What to give a woman

TOP 76 ideas What to give a woman (girl) if she has everything

Choosing what to give a woman when she has everything is always difficult. At the same time, it is not so important what age her passport indicates – 20 or 55 years old, it is much more important that, according to many donors, it is simply impossible to surprise her with anything she has been given.

A serious and responsible task is the choice of what to give to a woman who has everything and who does not need ordinary things. She can buy any accessories herself, shelves are bursting with souvenirs, and all practical things are already in the house.

Below you will find a list of ideas and gifts that you can give a woman, even if she has everything.

Most importantly, remember that it is not at all necessary to purchase an expensive thing, just because she is used to such things. You just need to spend a little personal time, effort and imagination, in search of a creative and unique gift. In a word, find a way to show attention to a woman in an original way, and believe me, she will be happy!

It seems to you that this is almost impossible – do not worry, in fact, there are many ideas and ways to light a spark of joy and surprise in the eyes of such a woman. And they are all collected in this guide!

TOP 76 ideas What can you give a woman who has everything

  1. Associated tea. It is a small tea ball that blooms when brewed into a flower, bewitching with its beauty.
  2. Biofireplace.
  3. Porcelain milk jug or gravy boat.
  4. Pocket mirror embellished with stones or Swarovski crystals.
  5. Jewelry keychain.
  6. Volumetric 3D night light.
  7. Desktop mirror for a make-up with illumination.
  8. Unusual serving board. Slate, marble, wood or handcrafted options.
  9. Watering can glass for indoor plants with a long spout.
  10. Exotic plant in a pot, always with instructions.
  11. Pendant with natural stone according to the sign of the zodiac.
  12. Flip flop portrait.
  13. SPA bouquet.
  14. Rolling pin with carved patterns imprinted on the dough.
  15. Dehydrator – dryer for vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  16. Caviar.
  17. Palo santo are aromatic sticks from the “sacred tree” of South America.
  18. Special bucket for cooling bottles.
  19. Decanter for drinks of the original form. For example, in the form of a barrel or column.
  20. Set of handmade sweets.
  21. Beauty pillow.
  22. Electric samovar.
  23. Oriental coffee set on the sand.
  24. Comb with hair ionization function.
  25. A suitcase is a box for storing cosmetics.
  26. Phytolamp for a plant if a woman grows seedlings or indoor flowers.
  27. Instagram.
  28. Florarium with unpretentious succulents.
  29. A marble mortar and pestle for the woman who likes to experiment with spices and sauces.
  30. An elegant hair ornament is a headband, crab or invisible, decorated with stones.
  31. Natural handmade soap with additives in a basket.
  32. Bedside rug in the form of an animal skin.
  33. Wine set with glass.
  34. Mesoscooter.
  35. Scented stones are one of the most modern air fresheners.
  36. Bas-relief – three-dimensional picture.
  37. Salt tile made from natural Himalayan salt. Perfect for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, seafood.
  38. Jacquard coverlet.
  39. Cooling pad.
  40. Tandoor.
  41. Plush plaid with sleeves or for two.
  42. Eternal diary, working on the principle of “write – erase – write.”
  43. Original forms of pastries, donuts or bread. It is more convenient to get ready-made pastries from silicone ones, glass and metal ones are very durable and will last a long time.
  44. Rose petal sweets are an unusual, tasty and very sophisticated gift for a woman.
  45. Compact smart garden.
  46. A set of beautiful and original dishes: vintage porcelain, photo plates, dishes for serving Japanese dishes, etc.
  47. A barrel of your favorite honey variety – this is found in farm apiaries.
  48. Forged copper Turk.
  49. Body painting kit.
  50. Box of bath bombs with predictions.
  51. Gift set for serving cheese and wine.
  52. Electric eyelash curler.
  53. A set of scented candles in glass.
  54. Stylish stoneware teapot. The model with heating from a candle looks especially interesting.
  55. Moisture-absorbing comb not only combs, but also dries the hair.
  56. Gift box with natural coconut, peanut, hazelnut or date paste.
  57. Star chart of birth. Created by date and time of birth.
  58. A set of glowing glasses.
  59. Leather belt for a fashionable look.
  60. Set for independent preparation of chocolate, rolls, drinks, molecular cuisine.
  61. A copy of the Pravda newspaper, published on her birthday.
  62. Magnetic mask for youthful skin. Replaces daily professional massage.
  63. Wooden barrel or tub.
  64. Gift set with natural raw pressed oils for cooking (sesame, almond, olive, linseed, etc.).
  65. Shaker.
  66. Cutlery holder made of porcelain or wood.
  67. A set of spices or tea in test tubes. Such a gift is not only spectacular, but also practical.
  68. Slippers in the form of a panda, shark, monkey or other animals.
  69. Aquarium-garden – a small fish lives in an aquarium and feeds with its waste a tree growing above, and it, in turn, purifies the water in the aquarium.
  70. Fur earmuffs in the form of cat ears or muzzles.
  71. A kit for conducting stone therapy at home, which includes the stones themselves, placed in a special bag with a heater or a case with a heating function.
  72. Fitness bottle with phone holder.
  73. An upside-down umbrella that won’t drip into your bag or car interior and is more resistant to wind.
  74. A set for meeting the end of the world (you can determine its contents yourself, for example, it may include a bottle of vodka, a can of sprats, a pack of buckwheat, matches, a notebook with a pencil, a form for filling out personal data, a bandage, validol and activated charcoal, a collection of games, a rope and soap).
  75. Safe in the form of a book.
  76. Rare collectible sets (butterflies, coins, rare stamps, etc.).

