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TOP 17 ideas what to give a fisherman +20 gifts and Tips

If you are looking for what to give a fisherman for his birthday, what you can give for the fisherman’s day, February 23, February 14, New Year or any other holiday, then you have come to the right place.

This article was written with the help of the fisherman himself.

If your husband is a fisherman, son, boyfriend or friend, then in this article, we suggest considering suitable gifts for a fisherman.

TOP 17 ideas what to give a fisherman and surprise him

What can you give a fisherman who has everything? Let’s try to go from the other side, and make a list of “asymmetric” gifts.

  1. Portable battery or power bank. A thing in nature is necessary – there is no time to charge (sometimes, if the car is not running and there is nowhere), to recharge a smartphone, phone, flashlight, tablet.
  2. A phone with large buttons, in a rubber waterproof and anti-shock case, with a SIM card, the number of which is known only to a narrow circle of relatives, friends and relatives. Before fishing, pick up the main phone, give out a push-button charged, filled with the right music.
  3. An electric screwdriver with a set of standard bits for assembling a feeder chair, floorboards in a boat, assembling a portable tent. Specialty shops will tell you that this is a good choice to give a male fisherman, especially if it comes with two lithium-ion batteries and a built-in LED.
  4. A thermos with a spring-loaded lid that can be opened with one hand, without a screw-on cup. Even if during the process of fishing you pour tea or coffee into a mug ritual, then by the time you get to fishing you will drive, a thermos of this type will delight you with coffee brewed early in the morning.
  5. Feeder chair. Dad fisherman carries in the car a pathetic folding chair without a back? It’s time to correct the situation. In the future, the chair will require the addition of body kits, which will make it easier to choose gifts for a less significant occasion – February 23 or the day of the fisherman.
  6. Body kits for the feeder chair – a wide variety of fixtures, shelves, lodgements, clamps, holders, tables and coasters. The main thing is to make sure that they are not there yet, and the selected item will fit exactly this chair.
  7. High-quality life jacket with pockets and loops – additionally warm in bad weather, serve as a seat cushion, or an additional lining for a sleeping bag. Its presence is checked by GIMS, and even if one is already in the boat, an additional one will not hurt.
  8. Gift edition of Leonid Sabaneev’s books about fishing.
  9. Portable radios, if it is known that they are fishing in a company, with boat access to the water.
  10. Heated cape seat cover powered by a 12 V car network. Cars are often parked close to the water’s edge, and men fish sitting in their chairs, sometimes using the jeep’s trunk lid raised up as a roof. A small extension cord, and you will be repeatedly remembered with a kind word for the gift of warmth.
  11. Echo sounder to determine the bottom topography and search for favorite fish habitats.
  12. An electric or gasoline outboard motor for a fisherman who owns a boat with a transom board. Be sure to find out the make and model of the boat, and find information about the permissible power of the motor. Remember that a motor with a power of more than 8 kW (9.9 hp) will require registration with the GIMS, and accompanying documents, including cash receipts, will also need to be given to the recipient of the gift.
  13. A fisherman who owns a boat on a car trailer – a custom-made transport tight cover for a boat or motor.
  14. Gasoline canister, the strength of which allows it to be used as a stand or seat.
  15. Mini-generator 220 volt portable gasoline in a noise-canceling case with the function of recharging car batteries and an additional output of 12 volts. It will provide power to heated covers for feeder chairs, charge dead batteries, provide lighting, heat the kettle without making a fire, serve outside of fishing.
  16. Good binoculars with float strap.
  17. A sturdy toolbox that is guaranteed not to leak in the rain, sits on it and fits in a fisherman’s car.

Original gifts for fishermen

A cool gift for a fisherman is a 3D printer.  Is the guy a fisherman of an engineering mindset and character? Will you understand the search? We give the most budget printer less than 10,000 rubles, show a forum with free 3D models for fishing, and enjoy the effect. You have to be careful, 3D printing is addictive.

Lifetime subscription to the taxidermist. You may have to explain at first what scarecrows are. Then say that he does not take up work if the fish is less than a meter, and works only with wholesale orders – from three meter soms. Further, according to the situation, and finish off that the taxidermist is waiting for the first batch in a week, so for now the discount is valid. This gift as a reason to raise the degree of fun.

Handcuffs with engraving “Do not lie.”  A real fisherman does not need explanations, for the uninitiated to tell the appropriate anecdote “she had such eyes.”

More options for gifts to the fisherman.

No time to prepare? Buy a canister with a neck, fill it with gasoline and present it with the words – you will fill the engine in a boat, use it as an NC.

