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173 gift ideas for mom at 55

Mom is the closest person in the world, and you always want to please her with valuable and pleasant surprises. I especially want to show attention to my mother on her birthday, and if she has an anniversary, then this becomes an occasion to give her the best gift in her life. But what to do if mother’s holiday is coming soon, but there are no ideas at all? The list of gifts that can be given to mom for 55 years will help with this!

TOP 68 ideas that you can give Mom for 55 years

Mom on her anniversary, with a sufficient budget, it is better to give a gift that will bring a lot of pleasant emotions. A list of the best gift ideas for mom at 55 will help you make a choice.

  1. Coffee grinder or coffee machine for coffee lovers.
  2. Jewelry.
  3. Teapot and good tea.
  4. Thermos.
  5. Thermal mug with a shared family photo.
  6. Electronic photo frame.
  7. Juicer.
  8. Filter for water purification.
  9. Flowers in a vacuum.
  10. Coffee table.
  11. Wall Clock.
  12. Massage Certificate.
  13. Home bathrobe.
  14. Decorative pillows.
  15. Fur collar.
  16. Fur coat.
  17. Designer soap set.
  18. Topiary.
  19. Pouf for the interior.
  20. Indoor plant.
  21. Sea cruise.
  22. Electric fireplace.
  23. Home fountain.
  24. Mom’s favorite perfume.
  25. Tea-set.
  26. Plaid.
  27. Oil burner.
  28. Honey set.
  29. Florarium.
  30. Heater.
  31. Key box.
  32. Orthopedic pillow.
  33. Suitcase.
  34. Sports bag.
  35. Manicure set.
  36. Scales.
  37. Music Box.
  38. Massage chair.
  39. Cache-pot for flowers.
  40. Umbrella.
  41. Bedding set.
  42. Unusual alarm.
  43. Picnic set.
  44. Spa certificate.
  45. Jewelry holder.
  46. Aromatic set.
  47. Curler for eyelashes.
  48. Terry towel.
  49. Makeup mirror.
  50. Pearl necklace.
  51. Ring.
  52. Suspension.
  53. Bracelet.
  54. Scarf made of natural silk.
  55. Mom’s portrait.
  56. Jewelry storage box.
  57. Bathroom set.
  58. Floor vase.
  59. Ticket to the sanatorium.
  60. Tickets abroad.
  61. Surprise party.
  62. Fashion scarf.
  63. Webcam. If mom likes to call you often, then a webcam for a computer will make your conversations even more interesting.
  64. Subscription to the pool.
  65. Covers for upholstered furniture.
  66. Carpets in the house.
  67. Humidifier.
  68. Brazier.

What can you give mom for 55 years from her daughter?

Mom and daughter have a special relationship – they, like best friends, discuss the most exciting topics and reveal their cherished secrets. To express all your boundless love for your mother, you can take the time to design her gift and the idea itself.

  • Painting for interior decoration. Each daughter knows how much her mother appreciates the comfort and warmth of the hearth, and the picture will decorate the interior and give a special touch to the atmosphere at home.
  • Warm fashionable shawl. People, the older they get, the more they begin to freeze. If mom is just such a person, then a shawl, or a stole, will not only become a solution to the problem, but also emphasize the beauty of your mother.
  • Encyclopedia related to mom’s hobby. It can be absolutely any hobby – now there are books and manuals on any subject.
  • Engraved bracelet.

Gifts for beloved mother for 55 years from her son

Mom is the main woman in the life of every man, because she gave life, raised, surrounded with love in the saddest moments. To express gratitude to your mother for 55 years, you can donate items from the list below.

  • The subject of the interior is furniture. Furniture becomes an excellent solution to the question of what to give mom for her birthday. The amount of the gift can vary significantly, so it will suit any budget.
  • Massager. This gift will definitely please mom, especially considering her age. The massager not only kneads the tired area, but also relieves pain.
  • Orthopedic mattress.
  • Device for magnetic therapy.

Original gifts for mom for 55 years

If mom already has everything, it means that it’s time to surprise her. The most unusual gifts will bring incredible emotions on such a wonderful day as mom’s birthday.

  • Analog weather station. If a mother is keenly aware of changes in the weather, then she may need a weather station that will tell you in detail not only about the current weather, but also about the expected one.
  • Salt lamp. This gift will not only decorate the interior, but also take care of the health of your beloved mother. The rock salt inside the lamp ionizes the air and makes it healthier.
  • Slippers in an interesting shape. It can be a funny little animal, or some kind of object.