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Has Everything

It is not at all necessary to consider only expensive things, because even a small trifle can make a person happy, especially if it is chosen with soul and care.

Such gifts include the following ideas:

Eco fur mittens . Fabulously beautiful mittens made of imported artificial eco-fur will reliably protect your hands even in severe frost.

Silky fur, a huge number of colors and models, these incomparable mittens will definitely give pleasure and delight any representative of the weaker sex.

A set of ECO body care products.  Such eco-sets can be purchased both in finished form and assembled independently.

Typically, such boxes include natural base oils, solid herbal shampoo and scrubs, herbal beldi.

Bath pearls with exotic scents . They are small balls filled with natural oils (avocado, shea, ylang-ylang, etc.).

Your gift will help the girl immerse herself in an exotic fantasy world, feel lightness in her body and thoughts.

Dissolving in water, the pearls fill the bathroom with an exquisite aroma, gently care for the skin. And, most importantly, they will cost quite inexpensively.

Turkish Spice and Coffee Mill . The original mill with millstones will delight any woman and will become a favorite accessory in the kitchen.

Ground spices and coffee with an incredible aroma and taste in just two minutes!

Jams with unusual flavors , such as premium alcohol flavors. Jams are made according to a unique recipe with the addition of various drinks.

Treat your sweet tooth with an unexpected taste, such as strawberry champagne.

The eyeglass chain  is a surprise for real fashionistas and lovers of vintage in the style of Audrey Hepburn.

Original, simple, elegant, and, most importantly, so versatile that it can suit any woman. Depending on the budget, you can choose a chain with natural stones, rhinestones, etc.

Eco-loofah fastener . It is made from natural material and acts as an excellent massager.

Increases skin tone, improves blood circulation. You can complement such a surprise with a natural coffee scrub.

Original selection of gifts

You can consider some more original gift ideas for a woman on her birthday and not only who has everything:

There is something magical about delicate and so beautiful butterflies. What if you give a woman an  enchanted garden full of these gentle creatures? A special fixture, made of glass and ceramic, contains a mineral that will easily attract fluttering beauties.

Just add a little water to it. And it, evaporating, activates the substances inside and attracts insects.

Set for making panels from moss .

  1. First, it is very entertaining and exciting.
  2. Secondly, a stunning result is obtained, because a woman will be able to enjoy the resulting beauty for many years.

Visualization board . The original version of what to give to a girl who has everything. With such a present, she will be able to make any of her dreams or goals come true.

It is a board with two parts, complete with motivational magnets. On which the girl will be able to visualize a dream, on the second to create a glider.

Beach mat sand free and anti-slip, waterproof . A wonderful gift for a lover of hot countries and a beach holiday.

The rug has a number of advantages: light, compact, no sand remains on it, prevents touching a wet surface, and, most importantly, it has many design variations and shades. So any fashionista will love it!

A coin made of precious metals  is an excellent souvenir for any significant date. Thanks to a wide range of coins, you can easily find the right option.

And if you can’t guess with a piece of jewelry, then by giving a commemorative coin, you will definitely hit the mark.

Poncho – plaid. An unusual gift in which a lady can wrap herself up on a cold day with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Soft, light, gentle – any girl will like it!

