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TOP 112 ideas What to give a baby for 2 years +23 gifts and Tips

Two-year-old girls are already independent, active and developing very quickly. They themselves can climb a sofa or bed, begin to play role-playing games with dolls and imitate their mother, examining themselves in a new dress in front of a mirror.

In other words, the knowledge of the surrounding world at this age is in full swing, social adaptation takes place and speech develops.

Therefore, when choosing what to give a girl for 2 years, it is necessary to take into account her current needs and interests. Presents that contribute to the development of the cognitive, creative and mental abilities of the birthday girl are best suited.

If you are faced with the task of choosing a gift for a girl for 2 years, then this article will help you solve it. On this page you will find fresh and relevant gift ideas that your little one will surely love.

Below are the best birthday gift ideas for a little princess who turns two years old. Also here you will find tips on choosing a gift for a birthday girl and a list of things that you should not give.

TOP 112 ideas What can you give a child to a girl for 2 years

  1. Height meter.
  2. Children’s piano.
  3. Foldable play tent.
  4. New dress or shoes.
  5. Beautiful bed in the form of a castle.
  6. Stroller for dolls.
  7. Big poop.
  8. Home swing.
  9. Sledge transformers for winter and summer.
  10. Magnetic board or easel.
  11. Wheelchair toy.
  12. Plush backpack with your favorite animal or cartoon character.
  13. Development table.
  14. Coloring house.
  15. Karaoke microphone.
  16. Soothing sleep toy.
  17. Cape towel with your favorite character.
  18. Bath toys set.
  19. car seat.
  20. Chair with a table for eating.
  21. Bed for dolls.
  22. Video baby monitor.
  23. Big bouncing ball.
  24. Mosaic.
  25. Children’s suitcase on wheels.
  26. Electronic mobile.
  27. Doctor’s set.
  28. Store play set.
  29. Harmonica.
  30. A set of double-sided felt-tip pens.
  31. Flying Fairy.
  32. Rocking horse.
  33. Yula with sound accompaniment.
  34. Snow scooter.
  35. Set of rubber toys.
  36. Magnetic constructor.
  37. Robot fish.
  38. Ball for active games.
  39. Inflatable pool.
  40. Armlets or mattress for swimming.
  41. Board game for kids.
  42. Colorful book with fairy tales.
  43. Music Box.
  44. Slingbuses.
  45. Big puzzles.
  46. Pipe.
  47. Multipurpose sorter.
  48. A set of pyramids of different colors and sizes.
  49. Matryoshka.
  50. Drum.
  51. Constructor.
  52. Mobile sandbox.
  53. Set for inflating large soap bubbles.
  54. Toy tableware.
  55. Bright raincoat and rubber boots.
  56. Tambourine
  57. Figurine in a glass bowl.
  58. Toy synthesizer.
  59. Glockenspiel.
  60. Toy vacuum cleaner.
  61. Children’s theatre.
  62. Themed animal sets.
  63. Mass for modeling.
  64. Rainbow spring.
  65. Basket for toys.
  66. Rocking horse.
  67. Domino.
  68. Finger Theatre.
  69. Jumper toy.
  70. Hat with ears and scarf.
  71. Ring throw.
  72. A set of colored crayons.
  73. Soft Cubes.
  74. Sets of plastic vegetables or fruits.
  75. Labyrinth.
  76. Interactive pet.
  77. Glow in the dark laces.
  78. Children’s tablet.
  79. Children’s loto.
  80. Toy-repeater.
  81. Children’s toothbrush.
  82. Development cards.
  83. Slide for children.
  84. Kinetic sand and molds.
  85. The first earrings made of gold.
  86. A set of hairpins.
  87. Slippers with your favorite cartoon character.
  88. Modeling dough.
  89. Swedish wall.
  90. Orthopedic mat.
  91. Bright bag.
  92. Trampoline.
  93. Snood.
  94. Bright pajamas that glow in the dark.
  95. Lacing toys.
  96. Private dressing table with mirror.
  97. Dancing robot.
  98. Water Mill.
  99. Children’s castanets.
  100. Aeroball.
  101. Educational board game.
  102. Talking clock.
  103. Growing pencils.
  104. Tolokar.
  105. Drawing tablet with water.
  106. Insert frames.
  107. Coloring rug.
  108. Musical alphabet.
  109. Scales-balancer.
  110. Jumper.
  111. Sports complex.
  112. Plastic slide.

