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TOP 116 ideas What to give a girl for 20 years +24 gifts and Tips

On the eve of such an important date, relatives and friends of the birthday girl are puzzled by the question of what to give a girl for 20 years. At this age, the girl feels self-sufficient and mature, she already knows what she wants from life, but in her heart she is still a restless teenager, full of charm, energy and ambition. The princess has everything – youth, beauty, hopes for a happy future, therefore, in order to surprise a girl, you need to try.

Show your imagination, approach the choice of a gift creatively, or rather use the suggested ideas, then you will definitely be able to turn the holiday into a real fairy tale.

Remember that your surprise should by no means be banal, but you should not choose too extraordinary things. If you cannot say with certainty what you can give a girl for 20 years, it is better to give preference to moderately original and beautiful presents.

Do not forget that a girl on her birthday is still waiting for a miracle and magic, and most importantly, the fulfillment of her most cherished desire. She wants to look attractive, have an interesting rest, and surround herself with cozy and stylish things at home. Do not lose heart and do not lose heart, you will definitely be able to choose a bright, memorable and useful present. After all, you just have to want it!

TOP 116 ideas What you can give a girl for 20 years

  1. Fresh flowers in a vacuum.
  2. Good perfume.
  3. Illuminated handbag.
  4. Professional case for manicure.
  5. Set of LED candles.
  6. Orthopedic pillow.
  7. Electronic book.
  8. Water bottle with juicer.
  9. Household appliances (robot vacuum cleaner, multicooker, iron, coffee machine, etc.).
  10. A book on an interesting topic for a girl.
  11. Blanket with sleeves.
  12. Desktop biofireplace.
  13. Electric scooter.
  14. Digital notepad.
  15. Drying for gel polish.
  16. Roombox (interior designer).
  17. Magnetic hourglass.
  18. Bouquet of favorite flowers of the hero of the day.
  19. Wireless headphones.
  20. A set of scented candles.
  21. Edible photo cake.
  22. Illuminated pocket mirror.
  23. Convenient cosmetic bag.
  24. Jewelry (for example, a pendant with a zodiac sign).
  25. A set of growing pencils.
  26. Kigurumi.
  27. New gadget (phone, tablet).
  28. Aroma lamp with a basic set of essential oils.
  29. Fur product (fur coat or vest).
  30. An aquarium with a goldfish (so that any dream of a birthday girl comes true).
  31. Bouquet of sweets or soft toys.
  32. Undated diary.
  33. Portable waterproof speaker.
  34. Bright and funny socks.
  35. Capacious city or tourist backpack.
  36. Facial sauna.
  37. Hair accessories (hairpins, hairpins, elastic bands).
  38. Astroplanetarium for home.
  39. Stones for stone therapy.
  40. Pillow for the whole body.
  41. Organizer for cosmetics.
  42. Smart umbrella.
  43. Alarm mat (for quick awakening).
  44. 3D lamp.
  45. Portable exercise bike.
  46. Personalized thermostat.
  47. Homemade mini solarium for the face.
  48. Star projector or telescope.
  49. Makeup brush set.
  50. Monopod.
  51. Fortune cookies. Glowing LED sneakers.
  52. Cosmetic bandage.
  53. Table mirror with lighting for make-up.
  54. Massage hoop.
  55. Chameleon mug.
  56. Basket with exotic fruits.
  57. Silk bedding set.
  58. Bright mat or hammock for yoga.
  59. Aqua farm.
  60. Lamp with wireless charging.
  61. Luminous night pillow.
  62. Jar of honey with gold.
  63. Self-stirring mug.
  64. Sports bag.
  65. Instant camera.
  66. Lava lamp.
  67. Set for needlework.
  68. Japanese rock garden.
  69. Mask for lucid dreaming.
  70. Eternal pencil or reusable notebook.
  71. Tourmaline shower head.
  72. Music Box.
  73. Plaid pillow.
  74. Flowers in ice.
  75. Electronic translator.
  76. Set for self-growing plants.
  77. Pizza maker (pizza maker).
  78. Manicure set.
  79. Smart garden.
  80. Sleep mask with a fun print.
  81. Set of silicone molds for baking.
  82. Jewelry holder.
  83. Indoor flower in a pot.
  84. Florarium.
  85. Beauty box.
  86. Voice picture.
  87. Stylish jewelry (brooch, bracelet, earrings, etc.).
  88. Nozzle on the crane with illumination.
  89. Waist bag.
  90. Sensor gloves.
  91. USB heated slippers.
  92. Fur earmuffs.
  93. Salt lamp.
  94. Sketchbook and pencils.
  95. Musical instrument (for creative people).
  96. Handmade soap set.
  97. External battery (power bank).
  98. Sushi set.
  99. Fragrance moisturizer.
  100. Selfie flash.
  101. Cocktail shaker.
  102. Levitating pot for plants.
  103. Hair styling equipment (hair dryer, styler, curling iron, etc.).
  104. Plaid in the form of a mermaid tail.
  105. Markers for drawing on fabric.
  106. Musical disco ball.
  107. Pocket key.
  108. Recipe book.
  109. Table fountain.
  110. Airbrush for makeup.
  111. Bluetooth mask with headphones.
  112. Heating blanket.
  113. Beauty pillow.
  114. Thermos with temperature indicator.
  115. Cookie stamp set.
  116. Huge soft toy.

