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TOP 79 ideas What to give a girl for 6 years +19 gifts and Tips

If you were invited to a birthday party for a young beauty, it’s time to think about what to give a girl for 6 years. The sixth birthday is an important stage in the transition from infancy to conscious childhood. Girls are aware of this boundary a little earlier than boys.

The girl becomes pleased to hear compliments, to see the attention of adults and boys. Often they are the first to understand how valuable the title of “preschooler” is.

So the child begins to realize himself as an adult.

Below you will find a huge list of ideas for what to give a girl for 6 years, tips and gifts, as well as what is better NOT to give).

TOP 79 ideas that you can give a girl for 6 years

  1. Music Box.
  2. Candy box. Don’t forget to fill it with sweets!
  3. home planetarium.
  4. Twister.
  5. Magnetic drawing board.
  6. Musical planter for plants.
  7. Light tablet for drawing.
  8. Children’s umbrella.
  9. Trampoline.
  10. Vinyl stadiometer.
  11. Play set for cleaning.
  12. Set for artistic creativity.
  13. A wrist watch is an interesting option to give a 6-year-old girl for her birthday if she has begun to study time.
  14. Jewelry box.
  15. Apparatus for making cotton candy.
  16. Skipping rope with a counter.
  17. Designer night light.
  18. Engraving set.
  19. Easel.
  20. Set for weaving bracelets.
  21. Gum for hands.
  22. Hula Hup.
  23. A tablet with educational games is an idea of ​​what to give a child for a 6-year-old girl when she has developed curiosity.
  24. Set of dishes for tea drinking with dolls.
  25. interactive animal.
  26. Dollhouse.
  27. Glowing globe of the starry sky.
  28. Digital microscope.
  29. Toy sewing machine.
  30. Foldable water bottle.
  31. Children’s camera.
  32. Fitball.
  33. A growing pencil is a wonderful item that you can give a girl for 6 years, and surprise not only her with this item.
  34. Ocean wave projector.
  35. Kick scooter.
  36. Play set for baking.
  37. Finger Theatre.
  38. Music rug.
  39. Electronic telescope.
  40. 3D pen.
  41. Set for face painting.
  42. Radio controlled toy.
  43. A hairdressing set is the best option for giving a girl for another 6 years if the birthday girl likes to do hairstyles for her dolls.
  44. Roller Skates.
  45. Bathing set for dolls.
  46. Crystal in the bank.
  47. Game set “Ice cream factory”.
  48. Children’s knitting machine.
  49. Kite.
  50. Toy desk.
  51. Poster with coloring on the wall.
  52. Toothpaste dispenser.
  53. Non-bursting soap bubbles.
  54. Set for painting on fabric.
  55. Children’s periscope.
  56. Timer for brushing your teeth.
  57. Aqua farm.
  58. Kigurumi pajamas.
  59. Children’s hammock.
  60. Set for playing doctor.
  61. Animation studio.
  62. Coloring bag.
  63. Electronic photo frame with uploaded photos of the hero of the occasion inside.
  64. Skate.
  65. A large set of children’s decorative cosmetics.
  66. Playpen for dolls.
  67. Electronic kitchenette.
  68. Game “Crazy Bucket”.
  69. Dishwasher set.
  70. Robot artist toy.
  71. Rug-puzzle with the alphabet.
  72. Mini-factory of chocolates.
  73. Toy vacuum cleaner.
  74. Set of basket and products (toy).
  75. Game set for cooking hot dogs.
  76. Screen for puppet theater.
  77. Organizer on the table.
  78. Set of seals.
  79. Set of miniature road signs. Soon the girl will go to school, and it will be useful for her to navigate the traffic.

Original gifts for a six year old girl

How to choose a gift for a sister or a future classmate and not duplicate the gifts of other guests?

We have put together a collection of unique offerings that every girl will be happy about.


TOP 79 ideas What to give a girl for 6 years +19 gifts and Tips

Interactive doll . Caring for toys, feeding them is one of the girls’ favorite pastimes. It is not difficult to buy Baby Bon dolls today. You can choose all the desired features and not overpay extra money for the doll.

3D puzzle . Such a puzzle will help develop the girl’s logical thinking. You can collect it with your parents. When finished, it will decorate the birthday girl’s room.

Ant farm . Watching the life of our smaller brothers is an important part of growing up. The helium anthill also does not require personal care.

USB screen MunniWorld . With such a “canvas” you can draw as much as you like! Manufacturers claim that children create up to 2,000 drawings a year with such a “board”. Maybe a birthday girl close to you will beat this record?

Home pet . A degu, a kitten, a dog or a fish are the best gifts for a girl who is becoming more responsible and independent every day. Before buying such a surprise, consult with the girl’s parents about the possibility of presenting it.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give a girl for 6 years

When choosing a gift for a sister or girlfriend is delayed, pay attention to the following options:

Children’s projector . The modern mini-cinema is a distant relative of the filmoscope (slide projector). It allows you to watch your favorite cartoons right on the ceiling!

Karaoke . A wireless microphone will allow the girl to show her performing talent in all its glory. In addition, in such a creative process, it is easier to hone your reading skills. The main thing is to carefully read the reviews about it on the Web before choosing and buying a specific karaoke model.

