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TOP 92 ideas What to give a Woman for 60 years + 48 more Gifts and Tips

All the fair sex love to receive gifts and no matter how old a woman is, she will always be pleased to receive flowers and compliments. However, choosing a really worthy birthday present for a woman in her 60s is not an easy task.

This anniversary symbolically marks the beginning of a new stage in life, more moderate and calm. But this does not mean at all that a woman stops caring about her appearance, rather, on the contrary, she strives to preserve her beauty, and some, among other things, try to keep up with the times and try many novelties of the modern world. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to something banal, choosing what to give a woman for her 60th birthday, try to find something original and at the same time useful.

A special occasion calls for a special gift. Relatives and friends are racking their brains: what to give a woman for her anniversary? When choosing what gift to give a woman for 60 years, pay attention to the list of the top gift ideas.

Below you will find a huge number of ideas for what gift you can give a woman for 60 years!

TOP 92 ideas What you can give a Woman for 60 years

We have prepared a selection of gift ideas for your beloved mother, wife or girlfriend. Your gift can become the most memorable present at the celebration. Choose what you can give a woman for her 60th birthday from this detailed list.

  1. Salt lamp.
  2. Stylish leather wallet.
  3. Weather forecaster.
  4. Biofireplace, desktop or floor. Runs on special biofuel for fireplaces without chimneys. An indispensable item for creating a cozy atmosphere of warmth, comfort and relaxation. You can present an electric fireplace.
  5. Florarium.
  6. Eco alarm clock that can emit dawn, increasing the illumination of the room and recreating the sounds of nature.
  7. Electronic book.
  8. Electronic barometer.
  9. Fitness bracelet.
  10. Perpetual calendar with clock.
  11. Heated lunch box.
  12. Comb hair straightener.
  13. Pithos or pitcher in the Greek style.
  14. Smoothie machine.
  15. Form for cooking.
  16. Wireless headphones.
  17. Jewelry decoration.
  18. Product safety tester.
  19. Window cleaning robot.
  20. Leather business card.
  21. Wicker furniture.
  22. Yoghurt maker.
  23. Set for knitting or embroidery.
  24. Electric sheet or blanket.
  25. Aquarium with fish.
  26. Bed linen set made of high quality natural material.
  27. Electric Toothbrush.
  28. Orenburg downy shawl.
  29. Thermoglass.
  30. Humidifier.
  31. Chaise lounge for a summer residence.
  32. Tandoor.
  33. Leather gloves.
  34. Stylish thermos that fits in a handbag.
  35. Door peephole with surveillance camera.
  36. Set with handmade soap.
  37. Aerogrill.
  38. Slippers with lights. To move around the house at night without turning on the light.
  39. Nightstand. With pull-out breakfast table in bed.
  40. Memory foam pillow.
  41. Blanket with sleeves.
  42. Pillow-warmer. A warm gift, powered by electricity, changing the intensity of heating.
  43. Aroma candles with a beautiful candlestick.
  44. Key holder – a shelf with hooks for keys.
  45. Heated massage or electric slippers.
  46. Water purifier.
  47. Siphon. Carbonates and foams liquid, you can make mousses, foam, soda.
  48. Submersible blender.
  49. A set of silver cutlery.
  50. Machine for pasta.
  51. Stylish tea and coffee maker.
  52. Good manicure set.
  53. Vintage powder box.
  54. Orthopedic mat for legs and back.
  55. Set for folding rolls.
  56. Barrel with honey.
  57. Garden swing.
  58. Speaker in the bathroom.
  59. Decorative fountain.
  60. An electric brush that cleanses the face, exfoliates, and stimulates blood flow.
  61. Natural fur cape.
  62. Yoga set.
  63. High quality leather cardholder.
  64. LED picture.
  65. Chandelier.
  66. Chocolate fountain.
  67. Electric samovar with exquisite painting.
  68. Smart garden. The realization of the dream of your own small garden. The compact smart garden is equipped with an electronic control system based on the principles of “smart home”. Plants are grown according to the principle of hydroponics – without soil. They do not need to be watered: a special sensor will take care of this. The thing will decorate the kitchen, balcony, desktop.
  69. Art album. For example, about the Vatican, the Palaces of Venice, the Hermitage, the Louvre, the London National Gallery. Or the book “1000 Wonders of the World” – a deluxe edition.
  70. A large beautiful basket with exclusive varieties of tea and coffee.
  71. Aqua farm.
  72. Dish for pilaf handmade with a unique ornament.
  73. Caviar bowl with a spoon or glasses.
  74. Coffee maker set. Brass coffee grinder, copper cezve and long-handled coffee spoon.
  75. Water dispenser. Stylish item with liquid cooling system.
  76. Painting set. A set for creativity will allow everyone to show off their artistic talent. The present will brighten up your leisure time, and may even become a new hobby.
  77. Wooden and leather box. Stylish, elegant, functional accessory for the modern lady. An expensive thing will please a connoisseur of restrained classics and decorate the interior of a birthday girl. Or a casket in the form of a calpida vase, with bronze patina elements. Unusual vintage chest of drawers.
  78. Set from the famous Swiss brand SWIDZERLAND: key holder + handkerchief.
  79. A set of wine glasses with gilding. For example, unusual multi-colored glasses.
  80. The cabinet. Luxurious dishes will emphasize the sophistication of serving and the refinement of the taste of the owner.
  81. Warm blanket. For example, from merino or alpaca wool, an unusual pleated or classic checkered plaid.
  82. New household appliances: washing machine, refrigerator, freezer. New generation electric oven. Or a cleaning robot. The innovative smooth surface washer will clean windows, tiles, mirrors to a shine.
  83. Fireplace candlesticks.
  84. Flower arrangement in a glass. Miracle technology keeps roses or orchids fresh for 6 years. At least this is guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  85. Big TV. Or, conversely, a small one – for the kitchen.
  86. Set of sofa cushions.
  87. Satellite dish.
  88. Cosmetics. Pay attention to quality brands that use natural and unusual ingredients (gold ions, snails, mother-of-pearl, black caviar) and innovative technologies. A pleasant surprise for the birthday girl will be care and anti-aging cosmetics from Japan.
  89. Kitchen gadget: bread maker, slow cooker, double boiler, food processor, shaker, electric crepe maker, air grill. Or an apparatus for making smoothies – an unusual blender in design and capabilities. The gift is suitable for a woman who loves to cook or master the possibilities of new technology.
  90. Soft puff.
  91. Floor lamp, chandelier or sconce set.
  92. Painting by a contemporary artist or a copy of a rare work, painted in oil.

Original gifts

Let’s take a closer look at what you can give a woman for 60 years if you want to surprise the birthday girl.

A choice of interesting and original gifts that will be most relevant for such an anniversary.

Night light with a projector . It can create a projection of the starry sky or a city at night throughout the room, there are similar devices with built-in speakers that complement the picture with music and different sounds. A nice and unusual gift for a woman who has everything.

Aroma pen , an interesting gift for a woman who works with a pen, such as a teacher at school. The pen is made in a beautiful metal case, which contains a special capsule with aroma oils, lavender flowers, lemon balm leaves and coffee beans. The fragrance lasts for at least 12 months. The pen comes with a beautiful gift box.

Mood calendar. Calendar with a special dusting, which is erased by a coin. There you can find various predictions and tips, in addition, you can attach stickers with your plans to the dates.

When choosing an original gift for a lady, remember that it should also be useful, pay attention to how the woman spends her leisure time, whether what you want to give suits her.

Useful gifts

A useful gift for a 60-year-old woman is the best solution if you don’t know her tastes and preferences very well, but it’s important not to slip into something banal here.

Some great gift ideas.

Vertical gardening system . It is a special pockets made of waterproof material in which you can grow anything you like, making the composition to your taste. These can be ordinary flowers, berries or greens, as a result, the design looks like a whole carpet with live greens. Placed on the wall next to the window or on the balcony.

Spoon with special display , which can accurately measure the right amount of spices, sugar, salt and so on to prepare a new dish.

An instrument that measures the purity of the air . Housewives who love cleanliness in the house will like this gift, because it allows you to know exactly when to start wet cleaning.

Heated bedding set , useful when it’s already cold outside, but heating has not yet been given, the sheet and blanket can be heated a little first, and then just go to bed.

Inexpensive gifts with taste

An inexpensive gift can be given as a sign of attention if you do not have enough money for a solid one, but you still want to please the lady and please her with at least a small surprise.

Magnetic board on the refrigerator for making a list of products, menus and other notes. The board is sold with special markers and a rag to erase what is written, it must be attached to the refrigerator door along with markers.

Table in vintage style for breakfast in bed . Not only young girls like to have breakfast in bed, ladies of respectable age just as often want to pamper themselves. There are varieties on the legs and on the pillow.

The no-watering rose is a flower that does not need to be watered every time, while it lives for about five years.

With a tight budget, you can use some more ideas on what to give a woman for 60 years inexpensively:

  1. A bottle of red dry wine and spices for mulled wine.
  2. Set for punch (kryuchon): bowl, ladle and glasses in the same style.
  3. Aroma lamp and a set of essential oils.
  4. Portrait of the hero of the day, created using computer technology and painted in oil. It is advisable to imagine a woman in an unusual way: a fairy, a medieval queen, an ancient Egyptian goddess.
  5. Thinking about what bouquet to give to a woman for 60 years, why not take advantage of the now fashionable idea and present a bouquet of fruits, sweets or meat delicacies.

Gifts for Health – 15 Useful Devices to Feel Good

The age of the birthday girl requires a special attitude to health and appearance.

Here are a few ideas on what gift to give a woman for 60 years, how to prolong her activity and beauty:

  • Compression massager. The operation of the device is based on pressure therapy. Relieves swelling, pain and feeling of “heavy” legs.
  • Pedometer or fitness tracker. The physical activity monitoring device combines 5 functions at once: measures body fat to calculate calories burned, counts steps and distance traveled, shows time and can become an alarm clock. The device shows the results of work on itself and regulates the load.
  • Massage rocking chair. Useful item for workaholics. It has an impressive massage functionality (vibromassage, kneading and shiatsu), infrared heat therapy. Replenishes stamina in just a few minutes.
  • Hydromassage foot bath.
  • Heated robot massager. The uniqueness of ancient Chinese medicine and modern technologies of this “home doctor” will help relieve stress, pain in the legs, improve blood circulation and relax.
  • Eye Massager.
  • Food and water safety tester. Device for express analysis of nitrate content in products, determination of water hardness, measurement of background radiation.
  • Air purity detector. The device controls the concentration of carbon dioxide in the room. When it is necessary to open windows for ventilation, notifies with a sound signal.
  • Sticks for Nordic walking. They burn more calories than walking and don’t stress the joints like jogging.
  • Gymnastic sticks with an expander. The unique sports equipment will give you a new workout, improve coordination and joint mobility.
  • Cardio trainer. The compact device will replace a bike ride, give a toned body and a healthy heart.
  • Split system.
  • Exercise chair.
  • Car air ionizer. The gadget eliminates unpleasant odors and dust, purifies the air of allergens and microbes.
  • Massage headrest. Acupressure Japanese shiatsu massage in combination with infrared heating has a beneficial effect on the condition of the neck and head.

An anniversary gift should be special and it is desirable that it looks solid enough, so when choosing  what to give a woman for 60 years ,  consider this factor.

At any age, a lady strives to look beautiful, so gifts to maintain health and a blooming appearance will be received with gratitude. However, it is very important here not to give things hinting at old age.

A few examples of successful gifts for ladies aged 60 years.