Useful gifts for a rich woman

When choosing what to give a woman who has everything, do not forget about the usual practicality. After all, the gift should be needed first of all.

Now you can find many practical things: make to order or engrave them. Here’s what you can donate:

Eco friendly home textile . At first glance, it seems that there is nothing original in such a gift, but thanks to the unusual and natural materials from which the textiles are made, it is able to fill the house with comfort and harmony.

So, you can donate: a set of nettle or hemp bed linen or an apron, a tablecloth, linen kitchen / bath towels, which are durable and wear-resistant.

A bracelet made of natural stones  is the simplest and most original way to give a woman graceful notes in her image, and at the same time let the positive energy of stones into her life.

Which since ancient times have been used not only as decoration, but also as an amulet from evil spirits. It is best to choose a bracelet or any other jewelry with a stone according to the sign of the zodiac.

Set of silk pillowcase and sleep mask . Suitable as a gift for a rich woman in age.

Anti-aging silk pillowcase and mask will take care of your skin and hair while you sleep. And original prints and a name inscription will make such a present special.

A gift box with a beauty blender  is a gift for a perfect make-up. The kit may include the legendary sponge (Beautyblender original), its mini version for working out hard-to-reach areas of the face and a special tool for cleaning them.

The popular accessory was created by the famous American make-up artist who conquered the whole world!

Such gifts can be supplemented with  a delicate bouquet of familiar flowers of youth . Any spoiled woman will be delighted with a composition of field, seasonal primroses or dried flowers.

Believe me, the effect will exceed your expectations.

TOP beauty and health gifts for the girl who has everything

Such gifts are a good choice that will surely please any girl, woman.

Cosmetics, massage devices, vitamin supplements, beauty novelties – all this brings beauty, health and harmony, as well as pleasant positive moments of life.

Smart mask, for example, Foreo . Fashion revolution in the field of beauty and home care. In just 90 seconds, the device will transform the complexion, the skin will shine, cleanse.

A woman will receive professional skin care or a world-class spa treatment right in the comfort of her own home. The beauty device is controlled via a smartphone.

Light alarm clock with imitation of dawn . An interesting gift for the woman who has everything. Modern alarm clock for comfortable and easy waking up.

30 minutes before the wake-up time, the watch begins to change its glow from weak to intense, simulating the rising of the sun. Then the alarm sounds. Which can be customized to your mood, from the sounds of nature, to your favorite songs.

Himalayan salt lamp . A wonderful gift for a wealthy woman who has everything.

Lamps are cut from Himalayan salt crystals and have a number of advantages: they disinfect the air, clean dust, relieve stress, reduce weather sensitivity in humans, and much more.

And the lamp can be a beautiful addition to the interior of the house.

A selection of interesting gifts


Below is a selection of different options for the necessary and pleasant surprises with which you can please any woman for the upcoming holiday.

Machine for making ravioli and rolling dough . Another great gift idea for a woman who has everything and loves to cook.

Now the hostess will be able to pamper her family and guests with Italian dishes: homemade pasta, lasagna, ravioli, and, of course, Russian dumplings.

The machine is easy to use and allows you to significantly diversify the diet of the family.

Decorative tree Cetraria . This is an unusual gift that will give the energy of the forest and the sea. Cetraria is an Icelandic moss that is a hybrid of seaweed and fungi.

It looks like a small bush, which is enough to spray with water 2-3 times a month.

But, the main feature of the tree is the healing of a person. Actively purifies the air, has antiseptic properties, enriches the air with iodine, fills the room with the aroma of sea waves and forests.

A Swarovski souvenir  is an excellent and very stylish gift for a successful woman. After all, the Swarovski stones themselves are a living light, enhanced by natural rock crystal.

Unique beauty, warmth, aesthetics are the epithets that such products rightfully deserve.

Among the wide variety of figurines, you can easily choose the right option: a composition in the form of a zodiac sign, animals, birds, flowers, photo frames, clock figurines and much more.

Water bottle with quartz  (pink, clear, smoky, amethyst). Such an original gift will definitely surprise a young woman, especially if she is fond of healthy lifestyle.

A special collection of these bottles has the following features: stylish non-toxic glass design, crystal fixed without glue, stainless steel base and lid, convenient and 600ml capacity.

An elixir based on natural crystals is an important element of a harmonious life, and also a spectacular surprise.