Unusual gifts

Sometimes you want to do something special for a familiar little princess, especially if her birthday is coming soon. Ordinary toys may not cause much enthusiasm in a child, but original gifts will certainly be received with enthusiasm. So, a small list of what you can give a girl for 2 years is unusual.

Warmer toy . If you are thinking about what kind of toy to give a girl for 2 years, then buying an ordinary teddy bear would be a classic of the genre. Many little princesses really like them.

But it is better in this case to pick up a heating toy, this gift will also be useful.

Such a plush friend can keep warm for several hours, just until the girl falls asleep. Lavender seeds are added to many of these toys, the smell of which has a calming effect on the child.

face painting . This is a set of safe paints based on natural dyes that will not harm the delicate skin of the child. With their help, you can create a cheerful atmosphere at any holiday by drawing funny faces for all the guests at the event.

Set for casts of the foot and palm . Thanks to this set, you can capture the size of the hand and foot of the birthday girl on her birthday using a special mold made of polymer clay.

When the prints have hardened, they can be placed in a special frame that comes with the kit and hang it in the nursery. When the girl grows up, it will be a wonderful memory of her second birthday.

Busyboard . This is a special interactive board, with its help the girl will understand the device of a wide variety of objects that can be found at home, and learn how to use them.

Such a developing gift will introduce the baby to what a lock, latch or bottle cap is. And satisfy her curiosity. Boards come in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose a gift both in design and in value.

Kigurumi .  This funny pajama comes in the form of various animals or characters from your favorite cartoons, which delights many children. Wearing kigurumi, the child feels like a hero of his favorite cartoon or a fairy tale character.

When choosing a specific style, focus on your favorite cartoons and animals that the girl likes.

Useful gifts

We offer a selection of ideas on what to give a child to a girl for 2 years.  Presents that will be actively used by the birthday girl, contribute to her rapid development and benefit.

Dry pool with balls . Causes great delight in children, it is possible to jump, wallow and even dive into the balls.

There are inexpensive options, which also do not take up much space, about a meter wide. And there are quite large ones, where, in addition to balls, interactive development boards are installed. With such a gift, a child can be occupied for a very long period of time.

Children’s night light with a projector . For children, they produce special lamps that will help to fall asleep quickly. They project different patterns on the walls and ceiling, which are interesting to watch, and also play soothing melodies.

With such a night light, the girl will calm down faster, fall asleep and at night she will probably have magical dreams.

Books with 3D fairy tales . At the age of two, many girls love to listen to fairy tales, and a beautiful book with three-dimensional pictures will captivate her imagination even more.

While mom or dad is reading a fascinating story to her, she will look at the pictures with interest and present the adventures of the heroes of the fairy tale.

Puzzle carpet . Such a gift will perform two functions at the same time. On the one hand, it can be an ordinary carpet for a nursery, and on the other hand, it can be an educational toy.

The parts of the rug can be detached from each other and built from them into something new, such as a playhouse. Some models are printed with letters and numbers so that the child can start learning them in a playful way in the future.

Useful gifts also include various clothes, shoes and dresses that a two-year-old girl will definitely like.

Inexpensive gifts

If the invitation to the baby’s birthday came at the last moment and you have a very limited budget, you can pick up a good and at the same time inexpensive gift for a girl for 2 years.

Here is a short list of interesting budget gift ideas.

Set for creating original hairstyles . Such a kit usually includes various rubber bands, hairpins, a comb and a mirror. Using it, the girl herself or with the help of her mother will be able to do a variety of hairstyles.