Mini sauna with an inhaler for steaming the face . The sauna creates steam that is used to cleanse the skin, improve blood circulation and tone the face. High-quality natural aroma oils can be added there to improve the effect, after which special face masks are made. There is another similar option – a mini jacuzzi for legs, relaxes and relieves fatigue after a hard day.

A set of beautiful little jars of honey with various additives. there are ready-made gift sets, or you can choose your own if you know the tastes of the birthday girl. There is a similar option with a set of unusual types of jam.

Gift set of unusual tea blends . The combination of flavors can be very unusual, such as Chinese rose petals and white oolong. There are also separate types of tea, fermented and rolled into special bunches, which open into a beautiful flower when brewed.

Eco alarm clock , which imitates the dawn, making the room brighter half an hour before waking up, makes natural pleasant sounds, charges you with positive emotions in the morning.

9 more original gifts for a woman for 60 years


The best gift that you can give a woman is something that she will use constantly for daily needs, but at the same time will be elegant and beautiful.

Scratch painting , you do not need to draw on it, but erase a special coating. There are different options for paintings, the end result can be decorated with a wall.

Massagers for different parts of the body , suitable as a gift if a woman spoke about pain in her back, neck, and so on. There are warming options, there are vibration options, some combine these functions. Such massagers relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation and reduce pain.

A set of quality aromatic natural oils . They can be used for aromatherapy, can be added to creams and shampoos, any cosmetics for care. If a woman cares about her health, then she will definitely like this gift.

Japanese garden is a decorative box with sand, stones, small trees, houses and plants around. All this is combined into a beautiful composition.

  • Unusual cake from a professional confectioner . For example, in the form of a suitcase with money, or with details reminiscent of a hobby or work.
  • Creation of a personal website for the birthday girl for blogging or trading .
  • Certificate for a course of massage, spa or beauty treatments. A visit to a beauty salon is given before a banquet so that a woman shines at her own celebration.
  • Gift for creativity . If there is a hobby, the birthday girl will definitely like things for doing what she loves, for arranging her work corner. For example, a new sewing machine, cutting table.

The hero of the day, who prefers to change her hobbies and acquire new skills, will be delighted with a set of accessories for working with leather, scrapbooking, and will happily master polymer clay modeling.

Vineyard rental in Bordeaux

Do you need an original gift? Or are you racking your brains on what to give to a lady manager who “already has everything”?

Then the original present ” Vineyard for harvest ” is what you need! Renting vines in the province of Bordeaux is a unique offer, there are simply no analogues in Russia.

The standard gift package includes:

  • certificate for the harvest of the last year in Russian and French;
  • a postcard with a photo of vines and a name plate of the owner;
  • Notice to the tenant.

A beautiful envelope will be sent by courier. And after 2 years, 6 bottles of wine with a personalized label will be sent to the address of the owner from the province of Bordeaux. In September, a club meeting is organized for tenants.

DIY gifts for a woman for 60 years

The most original gifts for the 60th anniversary are your own crafts. After all, no one else has such things.

A homemade pendant is a boundless scope for imagination. Anything can be in it: from important symbols to photos of beloved grandchildren. It is done elementarily, but a woman will not remain indifferent to such creativity. Blanks for pendants can be purchased on special Internet sites or in Hand Made stores.

Vase in Tiffany style . Surprise a woman with a decorative vase painted under stained glass. All you need is the ability to draw, a simple transparent glass vase, special paints and inspiration. For a sample, use recognizable brand patterns: images of a dragonfly, wisteria, apple flowers. A glass lamp shade can also be turned into a work of art.

A set of original sofa cushions or a creative cover for a gadget is a creative and simple job. Experienced craftswomen can create a plaid picture or a warm patchwork blanket. The most interesting gizmos are obtained by combining a variety of techniques.

A knitted or crochet shawl will solve the question of what to give a friend for 60 years.

Batik handkerchief . This is an expensive gift for real fashionistas.


