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36+ Ideas What to give a guy if you just started dating

What to give a guy if you just started dating? At the very beginning of a relationship, solving this problem is not always so easy, and many girls have to pretty much puzzle over what to give a guy if they are little known.

Below you will find ready-made lists of gifts and tips, following which you will definitely be able to choose the perfect gift for your significant other.

TOP 36 gift ideas for a guy if you just started dating

  1. Headphones (you can choose a non-standard option – wireless, running, compact in-ear, etc.);
  2. Leather bracelet with a metal insert engraved with the date of your acquaintance or the beginning of a relationship;
  3. Powerbank (wireless battery for charging smartphones and other devices);
  4. Stylish clutch wallet made of genuine leather;
  5. Functional and stylish lunchbox;
  6. Auto accessories (organizer for the glove box or trunk, seat covers, universal tool kit for the car, floor mats, compact vacuum cleaner, folding autoshovel, etc.);
  7. Miniature collectible model of his own car;
  8. Tickets for an interesting event (football match, boxing fight, concert, film or lecture on a topic interesting to a man);
  9. Spending a romantic evening in the spa;
  10. A trip to the quest together or with a group of friends;
  11. Sport T-shirt;
  12. Unusual cufflinks (for example, with the initials of a young man or important symbols);
  13. Important little things for work – a diary in a beautiful leather cover, an organizer made of natural wood, a mini-bar for the office, an expensive pen, etc. (for a business person);
  14. Interactive T-shirt-guitar, synthesizer or drum (a special interactive panel attached to the inside of the product responds to pressing and makes appropriate sounds);
  15. Wireless and waterproof shower radio;
  16. Alcohol calendar, which marked all the days of the year, suggesting occasions for a feast with friends;
  17. A set of paired T-shirts for you and your loved one with a cool inscription or print (for example, “You are mine!” – “I am yours!”, “She is mine” – “He is mine”, “M” – “S”, etc. );
  18. Decorative pillow with joint photos;
  19. Paired keychains for you and your significant other;
  20. Mug for morning coffee with the inscription “Wake up!”;
  21. Multifunctional tape measure with built-in flashlight, calculator, notebook and pen;
  22. Soft terry bathrobe with personalized embroidery;
  23. An original alarm clock with an LED panel that will display your declaration of love, or one that will run away from the owner when the signal is given;
  24. Fortune Cookies;
  25. Kitchen men’s apron with the inscription “Cooks well, kisses even better!”;
  26. Original smartphone case with an interesting print;
  27. An unusual piggy bank (for example, in the form of an ATM, safe, slot machine, soccer ball, etc.);
  28. Wireless computer mouse and keyboard;
  29. A small thermos or thermo glass;
  30. The legendary Zippo lighter (if your chosen one smokes);
  31. Lovers’ mittens, consisting of three mittens, one of which is common, allowing the halves to hold hands and feel each other’s warmth;
  32. A newspaper with an article about your acquaintance (it is enough to find an electronic newspaper on the Internet that was released on the day of your meeting, remove any article from it and put new material with a photo in its place);
  33. A joke certificate, according to which your beloved can spend a certain number of points on various services from you – a massage, a romantic walk under the moonlight, a delicious dinner, etc .;
  34. Coffee beans or coffee flavored liquor (coffee lover);
  35. Box with unusual varieties of tea (tea lover);
  36. Joint visit to the amusement park;

What to give a guy with your own hands, if you know each other recently

If the relationship has just begun, the search for a gift for a guy should be approached especially carefully. The present should not be too expensive so as not to embarrass the man, but at the same time it should demonstrate your reverent attitude towards your partner.

Best of all, hand-made things will cope with this task, for example:

Knitted things . When choosing what you can give a man you just started dating, remember that anyone, even the most brutal representative of the stronger sex, will be pleased with the care from his beloved woman.

If it’s not difficult for you to manage knitting needles and threads, direct your skills in the right direction and make a warm scarf, hat, socks or even a whole pullover for your lover. At the same time, take into account the taste preferences of your soulmate in terms of colors and style of products so that the guy can wear such a thing with pleasure.

Naturally, it is important to correctly assess the size of the gift. If you are afraid to miscalculate, just look at the numbers on the tag from the clothes that your lover is already wearing;

Case for tablet or laptop . To give a guy a holiday should be something necessary, something that he will use almost daily. One of these options is a stylish and convenient case for gadgets that we are used to using all the time.

