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TOP 98 ideas What to give a girl for 8 years +24 gifts and Tips

Children grow up very quickly, and now you are already facing the question – what to give a girl for 8 years. Even yesterday’s unintelligent little girl has turned into a schoolgirl who loves to dress up, is more and more interested in her mother’s cosmetics and asks to buy shoes with heels.

Today we will figure out what gift to give to the birthday girl so that her eyes light up with happiness, and a joyful smile appears on her face.

Choosing the right present is not easy, because all girls are very different. Some show an interest in needlework, others cannot sit still for a second, others are their mother’s au pairs, and still others surround themselves with beautiful objects and strive to look perfect. Do not rush to get upset! After all, here are collected the most unusual gift ideas that will appeal to any girl.

Even if the birthday girl’s room is littered with toys, and the shelves are lined with books, you will still be able to hit the mark by choosing a unique gift. Using the proposed options, you definitely will not repeat with other guests.

Choose presents with love, a desire to please the little hero of the occasion. Do not forget to complete your gift with a cute bouquet, because the birthday girl is a young lady, she will definitely like such a surprise!

TOP 98 ideas that you can give a girl for 8 years

  1. Children’s camera with instant printing of pictures.
  2. Roombox (interior designer).
  3. 3D pen with LCD display.
  4. USB drawing light.
  5. Wireless dance mat.
  6. Flying or running away alarm clock.
  7. Encyclopedia for girls.
  8. Glowing headphones.
  9. Vanity mirror with light.
  10. Belt bag.
  11. Children’s smart watch.
  12. Painting by numbers.
  13. Fluffy keychain.
  14. Handmade soap.
  15. Cookbook with detailed step by step photos of recipes.
  16. Elegant dress and beautiful shoes.
  17. Stylish and bright backpack for every day.
  18. Talking pen.
  19. Sand painting table.
  20. Kigurumi.
  21. Sketchbook for drawing.
  22. Slippers in the form of funny animals.
  23. Plaid in the shape of a mermaid tail.
  24. Game console.
  25. Fur earmuffs.
  26. Electric Toothbrush.
  27. Bath bombs.
  28. Hair accessories (hairpins, elastic bands, headbands, etc.).
  29. Bag chair.
  30. Set for embroidery with beads.
  31. Raincoat and fun rubber boots.
  32. Plant in a pot.
  33. Pillow toy.
  34. Creative umbrella.
  35. Fashionable headwear (cap, bandana, turban, etc.).
  36. Bright wallet.
  37. A set of growing pencils.
  38. Stylish sunglasses.
  39. Globe for coloring.
  40. Ant farm.
  41. LED earrings.
  42. Sledge or cheesecake (tubing).
  43. Pottery set.
  44. Electronic piggy bank.
  45. A set for creating jewelry.
  46. Nice wrist watch.
  47. Children’s set for embroidery.
  48. Interesting stationery.
  49. Vanity table with mirror.
  50. Set for growing plants.
  51. Scissors for creating curly paper applications.
  52. A whole block of natural energy bars.
  53. Lava lamp.
  54. Aquarium with exotic fish.
  55. Children’s travel suitcase.
  56. Easel and paints.
  57. A device for making popcorn or cotton candy.
  58. USB disco ball.
  59. Gyroscooter.
  60. Aqua farm.
  61. Scooter or bike.
  62. Jumpers.
  63. Nightlight toy.
  64. Fitness bracelet.
  65. Wireless speaker.
  66. Set for weaving bracelets from rubber bands.
  67. Soap making kit.
  68. Sports water bottle.
  69. Karaoke microphone.
  70. Mini rollers for shoes.
  71. Shoes with luminous soles (sneakers or uggs).
  72. A set of plaster figurines for painting.
  73. Children’s microscope.
  74. Doll-mannequin for creating hairstyles.
  75. Figure skates or roller skates.
  76. Funny bag.
  77. Jewelry box.
  78. Smart jump rope.
  79. A set for creating a textile doll or soft toy with your own hands.
  80. Edible bouquet.
  81. Glider, kite, boomerang, frisbee.
  82. Soft toy with secret pocket.
  83. Snow scooter.
  84. Gift box with tropical butterflies.
  85. Set for felting.
  86. Augmented Reality T-shirt.
  87. Pogo stick (jumping machine).
  88. Colored crayons for hair.
  89. A large set of art products.
  90. A set of hair brushes.
  91. Children’s sewing machine.
  92. Cozy pajamas or a fun homemade suit.
  93. A set of paints for makeup.
  94. Set of temporary tattoos.
  95. Musical instrument (synthesizer, ukulele, harmonica, etc.).
  96. Bungee swing.
  97. Fur case for phone.
  98. Waterproof backpack.

