What to give your wife

71 ideas What to give Zhenya for her 30th birthday! Gifts and Tips

Puzzling over what you can give your wife for 30 years, most husbands experience the real torment of difficult choices and difficult searches.

Do you feel that the annual dispute with the inner critic is gaining momentum this year on the eve of the birth of the missus? Siege him with an acquaintance with a selection of ideal options for surprise his wife for the anniversary.

Below you will find ready-made lists of gifts and ideas for what to give your wife for her 30th birthday.

The world of gifts for women is so large and diverse that it makes your head spin. To choose an exquisite, unusual, luxurious present, you need to show all your imagination or use already proven ideas, thanks to which you can easily choose the best gift for your wife for her anniversary.

Your possibilities are completely unlimited! Even without having a large amount of money on hand, you can properly congratulate your soulmate.

TOP 71 ideas What to give your wife for 30 years

  1. Fur coat or fur stole. The thing is universal and, importantly, never goes out of fashion.
  2. Smart mirror with LED light.
  3. Electric comb-rectifier.
  4. Musical instrument.
  5. A set of expensive underwear. A great gift would be a designer set. Color does not play a special role, as women prefer to have sets in different styles and colors.
  6. Unusual jewelry. An original, non-standard and unforgettable gift for the 30th anniversary will be a gold ankle bracelet. To make it truly memorable, the chain can be complemented with an engraved heart-shaped pendant.
  7. Stylish wrist watch. If you are not sure of your own taste, then present your wife with a certificate for their purchase.
  8. Butterfly salute.
  9. A beautiful purse. When choosing, pay attention to quality and functionality.
  10. A cozy bathrobe with personalized embroidery or warm slippers (you can even heated).
  11. Juicer.
  12. Sushi set.
  13. Dishwasher.
  14. Coffee machine.
  15. Freezer.
  16. Stand for jewelry in the form of a beautiful figurine.
  17. Stylish accessory in the form of a brooch, hair clip, collar corners, silk scarf, gloves, etc.
  18. Designer piece of furniture.
  19. Lava lamp, 3D night light, touch lamp or starry sky projector.
  20. Apparatus for making cotton candy at home.
  21. Original wall clock in the shape of a heart.
  22. Exotic flower in a pot.
  23. A portrait from a professional photo artist, made in the style of graphics, painting or pop art.
  24. Bijouterie – handmade designer jewelry (earrings, bracelets, beads).
  25. Florarium, set for growing plants at home.
  26. Blender for making cocktails.
  27. Comfortable designer bag.
  28. Mirror and comb decorated with Swarovski crystals.
  29. Memory foam pillow.
  30. Dressing room mirror.
  31. A set of tools for manicure and pedicure, as well as a UV lamp and gel polish.
  32. Pet (if you are sure that the wife dreams of a kitten, puppy, etc.).
  33. Fitness bracelet or smart watch.
  34. Nozzle on the crane with illumination.
  35. Good headphones.
  36. Portable biofireplace.
  37. Electronic book.
  38. Elegant evening dress.
  39. Beauty box (beauty box), which will contain all the latest cosmetics.
  40. Basket with exotic fruits + bouquet of flowers + new phone.
  41. Hair care equipment (multi-styler, powerful hair dryer with different attachments, etc.).
  42. Cosmetic honey set.
  43. Hydromassage foot bath.
  44. Set of different varieties of honey.
  45. Handmade soap set.
  46. Jewelry made of precious metals and stones (brooch, earrings, bracelet, etc.).
  47. Fur stole.
  48. Big and delicious cake with a photo of his wife.
  49. Camera with instant printing.
  50. Aromatic accessories for the home (stand for creeping incense, sachets, candles, Indian sticks, etc.).
  51. Bedside mat with backlight.
  52. Original utensils for cooking (pots for baking, a set for making sushi or rolls, etc.).
  53. Kigurumi pajamas and funny slippers included.
  54. A set of expensive cosmetics.
  55. Dishwasher.
  56. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  57. A set of marmalade and jam with a congratulatory inscription.
  58. A box with fresh flowers and sweets inside.
  59. Paired T-shirts.
  60. Sweets in a jar with an original inscription, for example, “Ambulance for creative people.”
  61. Air humidifier.
  62. Gold-plated pocket mirror with original engraving.
  63. Mixer mug.
  64. Heated home boots.
  65. Mini greenhouse on the windowsill.
  66. Body Massager.
  67. Personal set for growing plants.
  68. Gift box with live butterflies.
  69. Kitchen device (slow cooker, coffee machine, juicer, etc.).
  70. Stylish handbag made of genuine leather.
  71. Flowers in glass in a vacuum.