Practical gifts for mom for 55 years

Many mothers prefer to receive as presents those things that will not gather dust on her shelf, but will find a use for themselves. If your mother is a practical lady, then there will certainly be interesting gift options for her.

  • Rocking chair. If mom also loves to read, then she will definitely be delighted with such a gift.
  • Steam Mop.
  • Curtains.
  • Blender.
  • Food processor.
  • Magnifying glass with illumination. Vision often weakens with age and requires a magnifying glass to read fine print.
  • Tonometer. Such a gift should be given only when mom asked for it. Once again reminding about health problems on your birthday is not tactful.

Suitable gadgets for mom on her 55th birthday

It would seem that today the older generation is not in the most friendly relations with modern gadgets, but some gizmos can simplify life and be useful to mothers. Birthday is a great occasion to start acquaintance or continue friendship with the latest technology.

  • Radio. A cup of tea and talking under the radio on a quiet, calm evening – this is the comfort that only a mother can achieve.
  • Electronic book. For a lover of reading, this gift will be just a great find, because the huge database of books inside this little thing is simply amazing.
  • Mobile phone. If your mother wants to develop and keep pace with the whole world, then get her a smartphone, preferably a simpler model, because cutting-edge models are unlikely to be any different for mom from those that came out five years ago.
  • Laptop or tablet. If the mother is more advanced in technology, then you can give her more complicated equipment – thanks to the laptop, the mother will definitely not get bored and will find something to do with herself.
  • home planetarium.

Home appliances for mom on her birthday – top 10 devices for home

Household appliances are considered by many mothers to be the best gift for an anniversary, because these things make their life much easier! All kinds of models for different levels of needs – this is the modern world of household appliances.

  1. Plasma TV. If your mom still doesn’t have a plasma TV, get one for her so she can enjoy the quality and clarity of the picture. Also, these TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi connection function, which will allow mom to watch her favorite movies and TV shows without advertising and waiting for the release of new series.
  2. Robot vacuum cleaner. Such a thing will keep the house in order without your mom’s tired back and sore knees.
  3. Dishwasher. Every girl dreams of a dishwasher, because she will take care of the cleanliness of the dishes without wasting the time of the fair sex.
  4. Multicooker. Such a seemingly simple thing at first glance can greatly simplify the life of your mother. While cooking with a slow cooker, mom can go about her business.
  5. Electric meat grinder.
  6. Apparatus for making yogurt.
  7. Fridge.
  8. Toaster.
  9. Oven.
  10. Freezer.

Gifts for creativity and hobbies of your beloved mother

If a mother is one of those who have special hobbies, is fond of art and loves to show her creativity, then the boundaries of possible gifts have been expanded at times! It is much easier for people with hobbies to give a gift that they will like. We offer the following gifts for mom on her 55th birthday, depending on her hobbies.

10 Best 55 Years Gifts for a Stylish Mom

Even at the age of 55, mothers do not stop being women, and many are also fond of style and fashion. If mom is a dude, then giving her a gift for her hobby is a great idea.

  1. Makeup kit.
  2. Wallet.
  3. Clutch.
  4. Business card holder.
  5. Gloves and scarf.
  6. Handbag.
  7. Fashion wrist watch.
  8. Certificate for buying clothes in mom’s favorite store.
  9. Nail care accessories.
  10. Designer bag.

Top 10 Sports and Toning Ideas

Sports moms are wonderful, because sports bring together many people, including entire generations. A mom who is fond of sports at the age of 55 can be presented with a huge number of things for her hobby.

  1. Sticks for Nordic walking. Recently, this sport has become very popular among adult women, because it keeps fit, improves health, and at the same time does not require special physical exertion.
  2. Cardio trainer.
  3. Certificate for access to the fitness center. If mom is in uniform and doesn’t mind going to the gym, then get a certificate for visiting it.
  4. Fitness tracker. The fitness tracker contains information not only about the steps taken, but also the calories burned, pulse, pressure and other body indicators.
  5. Shagomer.
  6. Hula hoop.
  7. Dumbbells.
  8. Water bottle.
  9. Wristband.
  10. Wireless headphones. While exercising, mom will be able to listen to music – and wireless headphones work best in this matter.

Traveler – surprises for frequent flights

Traveling at the age of 55 is wonderful, especially when your mother is fond of them, because she experiences pleasant emotions, and you can help her in her hobby and give her a gift related to travel.

  • Erasable world map.
  • Lunch box.
  • Tent.
  • Action camera.
  • The globe.
  • Piggy bank.