Original gifts for an 8-year-old girl

When choosing a gift for a girl for 8 years, it is advisable to pay attention to unusual things.

Then they will impress the birthday girl, she will be remembered for a long time. The following presentations will definitely not go unnoticed.

Music Box. This is an exquisite birthday present. One has only to open the box, as soon as a pleasant melody will play, and the ballerina inside will start spinning to the music. The girl will be able to store her jewelry in the box, preen herself, looking into the built-in mirror. This is an unusual, useful, and most importantly memorable gift.

A porcelain doll. It is difficult to immediately answer the question of what can be given to a girl of 8 years old, because she can no longer be called a fool, but she has not yet grown up to “adult” gifts. A collectible doll is both a toy and an interior decoration. A doll in an elegant dress is sure to impress a fashionista and take center stage in her room.

Pendant on a chain. At the age of eight, a girl will be happy to wear a pendant in the form of a funny animal, an original flower, a heart shape, etc. Alternatively, you can consider a medallion that opens. Inside, the birthday girl will be able to put her photo or just a picture she likes. The main rule of choice is no sharp corners that can hurt you.

Music pot. Not a bad idea what to give a child 8 years old to a girl. A cache-pot with music will delight the hero of the occasion. This is at the same time an original container for flowers, a night light, and a musical instrument. Since the device is equipped with a highly sensitive sensor, when touching a plant planted inside, the planter makes melodious sounds. The device also has a built-in speaker that works via Bluetooth, you can connect to it from your smartphone. When the music is playing, the planter glows with all the colors of the rainbow.

What an inexpensive gift can be given to a girl for her 8th birthday

For children, it doesn’t matter how much the gift costs, the main thing is that it be interesting and impress at first sight. Therefore, if you do not have a large amount of money, do not be discouraged.

Here are the win-win gift options that the birthday girl will like and will not empty your wallet.

Colorful LED gloves. A good idea for a cheap gift. These are unique gloves, the fingers of which glow in the dark.

Products with six glow modes are battery-operated, equipped with a special button (you can use it to change color, turn gloves on and off). They simultaneously warm the hands and serve as an unusual decoration of the image.

Fluffy diary with a lock. An 8-year-old girl has many secrets that she will be happy to share with a notebook. The appearance of the diary will charm the birthday girl, and thanks to a secure lock, outsiders will not be able to read her entries.

A colorful and bright little book will become a faithful companion of the girl, thanks to which she will learn to formulate her thoughts, free herself from emotions.

Stand for jewelry. This is a great gift for an 8 year old girl. Surely, she is a fashionista and strives to imitate her mother, aunt, older sister in everything. With such a device, her jewelry will not deteriorate, they will always be in order.

Putting on another dress, the young lady can easily pick up accessories for it. Presenting a stand for jewelry, replenish the girl’s collection with a new piece of jewelry.

Bouquet of toys. Inexpensive, but very unusual gift for a girl for 8 years. Such an original bouquet will never wither. It is created mainly from environmentally friendly materials.

Due to the variety of colors, a bouquet of toys can be selected in any color scheme. Such a composition will be an excellent interior decoration, it can be put in a vase, attached to the wall or simply put on the table.

Ideas for useful gifts for 8 years old girl

When choosing what to give a child of 8 years old, consider useful gift options. The more often the girl uses the gift item, the more often she will remember you.

Here are several ideas that will definitely not leave indifferent the little princess.

Lamp in the shape of a fabulous unicorn. Many young ladies like unicorns, so this is a good option to give an 8 year old girl. Such a lamp will create a cozy atmosphere in the room, fill the room with soft light and magic.

The lamp glows in different colors, and the touch control will allow you to choose the optimal mode – bright light or a muffled soft glow.

