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TOP 124 ideas What to give a Scorpio Woman +37 gifts and Tips

People who appeared under the constellation Scorpio are patronized by two planets – Mars and Pluto. Mars endows its wards with strength and energy, Pluto gives the ability to overcome difficulties, move towards a goal, dominate and manage.

The planets give Scorpios purposefulness, insight, intuition, love for the unknown and secret, natural magnetism.

First of all, when choosing a gift for a Scorpio woman according to the sign of the zodiac, remember that the native element of Scorpio, water, is the same pool in which a wide variety of emotions and contradictions are found. On the one hand, a scorpio woman likes exclusive, even somewhat extravagant things, but at the same time, a surprise in the form of a useless, albeit expensive trinket or a purely formal surprise would be inappropriate for such a lady. And you are unlikely to meet a Scorpio lady who would not take care of herself. Therefore, the gift should be meaningful, practical and with a soul.

What you should pay attention to first of all – unique gifts, “auxiliary” goods accompanying Scorpio’s hobbies, things “with a secret”. To help you, an up-to-date selection of the best gifts for women of this zodiac sign. And also useful tips on what features should be taken into account when choosing a gift and what definitely should not be given to such burning ladies.

Girl under the zodiac sign Scorpio

The Scorpio woman is a multifaceted, “complex” nature and therefore is considered one of the most endlessly curious signs of the zodiac. You can even imagine that in front of you is a weighty Talmud full of short mysterious stories, lyrics and epic. Why there are so many mysteries and diversity – it’s all about the patronage of the mysterious Pluto, which endows its wards with some detachment and a share of mysticism. Therefore, as you already understood, the search for a gift for a representative of this zodiac sign will be held under the motto “difficult, but very interesting”!

The representative of the sign is energetic, decisive, insightful and self-confident. The psychological portrait of a Scorpio woman displays a strong, assertive and temperamental nature, while she is sensual and soft. It is characterized by imperiousness, jealousy, straightforwardness.

She rarely recognizes authority. It has a complex character, has a changeable inner world. She is often overwhelmed with emotions, but outwardly she remains cold and calm, seems haughty. The Scorpio woman ( Scorpiones ) claims leadership in any society. Often located at the high rungs of the career ladder.

Representatives of the sign strive to surround themselves with luxury. They love money, diligently save, but are ready to suddenly spend, obeying a sudden decision. They love their cozy and comfortable home, carefully and tastefully equip it.

The Scorpio woman is an amazing person to whom they have all the feelings except indifference. She is mysterious, smart and sexy. And it is very fickle: today it burns like a flame, and tomorrow it turns into a cold, indifferent iceberg. What to give a scorpio woman for her birthday? The gift must be worthy of the Autumn girl.