Original gifts

Choosing, buying or creating an unusual gift for your wife on her 30th birthday is not easy. Excitement and a desire to please a loved one can lead you astray. To prevent this from happening, get your beloved wife unique items. They don’t have to be expensive. Verify this with examples such as:

Kigurumi pajamas . If the wife’s birthday falls on the cold season, such a gift will warm her and amuse her. Do not miss the chance to see a smile on the face of your beloved woman!

Travel scratch card . The most original gift for a wife for 30 years should give a foretaste of happiness. With such a map, you can make a route of those places where you want to visit together, and this already gives a lot of pleasant minutes to the hero of the occasion.

Stool with storage compartment . An indispensable thing for a woman who is used to having everything at hand or looking for a place to store your love correspondence.

Table chest of drawers . Your wife will be doubly pleased to store small things and jewelry in it. This little thing will remind her that you appreciate her comfort even in small things!

We hope that we have shown that the uniqueness of the presentation does not depend on the price of the item? In the meantime, you are considering the proposed gift options, we offer you to get acquainted with the new lists for a surprise for your wife on her anniversary!

There is an opinion that the main thing is attention. The phrase sounds good only in words, because every woman wants to receive an unusual gift that can be held in her hands, and then brag about it in front of her girlfriends.

Named flower. To present this gift to your wife on her 30th birthday, you need to find out which flower corresponds to her name. Even in ancient Rome, it was believed that every woman has her own talisman flower, bringing good luck in all endeavors.

You can give a whole bouquet or one flower, on the petals of which write compliments. And if a woman dries one of the buds, it can be used as an amulet.

A painting that glows in the dark. This original gift will be appreciated by a woman who likes everything new and unusual. You can choose something neutral or order your own version of painting. In the daytime, the picture looks quite normal, but at night it “comes to life”.

It is also possible to create a double picture, when in daylight the image will be one, and in the dark it will be completely different, it turns out, as it were, a drawing in a drawing. There is no magic here, just an ordinary picture is covered with a special luminescent paint. The presentation will look even more interesting if the frame is also made self-luminous.

Mask for lucid dreaming. A unique gadget that looks like a regular sleep mask with built-in LEDs. The principle of operation of the device is simple: the mask is activated when a person enters a phase of deep sleep. The lights start flashing, but do not contribute to awakening, but make it possible to control your sleep.

Mask manufacturers claim that the effect does not occur immediately. Over time, dreams should become much brighter, and the emotions and impressions received during night dreams will relieve fears and phobias, help a person to quickly cope with problems in real life.

Money bouquet from banknotes. This option is suitable if you absolutely do not know what gift to give your wife for 30 years. It is not difficult to make a bouquet with your own hands, which will certainly add value to your gift.

It is believed that it is undesirable to give money, but this surprise will melt the heart of any woman. Your wife can admire the bouquet for a long time, as its beauty will never fade or will not endure and will immediately want to count the amount donated.

