What to give a girl

92 ideas what to give a girl instead of flowers?

When choosing an original gift, it should be understood that not all surprises can cause a storm of delight in a girl. The following tips will help you avoid mistakes:

Try to find out about the girl’s preferences before choosing a gift. This can be helped by observing her reaction to any products in the store, her statements in your conversations or publications on social networks.

Consider the nature of your meeting and do not present anything voluminous or heavy before the walk.

When choosing an alternative to a bouquet, give preference to gifts that will be perceived as a sign of attention.

Approach the preparation of the surprise responsibly and consciously, regardless of its magnitude.

If the gift is material, take care of its beautiful design.

Prepare in advance the words that you will say when presenting the presentation. Correctly formulated phrases will make an indelible impression on the lady and increase the value of even the most uncomplicated gift.

So, 36 gift ideas:

  1. Gift certificate for a cosmetics or lingerie store
  2. cute soft toy
  3. Sweet gift: fortune cookies, large chocolate bar; original candies
  4. Stylish writing instruments
  5. Any useful object for her hobby: a box for threads, an album for coins
  6. Your joint photo in a beautiful frame
  7. Portable Bluetooth speaker
  8. Night light-projector of the starry sky
  9. Designer computer mouse
  10. Flowers from banknotes
  11. dream Catcher
  12. Set of original varieties of tea or coffee
  13. exotic houseplant
  14. Aroma lamp with aroma candles
  15. A product made of stone suitable for her according to the horoscope
  16. Paired t-shirts, key chains or mugs with symbolic inscriptions
  17. Premium figurine with the inscription “Ideal girl”
  18. Beautiful jewelry
  19. Thermal mug with original inscription
  20. Set of cute stickers for decoration
  21. sketchbook
  22. Board game
  23. A musical instrument that does not require special skills
  24. Antistress toy
  25. Kaleidoscope
  26. Interactive repeat toy
  27. Huge kinder surprise
  28. Set for mulled wine
  29. openwork fan
  30. funny alarm clock
  31. handmade mirror
  32. shower radio
  33. Animal Slippers
  34. Shaker
  35. Massager
  36. Blanket with sleeves

What can you give a girl instead of flowers from intangible

Among young people, there is an increasing tendency to please their chosen ones for no particular reason. However, some are stopped by the lack of funds and the stereotype that organizing a worthy surprise without solid material investments is impossible. As practice shows, this opinion has no basis, and there are many budget ideas that can give unforgettable pleasant emotions.

Various little things that a girl discovers in the most unexpected places: notes with tender words, balloons, heart candies. Moreover, this method can be organized absolutely anywhere and absolutely does not require the direct presence of a young person. This may be the workplace of the chosen one, a house or even a park where she walks with her pet. The main thing is that the surprise is not in plain sight, and the girl looks exactly in the right place.

Romantic lettering on any suitable surface.  As you know, all girls love compliments and nice words addressed to them, especially if they hear them from their beloved men. Express your feelings by writing on snow, grass or asphalt. Or lay out any phrase from burning candles, pebbles or flowers. Also, fences, walls or trees are suitable as an information board. At the same time, be prudent and do not harm the environment and various structures.

Radio declaration of love.  If you know what radio station a girl listens to, surprise her and confess your feelings live. Think in advance and prepare a text in which you mention all the best qualities of your chosen one and the most touching moments of your relationship. With your speech, you will hit the very “bullseye” and touch your beloved to the core.

Love letter. Write a real letter to your girlfriend and send it by real mail. Put your warmest and most sincere feelings there. Let them be expressed in just a few phrases, but from the heart. You can also put some cute postcard or a photo of you together in the envelope.

Poems or songs.  Young people with creative inclinations may well pamper their chosen ones with poems or songs dedicated to them. Perhaps not very coherent, but sincere and sincere. Sometimes only through verses it is possible to express all the most intimate, which cannot be said in simple words.

Sweet gifts for a girl instead of flowers

Even the most ardent adherents of diets and guardians of figures are irreconcilable sweet tooth and will be happy with the following presents:

Handmade sweets.  As a rule, such sweets are made by private craftsmen, but they can also be purchased at the company stores of many confectionery factories. Often they are already packaged in beautiful gift boxes.

