What to give a girl

163 gift ideas for Girlfriend’s anniversary

For a year, a couple in love becomes strong, and is ready to move to a new level of relationship. This period is solid for a guy and a girl. Often, after 12 months of a relationship, guys decide to propose to their soul mate. Girls treat the first anniversary with special trepidation and expect a gift from the guy. Millions of men think every day about what to give a girl for the first year of a relationship. In this material, we will consider many ideas for interesting gifts that will surprise any beauty.

TOP 75 best gifts that you can give a girl for a year of relationship

Many girls are romantic people, so you need to be careful with the choice of a present for an anniversary. A useful gift that will cause a lot of emotions in the owner of the fair sex can be found in the already compiled list:

  1. Portrait of a girl.
  2. Beautiful vase.
  3. Thermo mug.
  4. Manicure set.
  5. Pair of bathrobes.
  6. Soft pillow toy.
  7. A table where you can take breakfast in bed.
  8. A handmade box for storing jewelry.
  9. Gift card for a visit to a beauty salon or cosmetics store.
  10. Flight in a hot air balloon.
  11. Movie projector.
  12. Warm slippers with an original print.
  13. Jewelry from a famous brand.
  14. A smart garden where you can grow flowers;
  15. Set of designer bed linen.
  16. Lightbox.
  17. Bath salt with pleasant aroma and relaxing effect.
  18. Silk stole.
  19. Hint book.
  20. Dinner for two at an expensive restaurant.
  21. Vacation trip.
  22. Perfume that your loved one prefers.
  23. Night light-projector of the starry sky or rainbow.
  24. Mirror shaped like a heart.
  25. Bouquet of the girl’s favorite sweets.
  26. Fitness bracelet.
  27. Subscription to the fitness club.
  28. Handmade soap with an interesting design.
  29. Bouquet of 101 live roses.
  30. An animal that a girl dreamed of having.
  31. Wall biofireplace.
  32. Sauna set.
  33. Heating blanket.
  34. Anatomic pillow for a good sleep.
  35. Silver bracelet.
  36. A love castle engraved with the names of the lovers.
  37. Wish card.
  38. Disco layer.
  39. Umbrella with 3D pattern.
  40. Heated slippers.
  41. Gilded rose.
  42. Romantic movie tickets
  43. Name a star in the sky with the name of a loved one.
  44. Photo frame with a joint photo.
  45. Rose in a glass flask.
  46. Mobile phone case with an interesting pattern.
  47. A bean bag chair in the shape of a huge heart.
  48. Designer bag or cosmetic bag.
  49. Dishes with an engraved declaration of love.
  50. Photo collage.
  51. Nightlight 3D.
  52. Talking alarm clock.
  53. Bouquet of balloons.
  54. Telephone.
  55. Wireless headphones.
  56. Favorite home appliances.
  57. Painting.
  58. Stylish genuine leather belt.
  59. Soft toy.
  60. Certificate for a master class of a famous make-up artist.
  61. Underwear.
  62. Warm scarf.
  63. Fur product.
  64. A ticket to a concert of your favorite band.
  65. Diary with an interesting design.
  66. Congratulations on the radio.
  67. Paired name mugs.
  68. Joint photo session.
  69. Picnic in an unusual place.
  70. Boat trip.
  71. Silk robe.
  72. Statuette.
  73. Chocolate figurines.
  74. Notebook.
  75. A homemade candlelit dinner.

What to give a girl for 1 year of relationship for her hobby

Choosing a present for the first anniversary of a relationship should be guided not only by the age of the girl, but also taking into account her hobbies. This approach is considered the most advantageous, because by giving a thing that is important for the hobby of the chosen one, the guy will definitely not be mistaken. Gift ideas for your beloved, depending on her hobbies:

