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TOP 78 ideas What to give a Teenage Girl on DR, Gift Lists

The question of what to give a teenage girl often becomes a headache. This is the period when the baby turns into a young lady. Not only her appearance changes, but also habits, hobbies, life values. It is difficult to please with a gift, because sometimes a girl herself does not know what she would like. Asking about her desires is useless. Most likely, she will remain silent or order a gift that you will not be able to purchase. Sometimes a girl doesn’t mind the gift being a surprise.

When choosing what to give a teenage girl for her birthday, keep in mind that the present should be not only beautiful, but also fashionable, as well as useful, original. Only then will he make a positive impression on the teenager and will be remembered for a long time. Try to be tactful, a carelessly chosen gift can hurt the girl, which will ruin the holiday.

If you are afraid of not coping with the task, the proposed gift options and useful tips will help you! Taking note of a few interesting ideas, you can easily pick up a suitable surprise.

78 gift ideas for a teenage girl

  1. Manicure set.
  2. Drawing set (easel, brushes, paints).
  3. Sewing machine.
  4. Pin set.
  5. Famous brand sunglasses.
  6. Illuminated pocket mirror with rhinestone lid.
  7. A set of wooden combs.
  8. Electronic book.
  9. Aroma for making cotton candy.
  10. Camera (professional model).
  11. Kigurumi and voluminous slippers.
  12. A set of nail polishes and decorations.
  13. Luminous shoelace.
  14. Wrist watch.
  15. Set of handmade sweets.
  16. Fortune cookies.
  17. Electric scooter.
  18. Handmade soap set.
  19. Nail dryer.
  20. Soft curlers.
  21. Thermos or thermo mug with personalized engraving.
  22. Printer or scanner.
  23. Hair care equipment (dryer with different nozzles, iron, etc.).
  24. Skateboard.
  25. Soft bedside rug.
  26. A set for making marshmallows or hot chocolate.
  27. Bright wallet.
  28. Neurorope for one leg.
  29. Smart watch.
  30. A set of temporary tattoos.
  31. Pear chair.
  32. Waterproof headphones for sports.
  33. Accessories and hairpins.
  34. Set of badminton rackets.
  35. Bicycle or scooter.
  36. Runaway alarm clock.
  37. Wireless headphones.
  38. Leather urban backpack.
  39. Glowing headphones.
  40. Original stationery.
  41. Electric rollers for shoes.
  42. Bath set (foam, bombs, powder, pearls, etc.).
  43. Portable speaker.
  44. Ring lamp for professional shooting.
  45. Smart garden for growing plants.
  46. Gift set of slimes.
  47. Aqua farm.
  48. Virtual reality glasses.
  49. Sweets basket.
  50. Named 3D lamp.
  51. Binoculars or telescope.
  52. Ant farm.
  53. Fitness bracelet.
  54. Electronic piggy bank.
  55. Gyroscooter, mini-segway or unicycle.
  56. Jumpers.
  57. Illuminated mirror.
  58. Game console.
  59. Backlit silicone keyboard and mouse pad.
  60. Sketchbook and water-based markers.
  61. Battery case for phone.
  62. Electronic notepad.
  63. Night light projector of the starry sky or ocean waves.
  64. Set for creativity (making soap, decorative candles, dream catchers, etc.).
  65. Alpine skiing or snowboarding.
  66. 3D puzzle.
  67. Keychain with search function.
  68. Blanket with decorative pillow.
  69. Encyclopedia for teenagers.
  70. Japanese Kendama toy.
  71. Luminous jewelry.
  72. Fashion gadget (phone or tablet).
  73. A cookbook and an apron with the girl’s name.
  74. Dance mat.
  75. Set for needlework (embroidery, sewing, knitting).
  76. Scarf and gloves.
  77. Musical instrument (guitar, ukulele, synthesizer, etc.).
  78. Fashionable clothes (stylish jacket, ripped jeans, Converse sneakers, etc.).