Gifts for Wife for 30 years

A gift for his wife on her 30th birthday is designed to bring her joy. To give your fiancée peace of mind, use the following surprise ideas:

  • Drinking bowls . They are popular in Tibet, India, the Himalayas and are gradually moving to our latitudes. With the help of these musical instruments, the human body relaxes. Those who have experienced the effect of the bowls on themselves speak of a complete reboot of consciousness.
  • Hot stone massage set . Another anniversary gift for my wife, which will bring physical and mental relief to the body of the beloved woman. Choose sets from jadeite, basalt, marble, agate and other stones.
  • Travel pillow with memory effect . On the road, you often want to take a nap. A pillow will help your wife to do this comfortably, which will remember the position of the head of the new owner in a dream in great detail.
  • Quilting pin . It is simply necessary for the lady of your heart who is passionate about needlework. If you present this device to your wife, you will greatly grow in her eyes.

How else to surprise a woman, in whose hands sometimes real magic happens, and new masterpieces are born?

What to give your wife for 30 years from romantic presents

As a rule, romance is rarely in full swing in family life. At the same time, most women attach much more value not to material things, but to actions that can truly touch.

Therefore, when choosing what to give your beloved wife for her 30th birthday, you should pay attention to such cute ideas as:

Spending a festive evening in a double room in a luxury hotel . The presented option is suitable if your beloved wife does not like noisy companies.

In this case, it is better to give preference to a hotel located away from the bustle of the city. Silence and tranquility will help you fully relax and enjoy solitude.

Romantic dinner at home . By visiting any forum dedicated to choosing a gift for your beloved wife, you will see that this option occupies a leading position.

Of course, this is largely due to its cost-effectiveness and relative simplicity. At the same time, it will not be possible to do without effort and expense, because it should not be an ordinary meal, but a dinner with delicious food, a beautifully decorated table with flowers and candles, properly selected musical accompaniment, impeccable appearance of the husband, etc. .

A perfectly organized evening, even in familiar home conditions, is a guarantee of sincere joy for the birthday girl.

Certificate for visiting the spa for two . If you decide that you can give your wife such an opportunity for 30 years, you will definitely surprise her. Using the services of such establishments can be commonplace for a woman, but being there with her beloved man will be a novelty for many.

For a pleasant pastime for two, you can choose such procedures as anti-stress massage, steaming in a phyto-barrel, massage with bamboo brooms, hammam and much more, depending on your general preferences and health characteristics.

Bath with rose petals .If it seems to you that giving your wife one date in the bathtub for her 30th birthday is too simple, you can present it as a spectacular end to the evening by presenting the main present in advance. Champagne and candles can complement the romantic atmosphere.

Husband and wife are two halves, bound by love and respect for each other. Therefore, you definitely will not be mistaken if you organize a romantic surprise for your spouse. This version of the present is suitable both for a married couple who have lived together for only a few years, and for those who are already well acquainted with the institution of marriage.

Slideshow in Love Story style.  You can create such a video greeting in just a few minutes. Select suitable pictures (for sure, you have photos from first dates, travels, meetings with friends), it is advisable to arrange them in chronological order. Next, apply effects and music to the video (this can be an instrumental composition that sets up a romantic mood). Your gift is ready! Be sure to complement it with a bouquet of flowers, sweets or a soft toy.

Checkbook of desires.  This is perhaps one of the most win-win options, which is always perceived positively.

You can make a book yourself, buy a finished product or order from a needlewoman, having previously discussed the details with her. In order for the gift to cause the expected effect, enter the most daring desires there. Do not be afraid that your wife will demand everything at once, but she will remember these vivid emotions for a long time.

Musical flower pot with light.  Give a “magic” pot with a flower inside. And as soon as your wife touches the plant, a musical note will sound. This is due to the sensor built into the pot, which reacts even to light vibrations.

The pot can be used as a night light, as it is equipped with LED lights in all colors of the rainbow, and as a full-fledged music speaker that will play your favorite songs.

This beautiful present will evoke pleasant emotions in your wife, take pride of place in the room and will remind her of you every time.

Useful gift ideas for wife for 30th birthday

If you don’t want to be very sophisticated in choosing a present or, due to your busyness, you cannot find enough time for this, get your wife a thing that is beneficial. Any of these gifts will once again remind your wife of your concern, distract her from everyday life, and bring a sea of ​​positive emotions.

“Smart” frying pan. Few of the fair sex on a holiday want to remember everyday problems. But this interesting gift, on the contrary, will be received with a bang, as it will save the woman time that she can spend on herself, and will also allow her to cook delicious meals for the whole family.

Thanks to this device, food will never burn, because you can choose your own temperature for each dish.

Smart garden with lighting. Give this gift to your soulmate, and she can easily grow herbs, vegetables, fruits and other plants just on her windowsill! And the most amazing thing is that this does not require a single gram of land, only water.

Such a garden fits perfectly into any interior, the device can be placed in the kitchen, on the balcony in the room or in the office. The fact that the plants need watering will be reminded by the electronic control system.

Plaid transformer. One gift – four valuable things. If desired, it can be a pillow with comfortable handles for transportation, a blanket, a bedspread, the wrong side of which is resistant to moisture, as well as a comfortable poncho.

You can apply personalized embroidery on the product, so you can confess your love to your wife without words, which touches her very much. The present is convenient to use both at home and outdoors or in the car during long trips.

Gifts for health and dazzling beauty

71 ideas What to give Zhenya for her 30th birthday! Gifts and Tips

It’s no secret that any woman always wants to look irresistible. Therefore, immediately make a choice in favor of gifts that can only increase the beauty of the birthday girl. Here are some great ideas that will appeal to both the fashionista and the athlete.

“Smart” yoga mat. This rug will equally appeal to both professionals and beginners. It is especially convenient to use it at home, it will become much easier to master new postures (asanas) on your own.

The thing is that the mat is equipped with many sensors, thanks to which it is synchronized with a smartphone. The product tells you what to do to get in the right position. This is a very suitable idea for what to give your wife for 30 years.

Bath and shower powder. One has only to lower the powder into the water, as it immediately begins to boil, creating the effect of a Jacuzzi. Your wife, taking a bath, will be able not only to “wash away” accumulated fatigue from herself, but also to relax and relax well.

And thanks to the oils that make up the powder, the skin will be pleasant to the touch, moisturized, healthy and radiant.

Beauty pillow. Any woman dreams of preserving her youth and beauty of her facial skin for as long as possible, so if you don’t know what to give your wife for her 30th birthday, feel free to choose this gift.

Expensive creams, visits to the cosmetologist’s office, of course, give some effect, but not for long, moreover, it takes a lot of free time and requires large financial investments. The same pillow visibly reduces wrinkles, regenerates the skin, prevents swelling, and provides physiologically correct body support.

What inexpensive gifts can you give your wife for her 30th birthday?

When the holiday is already on the nose, and there is a very small amount in your pocket, you will have to look for a way out of this situation. Here are some of the most versatile and interesting gifts that will impress any young lady.

A set of inexhaustible candles. It’s a good idea to donate inexpensively, but nicely. At first it may seem that this is the most ordinary candle, however, to light it, you do not need fire, just tilt the product and it will immediately shine with a pleasant light.

The flame of a candle will surprise you with its naturalness: it also sways and trembles, goes out with a light breath. Candles glow in different hues, so you can put together a set of all the colors of the rainbow.

Wish Pearl. Such a gift from her husband cannot but be liked. This is a gift set consisting of a jar containing a shell, as well as a pendant designed for a pearl.

A pearl of any color can be in a shell, each of which symbolizes something. For example, if a stone of a golden hue comes across, it means that in the near future a woman can count on prosperity, a white pearl symbolizes health, a cream pearl symbolizes happiness, etc.

A set of letters (stamps) with cutting for decorating gingerbread and cookies. With such a gift, cookies will become your wife’s signature dish. The kit includes a form for cutting out the base, letters of the alphabet, mathematical signs and other symbols.

This is very convenient, since it will be possible to compose any word or inscription in order to decorate pastries later. Any, even a very young hostess, will certainly appreciate such a present.

Edible bouquet. An ordinary bouquet of flowers will no longer surprise anyone, but if you present your wife with a composition of fruits, berries, vegetables or sweets, you can impress. If we are talking about a fruit bouquet, then it is not necessary to eat it right away, you can admire it for some time.

The whole secret is that the products can be processed, so they can be stored for a long time. To do this, they are dipped for a while in a special liquid, the main ingredients of which are lemon juice and gelatin.

Your wife will have something to brag to her girlfriends, and she can also arrange a mini-photo shoot with an unusual bouquet.

Gifts from husband


71 ideas What to give Zhenya for her 30th birthday! Gifts and Tips

In search of what you can give your wife for 30 years, there are no extra ideas. How about completely new options? Your wife will be surprised that you are familiar with such “sooo lady stuff”!

  1. Hair tape . What gift to give to his wife for 30 years, no more guessing. With this accessory, the hair will not be tangled and damaged. You can also use this tape in the pool.
  2. Soap bubble brush . Remember the most piquant scenes from old Hollywood movies? Yes Yes! In them, the main character takes a bath and rubs herself with a hard brush on a long handle. Modern designers took inspiration from these scenes and created a modern version of such a brush. And so that taking water procedures was not boring, they supplied the brushes with an “entertainment element”.
  3. Origami box . Who said that a gift to a wife for thirty years should be serious? Collect and fill such a box with your own hands with little things that are pleasant for the birthday girl.
  4. Retractable magnetic pointer . Fallen needles and pins can no longer hide from your missus behind a sofa or a radiator!

You should not be inspired only by the usefulness of the item when choosing a gift for your wife for an anniversary. Sometimes it is worth going to small recklessness so that your wife will give you a long-awaited smile.

What are you waiting for? Decide your own destiny and create your love story with the help of unique signs of attention to your spouse.

Gifts to the Spouse for 30 years according to hobbies

If fate gave you a handyman as your wife, use this fact to choose the best gift for your beloved woman.

The embroiderer will be happy with the new embroidery machine, a set of multi-colored canvas, threads for embroidery, tweezers with a magnifying glass for embroidery, interestingly designed scissors and a thimble. Consider additional lighting or a tool organizer as well.

The culinary wife will reverently accept the gift of a book on French cuisine by Julia Child. Take a closer look at the kitchen appliances in your kitchen. Maybe something came in the wrong form or the wife is missing something in the kitchen? Collect these items in a kind of functional “bouquet”.

A knitter will always appreciate a set of Japanese magazines, crochet hooks and designer markers.

The seamstress will be delighted with Italian fabrics, tailor’s pins, designer buttons, a soldering iron for rhinestones, a cutting mat or a device for sewing in thick places. Think about organizing a work corner in the apartment for your favorite seamstress.

To surprise the birthday girl, you can go a new way. Instead of following your wife’s already formed hobbies, give her gifts that will spark interest in a new hobby. So you can plant a seed of interest in your spouse:

  • to calligraphy with a set of copybooks and pens;
  • to Ebru painting with a set of special paints;
  • to sand painting
  • to photography through the delivery of an old-school camera;
  • to a new philosophy through mastering the technique of combat with a kendo sword;
  • or to right-brain drawing with the help of a teacher you found and an easel with paints handed over.

You have to choose in advance how to please your beloved wife. Many items will have to be searched for long before the X-day, but these searches are worth the effort spent on them.

What can I give my wife for 30 years for fresh emotions

For the most emotional beings on Earth, experiences can be much more valuable than gifts in the form of things. If this statement applies to your spouse, then the question “what to give your wife for her 30th birthday?” It is easy to solve with the following options:

Travel abroad or a tour of the historical places of our Motherland . In this case, there can be a lot of options – the decision depends on your desires and family budget.

