What to give for a wedding

What to give for a wedding inexpensively? 36 ideas and 12 gifts + Tips

If you are looking for something original and inexpensive to give the newlyweds for a wedding, then you have come to the right place.

Below you will find inexpensive wedding gifts, original and inexpensive ideas on how to give wedding money to newlyweds in an original way and what is better not to give.

Using the ideas and tips below, you will definitely know what an inexpensive wedding gift to give to the newlyweds.

TOP 36 ideas that you can give for a wedding to newlyweds inexpensively

  1. Paired T-shirts with photos of the spouses and the inscriptions “Married” and “Married”;
  2. Two certificates: the first is for the groom and gives him the right to take care of his wife and give her coffee in bed, and the second – for the bride, the right to take care of his wife and forgive his trips to football with friends;
  3. The books “Handbook on Raising a Husband” and “A Guide to Taming a Wife” are one of the answers to the question of what to give newlyweds for a wedding original and inexpensive;
  4. Unbreakable plates with the inscriptions “To sort things out”;
  5. Bed linen with marked boundaries of the territories of the husband and wife;
  6. Pillowcases with the inscriptions “Wife” and “Husband”;
  7. Mittens for lovers, two of which are ordinary, and the third is a steam room, where the clasped hands of the spouses will fit;
  8. An electric samovar is one of the good ideas that you can give newlyweds for a wedding inexpensively;
  9. A photo album designed using the scrapbooking technique (you can leave it empty or fill it with joint pictures of the spouses, if you have any);
  10. Portrait of a couple on canvas;
  11. Gift certificate for the purchase of furniture, building materials, sports or children’s goods in a store;
  12. Named chocolate with a logo and a photo of a newly-made family;
  13. Dolls that resemble young people (you can make these to order by providing the master with a photo of the spouses);
  14. Gift box with tropical butterflies;
  15. A song or poem of your own composition in honor of the newlyweds (below you will find a funny video);
  16. Double electric blanket or electric sheet;
  17. A ball of fate that will help spouses make the right decision in difficult matters;
  18. A pair of orthopedic pillows is a very good and inexpensive wedding gift;
  19. Book for recording favorite family recipes;
  20. A horseshoe for good luck (the choice of material from which the souvenir will be made depends solely on your preferences and financial capabilities – it can vary from iron to gold);
  21. Breakfast table in bed;
  22. Plaid with sleeves for two;
  23. Fondue set;
  24. Handmade soap set;
  25. A large cake made with your own hands and decorated in the colors of the holiday;
  26. Pet (if this decision is agreed in advance with the bride and groom);
  27. A congratulatory film in honor of the young with their best photos and warm words from relatives and friends;
  28. Payment for the services of a photographer, videographer or wedding host;
  29. Box for champagne with an engraving “Newlyweds”;
  30. Family lamp with engraved wishes for a happy life together;
  31. A genealogical book, which young people will start filling out with information about their distant ancestors and end with facts about their family, after which the book will be passed down from generation to generation;
  32. An aquarium with a goldfish is an interesting idea from the options that you can give inexpensively for a wedding;
  33. A set of wicker furniture or a hammock for two (if the spouses have a dacha);
  34. Roomy suitcase (for future family trips);
  35. A couple of bicycles or scooters;
  36. A family picnic set that includes a large blanket, a basket, a set of dishes and cutlery and other little things that you may need in nature.

What else can you give for a wedding to newlyweds inexpensively

There is an opinion that cool wedding gifts for newlyweds can only be expensive. In fact, this is a delusion, because if you approach things wisely, you can find a worthwhile present without being left with empty pockets – the main thing is that the thing carries a certain meaning and, in its symbolism, corresponds to the theme of the holiday.

Inexpensive wedding gift ideas:

Organization of a quest for newlyweds . You should not think that you can only give something tangible to the newlyweds for a wedding inexpensively original. By hiding the “treasures” and handing the newly-made family a map for searching, you will involve all those present in an interesting game, the tasks of which they will perform with passion.