Universal gifts for the woman who has everything

Sometimes it’s not WHAT you give, it’s more important HOW you give it. Therefore, for a woman who, as it seems at first glance, has everything, you can collect a basket.

Gift baskets  are a fashionable novelty this year. Firstly, the basket itself is already a cool gift that will always come in handy at home or in the country. Secondly, such a gift looks unusual. Thirdly, any woman will be curious to delve into such a box and examine its contents.

There are a million filling options. You can collect for every taste and budget, for example:

  • A basket for a romantic evening (honey candles, a romantic board game, a bottle of wine, etc.).
  • For those with a sweet tooth (marmalade or marshmallows with natural juice, gingerbread with honey, foreign sweets, strawberries in Belgian chocolate, etc.).
  • Warm and beautiful box (mulled wine set, cashmere tippet, hot spa set at home, etc.).

Brand scarf . Do not be alarmed, the prices for branded scarves, for example, from Italy and France, vary from 1 to 15 thousand rubles, depending on the size and composition.

Silk scarf, twill ribbons, iconic shawls with sparkling patterns, cashmere shawls – these are just a few of the accessories that you can buy as a gift for a woman.

The main thing is to choose the right shade and print that matches her style.

Massive headbands imitating a bandage on the head are now in trend  . Looks interesting on a woman of any age. Wide models with a satin finish are especially relevant.

Depending on the style of the woman, you can choose a sleek, solid color, embellished with stones or pearls, a stylish print, or even studded.

To complement such a gift or give it as an independent surprise, you can add another hot accessory – a  hairpin.

The most popular are the invisible ones with pearls and gilded shells, such models remain relevant both this year and next. The trend is also minimalistic plain hairpins and options with animal print.

Stylish  home sets are in fashion now , which can hardly be called pajamas. But, at the same time, such costumes are very popular.

This is a suit consisting of trousers and a shirt, in which you can lie at home, go to a pajama party, or go out to the embankment. Choose from cotton or satin.

You can, of course, choose the classics, choosing an elegant nightgown or a set with a T-shirt and shorts.

Ideas for practical and original gifts

Even if you know a woman well, this does not mean at all that you have ideas for a good gift.

If you are looking for what to give for an anniversary or just a birthday, pay attention to the options below. Even if a woman has everything, she will be pleased to receive the following gifts as a gift:

Smart watch or fitness bracelet. A thing with which your spouse can monitor their health. Modern smart watches can not only show the time, but also call and receive messages, as well as count steps, duration and quality of sleep, they measure the pulse and show the level of daily activity.

Appliances. To surprise your spouse, give her an unusual kitchen appliance. It can be a yogurt maker or an ice cream maker, a popcorn maker, a cotton candy maker or a small hot dog. If the wife loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen, she will definitely like this gift.

How to surprise a girl who has everything

Some girls are very hard to impress. If your sweetheart is one of those people and she doesn’t need anything, but you still want to make a pleasant surprise, pay attention to the following original ideas:

Handmade decoration. Costume jewelry can also be beautiful and expensive, especially if it is handmade. Usually this is a decoration that exists in a single copy, and your beloved girl will be its owner. The perfect gift if you want to show that you think your significant other is special.

Electronic butterfly in the bank. A romantic gift for your girlfriend, which is a small jar with an electronic butterfly inside. If you turn on the lamp and touch the glass, the electronic mechanism will start, the butterfly will start and flutter inside the jar.

Opening photo pendant. A beautiful jewelry that a girl will wear around her neck, and she will always have the opportunity to open the pendant and look at your joint photo inserted into it. The pendant can be silver or gold – depending on what the hero of the occasion likes more.

What can you give a woman friend or colleague

Sometimes it becomes necessary to give a gift to a woman at work or on business.

To surprise a colleague, a distant relative or just a woman you know who can have everything, take a look at the following practical gifts:

  • Unusual cake. Such gifts are an option for those women who like sweets. You can present such a gift creatively – for example, it can be a cake in the form of a car (if a woman drives a car), a women’s handbag or shoes (if she loves shopping), or perhaps it will be a sweet in the form of a beloved pet of the hero of the occasion.
  • Diary, notebook or notebook with a lock. A banal gift at first glance, but one small detail makes it original – this is a lock that closes with a key and hides the secrets of the owner from others. A good gift for a colleague, especially if you work in an office and often use the stationery.
  • A cute desk accessory that will look harmonious in your office or at home. Original and cool options: Newton’s balls, money tree, table punching bag and more.


