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TOP 153 ideas What to give a teenager for his birthday + Tips

“I’ll give you not just something, but some of something better than any thing…”  – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .

It is about such a gift that all people dream of on their birthday, and teenagers especially. Transitional age is a difficult period. Yesterday’s children balance on the verge of children’s and adult interests. Preferences change faster than pictures in a kaleidoscope. Just yesterday, a teenager dreamed of one thing, but today he wants something completely different. The child is looking for himself, depends on the opinions of friends, fashion, the Internet.

Do not “torture” him what he wants to receive on his holiday. Act at your own discretion.

How not to make a mistake with the choice of what to give a teenager for his birthday? Consider age, hobbies, character. And our relevant, useful and creative ideas will guide you on the right path.

TOP 153 ideas What you can give a teenager for his birthday

We divided the original gift options for any budget into conditional categories. Time offers an unrealistic amount of temptations and opportunities. According to psychologists, “the tragedy of a modern teenager is that his desires are adults, and his opportunities are childish .”

You can congratulate a teenager on his birthday in an original way by buying him something interesting as a gift. Parents can help a growing child reconcile dreams with reality. With the latest phone or state-of-the-art laptop, a teenager feels more confident. If your child already has them, give them a useful accessory, a trendy iPhone or iPad case. Fashion accessories allow you to stand out in the crowd of peers. At this age, this is very important!

  1. Selfie monopod. A handy fixture solves the problem of bad shots.
  2. Computer wheel. The device will allow you to realistically immerse yourself in the game.
  3. Smart watch.
  4. Gamepad. The game manipulator will be appreciated by every active gamer.

Advice! Choose an ergonomic model with a soft-touch coating or with rubberized inserts.

  1. Pedometer.
  2. Bicycle computer or locator – for a birthday boy who is passionate about cycling.
  3. PlayStation. The legendary console from SONY, the recognized leader among gamers around the world, is one of the most desired gifts. A high line in the rating of appeals to Santa Claus and parents! You can relate to deep immersion in virtual reality in different ways, but if you dream of presenting a dream gift – don’t even hesitate – buy a PSP console! This is the best gift from dad!
  4. Smart pen. Modern technologies work wonders: the device digitizes the records and immediately creates a text file. A smart gadget is a great gift for a creative person.
  5. Electronic translator.
  6. 3D printer. This expensive gift from parents will make a young man the happiest!
  7. Stick or flash ring for selfie.
  8. Game console Dandy-mini.
  9. Smartphone device: sound system, arm mount, projector, magnetic ball holder.
  10. USB things: keyboard vacuum cleaner, fan (including luminous), heating pad. And even heated USB slippers!
  11. 3D mouse on the finger.
  12. Gloves for touch devices.
  13. Bluetooth hat. A convenient gadget will appeal to any teenager who cannot imagine himself without music and the street.
  14. Virtual reality glasses.
  15. Deluxm vertical mouse
  16. Light tablet for drawing.
  17. Flexible waterproof keyboard.

Sports, hiking and travel


TOP 153 ideas What to give a teenager for his birthday + Tips

What can you give a teenager for his birthday if he is not a homebody? For active teenagers we offer the following options:

  1. Cool sports bike. Or a similar vehicle and drive: scooter, skateboard, hoverboard, Razor scooter, roller skates, rollersurf.
  2. Moto buff. It would be nice to get such a present from my uncle and aunt!
  3. Penny board. This trendy miniature skateboard is the perfect sports gift for teenagers. Small boards made of quality plastic are less sensitive to the quality of the road, are available in different sizes and colors, suitable for boys and girls.
  4. GoPro action camera.
  5. Binoculars.
  6. Fitness bracelet.
  7. Camping equipment: tent, sleeping bag, compass, flashlight, travel water bottle with carabiner. A good idea is the Bresser explorer and travel kit: compact 4x binoculars, headlamp, water bottle, mini compass and handy carrying bag.
  8. Night vision device.
  9. Monowheel (monicycle). Convenient and great stands out from the crowd! Super gift!
  10. Exercise bike, treadmill, Bradex universal trainer: the choice depends on the wishes of the birthday person.
  11. Rackets and badminton ball.
  12. Beach mat or beach bag-transformer.
  13. Unusual inflatable circle.
  14. A practical picnic and hiking blanket with a waterproof lining.
  15. Yo-yo AERO-YO Storm. Great tool for training.
  16. Punching bag, boots, gloves for training and fitness, hockey stick, leather soccer ball, mat, stepper.