Bed linen set with children’s motifs . Bed linen with a boring pattern will please the child and help parents put the girl to bed. Who wouldn’t want to hug a pillow with a pillowcase featuring their favorite cartoon character?

What else to please the young beauty, think in advance. Consult with other guests and listen to the wishes of the girl herself. So you will not be mistaken with the choice of a surprise for the hero of the occasion.

DIY gifts for a girl for 6 years

If none of the gift options from the store to your best friend fit you, then the best way remains. Make a surprise for the hero of the occasion yourself.

For example, such as:

  1. The music of wind.
  2. Textile book.
  3. Knitted beads.
  4. Textile bag.
  5. House of matches.
  6. Funny apron.
  7. Salt dough pendant.
  8. Furniture made of cardboard for dolls.
  9. Sweater painted with watercolors.
  10. Beaded bracelet.

Dominoes from stones


TOP 79 ideas What to give a girl for 6 years +19 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • 28 smooth stones;
  • black paint;
  • white marker;
  • chip bag.

Working process:

  1. Wash the stones. Dry.
  2. Coat evenly with black paint. Let dry.
  3. Color the blanks with a white marker according to the scheme.
  4. Put the stones in the bag.

Tips: How to choose a gift for 6 years


TOP 79 ideas What to give a girl for 6 years +19 gifts and Tips

Relying on recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a daughter or other girl for 6 years is worth it to all guests invited to the holiday.

Use the generally accepted rules of gift etiquette to select. This will help to form a sense of tact and norms of behavior in the birthday girl.

To get started, chat with the future hero of the occasion. In a conversation with you, the girl talks about her interests, favorite activities and circle of friends. It is not difficult to guess after such conversations what will please the child.

On the eve of the sixth birthday, you can ask the girl about the desired gift. Fulfilling the wish of the birthday girl is the best surprise!

What other tips to follow in order to please the young hero of the occasion with the best gift?

  1. Choose things that will serve to develop logical thinking, a child’s imagination, or a girl’s communication skills.
  2. Do not replace the gift with school supplies. From the offerings “for growth” not a single birthday person was delighted.
  3. Avoid expensive gifts. A 6-year-old girl will not be able to appreciate an expensive smartphone. She is also not always capable of handling things with care, which is normal for her age.
  4. Prepare a gift: wrap it in pretty paper or a bag. Insert a greeting card inside. If you are giving something under warranty, enclose the documents in the package or give the girl’s parents along with the receipt.
  5. Give the girl a bouquet in the hallway, and also prepare a flower arrangement for the mother of the birthday girl. Tell them both how much the invitation to the party means to you. A 6-year-old girl will be delighted with beautiful flowers.
  6. When you enter the living room, leave a gift on the table or chest of drawers prepared for this. Gifts are usually opened on the second day. Only edible gifts are immediately sent to the festive table.
  7. After the gift is presented, you can ask the girl if she liked it. However, if the girl is busy playing with friends, you should not persistently draw her attention to your gift.

What is better not to give a girl for 6 years

In search of an interesting surprise for their granddaughter or girlfriend, the guests invited to the holiday want to outdo others with their gift.

Being original is good. However, there is a rating of gifts that are better not to give. Get to know him before choosing an offering for the birthday girl.

  1. Money . Only those closest to her can teach the young hero of the occasion to financial literacy. If you are not a member of the girl’s family, you can replace the envelope with money with an unusual piggy bank or a small safe.
  2. Gift certificate . A little girl will not always be able to appreciate the value of such a gift. Don’t make her upset on her girl’s birthday!
  3. Quest or day at the entertainment center . You can pay for such a gift for a girl, but for this you need to coordinate the event with the girl’s parents. Remember that the paid day or hours may not be convenient for them if they are working or the family has other plans.
  4. Clothing and footwear . This gift is from a series of necessary, not desired. At the age of 6, a girl dreams not about clothes, but about toys, so you will not greatly please the child with “necessary” gifts.
  5. Scissors, needles . Any piercing or cutting object should not be given to a girl for 6 years. This is not safe, since preschoolers cannot always assess the degree of danger from handling such objects.
  6. Toys for growth . Too small or sharp parts, incomprehensible instructions or complex rules of the game are what should be avoided when choosing a gift for a preschool girl. To choose an interesting surprise for a child, pay attention to the age marking on the package.
  7. Dear gift . Too expensive item can and will cause a storm of delight in the girl. However, her parents will be dependent on you if they cannot return a gift of equal value to you in the near future.
  8. Cheap souvenir . Socks, paintings and other gifts of this kind are not interesting for children at the age of 6. And admit it yourself: would you like to receive a similar gift for your own birthday?
  9. Fragile items . A porcelain vase, a crystal figurine or something like that is not suitable for girls as a gift for a 6th birthday. Even the most accurate girls love to play outdoor games. If, as a result of such fun, the gift breaks, then tears cannot be avoided, and sometimes even abrasions or cuts.

What other gifts should not be given to a young birthday girl, the heart and knowledge of the girl’s hobbies will tell you.


Choosing a gift for a niece or girlfriend for a 6th birthday is a responsible step. Still, there is no need to panic. Even modest financial opportunities will allow you to purchase or create with your own hands a unique thing for the birthday girl. Stop at the gift that will delight the young hero of the occasion and reflects her hobbies.

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