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TOP 77 gift ideas for Capricorn (male) + 19 gifts and Tips

Purposeful, straightforward and hardworking Capricorn will not be seen for no reason at a social event or on the podium with an inspiring speech.

However, they bribe people with their honesty, delicacy and the ability to lead in the chosen business, not paying attention to failures.

All this explains the fact that men of this sign have a lot of true friends, like-minded people who strive to please them.

If you want to interest a Capricorn man with an interesting gift, invest in him sincerity and respect for his aspirations.

TOP 77 gift ideas for a Capricorn man

  1. Planner or diary.
  2. Globe of the starry sky with illumination.
  3. Laptop table.
  4. Car organizer.
  5. Collectible cup holder.
  6. Traveler’s wallet.
  7. Desktop sports pear.
  8. Cooling jacket for wine.
  9. Marine compass.
  10. Luminous LED cap.
  11. Laptop bag.
  12. Steel ice for drinks.
  13. Magnetic hourglass.
  14. Sommelier knife.
  15. Premium quality pen.
  16. An edible bouquet of crayfish and drinks is an option for those who are thinking what to give Capricorn on February 23rd. Those born under the auspices of Saturn value rest with friends above grandiloquent speeches and magnificent celebrations.
  17. Retro player.
  18. Convenient capsule coffee machine.
  19. Barbecue or picnic set.
  20. Car vacuum cleaner.
  21. Set of wine glasses and whiskey stones.
  22. Perpetual calendar.
  23. Writing set.
  24. Stormglass. An unusual weather forecaster will be an excellent decoration for the office of the hardworking Capricorn.
  25. USB webcam in the shape of Darth Vader.
  26. Beverage dispenser.
  27. The VW Beetle USB mouse is the answer to the question of what to give a Capricorn man if he is fond of the history of the 60s of the last century.
  28. Case for glasses made of leather.
  29. Non-spillable thermo cup for coffee. It does not leave marks on the surface of the table or car panel.
  30. Leather folder for documents.
  31. USB lamp for keyboard.
  32. Portable phone charger.
  33. Trimmer.
  34. The Fizz Creations TNT detonator is an idea for those who do not know what to give the Capricorn guy who works a lot at the computer and dreams of relieving stress.
  35. Digital weather station.
  36. Cocktail shaker.
  37. Wireless echo sounder for fishing.
  38. BBQ lettering stamp.
  39. A Bobby backpack is the best solution for what gift to give a Capricorn guy on one of his important dates. He will appreciate the spaciousness, functionality and reliability of the new thing.
  40. Panic Button. Although why is she a disciplined Capricorn? Maybe just to feel a share of adrenaline and belonging to the team?
  41. Poster with scratch-tags “System of pumping yourself”.
  42. Wireless keyboard for tablet and smartphone.
  43. Game “Tower for adults”.
  44. Portable gas stove.
  45. A USB hub is the perfect solution for what to give a Capricorn man. This will help him complete more tasks at the same time.
  46. Music Box.
  47. Biofireplace.
  48. Bicycle computer.
  49. A money clip is a souvenir for the occasion when you decide to please Capricorn just like that.
  50. aluminum soap.
  51. Air ozonator.
  52. Wall key holder.
  53. Popcorn machine.
  54. Antique chandelier.
  55. Weather station or barometer.
  56. Irrigator for toothbrushes.
  57. Wall horizontal bar.
  58. Camping thermos.
  59. Smart scales.
  60. Pendulum on the table.
  61. Home aqua farm for fish.
  62. Designer address plate.
  63. Ice bucket.
  64. Flexible phone holder.
  65. Bowl with phone holder. Even in moments of rest, it is important for Capricorn to keep abreast of all affairs.
  66. Waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker.
  67. Non-stick mat for grill or oven.
  68. Key finder radio.
  69. Folding table and chair.
  70. Gloves for touch devices – the idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba souvenir for the Capricorn man on February 14th.
  71. Geyser coffee maker.
  72. Paperweight.
  73. Book-box.
  74. Gift flask for drinks.
  75. Sunshine solar charger.
  76. Lamp-night light with remote control.
  77. A set of dispensers for ketchup and mustard.

Additional Gift Ideas for a Capricorn Man or Boyfriend

If none of the surprise options presented above came up, and the question of what is better to give Capricorn to a man remains open, get acquainted with a few more ideas for offerings for different occasions – from impressive acquisitions to modest souvenirs for Capricorn.

USB ashtray . Even if a man born under the sign of Capricorn himself does not smoke, this souvenir will come in handy for him to receive smoking business partners or friends. She quickly “packs” the smoke inside herself and does not let cigarette smoke hang in the room.

Glasses with built-in flash – card . To use the memory storage, you just need to detach the headband of the glasses.