Belgian chocolate flowers.  For more than three centuries, Belgian chocolate has been considered the standard of sophistication. It has a unique taste and literally melts in your mouth. A bouquet of such flowers looks very beautiful and original.

Set with honey or jam.  This gift helps to strengthen the immune system and is extremely relevant in the cold season. In addition to honey and jam, such a set may include tea, herbal tea or nuts.

French Macarons.  The legendary multi-colored dessert, consisting of two cookies with a layer of cream or jam, is sold in small sets and will not leave indifferent any sweet lover.

Sushi cakes.  Such a confectionery product, outwardly no different from traditional sushi, will appeal to fans of Asian cuisine.

A chest with chocolate coins  will be able to please cheerful ladies who love adventure and all kinds of adventures.

A set of oriental sweets  will be a great addition to a joint tea party.

Fruit and berry bouquets and baskets with exotic fruits  will be an ideal gift for those who for some reason do not consume chocolate and sugar. The composition, compiled taking into account the taste preferences of the chosen one, will be not only beautiful, but also useful.

Well, do not forget about all kinds of sweets prepared with your own hands. Any girl will appreciate such a gesture, regardless of the unpretentiousness of the prepared dish.

Original gifts for a girl

Non-trivial gifts allow you to defuse the situation, experience positive emotions and find common themes.

All sorts of bouquets:  from soft toys, balloons, soap, socks (yes, don’t be surprised, this is a relatively new European trend), tea and coffee. Basically, anything you can think of. If a girl has a great sense of humor and you know her taste preferences, you can collect a bouquet of bread and cheese or a bouquet of vegetables and sausages.

Various pair certificates:  for a Thai massage, for a photo session, for a Russian bath, for a master class dedicated to a topic of interest to both of you.

A variety of walks:  on a river steamboat, on a boat, on ATVs, horse rides, going to an amusement park or going on a picnic to the nearest park.

Tickets for an event that is interesting for your chosen one:  an exhibition of her favorite photographer, a fashion show, a performance with her favorite actors, a concert, etc.

Salute from living butterflies.  A spectacular gift will bring bright and unforgettable emotions to the usual everyday life and will allow you to experience new positive impressions.

Decision ball.  Thanks to the generator of random answers, this toy says “yes” or “no”, sometimes allowing you to make a choice.

Puzzle heart.  You can entrust the folding of such a romantic gift only to a girl, or you can collect it together.

Souvenir coin with an eagle on both sides.  Presenting such a present, it should be said that the fallen eagle will be a sign that the wish made will soon come true.

Sky lattern.  An inexpensive little thing that symbolizes love will be the perfect gift for a romantic date.

Kigurumi.  Knowing the favorite characters of your chosen one, you can please her by presenting the appropriate kigurumi pajamas.

Portrait to order.  Any woman will be flattered to receive her portrait on canvas from a man. To do this, you need to prepare and choose a photo in which the girl likes herself.

Talking toy.  Words of love are never superfluous and unnecessary. If you are not near your chosen one, let her be reminded of you by a plush animal saying “I love you” or “I miss you.”

Unique photo album.  Print out your best photos, collect them in a photo album and present them to your girlfriend. And if you add funny or romantic inscriptions under the photo, you will touch the most delicate spiritual strings of your beloved.

Handmade doll.  Do not be too lazy to find a master who can make a doll that looks like your girlfriend. Not everyone receives such an original gift.

Original piggy bank.  Girls are famous lovers of shopping and various cash spending. And they do not always manage to save up for something significant. Help your loved one take the first step towards her dream by giving her an unopenable piggy bank.

Tray table.  Such a gift will tell the girl that you are ready to pamper her and serve her coffee and various goodies in bed.

Bouquet of dried flowers or wildflowers.  Replace a boring bouquet with a well-composed composition of wildflowers. Give your chosen one a little sincerity, warmth and sunny moments.

