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TOP 96 ideas of what to give an Aquarius man and more gifts + Tips

Freedom-loving Aquarius is very sociable by nature, therefore, when the time comes for the holidays, a man of the eleventh sign of the zodiac will not be left without a gift.

What to give an Aquarius man for his birthday, for the New Year, for another reason, or just like that? Options for all occasions – in a large selection.

TOP 96 gift ideas for an Aquarius man

  1. Hydrop Textile’s unique water-repellent spray. The development of a Russian scientist will awaken the natural curiosity of Aquarius.
  2. Funny wad of money – 1 million dollars from the “Joke Bank”.
  3. Portable battery for phone or other devices.
  4. A portable projector will also please Aquarius, who loves to visually share his impressions with friends.
  5. Portable coffee maker.
  6. Stylish shirt, tie or other wardrobe item.
  7. Holder with triggers for smartphone. Fans of games on the phone will definitely like this thing!
  8. Document holder or leather purse.
  9. T-shirt with a fun print or a unique print.
  10. Stylish leather belt.
  11. Personalized chocolate or chocolate medal with the logo of the zodiac sign.
  12. Car recorder with anti-radar.
  13. An intellectual board game can interest an Aquarius man for a long time.
  14. Personalized thermo glass for drinks.
  15. Breakfast table in bed.
  16. Named glass for alcoholic beverages.
  17. Two-tier food container.
  18. Electron microscope. Curious by nature, Aquarius loves to explore the world around him.
  19. Handmade bracelet.
  20. The universal magnetic holder is an excellent replacement for the anti-slip mat on the car dashboard.
  21. Precious men’s jewelry or cufflinks.
  22. Apron for the workshop.
  23. Water bottle with integrated filter.
  24. The map of our travels is a good present for the Aquarius man on February 14th.
  25. Vintage men’s perfume. Yes, and there are such, Aquarius-collector will definitely like it.
  26. Desktop biofireplace.
  27. Bottle for drinks.
  28. Protective shutter for the camera. This is for those Aquarius who decided to close the camera of the phone, but at the same time take good care of it and do not think about scotch tape.
  29. A set of sweets and toys “Back to the 90s”.
  30. Drum set for fingers.
  31. Flying alarm clock helicopter.
  32. Bar-chest for favorite drinks of the Aquarius man with glasses.
  33. A personalized lighter is useful not only for smokers.
  34. Umbrella pistol or in the form of a samurai sword when folded.
  35. Set for making mulled wine.
  36. Beverage dispenser.
  37. Desktop punching bag.
  38. Finger trainer.
  39. Heated lunch box.
  40. Wireless headphones.
  41. Tube squeezer.
  42. Thermal bag. It is useful for picnics and travel in the car.
  43. IP camera for home surveillance. Online sites offer quite budget options.
  44. Paper or metal designer. For example, the head of a dire wolf from the famous TV series Game of Thrones.
  45. Radio-controlled mechanical hummingbird Kickstarter.
  46. Folding table in the car.
  47. Car air purifier. There are devices that can be controlled through the phone.
  48. Mini-safe on the wall.
  49. Folding chair.
  50. Car Booster. A great thing on the road when you need to recharge your battery or laptop.
  51. Guitar tuner.
  52. Building hair dryer.
  53. Bicycle helmet and knee pads.
  54. Electronic Lighter.
  55. Hair removal trimmer.
  56. Anti-slip mat-holder.
  57. A USB hub can be presented to an Aquarius guy, and a friend, girlfriend or parents can.
  58. Smart socket.
  59. Bowl for washing paws. If Aquarius has a pet, the gift will be used.
  60.  Touch wall switch. Paired with a smart socket.
  61. Electric Toothbrush. Everyone should take care of their oral health.
  62. Soundbar. Not a bad solution if the guy has a home theater.
  63. Wireless charger.
  64. Travel backpack.
  65. Form press for cutlets. You can make stuffed patties.
  66. Walkie-talkie. For airsoft, hiking and “playing”.
  67. Car wax.
  68. Bicycle computer.
  69. Salt lamp.
  70. Automatic screwdriver.
  71. Robot dog.
  72. Table basketball.
  73. Decanter for wine.
  74. Toothbrush holder with UV light and toothpaste dispenser.
  75. Apron for beard care.
  76. Car bin and organizers in the car.
  77. The Indian treatise on love “Kama Sutra” will arouse the interest of a real adventurer.
  78. A vintage shoe shine set will please Aquarius for an anniversary.
  79. Survival knife with fire starter and sharpener. The desire to see every corner of the planet with your own eyes can be a perilous adventure for Aquarius.
  80. Manual wood splitter “Kolundrov”. It will come in handy, because it is safer than any ax, and fireplaces and fires cannot be lit without firewood.
  81. Balanceboard. This is a solution for the problem of what gift to give Aquarius to a guy if he already has almost everything, but you still want to surprise him.
  82. Camping lantern. The waterproof device works not less than 100 hours in the economy mode. In addition, you can charge any gadget from it.
  83. Flip clock Air-Flip. Aquarians do not like to waste time, and every minute of their life should be filled with meaning.
  84. Voice painting for the interior. Another option that you can give an Aquarius man if you want to awaken his innate curiosity. By the way, a special code on the canvas allows you to listen to the spoken phrase at any time.
  85. Orthopedic pillow. Show how you value the health of the Aquarius man in the little things.
  86. Classic cocktail set.
  87. Cosmetics for skin or hair care.
  88. Handmade ring.
  89. Keyboard vacuum cleaner.
  90. Horizontal bar on the door.
  91. Signal keychain. Considering that Aquarians often look like an absent-minded professor, then such an accessory will help them find the keys faster.
  92. Laser pistol with a target. Why not play war games with your friends?
  93. Device “Antison” for drivers. Yes, insomnia often torments Aquarius, but it’s better not to sleep in a car if you are driving. Sold as a ring, bracelet and other accessories.
  94. Travel shaving kit.
  95. Cozy blanket. Going inside for a few days is something Aquarians of all ages love. During these periods, it is better not to touch them, and a soft and warm cover will remind them how much you love Aquarius.
  96. Pillow-antistress “GIANT ENTER”.