A necessary thing for a hobby is a doubly gift. Useful and pleasant.

  1. Underwater video camera.
  2. CoolpixS31 camera in a striking design.
  3. Set for needlework. For example, for sewing a Tilda doll – an original interior toy. This is an exciting activity and an opportunity for self-expression.
  4. Spinning reel.
  5. Sewing machine. A wonderful gift from mom. If a girl loves to sew, you can start with a “lightweight”, children’s version of the technique. With a small device, it is easy to hem shorts, make an appliqué on your favorite jeans or blouse.
  6. Metal detector. What a great idea to give a teenager a boy for his birthday. A perfect gift for a son obsessed with finding treasures and treasures.
  7. Electronic synthesizer.
  8. Game set “Neon and science”. For fun chemistry experiments.
  9. Microscope. A specific present for a young chemist or biologist to continue his acquaintance with the sciences.
  10. Interactive T-shirt with built-in frets. An original gift for someone who enjoys playing the guitar. With such a present, you can not only surprise your friends, but also endlessly practice!

Cool gifts for teenagers

The category “jokes” is included in the list of desired gifts. Teenagers strive to look like adults, but, in fact, remain children who love funny things.

  1. Gel ant farm.
  2. Bunch of emoji balloons.
  3. Magic ball. Outwardly – a billiard ball, and inside – answers to all important questions. One has only to ask and shake the magic object – a penetrating ball will instantly give the correct solution.
  4. Unusual piggy bank: in the form of a carton of milk or “Pussy hiding coins.”
  5. A sleep mask with a cool image or a playful inscription “Oh, everything”, “5 minutes”.
  6. Tornado in the bank. The toy tornado hurricane is mothballed in a bank, does not pose a threat to the future owner. This is a wonderful anti-stress.

Do you know that the widest and most powerful tornado was recorded in the United States on May 31, 2013? The wind speed reached 485 km / h, and the funnel diameter was 4.2 km.

  1. Repeating hamster. A funny toy reproduces the heard phrase in a funny voice.
  2. Electronic butterfly or firefly in a jar.
  3. Giant soap bubbles.
  4. Mug-chameleon “On/Off”.
  5. Toy scarecrow Spider out of the box.
  6. Dinosaur in hand.
  7. Spy pen (with invisible ink). A cool idea for a birthday present for a teenage friend.
  8. Spyglass of Admiral Nelson or Jack Sparrow.
  9. Hourglass with soap bubbles.
  10. Keychain for finding keys.
  11. USB drum set with pedals.

“Cozy” things and home helpers

Just a nice and cute present can bring no less joy than expensive hardware for a computer.

  1. Alarm clock. But not ordinary, but taking off or running away, which begin to move when the alarm goes off. Or in the form of a soccer ball that stops ringing only after a strong hit against the wall. You can’t sleep with these!
  2. Plaid. Give the girl a cozy little thing in her favorite color. For example, a fashion item knitted on giant knitting needles.
  3. Unusual projector lamp depicting starry or underwater worlds.
  4. Original animal pillow. One of the best ideas to give a teenage friend for her birthday.
  5. A set of magnetic mini flowerpots “Hearts”. Lovely pots in which you can plant real plants are attached to the surface with magnets. Original decoration for a girl’s room.
  6. Glowing constellation map. It is important for a child passing into adulthood to keep in touch with a dream and a fairy tale for a longer time. Let the magical lights of distant constellations flicker in his room.
  7. