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TOP 92 ideas What to give a Girl for 15 years + 20 more gifts and Tips

The decision what can be presented for 15 years to a girl (daughter, girlfriend or acquaintance …) should be comprehensively weighed. One careless allusion to the lack of independence or immaturity of the birthday girl can ruin the whole holiday.

While you are deciding what to give a girl for 15 years, accept the fact that she considers herself a mature person. However, she has become even more vulnerable than in childhood, and at the same time can be sharp and changeable in mood.

Even if you are already confident in choosing your gift, check out our options for what to give your girlfriend for 15 years. So you will definitely choose an original and interesting surprise for a loved one!

Our large selection will help you find the best options for a surprise, what to give a teenage girl for 15 years.

TOP 92 ideas What you can give a girl for 15 years

  1. A gold chain, bracelet, ring or earrings will be a great sign of attention on a girl’s 15th birthday.
  2. Organizer.
  3. Wall clock or alarm clock in a fun design.
  4. Picture for coloring by numbers.
  5. Mobile phone.
  6. Original piggy bank.
  7. Unusual bouquet of flowers or florarium.
  8. Set of sofa cushions.
  9. Plaid.
  10. Lamp in the form of a full moon.
  11. Designer bag. You can often find brands with fairly budget prices.
  12. Diadem or tiara.
  13. Perfume. You can choose classic pieces or niche fragrances with unique scents.
  14. Hairdryer is a good idea what to give a girl for 15 years if you are ready not to skimp on a professional model.
  15. Hair styler.
  16. Set for creating perfumery.
  17. ZD constructor.
  18. Bed set with an interesting print.
  19. Electric blanket.
  20. A set of double-sided markers.
  21. 3D pen.
  22. Jewelry box.
  23. Lamp “Tetris”.
  24. Table fireplace.
  25. Houseplant in a musical planter.
  26. Good quality sunglasses.
  27. Stylist set.
  28. Selfie ring.
  29. Interactive pet. Even the girl’s parents will be happy with a robot puppy or a kitten, because he will not require attention from them.
  30. Electronic book.
  31. Quadcopter.
  32. Stand for levitation. With it, you can independently create a floating globe, planters or other souvenirs.
  33. Skiing.
  34. Skates.
  35. An embroidery kit or an embroidery machine will come in handy for a girl who is fond of needlework.
  36. A celebrity chef’s cookbook will please the birthday girl if she dreams of becoming a food blogger.
  37. A sweet bouquet of sweets, chocolate or caramel candies can become an allegory for wishing a sweet life to the hero of the occasion.
  38. Waffle iron.
  39. Digital photo frame.
  40. Chocolate fountain.
  41. Beach towel.
  42. Vintage brooch.
  43. Aquarium with its own ecosystem.
  44. Set of cosmetics for care and make-up.
  45. Instagram.
  46. Desktop organizer for office supplies.
  47. Camera. How about an old school model?
  48. Portable printer.
  49. Purse. Just don’t give it empty! One bill and a few coins will be enough for the birthday girl to like the gift.
  50. Flash drive.
  51. Photo album. This is another almost rare accessory that can be attributed to the “old school” gifts. If a girl has a great sense of humor, then why not give her such a souvenir?
  52. T-shirt with an inscription or other chips.
  53. Unusual umbrella.
  54. Computer chair.
  55. Kigurumi pajamas.
  56. Bike. Mountain, high-speed or just for walking in the park, you choose. You are better acquainted with the hobbies of the birthday girl.
  57. Wireless headphones.
  58. Case for phone.
  59. Computer gaming mouse.
  60. Designer scarf.
  61. Travel bag.
  62. Safe-tanik for documents or a diary.
  63. Electronic notepad.
  64. Wall organizer.
  65. Stationery in a fun design.
  66. Fur clutch.
  67. Keychain with automatic search for keys.
  68. Set for creating bracelets from rubber bands.
  69. Magnetic board for notes on the refrigerator.
  70. Sports accessories.
  71. Original urban backpack.
  72. A whole box of chewing gum or favorite lollipops is an interesting idea for a 15 year old friend if she loves sweets.
  73. Shaker.
  74. A set of kinetic sand.
  75. Passport cover.
  76. Figure from helium balloons.
  77. Manicure set or nail polish dryer.
  78. Bath set: bathrobe, slippers, towel. They will be well received by a girl who loves practical jokes.
  79. Wireless charger for smartphone.
  80. Wrist MP3 player.
  81. Disco ball.
  82. Easel with palette and paints.
  83. Horse ride.
  84. Mu Bottle.
  85. Snood.
  86. Handmade soap.
  87. Choker.
  88. Microphone or other devices for karaoke.
  89. Souvenir from a stone-talisman of a girl according to the sign of the zodiac.
  90. Fitness bracelet.
  91. Medal holder.
  92. Candy dispenser.