Before making a final choice, you can visit the forum, which discusses the top places on the planet – perhaps other people’s advice will help you decide on a place.

Extreme adventure . Thinking about what to give your wife for 30 years, if she loves to try everything new and is delighted with extreme sensations, you should pay attention to such leisure activities as skiing, hang-gliding, ballooning, parachuting, etc. P.

The girl will remember the described present for the rest of her life and will excitedly tell her friends about the emotions she has experienced.

Participation in a professional photo shoot . The right to choose what it will be should be given to the wife. Perhaps the birthday girl wants an individual shoot in order to have several portrait shots in various images, or, on the contrary, she prefers a family photo session with her husband and children.

Your task will be solely to find a competent photographer who can create a relaxing atmosphere and display all the beauty and attractiveness of the beloved woman.

DIY gifts

On her birthday, a husband expects a special gift from her husband. And often just such an item can not be bought in a store. Create a gift for your wife for 30 years with your own hands if you want to impress your beloved woman on her birthday with a unique surprise.

For example, it could be things like:

  • handmade collar;
  • necklace made of natural stones;
  • textile brooch;
  • clay dishes;
  • painted T-shirt;
  • embroidered shoes;
  • kitchen organizer;
  • casket for needlework;
  • wallet made of leather or fabric;
  • garland for a photo shoot.

Do-it-yourself offerings are the best solution for what to give your wife for 30 years if there is no money. And your surprise will look exclusive.

Pot of sweets

A sweet tooth will definitely like a set of sweets made by oneself, originally designed and presented by her beloved husband. To make a sweet gift, you will need:

  • wife’s favorite sweets;
  • pot or planter;
  • Super glue;
  • synthetic winterizer or floral foam;
  • grass or moss (artificial);
  • skewers.

How to make a gift with your own hands to your wife for 30 years:

  1. Place a synthetic winterizer or foam in a pot. Cover the top with artificial grass or moss.
  2. Glue one end of the skewers to the sweets, insert the other into the pot. Sort the gifts by size – put the largest in the background.

Silhouette on canvas

For a 30-year-old wife, you can give a picture made by yourself. For this you will need:

  • canvas;
  • unnecessary magazines;
  • acrylic paint;
  • glue and scissors.

Instruction :

  1. Cut the magazines into small pieces. Glue them to the canvas, after smearing it with glue. Wait until the workpiece is completely dry.
  2. Draw a silhouette on the cardboard. It can be anything – an animal, a heart or a pattern. Attach the silhouette to the canvas and circle with a pencil.
  3. Cover the canvas with acrylic paint, then remove the silhouette. The picture is ready.

A couple more interesting thoughts on what to give Zhenya for 30 years

The desire to give your wife an interesting gift is always justified. It speaks of your deep feeling for the second half. This gives rise to a healthy climate in the family and strengthens the mutual attraction between partners.

If you are interested in this, consider the following list of gifts for your spouse:

  • Bamboo spoon for honey . With this accessory, your wife will be able to take perfect pictures for social networks right in your kitchen!
  • Massage chair . To relieve stress after a hard day is the dream of every modern person. Your spouse will be grateful to you for this opportunity.
  • Solution and containers for hydroponics . Show your wife with your gift that she can create real miracles! With these components, you can grow a flower or other plant without soil in a modern apartment.
  • The French press will enchant the lover of coffee and tea drinks. You can even give it to your ex-wife for an anniversary in memory of the wonderful moments that once united you.

When choosing a present for your wife on her 30th birthday, you should find the item that will cause not only momentary joy.

A wife’s gift for the 30th anniversary should evoke pleasant emotions and thoughts from its new owner with each use. You can achieve this effect if you are attentive to the interests of your spouse, create in her a sense of the uniqueness of the item handed to you.