You can also add baby shampoo, shower gel or foam, hygienic fudge for girls and toilet water to the set.

Hand wheelchair . Such a toy on wheels teaches the girl to better balance. Many wheelchairs are equipped with musical accompaniment. Thanks to this, in addition to coordination, the child’s hearing develops. It is better to choose a toy with a girl’s favorite animal.

Toy phone . There are mobile versions and prototypes of old phones. You can choose any, the main thing is that it is bright, colorful and can play different melodies. On such a phone, the girl will often call her mother, father, relatives and girlfriends.

Toy sorter . This is a special cube or container with curly inserts that will teach the girl to compare sizes, shapes and colors.

Under each figure, you need to choose the right connector and, thus, put everything in its place. The sorter develops the logical thinking of the child and is ideal for the age of two.

Finger paints . Children all love to drag in their mouths, both toys and pencils. To teach a girl to draw with paints without unexpected incidents, a set with finger paints will come in handy. They are made from safe plant ingredients and if a child accidentally tastes these paints, nothing bad will happen. And if the clothes get dirty, then it can be easily washed off.

These paints are called finger paints because children can draw directly with their hands, it is not necessary to use brushes for this.

Educational gifts


TOP 112 ideas What to give a baby for 2 years +23 gifts and Tips

Children learn better the knowledge that they receive in the form of a game. Therefore, at this age, educational gifts are especially relevant. Such toys help to develop memory, imagination, teach to think logically and creatively.

Children are happy to accept such gifts, the main thing is to tell the child how to use them. Here are some great educational gift ideas for a 2 year old girl.

  1. Interactive doll . At two years old, the girl begins socialization and she needs a friend. Since there is no friendship as such at this age, you can give her a smart doll that will teach the baby various tricks. Such dolls can cry, laugh, blink and speak the given sets of phrases. The girlfriend will need to be fed from a bottle on time, bathe, sing lullabies to her, as her mother usually does. Expensive models of interactive dolls are equipped with a large set of functions, you can talk with them and play simple games.
  2. Kitchen sets . Since a girl at this age begins to look closely at her mother, she notices how they cook porridge, wash dishes and drink tea. Thanks to the kitchen set, the girl can play this situation with dolls, feeling like a little housewife. Such a set usually includes a stove and different options for dishes.
  3. Easel . Many children love to draw, and with a children’s easel the girl will feel like a real artist. In addition, the walls and floor will suffer less from the manifestation of the child’s creativity. On such easels, you can draw on both sides, on one with felt-tip pens, and on the other with crayons.
  4. Development mat . This is a special product with overlays of animals, vegetables, fruits or flowers, which attracts the attention of children. All this is attached to the mat with special Velcro, it is interesting for children to tear them off and stick them in place. The rug can be supplemented with other figures over time. So you can learn colors, counting, letters, animal names and much more. Some models come with sound accompaniment.
  5. Children’s tablet . On such a tablet there is a special training program for young children. Everything is done in a playful way. Playing such a tablet, the girl will develop memory, attention, logic and fine motor skills.

sports gifts

In addition to the mental development of the child, it is important to develop him physically. Therefore, it is important that the girl has things that will contribute to her interest in active leisure.

Thanks to them, coordination of movements and sensory memory will develop. And of course, physical activity helps to strengthen the immune system and improves the mood of the child.

Fitball . It is a large rubber ball. On it you can do gymnastics or just jump and ride. Thanks to such active leisure, the child will develop endurance, coordination and all major muscle groups.

Children’s darts . It differs from an adult in that it does not have needles at the end, but special Velcro. Children love these games and can practice hitting the target for a long time. Over time, the accuracy of the birthday girl will be better than that of many boys.

Scooter . Perfect for active leisure and short trips to the store. With a scooter, a child never complains that he is tired of walking and does not ask to be picked up. There are models with a removable seat and a handle that can be used at the request of the girl. In addition, it takes up much less space at home.