Original gifts for 15 years old girl (daughter, girlfriend)

Before deciding what to give a girl for 15 years, each guest of the upcoming holiday can be left alone with their doubts. We want to correct this situation and offer you interesting options for surprises.

Vinyl stickers . Large or small, these decorative items will transform a girl’s room. Surely she will be grateful to you for this!

Travel bag . Makeup and personal care at the age of 15 is no less important for a girl than at a more mature age. Give the birthday girl a faithful “keeper” for her tubes, jars and brushes.

Voice picture . This is not just an interior decoration! Such a picture is capable of transmitting the sound of the voice of the birthday girl herself or her friends.

Vinyl player . 15 years is the time of romance, first falling in love and hope for the best. With the accompaniment of this device, everything is possible! Even dancing and kissing in the rain.

Hammock for yoga . Every girl dreams of being flexible and slim. So why not fulfill the birthday girl’s dream on her 15th birthday? Well, OK! Give her the tool to do it.

What other offerings can impress a friend on her birthday?

A couple more interesting ideas of what to give a girl for 15 years

Long before the event itself, all relatives of the birthday girl are sometimes connected to the search for what to give a daughter for 15 years. How about options like:

Sunglasses with a wooden frame . The fashion for an environmentally friendly lifestyle and the trend for renewable resources certainly affected the thoughts of the hero of the occasion.

Show the girl that you support her way of thinking with your gift.

Balanceboard . Another assistant to the birthday girl in maintaining health and grace will definitely win her heart!

Painting on boards . Yes, it is difficult to refuse such a surprise for a romantic and sophisticated nature, which girls at the age of 15 often are!

What else to pamper your daughter, try to think at a family council. We propose to discuss a couple more important topics on the eve of the girl’s birthday.

Interesting DIY gifts for the 15th anniversary of a friend or daughter

In the question of what to give a daughter or girlfriend for another 15 years, one cannot neglect all the possibilities.

Remember what the birthday girl loves, what she is passionate about. Perhaps you can make her a gift with your own hands. These gifts may include:

  1. Knitted hat and scarf
  2. Gloves made of leather or other materials.
  3. Cake baked by hand.
  4. Album in scrapbooking technique.
  5. Set of sofa cushions.
  6. Tea house.
  7. Box for banknotes or jewelry.
  8. Garland for photo shoots.
  9. Florarium.
  10. World map.



TOP 92 ideas What to give a Girl for 15 years + 20 more gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • wooden or plywood board;
  • primer;
  • slate paint;
  • sponge;
  • roller;
  • brushes;
  • frame.

Working process:

  1. Mark up the board.
  2. Cover with primer. Let dry.
  3. Paint over the product with slate paint in black or gray. Let dry.
  4. Frame the board.

decorative mirror


TOP 92 ideas What to give a Girl for 15 years + 20 more gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • mirror;
  • shells, beads or other decor;
  • glue gun;
  • transparent glue;
  • glossy carpentry varnish;
  • newspapers;
  • the cloth;
  • sand;
  • brush.

Working process:

  1. Cover the table with newspapers, and the mirror with a cloth.
  2. Apply a layer of glue to the mirror frame.
  3. Glue on small shells.
  4. Heat up the glue gun. Process shells and other decor with it, glue them to the frame.
  5. Fill gaps with sand.
  6. Dry the mirror for about a day.
  7. Varnish. Dry.