Children’s floor cushion-pouffe. What a great gift idea for an 8 year old girl. A beautiful and comfortable children’s ottoman looks good in the interior. This pillow has a removable cover, so it is easy to take care of it.

Having an ottoman, the girl will be able to comfortably sit down to read a book, watch a cartoon, etc.

Porcelain tea pair. Charming set will not leave indifferent any princess. Every time during the tea ceremony, this unusual gift will remind you of the giver.

The tea pair has a sophisticated design. It often depicts flower arrangements, birds, children, angels, etc. The set includes a cup with a saucer and an elegant spoon.

Children’s plaid with a hood and sleeves. An unusual gift resembles a sweatshirt. This is a soft accessory that will delight you with its warmth and comfort. In the center of the product is a huge pocket where you can put all your treasures.

The plaid turns inside out, so it is worn inside out, each time changing the image. This thing will help out on the road, during a hike or at home watching your favorite cartoons.

Gifts for an active girl

There are children who find it difficult to sit still, then on the DR they need to give gifts for physical development.

If you are having a hard time deciding on the right options, the following ideas will come to the rescue. Get comfortable and choose!

Young traveler set. An interesting gift for an inquisitive girl who dreams of new discoveries and exciting adventures. This set includes everything you need to make your time outdoors even more fun. These are binoculars, a flashlight, a magnifying glass, a compass, glow-in-the-dark sticks, etc.

Neurorope for one leg. A suitable option if you don’t know what gift to give a girl for 8 years. And also a great way to direct the stupid energy of the child in the right direction.

The girl will be distracted from gadgets, she will be able to play alone. Rope exercises will teach you to concentrate on two actions at the same time, develop the speed of thinking. You can arrange jumping rope tournaments, such entertainment will strengthen family relationships.

Sneakers with wheels. These sneakers are often referred to as Heelys. Wheels built into the heel are their distinguishing feature from classic models. Learning to ride them is not a problem.

The girl will strive for improvement, develop the ability to control her body, have fun, and most importantly, spend time usefully.

Twister. This is a fun game for the whole family. The girl will play and train at the same time. The game develops endurance, balance, the ability to stay in a static position for a long time.

The child also strengthens the abdominal muscles, upper back, shoulders and arms. Playing twister is a great way to instill a girl’s love for an active lifestyle.

Gift options for a creative girl

If you notice a girl’s creative inclinations, encourage this by giving appropriate gifts.

If you don’t know what the hero of the occasion is fond of, feel free to purchase any of the gifts offered, you definitely won’t be mistaken.

Origami book and colorful paper set. Origami is a great way to develop fine motor skills, eye, imagination, creativity, the ability to work sequentially, and spatial thinking.

In addition, the process of creating paper figures requires increased attention, which means that the girl will learn to concentrate on important things.

Loom. A suitable gift for a girl who dreams of becoming a designer. The benefits of needlework cannot be overestimated. Having created a product on her own, the young lady will be proud of herself, will strive for self-improvement.

In addition, needlework has a positive effect on health. It relieves stress, affects the active points of the palms, which are responsible for various organs and systems of the body.

Set for creating perfumes. By giving this gift, you will let the girl feel like a real perfumer. With this set, you can experiment with creating fragrances.

Your present will help discover new talents. The kit is intended for children, so it does not include complex components or objects, substances that can harm health.

Creative notebook. A girl who cannot live a day without a sketch, sketch, sketch or line will definitely like such a surprise. The notebook is the optimal size, so it is convenient to carry it with you.

This is a great opportunity to unleash creativity, learn to think outside the box. In addition, the notebook acts as an art therapy, drawing, people relax, rest, feel calmer.

How to surprise a fashionista

All girls are charming by nature, but, despite this, each strives to embellish herself. If you are afraid to make a mistake with a gift, then give things that can emphasize the dignity of the hero of the occasion. Below are some interesting ideas.

Set for weaving braids. A wonderful gift for a young fashionista. The kit includes everything you need to create a unique look: hair ornaments, braiding machine, hair separator, comb, braiding hooks and ribbons.

Such an activity develops handicraft skills, helps to develop patience. All the tools included in the set are designed for children, so there is no need to worry about safety.

