What to give a girl

TOP 23 ideas – What to give a Girl just like that and for no reason + Tips

As you know, the best gift is the one that has no reason. It is these surprises that girls appreciate the most.

If you are puzzling over the question of what you can give a girl just like that, then ready-made lists of gifts for a girl that can be given for no reason will be a real salvation in such a situation!

TOP 23 ideas – What can you give a girl just like that

  1. A pair of keychains, one half of which your beloved will attach to her keys, and you can leave the other half for your bunch;
  2. Set for needlework – embroidery, drawing, weaving with beads, etc. (if your chosen one is fond of something similar);
  3. Cinema, theater, exhibition tickets, etc.;
  4. The book of your lady’s favorite author;
  5. A whole basket of kinders;
  6. Basket of exotic fruits;
  7. Stylish notebook or diary;
  8. A cup with a cool inscription or your joint photo;
  9. Indoor flower (for an experienced grower who knows how to care for plants, exotic specimens are suitable, and for a beginner it is better to present a flower that does not require special care);
  10. Cozy home slippers (may be in the form of plush boots, soft toys, sheepskin models, etc.);
  11. Cake, in the design of which all the distinctive features and hobbies of your beloved are clearly traced;
  12. A tea set that includes several rare varieties of this drink;
  13. An unusual bouquet of sweets, balloons, fruits and berries or small soft toys;
  14. Beautiful, but at the same time, a warm accessory (hat, snood, scarf, mittens, headband);
  15. Jewelry box;
  16. Wireless headphones;
  17. Flowers in ice;
  18. Stylish passport cover (the best option would be a nominal cover made of natural leather in a concise style);
  19. Unusual flower in a pot;
  20. Ultrasonic toothbrush;
  21. A set of funny covers for notebooks, for example, with funny faces (if your girlfriend is a student);
  22. A set of handmade soap (for example, in the form of angels, hearts, chocolate, ice cream, etc.);
  23. Thermo mug.

What to give a girl just so inexpensive

Sometimes the desire to please a loved one is so strong that even a lack of financial resources is unable to stop a man in love.

Of course, in this case, you have to show miracles of imagination and pretty much break your head over what to give a girl for no reason, so that it would be nice. In such a situation, our ideas can be a real salvation:

Love message . When choosing what gift you can give a girl just like that, remember that “women love with their ears.” However, it often turns out to be a problem for the representatives of the stronger sex to express their feelings in words.

If you are in this category, know that solving the problem is as easy as shelling pears – confess your love in writing. The main requirement for a love letter is that it must be written by hand and in your own words.

Let it not be as beautiful as a printed text taken from the Internet, but your beloved will not doubt that your confession is from the heart.

Do not forget to put the message in a beautiful envelope, after which it can be thrown into the recipient’s purse or mailbox;

Charm stone . Most of all, the weaker sex appreciates the care of their beloved men – take advantage of this and present your beloved with a kind of amulet, which, according to legend, is able to protect her from all troubles and hardships.

You can choose the right option according to the zodiac sign, especially if your lady of the heart is a fan of horoscopes. A semi-precious stone on a string or chain will not require you to spend a lot of money, but it will add mystery and originality to the image of your chosen one;

Original case for smartphone . Of course, an ordinary cover for such a situation is not very suitable – such a gift is too banal, and the girl is able to purchase it on her own. Your task is to surprise your beloved, so we advise you to think carefully about the design of the accessory.

You can find many companies that make custom smartphone cases according to the wishes of the client. So, you can purchase a standard silicone case, but, for example, with your general photo, which will always remind the girl of you.

You can also make it nominal by typing the initials or surname of the future owner. Among other things, now it is not a problem to make a cover from non-standard materials, such as wood, for example. Thus, focus solely on your personal taste and preferences of your beloved;

A box of fortune cookies . When wondering what to give a girl just like that, besides flowers, remember that all the fair sex, with rare exceptions, love sweets.

The problem is that in our time you won’t surprise anyone with the usual treats, so you have to try to produce the “wow!” effect. Fortune cookies can be considered a suitable option in such a situation.

Obviously, the cookie itself can be ordinary (oatmeal, shortbread – it all depends on the tastes of the recipient), the whole point is good predictions. They can hide such phrases as “Today is the best day, like everyone else!”, “Look forward more cheerfully – there is wealth waiting for you!”, “You are on the right track”, “The other side of the crisis is new opportunities”, “Today it will be your cherished desire”, “The month will be full of love and romance”, etc.