Original gifts for Teenage Girls

It is easy to get confused in the variety of gifts for teenagers. In addition, modern children are demanding and it can be extremely difficult to please with a present. To make the choice of a gift bring you pleasure, and the girl liked the surprise, use the following tips.

Beauty box. Not knowing what to give a teenage girl, it is better to pay attention to cosmetics. At this age, many teenagers cannot boast of clear and healthy skin, but do not rush to buy a cream aimed at correcting deficiencies.

This will offend the girl, develop complexes in her. A great idea is a gift box with a set of suitable products. Such a gift will not hurt the feelings of the girl, it will be useful to her.

Plaid in the shape of a mermaid tail. Original gift for a 13 year old girl. A knitted blanket in the shape of a mermaid’s tail will not let your feet freeze, it will give you a feeling of comfort and coziness.

Often such products are made of woolen threads, therefore they have a healing effect (strengthen the immune system, speed up recovery from colds, calm the nervous system, etc.). Such a surprise will not leave indifferent any girl.

Camera with instant printing. A good gift option for a 14 year old girl. Teenagers love to take pictures, and thanks to such a device, it will be possible to instantly share pictures with your friends.

After all, it is much more pleasant to hold a photo card in your hands than to see it on the phone screen. This is an unusual surprise for a girl who dreams of becoming a photographer, let her improve her skills, learn to look for good angles, etc.

Decorative porcelain doll. The girl, although no longer a baby, is still not indifferent to the beautiful dolls that serve as interior decoration. If you want to give a memorable gift to a teenager, consider this idea.

A souvenir doll in a chic outfit, with a graceful face and beautiful makeup, will add charm to a girl’s room, impress a girl who seems to have grown up, but still reaches for toys.

Options for useful presentations for a Teenager-Girl

Useful gifts do not mean boring household items. These are items that will amuse a teenager and will be useful to him in everyday life, hobbies. The options below will help you decide on a present.

Digital backpack with LED screen. Great gift for a 15 year old girl. A bright accessory that attracts the attention of others and makes the image brighter, thanks to the built-in color LED screen.

The backpack is compact in size, it looks very stylish, suitable for daily use. The screen of the backpack is synchronized with a smartphone, you can choose any animation that will display the girl’s mood, talk about her hobbies, etc.

Selfie and broadcast set. Perfect gift for a 17 year old girl. At this age, teenagers are fond of selfies, maintain pages on social networks, their channels and blogs. The blogger kit includes everything a girl needs to create quality content.

With such a gift, her photos and videos will be well lit, and her hands are free from the phone. She will feel like a real superstar in the spotlight.

Original umbrella. Not knowing what gift to give a teenage girl, pay attention to this option. A fashionable and stylish umbrella is able to complement the image, the main thing is to choose the right product.

If a teenager likes to shock the audience, get an umbrella with a bright print, a girl who prefers unusual things will be happy to receive an umbrella in the form of a vase with a tulip as a gift. A smart reverse folding umbrella will appeal to a lover of everything new and creative.

Alarm clock mat. A great gift for a teenage girl who has a hard time waking up in the morning. At the specified time, the alarm clock starts to make sounds, this continues until its owner stands on the mat with both feet.

It is impossible to deceive the device by standing with one foot or placing your hands. Waking up will be fun and effective, the girl will be charged with positive energy in the morning.

What an inexpensive gift for a teenage girl

A good gift doesn’t have to be expensive. The main thing is to choose it with love and care, then its price does not matter.

Heated mouse pad. Interesting idea for a cheap gift. Such a rug looks very fun and cute, it resembles a mitten. The temperature inside the product reaches 40 degrees. Suitable for optical and laser mice. The rug is easy to care for, it can be washed, but first you need to remove the heating element.

Selfie stick. A good gift option for a 16 year old girl. Teenagers love to take selfies, be photographed by companies, capture every moment of their lives. Therefore, the girl will accept such a present with gratitude.

