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119 gift ideas for your girlfriend of 18 years

When choosing a gift for your girlfriend’s 18th birthday, you need to focus on her character, desires and your abilities. The present does not have to be pretentious and expensive, it is important that it matches the interests of the birthday girl and is original and memorable. You probably already have some ideas, but perhaps our publication will help you in choosing a gift.

TOP 58 ideas what to give a girlfriend for 18 years

  1. Bag chair
  2. selfie light ring
  3. Designer jewelry box
  4. Hot dog maker
  5. Backlit keyboard
  6. Inflatable sofa
  7. fondue set
  8. Edible cream body paint
  9. selfie toaster
  10. smart pen
  11. Travel organizer
  12. perpetual calendar
  13. Fitball
  14. Wireless lamp
  15. Scratch map of the world
  16. levitating plant
  17. Portable exercise bike
  18. Nominal author’s glass
  19. Flip dial watch
  20. voice picture
  21. smart ring
  22. table fountain
  23. Stylish fountain pen
  24. Antistress toy
  25. Case with mirror for smartphone
  26. waterproof notepad
  27. Hanging table for balcony
  28. Bedding set with original print
  29. Light alarm clock
  30. Pomegranate cleaner
  31. Aquafarm
  32. Mechanical juicer
  33. Aroma lamp with a set of essential oils
  34. Electronic butterfly in a jar
  35. Cosmetic organizer
  36. Silk pajamas
  37. Wireless headphones
  38. Table mirror with light
  39. Author’s jewelry
  40. Stylish clutch
  41. Manicure set
  42. Personalized bathrobe
  43. Travel bag
  44. Florarium
  45. Wireless speaker
  46. External battery
  47. photocrystal
  48. Makeup brush set
  49. Laptop table
  50. Slate
  51. Virtual reality glasses
  52. Cosmetics from natural products
  53. Quality passport cover
  54. Picnic set
  55. Original wrist watch
  56. wish bracelet
  57. Designer hair clip
  58. Skateboard

Modern gifts for a girlfriend for 18 years

Instant camera.  Often, after taking a lot of photos, we forget to print them on paper. Such a camera will help you get out of the situation and please you with real paper photographs immediately after shooting.

Keyboard vacuum cleaner.  Oh, how many crumbs and dust lurk between the buttons on the keyboard and prevent its normal functioning! Give your friend a magic vacuum cleaner and save her from such problems. You can complement the gift with an original computer mouse and a rug for it.

Gamepad.  All true gamers know that even the most enduring joysticks often suffer in the heat of battle. If your girlfriend is not indifferent to computer games, then a cool new gamepad will not hurt her.

Multistyler.  This multifunctional device will allow the birthday girl, without visiting a beauty salon, to create different hairstyles every day, experimenting with images and styles.

Lamp-projector.  With the help of such an exquisite and beautiful gift, the girl will transform her room and create a unique romantic atmosphere in it.

3D puzzle.  A great gift for a friend who loves intellectual entertainment.

Waterproof shower radio.  If your friend loves to listen to music and sings, make her happy with such an original device – and let nothing stop her from restraining her creative impulses.

Original and cool gifts for a girlfriend for 18 years

Girls with a wonderful sense of humor can safely give cool or original gizmos. In addition, such a present will be relevant if you know each other very well and have been friends for a very long time.

Smartphone pocket printer.  The gadget connects to a mobile phone, is characterized by high printing speed and compactness.

transparent umbrella.  A stylish and unusual umbrella will not only reliably protect your friend from the rain, but will also allow her to admire the drops falling from the sky.

Mittens.  Show your care to the birthday girl by giving her original warm mittens. You can present natural sheepskin mittens or, for example, knitted mittens made of natural fur.

Concert tickets.  You certainly know which artist your girlfriend is a fan of. Fulfill her dream and give her a ticket to his concert.

Questionnaire.  There is a huge selection of interesting and beautiful leg bracelets that complete the look, giving it a “zest”. Choose the one that you think suits your friend.

Freezer.  Probably, there are no such people who would not like ice cream. Your own device for its preparation will allow you to creatively approach the process and create a masterpiece only from natural products.

Lamp for manicure.  Such a gift will bring your girlfriend’s manicure talents to a new level. Perhaps she will be so carried away by the process that soon you will have a personal nail designer.

Magic beans.  Intrigue the girl and present her with magic beans. Having planted them in the ground or aqua soil, in a couple of weeks she will be able to read the best wishes on the grown leaves.