  1. If the chosen one loves to cook, then she will be glad to receive as a gift a set of dishes, necessary household appliances, various molds, a cookbook, an unusual cutting board, a set of expensive knives, and more.
  2. Girls who are engaged in needlework will be delighted if the guy gives them the necessary consumables, which can be: threads, a set of needles, beads, rhinestones and much more. Tools for embroidery or knitting will also be a nice and useful gift.
  3. Girls who love to dance will be happy with such a present as a subscription to dance classes. A valuable gift will be an invitation to a ball or a party.
  4. If the chosen one collects home plants and loves to take care of them, then she will be pleased if the guy replenishes her collection with an interesting plant.
  5. The artist will be happy to receive an easel, a set of brushes, expensive paints for drawing, sketchbooks and more as a present.
  6. A lover of photography can be presented with an expensive SLR camera that allows you to capture the most beautiful places and precious life moments.
  7. Chosen ones who are fond of fashion design will be happy with an annual subscription to their favorite fashion magazine. Such creative persons will be happy to visit a fashion show.
  8. Girls who are actively involved in sports will thank if a guy gives them sportswear, shoes, a simulator, and more as a gift.

TOP 10 standard gifts

Standard gift options are gifts that are suitable for a chosen one of any age and temperament. Here are 10 of the most common versatile gift ideas:

  1. Pair of engraved goblets.
  2. Bouquet of flowers.
  3. Jewelry.
  4. Home pet.
  5. Gadget.
  6. Dear jewelry.
  7. A set of sweets and wine.
  8. Dinner for two.
  9. Fashion pajamas.
  10. Photobook.

These gifts are guaranteed to take success from your beloved, because they are classics. Even from the next golden ring, the girl will be delighted.

Romantic anniversary gifts for girlfriend

The first year of a relationship for a couple is a romantic and at the same time a serious period. However, sometimes romance is accompanied by simple banality. So, for example, an adult darling does not need to give a soft toy. Such a present is unlikely to be appropriate. Good ideas with a romantic touch:

  1. Beautiful heart box with unusual sweets and exotic fruits.
  2. Declaration of love, composed of pictures.
  3. Three mittens, one of which will be joint.
  4. Plaid for two with sleeves.
  5. A set of t-shirts with romantic inscriptions.

Any thing wears out over time, however, if you choose a gift with romantic overtones, it will bring a lot of pleasure, and will remain in the memory of your beloved for a long time.

Original memorable gifts for 1 year of relationship

You can surprise your soulmate for 1 year of a joint relationship with such a gift that she definitely did not expect. Ideas for original presentations:

  1. Beauty box is a win-win option. Choose the necessary cosmetics, as well as cosmetic accessories, and place the goods in a beautiful box.
  2. A large box of favorite sweets – such a present will be highly appreciated by girls, especially lovers of sweets.
  3. Gift box – these boxes can contain anything: cosmetics, erotic board games, alcohol, and more.
  4. A checkbook of desires – a present in the form of a check for the fulfillment of one cherished desire, will be a very original surprise for an anniversary.
  5. A recognition lamp – now it is no longer fashionable to draw hearts on the fence of a loved one. A wonderful lamp with a 3D image of the heart will be a pleasant and cute gift that will remind the chosen one of the gentleman’s feelings every day.
  6. Boom postcard – now even an ordinary postcard can cause a storm of emotions. A box from which cotton will be heard and a mass of confetti will fall will make an excellent impression on the girl.
  7. An ice-lit mirror is a super gift idea that any fashionista will appreciate. By varying the light, you can create a flawless makeup.
  8. A personal glass – the first anniversary of a relationship is a great occasion to drink a couple of glasses of champagne. A wine glass engraved with a declaration of love will be a great addition to a romantic evening.
  9. Sweet canned food – a good mood just needs to be rolled up in a jar and always carried with you. Sweet antidepressants should accompany any beauty on the road.
  10. Glass heart – a cure for sadness in the form of a glass heart will always delight the eye of your beloved. The product can be placed anywhere.
  11. Named jam – a personalized jar of raspberry jam will be an excellent present. On the jar itself, a man can write everything that he did not dare to say for a whole year.
  12. A nail dryer is an original and at the same time useful gift. Many girls paint their nails a few minutes before going out, so a mini manicure dryer will be a must.
  13. Photo magnet – such a souvenir with a joint photo will look great on the refrigerator.
  14. Photo mug – few people will be surprised by a joint photo on dishes, but a cup with a picture of a couple will be an ideal present for the first year of a relationship.
  15. Poster on the wall – a collage of several photos with romantic inscriptions will perfectly decorate the wall in your beloved’s room.
  16. Personalized towel – acts as an intimate gift, which is given only to the closest people. Personal embroidery on a towel will always remind your beloved of her chosen one.
  17. Named tea set – tea drinking is a real ritual. A tea set in a designer box will be a wonderful and tasty present for an anniversary.
  18. Chocolate postcard – a chocolate bar with your photo on the wrapper will be even tastier. Conveyor packaging will be replaced by smiling faces of lovers.
  19. Travel Kit – Romantic bus or car rides are always fun, but not overly comfortable. If you are a couple who loves various long trips, then a travel kit will be a must. It includes the following items: neck pillow, earplugs, sleep mask.
  20. Photo postcard – creating a unique photo postcard is not difficult. Memories dear to the heart and important events captured in the photo will be an excellent image for a postcard.