How to choose what to give your beloved wife on her 30th birthday

Many men know firsthand that a generous gift can work wonders, but a gift that falls out of favor can provoke a serious family scandal. To avoid this trouble, it is better to know in advance the recipe for the perfect gift.

Turn on increased attention and observation. Men often do not understand women’s hints. Therefore, during a conversation with your soulmate or a joint shopping trip, you will have to be especially vigilant. Spouse on purpose or by chance, but be sure to let slip about your desires.

Girls love with their eyes! Do not neglect this rule when choosing a presentation. Be sure to wrap your gift beautifully and don’t forget to complement it with flowers. But they can also be presented in an original way. Instead of a freshly cut bouquet, present an exotic flower in a pot or show your imagination and create a composition from fresh flowers, for example, a toy. You can also order delivery by courier, send flowers to work, along with a romantic note, or ask friends for help: let them randomly meet your wife on her way and give her a flower.

Arrange a surprise. Even if your spouse is not going to celebrate her anniversary, take the initiative into your own hands. It is not necessary to organize a noisy party, it will be enough if you decorate the house, for example, with balloons and greeting posters, cook dinner, create a romantic atmosphere for two, or invite your closest relatives and friends. In the warm season, you can invite your spouse to a picnic, taking care of everything you need in advance (brazier, food, blanket, hammock, etc.), and in winter, book a table at her favorite restaurant.

Happiness is in the little things. Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Even the most expensive thing, acquired without a soul, will depreciate next to a present bought with love. Let this be a small gift that will remind your wife every time that she is the most desirable and delightful.

Think quality. If you remember that your spouse needs several things, you should not buy everything at once. It is better to choose one good gift that will last for several years than many cheap but low-quality gifts.

Don’t be afraid to reveal intrigue. If absolutely nothing comes to your mind, it is better to ask your wife directly what she would like. So you protect yourself from buying unnecessary things and save the family budget.

Heat up interest. If you have already purchased a present, do not confess to your spouse about the surprise until the last. You can even pretend that you forgot about the holiday. So the effect of the received gift will be even brighter. Or do something out of character for you. For example, if sentimentality, romantic impulses are not inherent in you, write a congratulation for your wife in a poetic form.

When choosing a gift for your beloved woman, you need to pay attention to things that can really please her and cheer her up, even if it doesn’t seem very practical to you.

  • Choose a gift only for your beloved wife . The birthday surprise is for the use of the birthday person only. No matter how you want to make a gift for two or for the home, overcome the temptation before the wife’s anniversary.
  • Walk with the lady of the heart shopping . Watch your wife’s reaction to things. Perhaps her admiration or indifference will tell you in advance where you could make a mistake when choosing a gift.
  • Talk to your wife about what makes you happy . Asking directly what the birthday girl would like on the eve of the anniversary is not a good idea. Indirect information can be collected throughout the year, talking about what makes you happy. Surely the wife will answer you with frankness for frankness, and you will get a lot of tips about the perfect gift for her.
  • Explore the brands that the birthday girl is in love with . The chosen one has been using the same brand of cosmetics, clothing or accessories for a long time. Ask your beloved what exactly attracts her from this manufacturer. Maybe they will even show you a photo of a new set or bag that your wife secretly dreams about. And – voila! – you know exactly what to present to her for the anniversary.

Do not forget not only to listen to your beloved, but also to hear her. Often, future birthday girls inadvertently give out their desires in a casual conversation. Sometimes women talk about the gifts presented to friends and acquaintances, and express their opinion on this or that thing. Such tips should also be guided in organizing a surprise.

Remember colors . No memorable gift can be given to a woman without a bouquet of flowers. Women in marriage often complain about the stinginess and inattention of their husbands. Overcome these stereotypes in the eyes of your wife by your own example. And don’t forget to give your wife flowers for no reason.