What gift to give a girl to remember for a long time

For many admirers, it is not enough to answer the question of what to give a girl for no reason to be pleased. They strive to strike their beloved on the spot with something really interesting and original.

If you want to give your chosen one an unforgettable experience, we advise you to take a closer look at the following options:

Fireworks in front of the sweetheart’s windows . Many people think that such surprises are “money down the drain”, both literally and figuratively. However, the sentimental weaker sex, as a rule, is not particularly pragmatic and is truly fascinated by the beautiful sight in front of their windows.

Also, we must not forget that the girls are rather vain persons and do not miss the opportunity to show off their successes in their personal lives to others. Understand the weaknesses of your chosen one and give her such an opportunity by demonstrating a stunning salute to the entire house, street, and perhaps even the city.

Don’t forget to enlist the help of professional pyrotechnicians to make everything go as smoothly and safely as possible;

Box with exotic butterflies . It is believed that you can give a girl anything just like that, as long as she associates it with positive moments.

Butterflies for most people are a symbol of summer, and who among us does not love this wonderful time of the year? Give your favorite piece of exotic in the middle of winter, and this, no doubt, will not leave her indifferent. It is worth noting that these insects are absolutely safe and will not cause you absolutely no discomfort, fluttering around the room;

How to choose a gift for a girl for no reason

Often, the variety of choices plays a cruel joke with men and makes them completely bogged down in thoughts about what gift can be given to a girl just like that.

Our simple tips will help you make the right decision:

  • By itself, a gift without a reason suggests that you are presenting it simply to please a loved one, make him smile and cheer up. However, if you are worried that your lady of the heart may misunderstand your desire, time the present for some sweet occasion. For example, in this way you can mark so many days or hours from the moment of your meeting or the beginning of a common winter, spring, etc.;
  • When choosing a present, take into account everything you know about your beloved – her hobbies, character traits, temperament, place of work, etc. For example, a calm girl who is not very attracted to extreme sports is unlikely to be delighted with the opportunity to jump with a parachute;
  • It is worth giving preference to handmade gifts only if you are confident in your abilities and know for sure that the result of your efforts will be worthy. If you hope that a girl can be surprised with a children’s craft, we hasten to upset you – her reaction will be far from delighted;
  • Do not try to impress your beloved with your financial capabilities. Of course, if the budget is unlimited, no one forbids giving your lady of the heart all possible presents. However, if the situation is different, you should not focus on money – you can impress a girl with your creativity and diligence. If she has really sincere feelings towards you, she will appreciate this much more than the amount of spending;
  • It is advisable to complement the main present with a bouquet of flowers. Be sure to leave a cute note in it with kind words or a compliment written by yourself. At the same time, do not forget to be creative here and not just hand over the flowers to the recipient, but, for example, send them by courier or leave them at the workplace of your beloved.

What is better not to give your girlfriend just like that for no reason

Sometimes an unsuccessfully chosen present can cause a relationship to cool, especially at the moment when they are just starting. Refusal of gifts such as:

  • What your chosen one prefers to choose on her own – bags, wardrobe items, perfume, cosmetics, underwear, etc. If you really want to give your beloved one of the above categories, go to the store together or give a certificate for the purchase in it;
  • Things that can be perceived as a hint of the presence of external flaws – scales, shapewear or cosmetics, medicines, etc.;
  • Overly practical presents, completely devoid of romance, such as household appliances, dishes, etc.;
  • Money (may offend your chosen one or make her feel owed);
  • Gifts that go against her health needs (for example, sweets for a girl with diabetes or a subscription to a fitness center if physical activity is contraindicated for her);
  • Frankly banal gifts, at the sight of which the weaker sex gets the impression that the beloved man did not want to waste time looking for a more original present and decided in this way to simply “pay off” from her (ready-made cosmetic sets, a box of chocolates from the nearest store, etc. ).


As a rule, the desire to please a beloved woman just like that, for no reason, occurs among the stronger sex infrequently, so it can be somewhat confusing and bewildering for potential recipients. However, the correct presentation can dispel all doubts and instill in the soul of the gifted real pride that she got the perfect man. Invest your soul and a sincere desire to please your soulmate in gifts – then the response in the form of love and respect for you will not keep you waiting.

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