that will be a wonderful decoration of the interior.

The weather station can measure the temperature, humidity in the room, and some models can predict weather changes depending on pressure changes.

Pedigree book. The perfect gift to give your grandmother for her 80th birthday. For many grandmothers, the family is the most important thing they have.

You can give such a grandmother a unique photo album, which will store a beautifully designed family tree and personal sheets of family relatives. If Grandma wants to, she can fill them herself.

Inexpensive birthday gifts for grandma

Choosing gifts is not easy, especially when you need to congratulate a family member of the older generation. You need to choose a gift that will be original, useful and memorable. This is possible even if you have a small budget.

What to give grandma for her birthday cheap? Best Gift Ideas:

Set for needlework. Many grandmothers are fond of different types of needlework. You can give the birthday girl consumables – threads or yarn, new knitting needles.

You can also attach a special magnifying glass to the set for comfortable work (if the grandmother does not see well). You can also give a manual dedicated to your grandmother’s favorite hobby.

Kitchenware. If you want to make an inexpensive but useful gift, give your beloved grandmother kitchen items.

The choice is large – it can be cute potholders, jars for spices of the original form, a set of salad bowls, a candy bowl or other things.

Living plant in a pot. The perfect gift for a grandmother who loves beautiful flowers.

You can give an orchid, geranium, crocus, gerbera, violet or azalea. These are the most popular and unpretentious flowers in care – they are great for growing at home.

Name mug or t-shirt If the budget for a gift is limited, you can buy a mug and, by visiting any printing organization, make a bright print on the gift.

It can be a congratulation, grandmother’s initials or a funny drawing. The same goes for t-shirts – it will make a nice memorable gift for a grandmother from a granddaughter or grandson.

DIY gifts for grandma

Any, even the most conservative and strict grandmother, will be delighted with a sweet surprise made by the hands of her beloved grandchildren. Grandmothers love things in which soul and work are invested.

Any thing made by yourself is different from others – it is unique, and this is its main value. What to give your grandmother for her birthday with your own hands:

  1. If the grandmother is still young, and the grandchildren are small, they can give their beloved grandmother a portrait or drawing drawn for her. Children can also make a beautiful clay craft or appliqué, a souvenir from plasticine or salt dough.
  2. A collage of the best family photos or an original frame decorated with your own hands.
  3. Hand painted crockery.
  4. A set of handmade figured soap.
  5. Sweet bouquet of sweets (if grandmother has a sweet tooth).
  6. Sofa cushions decorated with ruffles or buttons.
  7. A touching video with photos of the birthday girl and congratulations from the whole family.
  8. A self-knitted tablecloth or plaid is a gift that you can give your grandmother for her birthday from her granddaughter.
  9. A cutting board with a pattern burned on it is a good gift for a grandmother from her grandson.
  10. Vase, cup holder, planter or box for sewing supplies, decorated using decoupage technique.
  11. Cake or delicious cookies made by yourself.
  12. Origami paper bouquet.

Tips: how to choose a birthday present for grandma

If you are thinking about what to give your beloved grandmother for her birthday, you need to take into account her individual physiological characteristics, hobbies, age and character traits.

You will be able to figure out how to make a birthday present for your grandmother with the help of the following tips and tricks:

  • Age . Not all women who have reached retirement age can be called grandmothers. Some may be quite young women, and some may be older ladies. Active grandmothers can be given a relevant and modern gift. When choosing what to give an old grandmother for her birthday, pay attention to quieter things – for example, household items or interior decoration.
  • Lifestyle . Don’t forget your grandmother’s lifestyle. Some grandmothers go to work and socialize a lot with other people, while some are already retired and do only household chores. The gift should be combined with her life position. It should also take into account where the grandmother lives – urban and rural residents have completely different desires and interests.
  • Health . When choosing a gift for your grandmother on her birthday, consider the state of her health. For example, if her legs hurt, don’t give her an exercise bike or Nordic walking poles. She still will not use the present, which means that it will simply gather dust around idle.
  • Practicality . An original gift is good, but when choosing a present, consider its practicality. Maybe your grandma doesn’t need fancy appliances and will be happy with a simple set of personalized towels. First of all, think about whether the gift will come in handy for your grandmother, whether she will use it.

What better not to give grandma for her birthday

Some gifts should not be given to a grandmother – she will not like them or she simply will not understand them due to her age.

You should refrain from buying the following gifts:

  • Money . Often, relatives give money for birthdays, but such a gift is not suitable for a grandmother. An older birthday girl will like to receive a surprise chosen from the bottom of her heart or a surprise made with her own hands.
  • Medicines . You should not give your grandmother anti-aging creams, medical devices, various pill boxes and medicines. Such items should be bought just like that or as a necessity, but not as a birthday present.
  • Many grandmothers are very superstitious . If the grandmother believes in omens, give up watches, any cutting objects and mirrors.
  • Animals . A small kitten, puppy or bird is not the best gift idea for a grandmother. Such surprises involve additional hassle and worries – this can be difficult for older people.


Choosing what to give your grandmother for the holiday is a difficult, but feasible task. For old people, things that they will receive as a birthday present are not so important – it is important for them to feel attention and care. The main rule: the gift must be made from the heart – if you follow it, your grandmother will definitely like the surprise prepared for her.

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