Lover of cooking – ideas for the kitchen

How wonderful it is when mom loves to cook – at home there is always delicious food, fresh pastries. Knowing about such a passion for mom, it’s a sin not to buy her something that will help her reach the heights of the culinary arts. Interesting gift options for mom on her 55th birthday:

  • Baking stone.
  • Kitchen scales.
  • Fondue set.
  • Electric samovar.
  • The device for curly cutting.
  • Set of knives.

Gift Ideas for a 55-Year-Old Craft Mom

Are hooks, knitting needles and yarn your mom’s best friends? Then a gift related to needlework would be a great idea.

  • Sewing machine.
  • Knitting machine.
  • Certificate for attending pottery lessons.
  • Table for needlework.
  • Desk lamp.

Summer resident – useful gifts for mom

If mom likes to spend hours in nature, grows her own crops, then you can help her and buy something to simplify her work.

  • garden figures.
  • Lamps.
  • Sensor for watering flowers.
  • Lawn mower.
  • Hammock.

Options for housewife mom

Many mothers are fond of housekeeping, cooking, cleaning and other things. When the whole house lies on one woman, it can be difficult – and this also becomes an occasion to make a nice birthday present for a housewife mom.

  • Original crockery.
  • Receipts.
  • Bed linen with 3D pattern.
  • Literary works.

The best delicious gifts for mom for 55 years

We all love something tasty, especially if it’s sweet. Mom’s birthday is an occasion to make a celebration of the stomach and buy an incredibly tasty gift for mom on her 55th birthday.

  • Set of exotic fruits.
  • Chocolate fountain.
  • Bouquet of sweets.
  • Bouquet of fruits.

10 best memorable gifts-emotions for mom for 55 years

Undoubtedly, a great idea would be to give mom for 55 years a gift that she will remember and that will evoke emotions in her. Many consider such gifts much more valuable than material ones.

  1. Ballroom dancing lesson.
  2. Culinary master class.
  3. Yoga Certificate.
  4. Certificate for a family photo session. Replenishing the album with new photos taken with a professional camera can be the best gift for mom.
  5. Theater tickets.
  6. Tickets for the animal exhibition.
  7. Walk on horseback.
  8. Flight in a hot air balloon.
  9. River cruise.
  10. A trip to a restaurant.

Flowers as a gift to mom for 55 years

A classic gift for mom on her 55th birthday is flowers. If mom is the main rose in your life, then a bouquet of beautiful flowers will be a reminder of this.

  • Bouquet of 101 roses.
  • Composition of tulips of delicate colors.
  • 55 mom’s favorite flowers (orchids, daisies, ranunculus) in an unusual presentation, for example: in a basket or gift box.

DIY gifts for mom’s 55th birthday

All children in childhood made interesting crafts for their mothers. Even what an adult child has done for a long time, mom will definitely perceive in the same way as before – with indescribable emotions.

  • Portrait.
  • Embroidered picture.
  • Wicker furniture.
  • Related items of clothing – scarf, hat, socks.
  • Homemade decoration.

Inexpensive gifts for mom’s birthday

In many families, it is customary not to give expensive gifts for a birthday. In this case, or if the budget is limited, you can buy a good, but inexpensive gift for 55 years old mom.

  • Smoothie jar.
  • Cosmetic bag.
  • Mug with an inscription.
  • Original plate.

What is better not to give mom for her 55th birthday?

There are gifts that will definitely not cheer up mom during the celebration of the anniversary, and may even ruin it. The list of such things may include the following presentations:

  • If your mother is rather superstitious, you should not give something that, according to popular beliefs, can bring misfortune. Such items include watches, mirrors, flowers in a pot.
  • Houseware. If mom has never expressed a desire to receive a baking kit as a gift, then you should not give it, because it will once again remind you of your home routine.
  • Souvenirs, soft toys, a set of sweets. Such gifts can be bought at any store, and mom is unlikely to need it. Such a present can only show that you are not serious about a gift for your beloved and only mother on her anniversary.
  • Pets. If you give an animal to your mother without warning, she is less likely to be delighted with such a gift.
  • Alcohol. Not everyone can accept this as a gift.
  • Dear trinkets. A gift pen, sculptures, sets, etc. are of little use, and can please only sensual natures.
  • Money. Such a gift will show that you decided not to pay attention to thinking over the gift, but chose the easiest way.
  • Underwear. Clothing often becomes the subject of disappointment. Tastes on essentials are different and the size is very difficult to find.

Whatever the birthday present, mom will always be happy with any manifestations of her child’s attention. Wish your mother to always remain healthy, loved and happy, then everything in her life will be on the same five, as well as age on such a significant day as the 55th anniversary!

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