Original bath bombs.  What could be better than a relaxing and fragrant bath with a glass of wine? Bubbling bombs will create the effect of a jacuzzi and allow you to abstract from the gray everyday life.

What to give a girl of interest

Knowing the interests and preferences of the chosen one, it is not at all difficult to please her with a good present. Leading questions and further ideas can help with this:

Travel  lovers will appreciate the world scratch-off map, which has an erasable layer. Having visited the next country, you should erase the corresponding area on the map and plan a further place for travel.

Favorite writer’s book.  Most of us have favorite authors and favorite books. Knowing what a girl likes to read, you can buy an appropriate gift edition for her or get a book autographed by the writer.

Figure of your favorite character.  With the help of such an unpretentious and budgetary souvenir, you will be able to demonstrate respect and attention to the tastes of a girl.

Merch of your favorite artist/band.  Any fan will be delighted with a T-shirt, sweatshirt or record of his pet. And if the product turns out to be with his autograph, there will be no limit to sincere joy.

Sports Equipment.  A lady who is fond of sports and leads a healthy lifestyle will like any training equipment, yoga mats, wristlets, weights and more.

Romantic gifts for a girl

First dates are filled with the spirit of romance and serve as an ideal occasion for romantic gifts that speak of the seriousness of the young man’s feelings and his attention.

“Love is…”  A block of the legendary chewing gum, symbolizing love and romance, will be a very iconic gift for your beloved. As a more solid present, you can present a picture made in the style of the same name.

Headphones for two.  This gift will allow you to become a little closer, thanks to the joint listening to music and watching movies.

Heart lock.  You should give such a souvenir only if there is an unshakable confidence in your feelings. You can hang it on a special bridge of lovers or leave it at home as a symbol of strong love.

Mitten for lovers.  A mitten is very useful in the cold season. Thanks to a special cut and two holes for hands, it allows you to hold hands even in the most severe frosts.

Declaration of love on a billboard.  The best place to place a confession would be a billboard located under the windows of your beloved, or located on her way to work or school.

Overnight at the hotel.  When ordering a room, you should take care of the presence in it of your chosen one’s favorite flowers, fruits and wine. Also, do not ignore the candles – they will help create the right atmosphere and tune in to a romantic mood.

A star named after a girl.  Any representative of the fair sex will be happy with such a chic and creative gift. Awareness of the presence of a “personal” celestial body will give pleasant impressions throughout life.

Rooftop walk at night.  Such walks are classics of the genre, allowing you to return to your youth and experience the purest emotions.

Love meter.  This comic device will note the most insignificant changes in the internal state and show the level of cordiality and love of everyone.

What to give a girl instead of flowers, made by hand

According to most men, handmade gifts are a win-win option and are extremely popular with women who value attention and time devoted to them most of all. As hand-made presents, you can present the following:

funny amulet

Materials:  Large cutting board and a couple of rolling pins.

Workflow:  put on each rolling pin a phrase that defines its purpose (“From envious girlfriends”, “From grumbling mother-in-law”, etc.), and nail or glue the rolling pins to the board. You can apply inscriptions with paint, a marker or a soldering iron. In the free areas of the composition, various decorative elements will look good, giving it a complete look. You can make the “amulet” durable with the help of furniture varnish.

Panel “Heart of threads”

Materials:  small nails and a wooden base enclosed in a frame,

Progress of work:  draw a heart on a wooden base and drive nails along its contour. Then, in a chaotic manner, wrap red threads around them (preferably thick ones). Wind until the heart has the desired density of color.

What is better not to give a girl instead of flowers

In order not to be misunderstood and not to disappoint your chosen one, you should refuse to donate the following:

  • too expensive things;
  • vulgar and frank gifts that can offend a girl;
  • presents that are not suitable for medical reasons;
  • things far from romance (kitchen utensils, household appliances);
  • money, with the exception of banknotes in the original design;
  • means for weight loss;
  • remedies for wrinkles and acne;
  • plastic surgeries;
  • epilators;
  • scales;
  • perfumes and decorative cosmetics;
  • pets;
  • fakes;
  • duty gifts a la “too lazy to think.”

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