Expensive gifts for a girl on the anniversary of a relationship

If a guy has a high level of income, then he can please his chosen one for the anniversary with an expensive present. However, in fact, it is not so easy to choose a worthy gift, even if you have a large amount of money. Among the ideas of expensive gifts are the following:

  1. A fur product – a fur coat, hat or other thing made of natural fur will be a great gift for any beauty. Such a present will be pleasant to a girl of any age.
  2. Jewelry – diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend. Earrings, brooches and other items with this stone will be an expensive and meaningful gift for your beloved. If you intend to give a ring, but are not going to make an offer, then you should be careful. Without a marriage proposal, some girls may not understand why they were given a ring.
  3. Expensive gadget – in the world of electronics, there are now very expensive smartphones, tablets and other devices. Beloved will be glad to receive an expensive phone or laptop, and will accept it with delight.

Surprises for a girl for 1 year of relationship

Many ladies are hard to please. Some girls can directly say that they do not like the gift. Only one thing is known – all beauties love pleasant surprises. Surprise gift ideas are:

  1. Bring breakfast to your loved one in bed.
  2. Prepare a bath with rose petals.
  3. Decorate the room with helium balloons.
  4. Unexpectedly come with champagne and flowers to visit.
  5. Place a poster with congratulations in the city.
  6. Decorate your home or porch with love notes.
  7. Fulfill your cherished desire.
  8. Arrange a quest to find a present.

Gifts – Anniversary Adventures

Gift-adventure will be an unforgettable moment in the life of your girlfriend. Ideas for such presentations are as follows:

  1. Invite your loved one for a couples massage.
  2. Organize a mass cultural program for several days. It may include: going to the movies, visiting exhibitions, walking in the parks, dinner at a restaurant, and more.
  3. Visiting the room of laughter or fear.
  4. Do zorbing (descent from the mountain in a ball).
  5. Sing a serenade under the girl’s window. You can organize this event even without professional musicians. Simply turn on the speakers and sing karaoke for your favorite song. You can end the program with fireworks.
  6. Spend time on the rides, feed ducks and pigeons together.
  7. Fly in a wind tunnel.
  8. Buy tickets for a short vacation.
  9. Rent a yacht.
  10. Go to horse races or car races.

Budget anniversary gifts

As a rule, it is not customary to give expensive gifts on the first anniversary of a relationship. Among inexpensive gift options, there are a lot of ideas that will win the heart of any chosen one. There are such options for budget presentations:

  1. Stand for jewelry.
  2. Disc with your favorite music.
  3. Glowing headphones.
  4. Keychain in the shape of a heart.
  5. Luminous shoelace.
  6. Talisman stone product.
  7. Original passport cover.
  8. A flower in a solar-powered car.
  9. 3D glass puzzle.
  10. A book of love poems.

What to give flowers and sweets?

Almost all girls love sweets and flowers, so men often choose such gifts. However, you should know the preferences of the second half, so as not to get into an awkward position. It will look ridiculous if the guy gives the chosen one a bouquet of flowers to which she is allergic or presents a box of unloved sweets. That is why, first you need to find out what sweets and flowers the girl likes. Original sweet gifts are as follows:

  1. Figure marmalade.
  2. Dragee of different colors in a glass container.
  3. Fortune cookies.
  4. Chocolate treats.
  5. Natural sweets (a basket of dried fruits, valuable types of honey, etc.).
  6. Exotic delicacies (French macarons, Indian halva).