TOP 124 ideas What you can give a Scorpio woman

  1. Beautiful bedding set. After all, Scorpios do not hold passion.
  2. Pendant with a scorpion.
  3. Biofireplace.
  4. Ethnic jewelry.
  5. Air florarium.
  6. Figurine of a scorpion with a clock.
  7. Slippers for home with natural or eco-fur.
  8. Silver spoon with monogram or zodiac sign.
  9. Yoga mat or hammock.
  10. Box with exotic fruits.
  11. Velor ottoman, dressing table.
  12. Cozy plaid with sleeves.
  13. Graceful wrist watch.
  14. Comb-rectifier with ionization function.
  15. Aroma lamp or diffuser.
  16. Brooch in the form of a zodiac sign.
  17. A multi-tiered case for cosmetics is the dream of every woman.
  18. Sketchbook.
  19. Apparatus for making ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy.
  20. Capsule coffee machine, geyser coffee maker.
  21. Multistyler for hair. Stylish Scorpions carefully monitor their hair.
  22. Illuminated glasses.
  23. Bracelet or earrings with a stone-talisman of Scorpios – sapphire, alexandrite, topaz.
  24. Fitness tracker.
  25. Oriental coffee set.
  26. Sauna for the face.
  27. Cool decorative pillow with the inscription “Seductively dangerous Scorpio”.
  28. Selfie ring light, monopod, ring lamp. A proud Scorpio woman will definitely appreciate such a gift!
  29. Humidifier.
  30. Smart pendant.
  31. Instagram.
  32. Yoghurt maker.
  33. Pocket mirror embellished with Swarovski stones.
  34. Decorative home fountain.
  35. Home set, peignoir, kimono dressing gown with lace, satin.
  36. Lamp “Moon”.
  37. Designer rug.
  38. Beautiful fragrant candles.
  39. Original sweets: macarons, honey soufflé, jams with alcohol.
  40. Sleeping set, in which silk copies are in the form of a pillowcase and a slip-mask.
  41. Dream Catcher.
  42. Candle heated glass teapot.
  43. Gel polish kit: Led-lamp, varnishes, base and top.
  44. Wireless headphones with charging case.
  45. Gorgeous leather journal.
  46. Table mirror with LED lighting.
  47. Lightbox.
  48. Chameleon mug.
  49. Fondue set.
  50. Stylish umbrella, for example, with a transparent dome.
  51. Book. For Scorpions, one of the best gifts, but it is better to choose a self-development publication.
  52. Smoothie blender.
  53. Nice underwear. Such a gift will certainly be highly appreciated by the Scorpio woman.
  54. Massage comb.
  55. Tea ceremony set, complete with bound tea (blooms like a flower).
  56. Light or aroma alarm clock.
  57. A gift box with unusual sweets from Europe will definitely please voluptuous Scorpios.
  58. Brand jewelry.
  59. Wicker furniture for the country.
  60. Bag chair. A good gift for a reader, a needlewoman, a lover of TV shows.
  61. Fashionable plush mittens or eco-fur gloves.
  62. Beauty pillow.
  63. Set of original dishes. For example, for serving sushi or made of wood.
  64. Aromatherapy necklace.
  65. Honey in a candle.
  66. Car set for girls in a pink suitcase.
  67. Salt lamp.
  68. Tourmaline, light or aroma shower head.
  69. Smart speaker with voice assistant.
  70. Blooming orange or any other ornamental tree. Also, Scorpios are suitable for indoor plants such as cacti, violets, spathiphyllum.
  71. Porcelain milk jug or gravy boat decorated with crystals.
  72. Rocket launcher.
  73. Set for cooking molecular cuisine, sushi and rolls, chocolate, mulled wine.
  74. SPA bouquet.
  75. Eco-friendly home textiles.
  76. A set of exotic spices.
  77. Scratch poster, e.g. “100 Best Books/Movies”, “150 Must-Have Meals”.
  78. Advent calendar with care or decorative products.
  79. Unusual silicone molds for baking.
  80. Palo Santo sticks.
  81. Ready set for knitting hats.
  82. Smart mask Foreo.
  83. Holdall. For a business woman who often travels on business trips, a stylish suit case is a must. Things will keep their shape and will not wrinkle. Lady Scorpio, scrupulous in appearance, will appreciate such a present.
  84. Carnivorous plant: sundew, nepenthes, zhiryanka, dionea, venus flytrap.
  85. Piggy bank.
  86. Water heater: flowing or accumulative. What scorpions love is water – a symbol of their element. Not the most romantic gift, but a Scorpio who does not think of himself without a soul will gladly use a personal device when the hot water is suddenly turned off.
  87. original keyboard.
  88. Pot for plants with self-watering function. With such an assistant, you can safely go on a business trip and even on vacation. The pot keeps indoor plants fresh without requiring watering time. Moisture gets to the roots from the lower water tank. Flowers themselves take as much moisture as they need.
  89. Starry sky pattern with Swarovski crystals. A good option to give a Scorpio for his birthday. A woman with a delicate taste, passionate about secrets and astrology, will accept such a present with gratitude.
  90. Treadmill or exercise bike.
  91. Filter for water purification.
  92. Wall florarium. An excellent choice of what to give Scorpio on March 8. This is a beautiful interior decoration with LED lighting. A bowl with plants (the composition is ordered additionally or formed personally) on a mirror base and a transparent hemisphere. Creative decor can be grown, changed, donated!
  93. Fitness ball.
  94. A beautiful bright bedspread, for example, with an animal print – like a lynx, zebra or leopard.
  95. Electropulse face brush. Scorpio ladies carefully monitor themselves, understand fashion trends, and are always aware of all beauty novelties.
  96. Electronic book.
  97. Singing wind or wind music.
  98. Cosmetic bag with embroidery or other unusual decor.
  99. Fluffy bath towel. After all, water is the astral element of this sign.
  100. Wall key holder with the sign of the zodiac.
  101. Erasable travel map.
  102. Table tray for breakfast in bed.
  103. Voice picture.
  104. Gift set for wine and cheese.
  105. Coffee set with different varieties. You can complement the gift with various coffee syrups.
  106. Lip oil.
  107. Turkish mill for spices and coffee.
  108. A silk towel for the face or a turban for beauty of the hair.
  109. Paraffin bath for home spa treatments.
  110. Hidden book.
  111. Decanter for drinks.
  112. Hairpin or other handmade hair accessory.
  113. Smart planter with automatic watering system.
  114. Basket with handmade soap and bombs.
  115. A star chart is a picture with the exact location of the starry sky of a special day (according to your date).
  116. Planner for a year.
  117. Piggy bank of non-standard form.
  118. Picnic set in a wicker case.
  119. Jewelry keychain or handbag.
  120. Shaker and cocktail recipe book.
  121. Rolling pin stencil.
  122. Gift box with natural coconut, peanut, hazelnut or date paste.
  123. Mesoscooter.
  124. Electric curlers.