Take a day off . If your spouse’s anniversary falls on a work day, take a micro-vacation for one day. Dedicate it entirely to your precious birthday girl. Arrange an adventure and travel through beauty salons, quest rooms or those places where your first dates took place. Your wife will appreciate such a surprise. And yes! Don’t forget the gift!

Choose your words . When presenting a surprise, do not skimp on warm words for your wife. Think about what you will say to the birthday girl in advance. So you can avoid unnecessary excitement in you and feelings of embarrassment in your spouse.

In addition, it is important to consider criteria such as :

  • The nature of a woman . The reaction of the hero of the day to the same present depends on this. So, a romantic person will be delighted with a huge bouquet of roses, while a pragmatic girl will be skeptical about such a gift, considering it an unjustified waste of money.
  • Length of life together . The young wife will like useful things for the house. But an experienced wife will be more pleased with the sudden romance of her husband, and not with another reminder of the need to manage the household.
  • Profession and hobby of a girl . So, for example, a diary is unlikely to be useful to an artist, and a new set of brushes will not delight a teacher. The same applies to hobbies – things that involve a narrow specialization must have an exact purpose.

It is important to remember that 30 years is a rather serious date. It requires an appropriate gift, so you should not save on a present – it should be as large-scale and significant as possible.

Even the most expensive gift requires proper decoration. The manifestation of care in this direction will not spoil the impression of the item being handed over and will only further spur the birthday girl’s interest in what is inside.

A bouquet of flowers is a must-have addition to your wife’s anniversary present. Choosing which flowers to give your wife for 30 years is necessary depending on the taste of the hero of the day – someone likes huge bouquets, while others will like miniature flower arrangements with a stylish design. An alternative to flowers can be candy, rose petals or balloons.

What is better not to give your wife for her 30th birthday

Remember that a woman has a subtle mental organization. The question of what gift to pick up for the wife for her 30th birthday is not in a hurry. Your negligence and haste can bring only disappointment to your soulmate instead of pleasant impressions.

To choose the best gift for your wife, check out the list of the worst birthday gifts for your wife.

  • Household goods . On a birthday, even the most pedantic housewife does not dream of receiving a set of sponges, rags and cleaning products. It does not depend on the price, quality, or even the shortage of these products in everyday life!
  • A box of chocolates and a bottle of wine . Yes, they are inexpensive, but they are good for showing signs of attention on first dates.
  • Personal hygiene products . It’s better to show up to your wife on your 30th birthday without a gift than with shampoo and shower gel. For women, this present is also bored, like socks for men. Even if they are collected in bouquets.
  • Books . The statement that a book is the best surprise is long outdated. A wife expects something special from her husband on her birthday.
  • Age cosmetics.  This is one of the most offensive gifts. Many ladies are already painfully experiencing a midlife crisis, and then you, the closest person, will come with an anti-wrinkle cream. It is also not recommended to give medicines, medical devices, weight loss products, books on how to stay young and attractive longer.
  • A few cheap trinkets (better to give preference to something one, but really worthwhile and necessary).
  • Things imposed by the sales assistant (remember that no one knows the birthday girl the way you know her, so rely on your knowledge and intuition).
  • Things, like a wife’s friend (even if the girl praised them, it’s unnecessary to copy – it’s better to get something original that no one else has).

Women are sensual natures, which means they are very vulnerable. In order not to upset or even offend your spouse on such a significant day for her, it is better to familiarize yourself with the gifts in advance, which you need to choose with extreme caution, and some of them should be completely avoided.


On her birthday, every woman wants to just feel happy! Take over the organization of the holiday, start the morning with a surprise, remind her that she is the one and only, complement your gift with a declaration of love and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. All this will not only raise your wife’s degree of good mood, but will also be the key to a favorable atmosphere in the house!

Whatever gift you choose, be sure to think about its beautiful presentation and addition of flowers and words of love. In this case, even the most inconspicuous gift will acquire a special charm and value, thanks to which your woman’s eyes will shine with happiness for a long time to come.

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