Increasingly, many donors, choosing what is better to give to a wealthy woman, give preference not to material things, but to presents that can evoke unforgettable emotions.

Of course, such a gift cannot be put on the shelf, but the impressions will remain for many years. Good options that can be presented to a very rich woman can be considered:

  • Parachute jump, airplane or hot air balloon flight . If the culprit is delighted with the height, and age does not forbid her from loving extreme sports (for example, if she is under 40 years old), you should pay attention to this kind of entertainment. You should definitely take a good camera with you into the air so that the breathtaking pictures will remind the lady of this experience all her life, and flying on an airplane or a hot air balloon can be brightened up with a bottle of champagne and sweets;
  • Extreme driving lesson or off-road buggy driving . An experienced autolady will appreciate such a surprise, the main thing is that it is organized by real professionals who can ensure not only the pleasure of the race, but also complete safety;
  • A riding lesson or just a horse ride in your company . Representatives of the weaker sex, who experience childish delight at the sight of horses, will definitely like such entertainment. Perhaps your surprise will be the starting point for starting a new hobby for the hero of the occasion, and in the case of a horseback ride, you, among other things, will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that you will pass in the process;
  • Go to quest . Of course, this option is unlikely to suit ladies aged, for example, 60-65 years old, but for younger ladies it can be considered a win-win. To date, these types of entertainment are available in any city, while the quest can be selected with any plot. Thus, it is possible to find an adventure with a suitable scenario for horror fans, sophisticated people, and avid intellectuals.

What to give a rich woman (girl), made by hand

Sometimes questions like “what to give a rich woman for her birthday?” confuse potential donors due to the lack of huge finances. Then handmade gifts come to the rescue.

  • Firstly, they can significantly save the budget.
  • Secondly, giving a very rich woman a handmade item is a very smart decision, because, unlike most store purchases, it will be unique and can really surprise the recipient.

Suitable options in this situation are:

  1. Poem of own composition . Having received such a work of art, written in honor of your beloved, any representative of the beautiful half of humanity will be touched and pleasantly surprised by your ingenuity. You can compose lines yourself, if you have the appropriate talents, or turn to professionals for help – fortunately, in our time you can find many organizations and just talented people who are ready to share their experience. The main thing is that the poem should speak specifically about the personality of the hero of the occasion and its positive qualities, there should be no “water” and general phrases;
  2. Handmade souvenirs . If you are fond of needlework (no matter what area), the answer to the question “what to give a woman for her birthday if she has everything?” asks for itself. Suitable options would be a hand-painted picture, a scrapbooking photo album or frame, a smartphone or tablet case sewn by you, knitwear and much more – any little thing that you are able to make and that, in your opinion, will give pleasure to a woman. You will need absolutely minimal costs – the cost of materials, personal time and the desire to please the hero of the occasion;
  3. Delicacies of own preparation . Culinary masterpieces from close people are perceived with double joy, because they are not only capable of delivering gastronomic pleasure, but also prepared with love and care, which makes them almost perfect. At the same time, it does not matter which of the dishes you do best – pastries, sweets, pickles, jams, honey or something else. It is much more important to know for sure that the delicacy will be to the taste of the gifted. In addition, be sure to take care of the beautiful design of the treat – an unattractive appearance can discourage even just trying it.

How to choose what to give a woman when she has everything

In order to accurately determine what to give a wealthy woman for her birthday or any other holiday, it would be useful to listen to our recommendations:

  • Strain your memory and remember everything that you had a chance to give a woman up to this moment . It is best to remember not only your presents, but also those that she received from others. Using this advice, you will reduce the likelihood of an annoying repetition to a minimum;
  • Puzzling over what to give a woman when she has everything, learn to listen and hear the hero of the occasion . No matter how rare your meetings are, try to discern her dreams and desires in casual conversation, glances at shop windows, reactions to advertising, etc .;
  • If the lady is a frequent visitor to social networks , carefully study her personal page – perhaps there she posts pictures, phrases or links that directly indicate that she would not mind receiving a gift;
  • Be sure to take care of the beautiful design of the presentation . Of course, we are talking about stylish packaging. However, this is not enough – a verbal addition to a gift can also be considered its original design, since it is it that can give meaning and make even the most ordinary, at first glance, thing original;
  • Flowers are another important addition to the main gift . It is worth noting that this rule applies to presents for any woman, but in the case of rich ladies, the situation is somewhat more complicated. Surprising such a person with just a chic bouquet is unlikely to succeed, so you should think about more original options. For example, you can present her with a miniature composition of delicate wildflowers. Bouquets of sweets, chocolates, soft toys and even underwear will also be successful solutions if you are familiar with the gifted person closely enough.