Inexpensive gifts for Scorpio Woman

Do not think that a good gift for a Scorpio is only an expensive exclusive thing.

Check, she will appreciate both humor and manual work, and just the effort and time that you spent looking for a gift for her.

Motanka doll . This zodiac sign will appreciate such a gift. The doll is designed to protect the house and the person from the evil eye and negative energy.

By tradition, such dolls are sewn from colored linen patches, multi-colored threads and filled with natural fillers – herbs, grains, dried flowers.

Beauty box.  A great gift for a lady who loves to take care of herself. And for a Scorpio woman, this is a mandatory component. Most often, preference is given to natural remedies and eco-products.

A ready-made box with organic care and decorative products can be purchased in the cosmetic departments or assembled by yourself.

Ecocube . Such an interesting gift cannot leave anyone indifferent. After all, this is the easiest way to grow flowers, spices, an exotic plant, and even spruce on a windowsill!

Corrugated iron.  The scorpio lady is incredibly beautiful and charming, always has an impeccable appearance and especially pays attention to her hair. Therefore, if you want to please the birthday girl, give a hair styler.

A budget beauty device will allow you to create a chic basal volume and salon styling.

An electric roller file  is a useful device for any woman. Thanks to the roller with diamond chips, the legs will be perfectly smooth and well-groomed.

You can purchase a roller file for a pedicure or manicure. You can complement the present  with a jar of cold paraffin  for home spa treatments.

Perfume with pheromones . A welcome gift for the sexiest sign of the zodiac – Scorpio. Apply like regular perfume.

According to studies, women who use such perfumes are more confident, attractive and notice a surge of interest from members of the opposite sex.

LED candles  are a spectacular accent in the interior, creating a warm aura and comfort in the house. And it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also safe. After all, the effect of the flame is created due to the glow, which “falls” on the swaying tongue.

Do not forget  that water is the main element of Scorpio , so everything connected with it will also appeal to a woman.

It could be a spa membership, a beautiful swimsuit (if you know each other well), moisturizing thermal water for facial skin care, or even a quality water filter.

So, you will kill two birds with one stone, because the ladies of this zodiac sign are very concerned about their own health.

Accessories and jewelry for the femme fatal Scorpio Woman

Beautiful creatures love to adorn themselves, especially Scorpions. Products made from natural materials and precious metals are held in high esteem.

However, good crazy jewelry will also be to your taste, the main thing is that everything be refined and fashionable. Here’s what you can donate:

Eco-fur mittens  are one of the most relevant accessories in the cold season. Stylish, warm, will protect the handles from cold and frost. They are an original independent accessory, and, most importantly, will decorate any outfit.