Three-legged toad.  An ancient oriental talisman will bring happiness to its owner, teach you how to properly manage money and help you save the right amount.

Magic ball.  Such an original little thing with its positive predictions will not allow the young lady to become discouraged and will tell her about the upcoming changes in life (of course, favorable ones).

Disco ball.  An excellent attribute of the dance floor will be an ideal gift for a dance lover and will set everyone present in the right mood.

Kigurumi.  Unusual pajamas in the form of a funny animal will cheer up your girlfriend, warm her up and create a unique look for her.

Useful gifts for a girlfriend for 18 years

Practical gifts never lose their relevance and can especially please an 18-year-old girl who cannot yet financially support herself.

Branded decorative cosmetics.  The fair sex at any age want to use high-quality cosmetics of well-known brands. Your friend will definitely appreciate the chic lipstick, luxurious mascara or trendy eye shadow presented to her as a gift.

Mini exercise bike.  Large and professional simulators are very expensive. However, no one bothers you to purchase a portable model at an affordable price. Such a gift will appeal not only to an avid athlete, but also to a girl who plans to go in for sports from “this Monday”.

Stylish urban backpack with built-in USB.  The most useful thing in the modern world, which will allow you to comfortably and reliably carry gadgets, charging them on the go.

Coffee maker.  Great gift for a coffee lover friend. It remains only to choose whether it will be a chic copper cezve for making coffee on the stove, an electric coffee maker, or maybe a coffee machine.

Thermo lunch box.  Such an indispensable device will save your friend from dry snacks and allow her to take healthy hot meals with her to school or work.

Hydromassage foot bath.  Give your friend the opportunity to relax after a busy day – she will appreciate such a chic present.

Backlit keyboard.  Of course, in the age of information technology, many do not look at the keys when typing. But still, a good keyboard with multi-colored backlighting in the dark does not hurt.

Inexpensive gifts for a girlfriend for 18 years

Different things happen in life, and it happens that on the eve of a friend’s birthday, your budget is very limited. You can get out of this situation in the following ways:

  • chip in with friends and give a common gift;
  • to focus on the packaging of a present, packaged beautifully and in an original way, immediately increases in price;
  • give a really useful thing;
  • 100% hit the target.

In addition, you should not be stereotyped and think that only a solid gift can please the birthday girl. As an inexpensive but positive present, we suggest considering the following options:

  • original case for smartphone;
  • a cool mug that can cheer you up on a gloomy morning;
  • hula hoop or dumbbells in a life-affirming color;
  • beautiful jewelry;
  • cute stationery included with a diary;
  • name keychain;
  • funny flash drive
  • photo collage of your best joint photos;
  • collapsible coffee cup;
  • syrups for coffee and cappuccinatore;
  • dispenser with tap for drinks;
  • bluetooth keyboard for smartphone;
  • a set of pleasant and fragrant little things for taking a bath;
  • useful accessories for a bicycle;
  • board game;
  • cozy slippers;
  • thermo mug with a positive inscription;
  • original table lamp or sconce;
  • warm blanket;
  • levitating column;
  • peeler for vegetables;
  • headphones with cat ears;
  • good luck talisman in the form of a four-leaf clover.

Emotional gifts for a girlfriend for 18 years

More and more young people prefer gift-experiences that can evoke warm memories for many years. Depending on the nature of your girlfriend, she may like:

Any beauty procedure, naturally performed by professionals in a beauty salon: algae wrap, sugaring, hot stone massage, milk bath, SPA hair treatments and more.

Horse ride.  Fresh air and leisurely horseback riding will give the birthday girl a lot of positive emotions and give her the opportunity to break away from the bustle of the city.

Karting.  This entertainment will appeal to thrill-seekers. Small cars capable of accelerating up to 40 km/h will make you feel like a real racer and throw out all the negative emotions.

Quest room “In the dark”.  Such a present guarantees a surge of adrenaline and a thrilling unforgettable experience. But, if your girlfriend is particularly impressionable, it’s better not to risk it and choose something calmer.

Master Class.  Give the birthday girl a certificate for a master class related to her hobbies. Perhaps your girlfriend has been wanting to do fusing for a long time, but does not choose the time for this. Solve this issue for her, and send her to the desired occupation.

Cloud of helium balloons.  Each girl will be delighted with a lot of colorful balloons and will remember such a bright surprise for a long time, especially if the balloons are chosen taking into account her lifestyle and character.