How to choose the right gift for a woman – everyone faces this question on the eve of the holidays. In order not to give another unnecessary thing, below are 8 more useful recommendations that you should pay attention to.

  1. The main rule  before buying a present is to ask yourself: “What is this thing for? Do I want a similar gift for myself? If you answered yes to these questions, then the thing is good. After all, it is always nice  to get a necessary and interesting thing , but a useful figurine from the nearest shopping center.
  2. Do not choose gifts for yourself,  but choose them for your friend, close or dear person. You do not have to choose YOUR favorite color, style of clothing that YOU like. Think about the recipient, not about yourself. Believe me, your points of view are very, very different.
  3. Quality.  Don’t buy cheap things. If the budget is limited, either reconsider it, or change the plan and buy something smaller, but of high quality.
  4. Also, do not  give things related to a woman’s hobby, especially if you are not very close to her . Because you a priori understand the topic worse and definitely screw it up. In this case, give the certificate to the appropriate store.
  5. Give a certificate for any services, consider only with an open date. It will be difficult for you to predict the plans of a woman in advance.
  6. Check for receipts and price tags .
  7. Sweets and flowers are  always appropriate, and it is desirable that they accompany your gift on any significant occasion. And if it is an edible bouquet, then this is a great way to surprise a woman with an unusual and very tasty gift. It has 2 advantages: firstly, it is beautiful and very tasty, and secondly, it can be easily assembled with your own hands, taking into account the tastes of a woman.
  8. And be sure to remember, the weaker sex, refined natures, they love beauty, sophistication, so  be sure to place your surprise in a gift bag , box or wrap it in a festive package, tied with a satin ribbon.

What better not to give a woman who has everything

When choosing what to give a rich woman, it is worth remembering that there is a whole category of things that you should not give her. These presentations include:

  • Ordinary, non-original things, no matter how practical and useful they may be (everything that can be useful in everyday life, at work and in other areas of life, a wealthy person, most likely, has already managed to purchase herself);
  • Products that can hint to a lady about her imperfections (for example, bath and soap accessories, anti-cellulite cream, scales, slimming underwear, anti-aging cosmetics, weight loss drugs, etc.);
  • Household appliances and kitchen utensils, which we are used to using daily (this will once again remind the hero of the occasion about annoying life);
  • Alcoholic drinks (will put a woman in an awkward position);
  • Pet (perhaps you will impose on the lady a responsibility for which she was not ready).

On the eve of any holiday, before looking for a gift, you need to find out what you should never give to lovely ladies. Another list of anti-gifts:

Gifts for show,  here you can include souvenirs from the nearest shopping center, care kits bought in a hurry, etc. First of all, make sure that such a thing is really needed and desired, which, of course, is unlikely.

Underwear, tights, stockings . Too personal gift. In addition, the years of scarcity have sunk into the past, and modern women have a huge choice, their own tastes and preferences, which you are unlikely to be able to guess. Yes, and it is inappropriate, especially if it is not a native person.

Anti-aging cosmetics, weight loss products and more,  with a hint of imperfections. Believe me, any woman already knows when and what to use. And even if you “didn’t mean anything like that,” unpleasant emotions will still remain.

Peignoirs, shirts . Such a present is appropriate only from relatives, but not from acquaintances, even very good ones.

Counterfeits of branded items  are the worst idea. Such things, as a rule, of poor quality, cause only discontent and bewilderment. Especially when a woman is wealthy, she can easily distinguish a fake.

Cheap jewelry . In this case, everything is very difficult. Firstly, every woman is used to choosing for herself jewelry that she likes and suits her. Secondly, such jewelry quickly loses its appearance and causes allergies. In this case, give preference to silver, especially since it is in trend.


As you may have noticed after reading the guide, there are a huge number of interesting, and, most importantly, not always expensive options. Now you know exactly what they give to women who have everything!

It is important for any woman, no matter how rich she owns, to be in the spotlight and surrounded by compliments and courtship. Remember this and do not seek to just give her expensive things – for her this is a common thing. Better take the time and show your imagination to surprise and please the hero of the occasion – such a gift will be the most valuable for her.

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