Children’s beauty case. Many girls show an increased interest in the cosmetics of their mother or older sister, so 8 years old is the right age to please the birthday girl with her own set of cosmetic products.

The set of funds is in a special suitcase and is characterized by hypoallergenicity. Such a gift will help develop a sense of beauty, teach you to take care of yourself from an early age. When the cosmetics are over, the girl will be able to use the case at her discretion (for example, she will store toys or other personal items there).

Kanekalons. This is an artificial fiber that resembles strands of hair. Kanekalons come in different colors, so with their help you can create a bright, memorable image.

Using these accessories, African or French braids are performed, as well as any other type of weaving. Not a single girl will disregard this present and will be happy to decorate her hair with them.

Set for children’s manicure. Hands are the calling card of girls, so you need to learn how to take care of them from an early age. This set includes a special machine that applies one of five fashionable patterns to the nails.

The device is easy to use, so the girl will figure it out on her own. All you need to do is select the appropriate image, insert it into the typewriter, bring your finger to it and press the button. After the pattern is imprinted on the nail, it must be covered with a base coat of non-toxic varnish.



TOP 98 ideas What to give a girl for 8 years +24 gifts and Tips

Gathering for the birthday of an eight-year-old birthday girl, the invited guests are considering a gift. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and give something special.

It is easier for parents, because they are well aware of the tastes and preferences of the hero of the occasion. The rest can use the following tips, then they will definitely not be mistaken with the choice of a gift.

  • Conversation with the parents of the birthday girl. The most proven way to please with a present. Many parents create a “wish list” with their children throughout the year, so on the eve of the holiday, you just have to choose the appropriate option.
  • Hobby gift. Knowing in advance what the birthday girl is fond of, there will be no difficulties with choosing a gift. A creative girl will be delighted with a set for drawing or modeling, a little sportswoman will be delighted with a new sports equipment, roller skates or a skateboard, a fashionista will appreciate a set of children’s decorative cosmetics, etc.
  • Gift presentation.  Do not skimp on chic and bright packaging, it will double the value of the gift, making it memorable for a long time. Do not forget that even little girls love flowers, so try to complement your present with a small flower arrangement.
  • A win-win.  When choosing a gift for an eight-year-old girl, do not get carried away with toys. If you decide to give a doll, it is better if it is interior or even collectible. But a huge soft toy or a pillow in the form of an animal will always cause a storm of emotions.
  • Development prospects.  Having noticed certain inclinations in a child, adults should strive to develop them in every possible way, giving appropriate gifts.
  • Gadgets as a gift. Girls, at the age of 8, are increasingly interested in modern gadgets. However, when choosing a tablet or phone, you should not buy an expensive model. The child will not understand its value, so it can break or lose.

What is better not to give

Birthday is one of the most favorite holidays of the year, which the baby looks forward to. In order not to spoil the event, find out in advance what gifts can upset the hero of the occasion.

  • Stationery. Parents provide everything necessary for the child, so such a present will not cause positive emotions in the girl.
  • Casual wear.  Children do not like such gifts. An exception is a chic elegant dress or holiday shoes.
  • Fragile items. Products that are easy to break are better not to give to an 8-year-old child.
  • Things to grow. Clothing is not the best gift option, but if it still doesn’t fit, you can’t even count on the approval of the birthday girl.
  • Pets.  A cute kitten, a cheerful puppy will certainly bring joy to a girl. However, think about whether her parents will approve of your choice. After all, the entire burden of responsibility for a living being will fall on their shoulders.
  • Useful but unwanted gifts. The gift should please the birthday girl, so you don’t need to choose “too practical” things. Children like everything colorful and bright, something that you can touch with your hands and immediately play.
  • adult jewelry. All girls love to dress up, but jewelry with diamonds does not go well with children’s dresses.


You did not have time to look back, and the girl is already a schoolgirl. But this does not mean at all that a carefree childhood is left behind. The eight-year-old birthday girl is still the same baby, looking forward to her birthday and believing in miracles. You have a great opportunity to become magicians for a while and fulfill the cherished dream of a little princess. If you sincerely want the present to bring joy and benefit to the hero of the occasion, take an interest in her preferences, perhaps material gifts, she will prefer a trip to the zoo!

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