Sheet “Kama Sutra” or sheet of sexual adventures with a washable layer . Interest in the sexual side of life in Capricorn men fades only with the end of their lives. They will be happy to be stimulated to conduct new experiments and show their sensuality.

External Enter key . It was developed by Japanese scientists because it breaks most often, along with the gap.

Shirt folder . A device that will help you neatly lay shirts, T-shirts and T-shirts will definitely appeal to Capricorn, who appreciates every minute and a neat appearance.

Alarm clock with note board . Only outwardly, Capricorn gives the impression of an independent and emotionally closed person. However, SMS or a note left by a loved one will charge him with cheerfulness and self-confidence.

Cassette player-digitizer . Tape 2 GO looks like a regular player, but in addition to the main function of playing a melody, it can digitize recordings without losing sound quality.

What to give a Capricorn guy with your own hands

You are not familiar with the hobbies of a man, and the choice of what to give Capricorn for his birthday has not been made? Check out some handmade gift ideas. Prone to asceticism and self-discipline, Capricorn will appreciate the surprises created especially for him. For example, such as:

  1. Sweatshirt made by you.
  2. Book-box with photos and memories.
  3. A painting with a moving shadow.
  4. Desktop Japanese garden.
  5. Cover for documents made of leather or textile.
  6. Sweet tree.
  7. Braided bracelet.
  8. Sachet with coffee beans, dried flowers or herbs.
  9. Headphones from sleeves.
  10. Photo stand or photo collage.

Cup holder


TOP 77 gift ideas for Capricorn (male) + 19 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • 8 wooden blocks of the same length and width;
  • construction or universal adhesive.


TOP 77 gift ideas for Capricorn (male) + 19 gifts and Tips

Working process:

  1. Lay out 5 bars at an equal distance from each other.
  2. At the edges of each part, drip glue.
  3. Glue three bars on top of them at an equal distance from each other.
  4. Let the glue dry.

Liquid soap dispenser


TOP 77 gift ideas for Capricorn (male) + 19 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • Empty whiskey bottle;
  • dosing pump with a tube;
  • liquid soap.

Working process:

  1. Rinse the drink bottle.
  2. Fill it with liquid soap.
  3. Replace the plug on the dosing pump. Do this carefully so as not to damage the pump or spring.

Tips – how to choose a gift for Capricorn for a male

The decision of how to surprise Capricorn is not made simply and overnight, so we have collected tips and recommendations from astrologers for choosing gifts for Capricorns.

  1. It is impossible to ask “on the forehead” what Capricorn would like as an offering. Men of this sign are restrained and not open to every interlocutor even in simple things, and they will not tell anyone about their cherished desire.
  2. Capricorn appreciates the quality, uniqueness and history of things. A collection of books or vinyl records can please him no less than the most modern smartphone model.
  3. Learn Capricorn’s habits and daily routine. You will certainly find in this stream of information what one of the most famous ascetics of the zodiac denies himself. Perhaps it will even be a regular water bottle during sports.
  4. The gift must be practical. Capricorns are ruled by the element of Earth, which makes these men connoisseurs of useful offerings.
  5. When you are looking for a gift for Capricorn for an anniversary, remember the amazing quality of the men of this sign. Every year their soul is getting younger and younger, so Capricorns increasingly decide to experiment, change their image, and are more and more open to new opportunities. This gives the giver ample opportunity to choose gifts.

Even if you did not quite guess with the gift or its direction, do not despair. Delicate Capricorn will thank the giver and accept the offering with a sincere smile.

He values ​​the attention of friends and relatives above material values, to which he is often indifferent.

What is better not to give a Capricorn man

Before dwelling on one of the gift options, it is worth finding out what Capricorns love and what they do not accept at all.

All representatives of this earth sign can categorically refuse an offering if it:

  • Too luxurious . Being obligated to someone or accepting an expensive gift from a friend when he has financial problems is not in the rules of Capricorn;
  • It is intended not only for him . If Capricorn invited you to a celebration not in honor of the family, then he is waiting for a gift for himself. This helps him feel complete power over things;
  • Fake . Men of this sign know the value of money and human labor. Out of respect for the work of a craftsman whom Capricorn does not know, he will not accept a replica watch, a leather bag or other items.

Conservative Capricorns have their own ideas about things. If the gift seems to the bearer of this sign not only fake, but vulgar and pretentious, it will greatly hurt him, and you will lose a friend in his face.

If you decide to present jewelry to Capricorn, give up silver items. This metal conflicts with the energy of those born under this sign.


If you are thinking about what to give a Capricorn man for his birthday, remember his preferences, imagine yourself in his place. A strict, self-critical and disciplined man of this sign will be happy with any surprise that will help him open up and show his emotions.

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