Aquapark.  A great way to immerse yourself in the world of water activities and break away from the gray days, especially if your girlfriend’s birthday falls on the autumn-winter period. Incredible slides, lagoons with jacuzzis and pools will color her life with bright colors for a long time.

Surprise party.  Surprise your girlfriend and arrange the best holiday in her life for her. It can be any pastime that will delight her: a cozy party with close friends, going on a picnic. The main thing is that everything should be done just for her, from the heart and with care. A kind of holiday in her honor.

Flash mob.  Come up with an original and unexpected flash mob and surprise (of course, pleasantly) the birthday girl with it.

Gifts related to the birthday girl’s hobby

Extreme thrill lover

If you know for sure that your girlfriend is not from the timid and noticed her for all sorts of extreme actions, give her all kinds of flights: paragliding, hot air ballooning, helicopter, parachute jump, the so-called rubber band jump (bandy jumping ). The main thing is that you be sure that she is ready for such adventures, and they will bring her positive, and not drive her into a stressful state. Do not forget to film everything that happens on camera so that your friend not only can enjoy the process, but also has the opportunity to periodically view her little feat.


A girl who prefers home comfort to all parties and crazy parties can be given an e-book, a set that matches her hobbies, a certificate to a bookstore, a deluxe edition of her favorite movie, a portrait made from her photograph. In this case, it is important to remember that the “home” girl will appreciate such a gift that will allow her to enjoy spending time at home.

Creative personality

Such a lady will appreciate any creativity and will be glad of any given opportunity to manifest her creative potential. She will enjoy a master class on playing the saxophone, a creative photo session, a subscription to dance classes, a noisy party in a nightclub, and even an original case for her guitar. Here it is necessary to focus on the non-triviality of the gift, and not on its status and price.

What can you give a girlfriend for 18 years with your own hands

Only your personal abilities can limit the choice of a gift made with your own hands. Someone knows how to knit perfectly, and someone grows chic bonsai. Of course, first of all, be guided by what you know how to do well, but maybe our easy-to-implement ideas will also be useful to you.

Door hanger

Materials:  picturesque snag or strong branch, drill with drills, rope, colored pencils.

Progress:  drill holes of a suitable diameter in the driftwood, firmly insert pencils into them (glue can be used) and hang the finished product on a rope.

Wax crayon painting

Materials:  hair dryer, canvas, wax crayons, glue.

Workflow:  In the order of the colors of the rainbow, glue the crayons to the top of the canvas. After the glue dries (after about an hour), fix the canvas to the wall and, turning on the hair dryer at full power, point it at the crayons. Once you are satisfied with the resulting image, turn off the hair dryer and leave the painting to dry. To get a more interesting image, you can use the silhouettes of animals, people or fairy-tale characters.

DIY candle

Materials:  paraffin, colored wax crayons, wicks, essential oil.

Progress of work:  you should melt the crayons in a water bath, adding a few drops of any essential oil and paraffin to them. Then you need to insert a wick inside the resulting mass and form a candle. Multilayer candles will look original.

Candlesticks with photos

Materials:  glasses, glue, photographs.

Progress:  buy original glasses, it is possible from colored glass, and just stick printed photos on them. You can order photo printing on self-adhesive paper at the photo center. Before handing, to complete the composition, place a suitable candle in a glass.

Beach bag with trendy print

Materials:  plain durable fabric, stencil, acrylic paints.

Workflow :  sew a bag with long handles (if you do not have sewing skills, you can use a ready-made plain fabric bag) and use a stencil and paints to decorate it in accordance with your imagination.

In addition, with your own hands you can do:

  • a box from an old book;
  • topiary;
  • a picture in the style of string art;
  • bath bombs;
  • portrait of a birthday girl;
  • felt decoration;
  • dream catcher;
  • rope-rope stand for stationery;
  • coffee toy;
  • decorative pillow;
  • a bouquet of sweets;
  • tangerine tree.

What is better not to give a girlfriend for 18 years

Undoubtedly, a gift for an 18th birthday should be original, but still there is something that is definitely not worth giving (unless, of course, the birthday girl asked you otherwise):

  • cosmetics to correct imperfections;
  • kitchenware;
  • Pets;
  • underwear and clothing;
  • scales;
  • counterfeits of famous brands;
  • alcohol, tobacco and other “adult” gifts;
  • money;
  • perfume;
  • means for weight loss.

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