Jewelry  is another outlet for the brilliant Scorpio girl. And if these are also “double” decorations, then the gift will definitely knock out a counter-strike. What can be donated:

  • Jewelry on the ankle and bracelet on the hand. An elegant foot decoration will attract attention, and will also allow you to express your desire for freedom and your bright self.
  • Earrings or brooch that turns into a pendant. Transforming decoration is perfect for both business meetings and friendly meetings.
  • Neck necklace and eyeglass chain. It will allow you to create several unique images – according to your mood.
  • Ring with a suitable stone according to the horoscope (amethyst, topaz, moonstone, topaz, jade, emerald). Such a surprise will not only complement the image, but will also become a true talisman.

Jade Roller Facial Massager . Beauty device that came to us from China. Gently affects the muscles of the face, relaxes them and at the same time strengthens them. A gift that will keep the youth and beauty of the burning Scorpio!

Cashmere tippet  – will not leave anyone indifferent. Made from cashmere goat down, thin, light, very soft and at the same time has a high heat-shielding property. Exquisite cashmere stole is indispensable in the cool season, and, most importantly, never loses its relevance.

Stylish  home sets are in fashion now , which can hardly be called pajamas. But, at the same time, such things are very popular. The set consists of trousers and a shirt.

Usually made from natural cotton or silk. For a loving Scorpio, it is better to choose a sexy model with lace or an elegant set with a T-shirt and shorts.

Gifts for a fan of innovation and technology

If you decide to give something from the category of technology and gadgets, then only fashionable, and, most importantly, multifunctional.

This zodiac sign loves flowers, but the ever-busy Scorpio has no time to care for them. In this case, you can please the recipient  with a self-watering pot . The cache-pot has a stylish design, an interesting shape, and, most importantly, a simple and convenient automatic watering system, with which you no longer need to worry about plants. You can complement the present  with an indoor flowering plant with scarlet flowers  (cyclamen, kalanchoe, anthurium or guzmania). After all, passionate Scorpio loves red.

A multi- baker  is the best solution for busy women or housewives who love to pamper their household with original dishes and pastries.

Viennese waffles for breakfast, nuts with condensed milk from childhood or a meat steak – a multifunctional device with interchangeable panels will help.

Magic comb-iron . A unique styler will help take care of the beauty and health of your hair.

This is not an ordinary comb, it is a multi-styler that is able to make strands straight and smooth. And due to the high ionizing effect, the hair does not become electrified and becomes silky.

Touch dispenser in the bathroom . Such a dispenser will look presentable in the bathroom or kitchen, and this is one of the main components for a woman – Scorpio.

In addition, the touch dispenser is very convenient when there are small children in the house, and it is also clean and economical (up to 1 thousand applications without topping up).

Air fryer . With such a device, you can forget about liters of boiling oil, an oil-free deep fryer will allow you to fry any dish without adding it.

It takes up little space, has a stylish appearance, and, most importantly, the food turns out tasty and fried without a single drop of oil.

Electric Turk  – will please the lover of natural coffee. The appliance will allow you to prepare coffee at home, at work or in the country.

The coffee turns out just as fragrant and rich, but there is no need to follow the process – after the coffee is ready, the device automatically turns off.

Gifts for cosiness and comfort in the house


TOP 124 ideas What to give a Scorpio Woman +37 gifts and Tips

The Scorpio woman seeks to surround herself with luxury. Therefore, he tries to equip his house with taste and comfort. Here is what you can give the representative of this zodiac sign:

Plaid pillow . A unique thing that will give warmth and comfort. The gift combines three products at once – a light blanket, a soft pillow and a cozy stole.

An ideal gift is a transformer for relaxing at home, outdoors, traveling and on a business trip.

Souvenir “Scorpio” with Swarovski crystals  is an original gift for a bright and bewitching Scorpio woman. Thanks to the special cut of stones, rhinestones sparkle brighter than diamonds, bewitching with their beauty. Swarovski crystals are not just rhinestones, they are a symbol of luxury and good taste.

Rotating cosmetics organizer  – keep your dressing table tidy and tidy and save time searching for a particular product or brush. You can choose a model made of acrylic, wood or a model in the form of an organizer with drawers.

Also puzzling over what you can give a scorpion woman for her birthday, opt for “long-playing” interior items. For example, these:

Sheepskin bedside rug . Today, natural things are gaining more and more popularity.

And despite the fact that the design of the premises has changed in many ways, natural materials, such as sheepskins, are becoming fashionable interiors. You can pick up a rug even in the shape of a heart. Or stop by buying a bedspread, blanket or sheepskin blanket.

Table-transformer for a laptop.  With such a gift, a woman will no longer have to stretch her muscles after sitting at a computer for a long time; with a portable transformer table, she can work in any convenient place.

In addition, the table can be used for breakfast in bed.

A wine table  is a stylish gift idea for any occasion. The product is made of natural wood and impregnated with beeswax.

There are cutouts for glasses, a bottle and removable snack holders. You can complement such a luxurious gift with a bottle of rose wine.

Versatile edible gifts

“Edible” gifts are not only a banal box of chocolates and champagne. Having shown a little creativity, you can get an individual present, which will take into account the tastes and preferences of the recipient. And this is exactly what a Scorpio woman needs. For example, you can present:

Oriental sweets in an exquisite frame – a wooden box . One of the interesting options for giving a Scorpio woman. Sweets are made only from natural ingredients – nuts, fruits, syrups.

The present can be purchased ready-made or assembled with your own hands by putting in the box: Turkish delight, chocolate baklava, pomegranate jezery, kadaif or air writing.

Strawberries in chocolate  are a masterpiece in confectionery architecture. The base is fragrant strawberry hearts and a luxurious addition is Belgian chocolate. Such an exquisite gift is an excellent choice for all occasions.

Composition of flowers and French cake – macaron . They perfectly complement each other, besides, in such a gift there are two of the most favorite components for Scorpio – sweets and flowers.

Bouquet . Here you can fantasize as much as you like, most importantly, resolutely not – banalities. Therefore, you can safely give: bouquets of fruits, vegetables, candied fruits, fruits in chocolate and even cheeses and smoked meats.

And, most importantly, the knowledge that such gifts were created especially for her will surely please the ambition of a Scorpio woman!

And, a sweet gift for the most diverse and deep Scorpions –  Japanese wagashi .

This is not an easy delicate dessert with pieces of fruit, it is an art. Therefore, if you have already decided to give unusual sweets, then give Japanese desserts with time-honored tastes.

Additional gift ideas for a Scorpio woman or girl


TOP 124 ideas What to give a Scorpio Woman +37 gifts and Tips

Scorpios love traveling to places where there is a lot of mysticism and secrets. If you can’t afford a ticket to a haunted castle, give yourself a rest in an amusement park, where there is a “cave of horrors”, slides “kamikaze” and other extreme attractions.

What gift to give a scorpion to a womanso that the option is a win-win? This is a present from a jewelry store. But try to find a non-standard and exclusive thing. Massive earrings and bracelets made of dark silver or steel, author’s ethnic leather goods.

If you decide to give jewelry, it’s good if it is with a secret. A ring with a miniature vault under the stone, a medallion in which you can insert a tiny photo.

Love for mysticism is inherent in every representative of the sign. A Scorpio woman can be interested in magical accessories for predictions and rituals: Tarot cards, runes, a decision ball. Amulets and symbols of financial success – turtle figurines, wall panels, a ship of good luck to maintain the winds of well-being.

Scorpios will like various encyclopedias: on interior decor, feng shui, landscape design, alternative medicine, nutrition systems, yoga, artwork, art.

Autolady can be presented with an extreme driving course. An excellent gift for Scorpio with his craving for self-improvement will be a master class on make-up, floristry, decoupage, etc.

She will like tasting wines, cheeses, sweets, anti-stress massage, a certificate in a spa or beauty salon, a subscription to the pool.

Under the constellation Scorpio, ambiguous natures are born: conceited and sentimental. Arrange a photo session: individual or family. The girl will definitely appreciate it.

What to give a Scorpio girl with your own hands

On February 14, a Scorpio girl can be presented with a touching handmade gift.

Sweet panel


TOP 124 ideas What to give a Scorpio Woman +37 gifts and Tips

Make a panel in the shape of a heart from candy bars for a sentimental sweet-toothed friend. For example, from KitKat in bright red and white packaging. Cut out the base from thick cardboard and fill it with bars. Attach them with double sided tape.