Gifts made by yourself

Girls treat gifts made with their own hands with special trepidation. A handmade gift without words will prove to your chosen one how much you need her. Such a gift will allow you to express your feelings to the fullest. Great gift ideas:

  1. A handmade boudoir table is a piece of furniture that a girl will use all the time.
  2. Metal rose – a forged rose will always remind your beloved of the gentleman.
  3. Notes about love – beautiful confessions can be placed in a box made by yourself.
  4. Handmade postcard – this present will always be in a conspicuous place.
  5. Sweet postcard – an application of dried apricots, marshmallows or marmalade is laid out on a chocolate bar. Next, the tile will need to be slightly heated with a hairdryer to a soft state and with light indentations of sweets into chocolate, make the desired image. All actions must be carried out quickly. In the course of creating the application, you will need to periodically heat the chocolate. To create a sweet postcard, it is advisable to buy a few chocolate bars.
  6. Polymer clay beads – clay sausages need to be rolled out and cut into identical parts, then they should be baked or boiled for about 15 minutes. Next, the workpieces are varnished and strung on a fishing line. Such a decoration of the chosen one will be appreciated.
  7. A coaster for a cup – a stand cut with a jigsaw will be a useful thing for any girl. This product will allow you to put hot mugs on any surface.
  8. A rug made of wine corks – such a product will fit perfectly into the bathroom or bathroom. There are two options for creating such a rug. In the first case, you need to cut the corks along and stick them on a rubberized fabric, and in the second, the blanks cut across are strung according to the principle of beading.

What is better not to give for a year of relationship

Often, when choosing a present for the first anniversary of a relationship, men make mistakes. An incorrectly chosen gift can disappoint your loved one and even lead to a quarrel. Stop gifts include:

  1. Items that are a clear hint of existing shortcomings – such can be: anti-cellulite creams, anti-wrinkle elixirs, weight loss products. Such presentations will be offensive to many girls.
  2. Clothing – it is better to replenish the wardrobe of the chosen one by joint efforts, because there is a risk that the man will choose the wrong size or the beloved will simply not like the thing. Shopping, paid for by a guy, will be to the liking of a beauty.
  3. Money – they can be regarded as a man’s unwillingness to spend time choosing a worthy present. If, nevertheless, it is decided to donate money, then it is better to pack them in an acquired clutch or a beautiful box with a declaration of love.
  4. Banal gifts – among these can be noted: ordinary postcards, standard notepads, simple key chains and more.
  5. Expensive things – gifts that are too expensive can put your soulmate in an uncomfortable position.
  6. Books on self-development – such a present can be a direct hint at the weak mental abilities of a loved one that needs to be developed. This also applies to cooking aids. It is advisable to present such books to ladies who love cooking.
  7. Gifts that impose your hobbies – so, for example, if the second half is afraid of horses, and you give her a subscription to horse riding classes, then this will be regarded as an attempt to impose your opinion.
  8. Hygiene items – these include: shower gels, shampoos, soaps and other products. Such things can be presented in family life, however, it would be stupid to present hygiene items for 1 year of relationship.
  9. Food – if the other half loves seafood, this does not mean that you need to present her a kilogram of shrimp or crayfish. It would be advisable to take care of a delicious dinner with seafood delicacies.
  10. Office – is considered no less stupid gift. Multi-colored pens and bright notebooks are unlikely to please the chosen one.

An unsuccessful gift will definitely spoil the soulmate’s mood, just some people may not show it. That is why it is worth adhering to certain rules.

When choosing a present for the first anniversary of a relationship, you should not be afraid to include your talents and imagination. Sometimes even an inexpensive, but sincere gift can give a lot of emotions to your beloved. The first anniversary is not only an occasion to give a surprise, but also a time when you can spend more time with each other. This day for the couple should be unforgettable. It should be remembered that it is not the gift itself that is important, but the attention of the gentleman. Care and a couple of nice gifts will make any girl happy. If you have treated your soulmate with awe and attention for all twelve months, then choosing a gift will not be a difficult task. The time and effort spent on choosing a surprise will pay off. Even the most banal gifts, correctly played with a romantic side, will not look ridiculous.

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