Original gifts for the birthday of 20 years

Many seek to surprise the birthday girl by choosing original gifts for a 20-year-old girl. This is correct, but in order to see genuine delight in the eyes of the hero of the day, pay attention to the proposed gift options for DR. You are sure to find something suitable.

Silver bookmark for books. If a girl loves to read or often uses a diary, such a small exquisite little thing is exactly what you need.

The silver bookmark looks like an exclusive piece of jewelry. She will always be there and remind you of a friend or loved one.

Each product is a work of art in the form of a funny animal: a kitten, a snake, a horse, etc. This is not just a souvenir, but a gift for a long memory.

Venecian mask. Quite an unusual gift for a 20-year-old girl. Interior decoration can be presented to an artistic young lady who loves bright objects.

Your present will be a real find for an art lover, a lover of unusual decor elements.

Such an accessory is able to turn everyday life into an eternal carnival and for this you do not need to go to Venice. Looking at the mask, you immediately plunge into the world of fairy tales, fantasy, riddles.

Teleidoscope. An interesting idea of ​​​​what to give your girlfriend for 20 years. This is a kind of kaleidoscope, only the usual tinsel and colored glass are replaced by a lens and a mosaic, which consists of objects from the surrounding world.

Such a romantic present will definitely please the birthday girl, because you can watch endlessly how the night city shimmers or the starry sky.

In addition, just a few minutes of looking at pictures relieves nervous tension, helps the body to relax.

Music pot. This miracle pot is a wonderful gift for a girl on her 20th birthday. At first, you might think that it is magical, because the planter easily turns into a music column, piano or even a night light.

Music can be played directly from your phone or tablet, while enjoying the lighting in seven colors. They change depending on the tempo of the melody. However, the most interesting thing is the built-in sensors.

One has only to touch the leaves of the plant, as they will immediately transmit vibrations that stimulate sound.

Inexpensive gift ideas for a birthday girl for 20 years

A good present does not have to be expensive, the main thing is that it evokes positive emotions.

This category includes, although budgetary birthday gifts for a girl of 20 years old, but they will definitely brighten up the birthday girl’s holiday and cheer up.

A set of honey of different varieties. A good option if you are looking for inexpensive gift ideas for a 20 year old girl. The surprise is guaranteed to please the sweet tooth.

Well, many people know about the benefits of honey. This delicacy is rich in vitamins and minerals. The product strengthens the immune system, relieves nervous tension, improves metabolism, etc.

However, before giving a present, make sure that the birthday girl does not have allergies.

Sky lattern. Nice gift for a 20 year old girl. This is a three-dimensional design, for the manufacture of which environmentally friendly materials are used.

A burner is installed at the bottom of the device, it heats the air inside the product, due to which it rises. This is not only a spectacular sight, but also an opportunity to make a wish.

You just need to write your dream on a flashlight and send it to the sky. Watching him rise higher and higher, you need to believe in a dream, and it will certainly come true.

Interior toy. Pay attention to this idea if you are looking for unusual gifts for a 20 year old girl.

In recent years, Tilda-style dolls and toys have been gaining more and more popularity. Believe me, such a touching present will not leave the birthday girl indifferent. This is a great alternative to a regular soft toy.

Products are created from natural materials by talented craftsmen, so they carry only positive energy.

Stylish water bottle. If you are looking for useful yet inexpensive gifts for a girl on her 20th birthday, consider this idea. This bottle looks fashionable and youthful. It is airtight and does not take up much space in the bag.

It is convenient to take it with you to lectures, to work, for a walk, to the gym or for a short run. It is best to purchase a bottle made of plastic.

Since glass products are very fragile, and aluminum and steel are much more expensive.

What useful gifts can you give a girl for her 20th birthday?

It is difficult to answer the question of what exactly a young lady needs without preparation. If you are still at a loss with the choice, here are the best gifts for a girl in her 20s. They are guaranteed not to go unnoticed by the birthday girl.

Pocket printer. With this device, you can print photos effortlessly and anywhere.

This is very convenient, for example, if a girl goes on vacation with friends. The pictures are of high quality, will retain their original appearance for many years.