You can make such an accessory from leather, denim or felt. Name embroidery will help to give the little thing a uniqueness, on which the initials of the owner will be depicted;

The box of your feelings . Such a gift can be presented to a guy on his birthday, New Year or Valentine’s Day – whatever the holiday, he will be pleased to know what qualities you value most in him.

To express your feelings, take a few dozen paper strips and write on each of them why you fell in love with your chosen one, or just compliments.

Do not forget to take care of the design of the box on the outside – for this you can use fabric, lace, gift paper, ribbons, bows and any other materials at hand;

A romantic dinner for two or a grand party with friends . If you want to give a guy unforgettable emotions for a holiday, organize an event for him. What – calm gatherings together or a noisy party – decide for yourself, based on the temperament and character traits of your lover.

In any case, pay special attention to the venue of the event, the selection of music, treats and, of course, your own image on such an evening.

What to give a new guy and not be left with empty pockets

When choosing what to give a guy if you have known each other recently, you should remember that at the beginning of a relationship, expensive presents are considered unacceptable and may even offend a young man.

Given this, cute and inexpensive gifts will come in handy during this period, and, among other things, will help the girl save money. A good solution would be to present your chosen one with the following presents:

Helmet with supports for beer cans . You can give a guy such an accessory for a holiday if he has no problems with a sense of humor and he loves noisy companies.

This present is also suitable for ardent football fans. The helmet will allow a young man to slowly sip a foamy drink and at the same time communicate with friends, without being distracted by anything;

Aroma lamp . To date, several types of these devices are sold – they can be powered by a candle flame, socket or batteries. This accessory is not only able to fill the home with a pleasant aroma, but also contributes to the healing and raising the mood of its inhabitants.

Complete with the device, you can present your loved one with several bottles of various essential oils;

Desktop stand for phone or tablet . This accessory will allow you to use gadgets, while leaving your hands free. You yourself will also like such a device – for example, a young man will seamlessly watch movies on devices and hug you;

Dream catcher . Take care of your chosen one and present him with a symbolic present in the form of an amulet that can protect him during sleep.

According to legend, with such a talisman, a young man will not be afraid of bad dreams – they will get tangled in the web and disappear with the first rays of the sun, while good dreams will seep between the threads.

How to choose what to give a guy if you just started dating

If you already have ideas about what to give a man you just started dating, check if your options meet the following requirements:

  • The presentation must be practical – the stronger sex does not like and does not understand useless things;
  • Make the gift as symbolic as possible. Ideally, the thing itself should demonstrate your nascent feelings for your chosen one. If the present you have chosen is not one of those, try to supplement it with some expressive sign, inscription or verbal accompaniment;
  • Presentations at the initial stage of the relationship should be as easy and non-committal as possible;
  • In the process of choosing a gift, use all your knowledge about the guy, even if at the moment it is not exhaustive. Try to remember the hobbies of your loved one, tastes, preferences, features of character and temperament, and other points that make up his life;
  • Be sure to take care of the festive gift wrapping. Firstly, this is how you emphasize your reverent attitude towards your beloved. This gesture will demonstrate that you do not mind the time and effort in order to make him smile and joy. Secondly, there is nothing more pleasant than the anticipation of a gift!
  • Think in advance of the words that will accompany the moment of presenting the gift. Even if the thing itself does not please your chosen one or does not evoke the desired emotions in him, it is the words that can touch him to the core and smooth out the moment of awkwardness due to an unsuccessful present.

What is better not to give a guy if the relationship has just begun

In order not to see disappointment in the eyes of a beloved man at the very beginning of a relationship, we advise you to avoid the following presents:

  • Intimate items (underwear, handkerchiefs, deodorants, shower gels, etc.);
  • Perfumes, or shoes (since you are not yet so familiar with your partner, there is a high risk of making the wrong choice);
  • Too expensive gifts (the recipient will feel embarrassed, he may even get the impression that they want to make him dependent);
  • An invitation to a restaurant (a man should pay for trips to such establishments – a woman’s initiative in this regard may look insulting to him; if you give this opportunity to your lover, there is a chance of putting him in an awkward position, because he simply may not have the funds);
  • Flowers (a gift not at all for the stronger sex);
  • Presents that hint at excessive seriousness on your part and the further development of relationships – such gifts during this period can scare a man away (the most obvious examples are a ring or keys to your apartment).


Puzzling over what to give a guy if you just started dating, try to show him, first of all, care and, at the same time, lightness and ease. Remember that the main thing that your beloved expects from you is attention and the desire to please him, and what kind of thing it will be in the end is not so important.

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