When choosing a gift, it is advisable to pay attention to such points: the way the smartphone is attached, the length of the stick, the possibility of remote control, waterproof ability, the presence of a mirror, etc.

Flowering houseplant in a pot. Flowers are loved by all the fair sex, regardless of age. Therefore, such a present is presented to a girl for 12 years, as well as older girls. Girls are given orchids, geraniums, crocuses, gerberas, anthurium, azalea, kalanchoe and more. Such flowers do not fade for a long time, please the eye, remind of the celebration.

Disco ball. This gift will delight any party girl. A suitable gift idea for a teenage girl who loves noisy parties and fun companies.

Now she will have a reason to gather all her friends at home and have an unforgettable evening. The disco ball will become the “highlight of the program”! In addition to making the room shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, the device is equipped with speakers, so no one will be bored!

Gift ideas for health and beauty

When going to a holiday, you do not need to think for a long time what gift you can give a teenage girl. All girls at this age are obsessed with their appearance, so they will be delighted with any item that will help emphasize beauty.

Multistyler for hair. This is a curling iron with different attachments that allows you to create any hairstyle without leaving your home. The device heats up quickly, so you don’t have to wait long.

The device is equipped with a large number of additional functions (ionization, conditioning, etc.). Since the multi-styler is compact in size and light in weight, it is convenient to use. This is a very suitable idea for what to give a teenage girl for her birthday.

Colored mascara. Pay attention to this option if you do not know what to give a modern teenager. Girls at this age often decide on drastic changes in appearance, but their desires change quickly.

So that the girl does not spoil her hair with paints, give her a special mascara that is applied to her hair in one motion. Hair will regain its natural color immediately after shampooing, so images can be changed daily!

Perfume. We can say that you have already found the answer to the question of what to give to a modern teenager girl. However, the choice of the first perfume is not an easy task. Most likely, the girl does not yet have her own preferences in fragrances, so when choosing, remember that these should be perfumes with fresh notes (floral, fruity, herbal).

Glitter gel. These are sequins that will effectively emphasize the evening look. They are applied to the face, body or even hair. A girl at any party will feel like a beauty queen.

Glitter gel is sold in a convenient package, so you can turn into a dazzling beauty in a matter of minutes.

Cool Presents

All teenagers love cool things. They amuse, allow you to stand out in a crowd of peers, occupy for a long time. If you don’t know what gifts with a touch of humor to choose for a girl, several interesting options are presented to your attention.

Eternal antistress bubble wrap Pop it. This gift will impress a 10 year old girl. This is “Boom” among teenagers. Flat product of bright color, made of silicone. Pop it is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

On the one hand, there are convex balls on it, and on the other hand, they are concave, by pressing on them, it turns out as if it were cotton. Children like this sensory toy, it develops fine motor skills, calms the nervous system.

Mixer mug. The product is very similar to a thermo mug, as it closes with an airtight lid, so the drink stays hot longer. However, the whole “trick” is that there is a special button on the handle of the mug, when pressed, a miniature mixer starts, mixing the liquid inside. For such a cup, you do not need to use a spoon, it is convenient to take it with you on the road.

Cup ceramic matte with chalk. A cup on which you can write any message with chalk is sure to impress a teenage girl. Such a gift will allow you not to forget an important thought, to write down an idea that has just arisen.

Yes, and it’s more pleasant to start the morning with a beautiful quote that you can write down in the evening.

Ball predictor. Often teenage girls cannot make the right decision, find a way out of this situation. A special ball, in which the answers are already programmed, will help you make a choice. The main thing is to ask the right question. The product does not require batteries or electricity to operate.

More gift ideas for teenage girls


TOP 78 ideas What to give a Teenage Girl on DR, Gift Lists

When looking for the perfect gift, consider as many options as possible. Take a few more minutes to explore a couple more original ideas.

Reusable notebook. This gift will appeal to creative girls who draw sketches, write poetry and more. The notebook will last a long time, since the images on them can be erased, this only requires a damp sponge. The sheets in the notebook are not torn, do not crumple and do not give in to mechanical damage.