Night light-garland


TOP 124 ideas What to give a Scorpio Woman +37 gifts and Tips

A cozy little lamp is a great idea for the New Year or a cute present given just to please. To make a night light, it will take no more than half an hour and the simplest materials.

  1. Take a small jar.
  2. Wrap it with duct tape.
  3. Draw a heart (Christmas tree, star).
  4. Cut out the shape using a utility knife.
  5. Carefully paint the jar from the spray can in several layers.
  6. Remove the rest of the tape.
  7. Put a garland in a jar.
  8. Decorate the lamp with a ribbon or other decor.

As you can see, making a night light is not at all difficult. But positive emotions and a romantic mood are provided.

Tips – how to choose a gift for Scorpio for a female

Thinking about what is better to give a Scorpio woman, act from the bottom of your heart. This is a sentimental and sensitive sign that appreciates every show of attention and remembers the details.

It is useless to be interested in what the Scorpio girl wants to receive as a gift. You most likely won’t get an answer. Representatives of the sign love surprises and want you to rack your brains over the present.

They will appreciate the latest innovations. You can’t go wrong if you buy something from household appliances, telephone or computer accessories. It is important that the device is multifunctional and powerful.

When choosing what to give a scorpion woman, be sure to follow the general recommendations. Indeed, for such an attractive, energetic and hardworking zodiac sign, the present should be appropriate.

The main rule – guess yourself!  When you ask a Scorpio what he would like to receive, you will surely hear “Nothing.” Our poisonous friend does not consider it necessary to be distracted by trifles from his important thoughts. And if so, you will have to guess what to give yourself.

Diligence.  Scorpio women are careerists by nature. Therefore, you can encourage her efforts with medals, figurines for achievements and any status accessories. For example, a branded pen, an organizer folder.

Focus on design and specifications.  Nothing can disappoint a scorpion so much as a banal appearance and simplicity. Therefore, whether it is appliances, accessories or interior items, design should be the main thing. And if, moreover, it will have multifunctionality and compare favorably with a million similar things, then we can say for sure that you pleased Scorpio with a gift!

Mystic.  Scorpios sincerely believe in omens, divination and related occult topics. Therefore, feel free to give a woman an individual horoscope, natal chart, amulet, or anything related to their zodiac constellation.

Intimate, personal things.  If you communicate very closely, you can safely give things that will further emphasize the sexuality and attractiveness of a Scorpio woman. Well, if you do not fall into the category of Scorpio’s close friends, give something that is not beyond the bounds of decency – for example, a set of massage oils, a twister sheet, or a best-selling book about love.

Excitement.  Any ideas, quests, games and adventures will be received with delight.

Finance.  This is exactly the sign of the zodiac to which you can and should give money, as they are characterized by prudence.

Novelties and technologies . Scorpios are one of the few zodiac signs that keep up with the times and follow all the technical innovations. Any present that is considered a new achievement of the century (the latest gadget, smart planter, smart watch) will be received with a bang.

Sweets  are the weak point of the beautiful representatives of this sign. Therefore, add handmade chocolate, oriental sweets, exotic fruits to any gift option.

Romance.  It is desirable to accompany any of your gifts with flowers. Women of this sign treat flowers with special trepidation and enjoy their aroma. Especially if the composition contains notes of cloves, citrus and lemon balm.

Riddles and secrets  are the credo of Scorpios. Therefore, even the presentation of the surprise prepared by you should be theatrical, or at least organize a cool package that a woman will unpack languidly and with anticipation.

“Adult” gifts

What can you give a scorpio woman if you are close? Visit an adult store. Sex for women of the sign is an element, no less natural than water. Such a gift will not embarrass them:

  • scarlet or black silk bedding;
  • volume of “Kamasutra”;
  • erotic or edible underwear;
  • accessories for a romantic evening: scented candles, massage oil.