Trampoline . Children simply love it, the birthday girl can jump on it alone or with friends. Such a gift will be especially relevant for families who live in a country house. A trampoline can be placed in the garden and the child will be busy playing there for hours.

Runbike or bicycle . For two years old, you can give the girl a tricycle or a balance bike. The first option is more stable, any girl can ride it. The main thing is to show her how to pedal. But on the balance bike they are not, here you need to move with your feet to move. Thanks to this, the muscles of the legs and arms are trained, coordination develops. There are balance bikes with a removable handle so that parents can help the girl learn to ride and prevent falls.


When choosing a gift for a baby for her birthday, it is necessary to take into account her activity, her penchant for creativity and logical thinking. These qualities already appear at the age of two, some children prefer to collect pyramids, others love fairy tales, and still others are always on the move.

You just need to pay attention to the daily behavior of the birthday girl and it will become clear what gift she will be most happy with. Here are some more tips for choosing a birthday present for your little princess.

  • If you need to choose a gift for a girl whose character you don’t know well, be sure to consult your parents. Ask about what the girl is fond of and how she likes to spend time, what she usually plays.
  • Girls at the age of two begin to socialize, which means they try on the role of mother. Therefore, all toys for role-playing games are suitable as a gift. For the same reason, babies at this age like to try on new outfits, do their hair and wear impromptu jewelry.
  • A little girl at this age is looking for approval from her parents in everything, so gifts that can demonstrate to mom and dad her achievements in some area will be relevant.
  • If you give the birthday girl some new game that she is not yet familiar with, be sure to tell her all the rules. Better yet, play together.
  • A two-year-old girl learns the world around her, so you can safely buy things that will contribute to the active leisure of the baby.
  • Do not be afraid to be unoriginal and give a toy that the neighbor girl already has. At this age, it does not matter for children, on the contrary, they want to have something similar and like other children.
  • At two years old, children love to listen to fairy tales, so you can safely present a colorful book with selected fairy tales or a 3D book with three-dimensional illustrations.
  • Make sure the toy is of good quality. Pay attention to the material, the composition should not contain mercury, lead and other harmful substances. It is better to choose a trusted manufacturer.
  • Don’t forget about gift wrapping. For a little girl, this is extremely important. A bright wrapper will attract her attention and make her fantasy work. The birthday girl will be looking forward to the moment when it will be possible to open it.
  • Be sure to buy a few bright balloons for your gift. This will make the birthday girl even more happy. You can also purchase special caps for the holiday, crackers and confetti. So you will create a magical mood for the little princess.

What is better not to give

It is not always necessary to be creative in choosing gifts for a small child. If in doubt, check with the girl’s parents. Here is a list of gifts that are better not to give a two-year-old girl.

  • Toys with sharp corners and small details. The baby is still too small and may accidentally swallow a small detail. This also includes small puzzles, breakable toys and other things that a girl can get hurt about.
  • Clothing for growth. You can give things a size larger than the one the girl wears. But you don’t have to buy a dress that she won’t be able to wear until a few years from now. The gift must be relevant at a given time.
  • Pets. In no case should they be given unless it is agreed in advance and agreed with the girl’s parents. A pet is a big responsibility and a little girl will not be able to take care of him on her own.
  • Rattles. Already completely irrelevant at this age.
  • Complex constructor. It is still difficult for a little two-year-old girl to understand the device of such toys, so she will most likely simply not be interested in playing with them.
  • Toys with annoying sounds. As in the previous case, they can scare the girl. Check toys for melody and volume levels.
  • Radio controlled toys. It is too early to give such gifts, the girl will not be able to play with them or she will not be interested.
  • Great toys if there is not enough space at home. No need to give a family that lives in a one-room apartment, inflatable pools for games or large sports corners. In a word, all the toys that simply have nowhere to go.


When choosing a gift for a two-year-old baby for her birthday, pay attention to her activity and character, then your surprise will surely delight the birthday girl. The main thing is to present a present with soul and do not forget about the bright packaging, balls and crackers that will create a festive atmosphere on the girl’s name day.

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