The printer does not take up much space in the bag and is always ready to go. Photo printing is carried out via Bluetooth or an NFC module, you only need to have a smartphone or tablet at hand.

Light alarm.  An interesting gift for twenty years. This is a smart light alarm that will help you wake up quickly and easily.

The illumination of the room will gradually increase, thanks to which the owner of the gadget will wake up at the set time.

As a result, the girl will receive a boost of energy and vivacity for the whole day, she will not be bothered by chronic stress and depression.

Heated rug. A great gift idea for a girl who spends a lot of time at the computer.

The rug will quickly and effectively warm, give a feeling of comfort. It can be used to warm up the legs or arms. Also, the product is suitable for drying shoes or to warm a pet.

The rug does not take up much space, it is easy to transport. Moisture does not get inside the product, so it will last a long time.

A comb that straightens and ionizes hair. This is a two-in-one product – a massage hair brush and an iron.

The comb was created specifically for energetic girls who do not want to spend a single extra second on styling. The device massages the head, which improves hair growth.

Compared to a flat iron, a comb does not dry out hair, does not make it brittle or split, on the contrary, the curls look shiny and healthy.

Gifts for a girl for beauty and health

A twenty-year-old girl is already young and beautiful, so she does not need special cosmetics or health gadgets.

However, a few presents will be very handy for the birthday girl. Scroll down to find “the one” gift!

A set of fitness rubber bands. A fitness band is also known as an elastic band.

With the help of this compact sports equipment, the girl will be able to exercise at home, which will allow her to quickly and easily tone her muscles, get rid of extra pounds, problem areas and sagging skin, and carry out high-quality work on the gluteal muscles.

A radiant body scrub. A unique cosmetic product will appeal to girls who love to take care of themselves and enjoy it.

A scrub with shimmering particles will not only cheer you up and make you believe in magic, but also give your skin an incredible glow, saturate it with useful vitamins and minerals, help fight cellulite, reduce stretch marks, remove excess moisture, toxins and toxins.

A set of massagers with quartz. The kit includes a roller massager and a special scraper for massage – guasha. Quartz is known for anti-aging properties, it helps in the fight against acne, swelling, stagnant spots, and relieves tension.

With regular massage, fine wrinkles are gradually smoothed out, muscle groups are worked out, which leads to an improvement in the functioning of internal organs.

Dreamlash. This is a medical and cosmetic product for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. It quickly and effectively transforms the appearance and structure of the hairs, increases their volume and color saturation.

Dreamlash is characterized by effectiveness, safety, ease of use.

All that is needed is to clean the eyelashes from cosmetics, remove the lenses (if any) before the procedure, open the cap of the bottle and carefully run the built-in applicator along the roots of the upper eyelashes, then you can move on to the eyebrows.

Cool gifts for a girl for 20 years


TOP 116 ideas What to give a girl for 20 years +24 gifts and Tips

Many 20-year-old girls love to have fun, and if your birthday girl is one of them, feel free to choose cool gifts.

In addition to the fact that they will provide a good mood, they will definitely not get dusty in the closet and will not be re-gifted.

Pillow “Men’s shoulder”. If a girl is forced to sleep alone, but dreams of falling asleep on the shoulder of her beloved, then she will undoubtedly like this present.

Also, the pillow will appeal to a young lady who misses her boyfriend, because he often disappears on business trips or they live far from each other, so they rarely see each other. The male shoulder will always be there and brighten up the loneliness of the lady.

Magic ball of predictions. Young girls are very fond of guessing. Only now there is no need to arrange special rituals, it is enough to have at hand only the ball of fate.

By asking a specific question, you can get the exact answer. And sometimes a young lady just needs advice, a magic ball will cope with this task.

The main thing is to be able to formulate the question in such a way that it can be answered “yes” or “no”.

Bathroom wipers. Many people know the problem of a misted mirror after taking a bath, this is especially annoying when you need to urgently get somewhere.

A mirror cleaner will come to the rescue, which will help wipe the glass with one movement of the hand, while leaving no streaks.

The wipers are securely attached to the mirror with suction cups. Such an accessory is inexpensive, and the benefits are invaluable.

Socks for chair legs.  Most likely, you will think that furniture leg covers are just uplifting, but they also have a practical function.

Products protect the floor from minor scratches, and also fill the house with silence. They will add zest to the interior.

Socks are made of durable fabric, suitable for any type of legs. This is an interesting idea if you want to please the birthday girl with something inexpensive, cute and necessary.

Memorable gifts for a 20-year-old birthday girl

It is always nice to receive as a gift not just some kind of trinket, but a really memorable thing.

The range of such gifts is huge, so if you are at a loss or afraid to make an unsuccessful purchase, take a look at the following options.