Naturally, all puzzles should be related to the spouses and provoke as many kind words as possible in their address.

The reward for passing all the stages can be comic medals or certificates, as well as an envelope with a small amount of money;

Set of bricks, money tree and baby booties . At first glance, this combination looks rather strange and suggests what these three items may have in common.

However, puzzling over what can be given to newlyweds for a wedding inexpensively, remember the main missions of a man in life – to build a house (a brick is a symbol of this), plant a tree (you will simplify his task by handing an already planted plant) and raise a worthy child (with baby, first of all, booties are associated).

With your present, you wish the young family development and prosperity;

Pud of salt . Sometimes guests face the difficult task of choosing what to give for the wedding to newlyweds who have everything, so it makes no sense to try to surprise them with expensive presents.

In this case, it is worth remembering folk signs and impressing the imagination of the couple with a gift that has a deep meaning.

One of the legends says that lovers only get to know each other well when they eat together a pood of salt (I remind you that a pood is about 16 kg).

When giving them this present, jokingly offer to do it as soon as possible in order to be as close to each other as possible.

What can you give for a wedding to newlyweds, original and not expensive, but memorable for a lifetime

If you can’t decide what inexpensive and original wedding gifts to give to newlyweds, then pay attention to adventure gifts.

This kind of gift will leave the bride and groom with vivid memories and a sense of gratitude towards you for a pleasant experience.

Suitable options in this case would be:

Flight in a hot air balloon . As you know, the stronger sex is not particularly romantic, but you can be sure that this gift will win the heart of even the most brutal groom, not to mention the bride.

In addition to unforgettable emotions, the couple will have a bunch of beautiful photos from a bird’s eye view. At the same time, of course, it is important to take into account the temperament of both newlyweds – if at least one of them is afraid of heights, this gift, alas, will have to be abandoned;

Fireworks . If you want to please the heroes of the occasion right on the holiday, organize a spectacular end to the evening and order the launch of fireworks.

At the same time, do not forget to warn the young people in advance about your surprise in order to avoid repetition and free them from thinking about the finale of the holiday.

So, not only the bride and groom, but also all the guests present will be able to admire this wonderful spectacle.

Having decided that giving such a present to the newlyweds for a wedding is a great idea, take a responsible approach to choosing a team that will carry out your surprise – these should be people who are professionals in their field and think about the safety of their clients.

Certificate for participation in a master class, interesting for both newlyweds . Puzzling over what you can give the newlyweds an inexpensive but interesting wedding gift, think about what common hobby the newlyweds share.

It can be pottery, drawing, cooking and much more – for each of these topics you can find a corresponding master class where the couple can learn something new and improve existing skills, as well as meet like-minded people.

If you are sure that the interests of the bride and groom differ, purchase a certificate for each of them for the same time, and after the event they will gladly share their impressions with each other.

Romantic photo session for two . As a rule, many couples, having lived a long life together, regret that they have so few joint pictures, because so many happy moments have been lost forever, and all that remains is to remember them.

In old age, spouses will be able to review photos with their children and grandchildren, talking about how happy they were.

In addition, this option can be the answer to the question “what to give for a wedding to adult newlyweds?” – if you didn’t succeed in implementing this idea in your youth, why not fix it now? Thus, this present can be considered a win-win, but only if you manage to find a professional photographer who can reveal all the feelings of the couple.

How to give money for a wedding to newlyweds in an original way

Many guests remain adamant that money is the best gift.

There is definitely logic in this, however, presenting banknotes in an ordinary envelope is too banal and looks like you didn’t put your soul into your present.

The task becomes more difficult when there is very little money. Therefore, it is worth considering how to give money for a wedding to newlyweds in an original way, and our ideas will help you with this:

Bank with money . Before filling the container, it is necessary to exchange the amount that you want to hand over into smaller bills. Each piece of paper should be rolled up and tied with a bright ribbon. You can close the jar with a beautiful lid or wrapping paper, fixed with twine or tape.