Tips: How to choose the perfect gift for a girlfriend or daughter for her 15th birthday?

All recommendations on how best to choose a surprise for a teenage girl are based on the general rules of etiquette and modern trends in the world of gifts.

If you’re looking for gifts for your 15 year old sister, read on for tips on how to find the perfect gift.

  • It is important not to lose contact with the birthday girl throughout the year. So you will know what excites, interests and even outrages her firsthand. Thanks to all this baggage of knowledge, you can determine which gift will please the girl.
  • The 15-year milestone for a girl is an important stage in the beginning of a new life. She considers herself already quite mature, although she remains a child in her soul. Be careful when choosing a gift so as not to offend the birthday girl with a too “childish” gift.
  • In adolescence, sometimes even the most desperate optimists and introverts can become unsociable and withdrawn. If a girl is emotionally closed, don’t judge her for it. Perhaps she is trying to protect herself from unnecessary shocks, is looking for her life path, or is solving another important task. Show her with your gift your tenderness and care for her.
  • Forget boring gifts! If in childhood we expect the embodiment of a miracle from gifts, then in adolescence, birthday men and birthday girls expect positive emotions from a gift.
  • Enclose a greeting card with your signature in a package or box, carefully pack the gift and tie it with a bow. A neatly designed item will evoke more pleasant feelings towards you.
  • If the gift is any equipment that requires warranty cards, receipts and other documents, put them in the box along with the gift.
  • Going to a birthday party, stock up on two bouquets. One is intended for the girl’s mother, the other should be addressed to the hero of the occasion herself. So you show respect for the teenager and give the girl unforgettable moments of joy.
  • Accompany the presentation of the gift with a small congratulatory speech. Prepare it in advance so as not to delay the hostess of the holiday by choosing words on the spot and with your excitement.
  • It is not worth insisting on opening the box with your gift right in the hallway of the girl’s house. When she does this, she will definitely thank you for the gift over the phone in a couple of days.
  • If you’ve been invited to a birthday party but can’t attend, send the gift by courier or give it in person the day before you leave.

What is better not to give a girl on her 15th birthday

When the question of what to give a girl for 15 years is especially acute, you need to carefully study at first a completely different direction.

Check out the list of gifts that are best not to give girls in their teens. These offerings include:

  1. Clothing and footwear . If at the time of purchase the birthday girl was not next to you, then this gift idea is obviously a failure. A girl may not like the size, color or style of these items. Even if you were sure yesterday that the hero of the occasion likes the red gamma, this does not mean that you are right. At 15, tastes can change daily.
  2. Crockery . Do you think this gift is unique? Why does a girl need another mug with a funny inscription, right?
  3. Certificate . The hero of the occasion will not be able to receive some services and goods without parental presence. Maybe it will expire faster than the girl’s parents will have a couple of free hours on weekdays?
  4. Home pet . A living being needs care, he also needs to comply with the regime. Will the rhythm of the life of the birthday girl match your gift? Think about who will be primarily responsible for such a surprise. If the parents do not agree to take the animal into the family, refuse such a gift.
  5. Empty wallet . Giving any wallets, suitcases and bags is a bad omen not only in our country.
  6. Weapon . Even souvenir items may not inspire the birthday girl. In addition, such a gift requires special storage conditions and responsibility, for which the girl may not be ready. Do not place an unbearable burden on the birthday girl instead of presenting a pleasant gift.
  7. Alcohol, cigarettes, hookah . Giving such gifts to underage citizens is even fraught with persecution by the authorities. And also think: what thoughts will you push the girl with your gift? Surely she will decide that such a surprise is presented with a secret message to try it all. Do you really want to worsen the health of the young hero of the occasion?

You can continue listing unwanted gifts yourself.

As a close person of the birthday girl, you know more about her dislikes, temperament, character, rhythm of life and state of health, right?


Thinking about what to give your best friend for 15 years can last more than one day. There is no need to worry about this. This shows how much you value friendship with her.

Whatever your offering, it should express your affection for the birthday girl and concern for her interests.

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