Pay remotely in advance for a license to fish in a reservoir, the entrance to which is difficult for a fisherman for financial reasons.

What can be presented on the day of the fisherman or on February 23 inexpensive

Sometimes you want to give a gift, but professional equipment is expensive, especially if it’s not your husband’s or boyfriend’s anniversary. Below is a list of gifts that you can give a fisherman inexpensively.

In fact, this list of gifts for a fisherman can also be suitable for those who are looking for what to give their husband a fisherman for his birthday.

  1. A waterproof case for a smartphone sold in camping equipment stores. Widely used by windsurfers, water tourists.
  2. A rope for glasses if your husband is a fisherman with glasses, over the age of forty, he began to see poorly near or far.
  3. Fishermen often use scissors, tongs, wire cutters, and knives. An elegant rope for a tool, with or without a carabiner, tied from a child to a father’s vest will be appreciated with warmth.
  4. A swivel for attaching a cage overboard a boat will be a good gift for a fisherman friend.
  5. Waterproof case for documents on the boat. Documents and car keys are usually hidden on the ground. A certificate for the right to drive a watercraft, a certificate of registration, GIMS employees ask on the water.
  6. Carabiners screw or spring-loaded aluminum or stainless steel. Consumable accessory for a fisherman.
  7. Electronic pocket scales – for accurate weighing of prey, can be a good gift for a fisherman guy.
  8. An awning for spreading on the ground with eyelets in the corners – you can give it to a hunter and a fisherman.
  9. A gas burner with spare cartridges, and a stand for boiling the pot.

DIY gifts for a fisherman

  1. If you are looking for something to give dad a fisherman with your own hands, then it is better to find out the musical tastes and download the playlist of dad’s favorite performers. A great gift for parents who don’t like gadgets. Learn to turn on randomly. Put the title song “Fish of my dreams”.
  2. Print and laminate a memo on knitting marine knots, provide with a suitable rope, solemnly hand it over with a hint, they say, so that the fish does not get rid of it. In the same way, prepare a map of the starry sky of the northern hemisphere with the names of the constellations and the brightest stars.
  3. To make from solid foam bright on a string for a knife, smartphone, binoculars, document case.
  4. Sew a cover for a fishing rod, chairs, a soft pillow for a hard box from waterproof fabric.
  5. Sew an apron with plastic inserts from a stronger fabric – so that you can work with bait while sitting and not dirty your jacket.
  6. Dig up worms.

Gift Tips

When choosing a gift, it is recommended to be aware not only in a big way – whether he owns a boat, whether he goes overnight or twice a year to Akhtuba, but also in details – whether the old coil is broken, and whether he would take the same one again and if so then why. If not, which one would you like to buy?

The question may have to be repeated after a while, do not record the same surprise. It will not be superfluous to find out the object of envy.

Intelligence is not an urgent matter, but after all, the birthday since February 23 is more than once a week. Find out, record secretly, talk to a fisherman’s friend.

Fishing is love for life, and a gift from the heart will be remembered with gratitude for years.

What is better not to give a fisherman

Not only to a fisherman, but also to any person dear to you, you definitely should never give something that you would never give yourself. The first thought when you receive a gift from the “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” series is that it was already given to someone, they changed the packaging, and launched it again in a circle.

Nothing, of course, will prevent in the future the unnecessary thing from being put back into the “gift circuit”, but this is wrong.

A fisherman’s set, which usually includes spinners, reusable baits, fishing lines, reels, hooks, attracts with its bright appearance, low price and variety, and it would seem that any fisherman will be happy to receive them on a fisherman’s day. Unfortunately, guessing the right color, thickness, manufacturer is almost impossible.

The fisherman’s options already available will not give a hint, because the test results are discussed only with colleagues. It is not recommended to opt for this type of fishing accessories without full confidence in the required characteristics.

Anti-rating of fishing gifts made out of good intentions:

  • frying pan;
  • a set of pots;
  • shoes and outerwear purchased in non-specialized stores;
  • glassware, even if a trophy fish is painted on the mug;
  • blankets and pillows intended for home use;
  • jamon on a stand;
  • the tablet;
  • a stuffed fish caught by another;
  • seeds – not a hygienic ” drug” , distracting from fishing;
  • items that will not get caught in any way.

The above list does not aim to “denigrate” gifts that are worthy for another reason, but our goal is that you will be remembered with a kind word while fishing, and not upon returning from it.


Fishing begins with fees, goes on the road, takes place near the water, and ends with production and return. Think, because at each of these stages there is an object that will please and leave a good memory of you.

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