Money pot . In this case, you will need coins, which you need to fill the clay pot, and put large bills on the bottom of the container up to the desired amount.

It will be even more interesting if these are coins from different countries – this way you will help the spouses create a whole collection and demonstrate that preparing the presentation took a lot of effort and time. Since the gift has considerable weight, it is more logical to pass it into the hands of the groom.

Money tree . When deciding how to give money for a wedding to newlyweds in an original way, consider the option with a tree, which can be based on a cardboard blank, a wire sculpture, or a real houseplant.

Banknotes must be attached to the branches, and coins should be poured into the pot in which the tree is located. Whichever option you choose, your souvenir will remain with the newlyweds for life and will attract material well-being to their home;

Money umbrella .To make it, you will need a regular umbrella that folds to a miniature size.

Banknotes are tied to the inside of the accessory, and on the outside, when folded, it is wrapped with thick cloth and dark paper so that it looks like a sausage stick.

You can complement the look of a souvenir with the help of an appropriate label. The couple, bewildered, will begin to unfold the “sausage” at your request and find an umbrella, and hidden money behind it.

Money Cake . The implementation of this presentation should begin with the implementation of the base of cardboard. To do this, cut out a rectangle and roll it into a ring, connecting the ends with tape or a stapler. The top must be closed with a circle of cardboard of the appropriate diameter.

Now all that remains is to glue the cake on top and on the sides with bills folded into a tube and tied with ribbons. The final touch of your creation will be a large bow that will decorate its top.

How to choose what to give for the wedding of the newlyweds

When looking for the right wedding present, try to adhere to a number of principles that will help make the right impression on the newlyweds. Their essence is simple:

  • Do not be afraid to give money – the newly-made family will definitely not be upset with such a present. The main thing to take care of in this case is the original presentation;
  • If you know other guests, ask in advance about their plans. This will help avoid repetition and, therefore, embarrassing situations;
  • If you are going to hand over any thing to the spouses, keep the receipts for it. This will allow them to exchange it if they like something else or if it breaks;
  • When going to a holiday with wealthy people, you should not strive to purchase a gift, the cost of which is unbearable for you. It is better to focus on originality and surprise the young with your imagination;
  • No matter how wonderful your gift is, take care of its appearance – pack it in beautiful paper or place the present in a gift bag;
  • A mandatory addition to the present should be a card with warm words and a bouquet of flowers;
  • Consider the interests, hobbies and temperament of the newlyweds – sometimes even inexpensive presents, chosen taking into account these features, turn out to be much more pleasant than banal expensive things without a soul;
  • If possible, do not try to save on a gift, because a wedding is a special holiday that requires costs from not only its organizers, but also guests.

What not to give to the newlyweds for the wedding

Speaking of wedding gifts, it is worth noting that there are a number of things that are considered bad manners. These are the following presentations:

  • Old paintings and antiques (keep the negative energy of the previous owners);
  • piercing and cutting objects (considered to be harbingers of frequent quarrels between spouses);
  • Handkerchiefs (will bring tears to the house);
  • Hours (promise an early parting);
  • Hairpins for the bride and tie clips, cufflinks for the groom (they will provoke scandals in a couple and put the gifted person in a servile position);
  • Mirror (will settle narcissism in the house);
  • Presents that encourage young people to replenish the family as soon as possible (they will demonstrate your tactlessness and may cause a negative reaction among young people);
  • Overly expensive gifts (will put the newlyweds in an awkward position);
  • Outdated equipment (will gather dust on a shelf or find a new “happy” owner);
  • A gift intended only for one of the newlyweds (may offend the second spouse).
A gift to the young is undoubtedly an important moment. However, you should not get hung up on the cost of the present – it is much more important to choose it with soul and sincere attention, this will become the key to the hearts of the heroes of the occasion.

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