For a mysterious woman

Scorpios are attracted to esotericism, mysticism and astrology. They believe in fate, horoscopes, signs, the evil eye. Knowing about these hobbies, it would be quite appropriate to present:

  • a deck of tarot cards;
  • Ouija board;
  • crystal magic ball;
  • runes;
  • a book about mysterious phenomena, the other world, divination, magic, astrology;
  • talisman or amulet.

Talisman stones

Astrologers consider Scorpio the most complex and energetically strong sign of the Zodiac. Autumn women need minerals that can calm, support, protect from negativity. Astrominerologists are sure that choosing stones according to the horoscope can improve health, well-being and relationships.

Stones-talismans of the sign are determined by the decade of birth. Those born from October 24 to November 2 are ruled by Mars. Confidence and selfishness are traits inherent in Scorpions of this period. Hard stones are suitable for them: hematite, tiger’s eye, serpentine, amethyst, malachite, red jasper, sapphire, rock crystal.

Scorpios with a date of birth from November 3 to 13 are under the influence of the Sun. They are noble, brave, kind and strong. Their talismans are turquoise, sardonyx, coral.

Those who came to Earth from November 4 to 22 are patronized by Venus. They are passionate, artistic, talented, amorous. They will be protected by: pomegranate, emerald, topaz, aquamarine, alexandrite, beryl.

Hematite will moderate the unbridled emotions of a passionate Scorpio. The cat’s eye will protect against the evil eye and damage, and topaz will enhance intuition. Autumn women are often anxious – sapphire will help them. Carnelian will help you find a life partner. If you don’t know how to surprise a scorpion, present an exquisite talisman with a “native” stone.

What is better not to give a Scorpio woman

Remember the main thing – the gift should not be banal. Do not give Scorpios useless souvenirs or formal presents, although expensive, but bought at the last minute.

Girls will be sincerely offended if they receive a purely practical thing as a gift: an iron or an electric barbecue. However, adult representatives of the sign will appreciate such a present.

Above, you have considered the most interesting ideas of what to give a Scorpio woman on various occasions. Now we offer you to get acquainted with the list of anti-gifts that she will not appreciate:

  • No surrogates . Scorpios love unique, one-of-a-kind things. Therefore, choosing clothes, accessories, etc. refuse fakes of famous brands and things from the nearest supermarket. Give preference to handmade items made of leather, wood, stone, metal.
  • Impersonal trinkets  (figurines, soft toys, hygiene products). It is better to immediately refuse such a gift idea, otherwise, you will surely hear criticism, with caustic sarcasm inherent in scorpions.
  • Animals.  A cute kitten or puppy, of course, will touch a woman, but the eternally busy Scorpio will not have time to care for him.
  • Anti-aging cosmetics, weight loss products and more,  with a hint of imperfections. Believe me, the Scorpio woman will be very upset, because she is perfect, and besides, she knows when and what to use. And even if you “didn’t mean anything like that”, you will get unpleasant emotions and poisonous sarcasm of Scorpio.
  • Cheap jewelry.  One of the worst gift options for a woman on her birthday, March 8th and beyond. Firstly, the Scorpio lady is used to choosing jewelry that she likes and suits her. Secondly, such things are unsafe, as they often cause allergies. Yes, and they lose their appearance very quickly.
  • A scorpion woman will not appreciate  gifts for everyday life . Therefore, no notebooks, pots and vacuum cleaners, otherwise a woman may be offended. Only if the word “fantasy” is applicable to the gift.
  • You should also avoid  gifts that are associated with signs and superstitions . This includes sharp objects, scarves, watches, jewelry with pearls.


In addition to the gift, present flowers that radiate sensuality and passion: roses or lilies. Even better – an exotic house plant. Scorpio girls usually love sweets, so they will favorably treat the original bouquet of sweets.

Do not give a present without packaging. Scorpio loves a secret very much – having received a gift, he does not want to know right away what it is.

Choosing a gift for a scorpio woman is not so difficult. The main thing is that the surprise should include three main components – bright packaging, a fragrant bouquet and sweets. And don’t forget to tell the story of how you chose the gift. Scorpions can listen for hours about how you rushed about in painful searches in shopping centers and with a fight snatched the thing desired by Scorpio from the hands of a buyer who was ahead of you. Believe me, such a sign of the Zodiac appreciates attention to itself and the time spent!

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