Pocket Talisman. This amulet is usually carried in a wallet or just in a pocket. There are many varieties of talismans.

Some of them are designed to attract money, others help to overcome life’s difficulties, and others contribute to personal happiness.

It is pleasant to receive and give such a present, because it has not only a functional, but also an emotional component.

Wrist watch with engraving. This is a great option if you want to give the birthday girl a sincere, useful and at the same time memorable gift.

You only need to come up with an engraving text – a special signature or a wish for memory. This is not only a convenient way to control time, but also a stylish accessory.

A small watch with a leather strap will never go out of fashion, it will evoke pleasant memories of the holiday in the girl.

Name vase for flowers.  For a long time, a flower vase has been considered one of the best gifts for a lady.

Thanks to mechanical engraving, the vase becomes a unique gift, so you can be sure of your choice. After all, this product will never be superfluous, and according to folk signs, it brings well-being and happiness to the house.

However, remember that you must give a vase with bouquets of flowers inside.

Rose with a silver bud. A great alternative to a real flower. After all, an ordinary bud will lose its beauty in a few days, and a rose covered with silver will delight a girl through decades. A real flower in noble metal will impress with its beauty and luxury.

Each rose is unique, the shape of the bud, stem or leaf is never repeated. This is truly a royal gift that will not go unnoticed by the hero of the day.


In order for a girl to remember the holiday for a long time, you need to seriously approach the choice of a present. Making a surprise for a birthday girl will not be easy, but possible. You need to know about some of the nuances and take note of some useful tips.

In order not to be in an awkward position, first make sure that the girl does not have what you are going to present to her.

Going for a gift, immediately determine for yourself how it will be – useful, cool, memorable, etc.

Listen to what the girl is talking about. Surely, she will mention her desires. You can also learn about the dreams of the birthday girl from relatives or close friends. Alternatively, check out her social media pages, most likely she shares posts that she likes. There you will find a lot of useful information for yourself.

To make your present (even if not expensive) look spectacular, it must be beautifully packaged. Use wrapping paper, gift boxes, bows. Be sure to complement the gift with a bouquet of flowers or the girl’s favorite sweets. Do not forget that ladies like to hear compliments, so accompany the gift with a congratulatory speech.

Consider the degree of relationship. Valuable gifts are most often given by parents or relatives, a beloved guy. Friends, acquaintances may confine themselves to more modest gifts, but they must convey feelings and correspond to the interests of the birthday girl.

To organize an unforgettable holiday, it is advisable to solemnly decorate the girl’s room, give her a lot of small but cute souvenirs, and come up with unusual entertainment.

If you’re planning to give the birthday girl an edible gift, make sure she’s not allergic to any of the ingredients in it.

Do not forget to remove the price tag, if this is not possible, just carefully paint over it. It is best to keep the warranty card with you.

Most likely, a 20-year-old girl already knows what she wants to do in life or has some kind of hobby. Then choosing a gift is easy. Just get a thing that will become useful in your work.

In no case do not save on a gift by buying frankly cheap fakes. In this case, it is better to limit yourself to a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. It’s a good idea to do something with your own hands. Such a gift will definitely not go unnoticed.

What is better not to give

There is a category of gifts that are not customary to give to young ladies. Many of them can not only upset the birthday girl, but even offend. If you cannot accurately predict the girl’s reaction, avoid the following presents.

  • Cosmetics.  Only a mother or best friend can give such a gift. They certainly know what means the birthday girl is used to using. For men, it is better to limit yourself to presenting a certificate to a cosmetics store.
  • Cloth.  It’s not worth the risk if you don’t know exactly the size of the hero of the day, her style, or you can’t quickly answer what color scheme she prefers.
  • Home pet.  Do not give a girl a kitten or a puppy without first consulting with her.
  • Household appliances . A young lady will not be happy with a slow cooker or an iron. If you want to give her something from technology, then focus on originality, for example, give the hero of the day a juicer bottle, a portable pocket mini coffee machine, etc.
  • Money.  Maybe you should not categorically refuse this present, but if you want to present something memorable to the birthday girl, then this is not the best option.
  • Perfume.  Not knowing what flavors the young lady prefers, choosing such a gift will be very problematic.
  • Gifts that point out flaws. It is unpleasant for any girl to receive such gifts as scales, cellulite cream, a gym membership, etc. These things, albeit indirectly, hint at imperfections, and therefore will be offensive.
  • Souvenir products.  Girls love to surround themselves with beautiful things, but sometimes it becomes too much. Also, the birthday girl may think that you gave her a gift “for show”.


Twenty years is a special date. Therefore, if you want the holiday to make a great impression on the birthday girl, use your imagination, decisively accept the most unexpected and even risky ideas. Courage is the key to success!

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