If you received an invitation to an anniversary, then you need to not only choose a good present, it is important to give what the birthday girl needs in everyday life.

It is also necessary to take into account a solid date, your gift must be appropriate. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, there are a number of recommendations for choosing and presenting a gift.

  • An anniversary gift does not have to be formal and expensive, but it should be practical enough.
  • Unusual gifts are good, but you should not get carried away, here the unusualness of the present should be in moderation and age appropriate.
  • You can complement the main gift with small pleasant things related to the main gift.
  • If you choose a technique, then drill the one with the work of which it is easier to understand. If a woman finds the device too complicated, there is a high chance that she will not use it at all because of the fear of breaking it, for example.
  • When choosing a gift for a woman, keep in mind that this gift should be for her, and not for the whole family.
  • Ladies traditionally appreciate style and elegance, so try to pick up something not only useful, but also beautifully designed.
  • It would not be superfluous to buy a bouquet of flowers suitable for the main gift, as an option, consider flowers in a bowl.
  • Prepare a congratulation, just giving a gift without accompanying words is not polite. Say something nice and from the heart.
  • If you do not have the opportunity to personally congratulate the birthday girl, send a gift by courier, now it is very easy and not expensive to do this. And also call on this day to personally congratulate the lady.

Try to take into account all these factors when choosing a gift and you will be able to find exactly what will please a woman on her sixtieth birthday.

What flowers to give a woman for 60 years? A flower gift should be chic.

Instead of a standard bouquet, albeit luxurious, you can order a floristic composition: voluminous, with an abundance of greenery and a bunch of plants. For example, it is appropriate for a January birthday girl to present a snowman made of white chrysanthemums.

A gift of flowers can be kept in a single range or have bright accents. You can choose a mono-bouquet or a combined composition of large and small buds.

The decor emphasizes the importance of the composition. But it should be in moderation so that the bouquet remains elegant and sophisticated.

Flowers in a bouquet matter. What roses to give a woman for 60 years? Mature women are presented with a composition of darker or brighter shades.

What is better not to give a woman on her 60th birthday

There is also a list of unfortunate gifts for a lady on her anniversary. In order not to spoil the birthday girl’s holiday, you should know what you do not need to give.

  • Animals . Cats, dogs, parrots and so on can only be given if you are directly asked for it, in the rest your gift can be a simple burden for a woman.
  • Very expensive things . If you choose an anniversary gift that is too expensive for a woman, it may be perceived as an attempt to oblige her in something else. Perhaps she will even refuse to accept such a gift, so choose according to the price, but be sure to taste.
  • Very cheap stuff and fakes . You choose a gift for an anniversary, so it should look quite solid, you don’t need to give notebooks, poor quality jewelry, etc. Also, do not buy fakes for well-known brands, even if a woman does not understand this, handicraft is always visible. This is disrespect to the birthday girl, and to yourself too.
  • Money is appropriate only from family members, but even that is not the best option for a gift. If you are not part of this circle, you should not make such a gift.
  • Hot drinks are also inappropriate as a present for a lady’s anniversary, even if they are expensive.
  • All things that hint at a woman’s age , such as sets of vitamin complexes, portable devices for measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, and the like are absolutely inappropriate. The birthday girl can be very upset by a hint of her age.
  • Strong alcohol, tobacco or accessories (hookah, mouthpiece) are not entirely appropriate. Such things impair health and shorten life. To make such a present is tantamount to presenting poison in a beautiful bottle.
  • Do not give “impressive” gifts that require physical activity and a strong nervous system. Not every woman, even at a younger age, will survive a parachute jump, rafting on Lake Baikal or a mystical quest.


An irreproachable gift is an aesthetic, not cheap, useful thing in a spectacular package. Choosing what to give a woman for 60 years will help attention, tact and imagination.

Don’t put off choosing a gift until the last minute. Consider the interests of the hero of the occasion, make a decision thoughtfully. Invest your soul – only in this case the surprise will be sincere, appropriate and original.

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