Edible bouquet. Many girls are sweet, but an ordinary box of chocolates will not surprise anyone, so it’s better to present a bouquet of sweets.

And if a girl watches her figure, she will definitely like a bouquet of fruits and berries. Such a present looks simply chic and will decorate the festive table.

Globe for coloring. An unusual present for a girl who is drawn to knowledge or has creative inclinations. You can draw on the globe as you like.

If the girl is an avid traveler, let her paint over the countries that she managed to visit or only dreams of going there. Also, this is a great way to consolidate your knowledge of geography.

Luminous pillow. A pillow that glows in the dark will decorate any room. It is also used as a night light. During the day, the pillow will fulfill its intended purpose, as it is convenient to put it under the head or back, and at night it will brighten up the girl’s loneliness. The backlight is turned on by pressing a special button, the product runs on batteries.


For others, teenage girls are often incomprehensible. You never know what to expect from them, what they dream about, what they want to receive as a gift. This makes it very difficult to choose a present. The following tips will make the task much easier.

girl’s interests.  Despite the fact that teenagers’ hobbies change at the speed of light, it is still important to consider what a girl is interested in at the time of choosing a gift. A win-win option is a present for her hobby. To explore the girl’s preferences, visit her page on social networks. The pictures that she saves there, reposts and news will tell a lot about the teenager.

Don’t focus on cost.  Teenage girls like funny, cool, cute or beautiful things that decorate the interior. Therefore, if the girls’ gift is to their liking, its price is the last thing she will pay attention to. It can be a set of scented candles, a creative notebook, a sweatshirt with a bright print, etc.

Consultation of friends or close relatives.  Not knowing how to surprise a teenage girl, seek help from her environment. Close people will definitely push you to the right thoughts.

Confidential conversation.  Sometimes, just by talking with the hero of the occasion, it is easy to find out what she lacks for happiness. Therefore, having learned the dream of a teenage girl, hurry to fulfill it.

Money is sometimes a good gift option.  In the case when you have absolutely no ideas, it is better to give the girl a certain amount of money (even a small one) than an unnecessary gift. Perhaps the girl is raising money to make her dream come true, so your contribution will definitely come in handy for her.

If you don’t want to give money, then consider purchasing a gift certificate, for example, to a beauty salon or a clothing store. Just passing money from hand to hand is a bad form, be sure to come up with an original presentation, or at least put it in a gift envelope.

What is better not to give

Choosing a gift for girls in adolescence must be done with extreme caution. Remember that girls are delicate natures that even a trifle can offend. In order not to get into trouble, check out the list of “anti-gifts”.

  Things “for growth”.  Although the girl strives to look older, a mink coat is unlikely to suit her. In addition, a teenager wants to receive a gift that can be used immediately.

  Household items.  It is not necessary to hint to the girl about her social role through a gift. Despite the usefulness of such a present, a teenager will not be able to appreciate it.

  Gifts that are not age appropriate. Although the girl still seems like a child, she is no longer interested in baby dolls and doll houses.

  Presentations out of season. Girls who were born in the summer do not need to give a snowboard, unless you enclose a ticket to a ski resort with it.

  Boring home clothes.  At this age, girls are avid fashionistas who need to look great both at home and on the street. A gray bathrobe or dull pajamas will not please a teenager.

  Things aimed at correcting deficiencies.  It is adults who can turn the flaws of their appearance into a highlight, but teenagers are very painful about their features. So don’t even think about buying an acne cream or shampoo for oily hair.

  Animals. A girl dreaming of a four-legged friend will be in seventh heaven at the sight of a puppy or kitten. However, such a gift should not be given without first consulting with the parents. If the girl has not yet bought a pet, then there are good reasons for this.

  School supplies. Teenagers sometimes ignore everything related to the school, so do not rush to buy a pencil case, notebooks, school uniforms, no matter how beautiful they may seem to you.

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