Whether it’s a set of something unique, a piece of jewelry, a bouquet of food and drink, or something useful, the gift choice for an Aquarius will depend on the occasion and the nature of your relationship with this sign.

Additional Gift Ideas for the Aquarius Man or Boyfriend

Ideas for what to give an Aquarius man should be unique. Without this, the gift will not touch the heart of a man. In everything that surrounds Aquarius, he is looking for a hidden meaning, longs for discovery and change. So captivate the representative of the eleventh sign of the zodiac can:

Ant farm . Watching the life of insects almost in natural conditions is an entertaining activity for Aquarius. For this study of the behavior of industrious ants, a man can spend more than one hour. Along the way, Aquarius will consider many plans and new projects.

Stationery set . To write down and sketch plans and layouts, Aquarius will need high-quality pens, pencils and even measuring instruments.

Elite alcohol . A premium quality drink will please the hospitable Aquarius.

A mini copy of the person being gifted . Many studios can make a figurine from a photograph of any person. A three-dimensional portrait figurine is a unique gift for Aquarius, which he will not forget for a long time.

Handmade chess . Aquarius does not like trivial offerings. Give him a board and chess pieces that no one else will have. He will immediately invite you to play a game!

Interesting options for what is better to give Aquarius to a man are not limited to this. Offer him as a gift:

  1. A book with a flask.
  2. Lamp “Plasma ball”.
  3. A selection of Belgian or handmade chocolates.
  4. Wrist pad for computer work.
  5. Wall poster coloring book.
  6. Picnic or barbecue set.
  7. Souvenir marine compass.
  8. Funny case for a suitcase.
  9. Tablet or laptop
  10. Smartphone.

What to give Aquarius to a guy with your own hands

Aquarius likes to receive and give unusual gifts. Therefore, if you need to decide what to give Aquarius for February 23, surprise him with your own hands.

Men of the eleventh sign of the zodiac are the best connoisseurs of handmade products . They feel warmth and love. It is important to use quality materials to make a gift to Aquarius. He feels falsehood and indifference like no other.

DIY gift ideas for Aquarius :

  1. Snickers dumbbells.
  2. Money faucet.
  3. Picture frame.
  4. Scarf and gloves knitted.
  5. Rubik’s cube with photos.
  6. Handmade bow tie.
  7. A camera made from coffee and mini chocolate.

Tips – how to choose a gift for Aquarius for the male

Making an offering to Aquarius is easy and difficult at the same time. He knows how to enjoy the little and appreciate the unusual gift from the heart. To choose a gift for such a person, you need to remember that Aquarius wants to change the world, does not like routine, pressure and hidden hints.

Choose gift ideas that:

  1. Awakened the vivid imagination of Aquarius . How to make a drink, use a kit for its intended purpose against vampires, unravel the plot of a book or conduct a scientific experiment – Aquarius will be especially happy with such gifts.
  2. Could use your gift directly or indirectly to overcome difficulties . Active, altruistic and humane Aquarians always rush into the thick of things and care little about luggage. All their things should fit in a backpack. They don’t need more.

Men of this sign, like women, keep cleanliness. Aquarians are often haunted by the fear of disease, germs and viruses. This is due to the fact that it is difficult for a restless Aquarius to be treated. He can’t follow the routine of the clinics for more than a couple of days. Give them something that cleans up easily or brings order to their lives. This will bring them a sense of peace and harmony with themselves.

What is better not to give Aquarius a man

If we remember that the signs of Air are calm about hardships, then the question of what to give Aquarius to a man for his birthday will be easily resolved. And what is it better not to give an Aquarius man?

  1. Piggy banks . Money is of little concern to Aquarius. He is sometimes ready to starve, if only not to change his principles or not to do boring work. If he has money, they will not fall into the piggy bank. Aquarius will invest them in the next of his projects.
  2. Gifts for the improvement of life . Yes, he will appreciate the coffee machine, but he can easily live without it. Material values ​​​​and comfort are of little interest to Aquarius, like money.
  3. Luxurious wardrobe items . A bright thing will please Aquarius, but Aquarius will not tolerate too flashy and tasteless accessories and clothes in his image. Style and aesthetics are in his blood.


Finding an option to surprise Aquarius with or without it is a serious task. Representatives of the eleventh sign of the zodiac love to be independent and often do not know how to accept gifts. In order to pick up a surprise for Aquarius, you will need all your imagination, delicacy and attention to the man, but all efforts will pay off with the sincere gratitude of the Aquarius man.

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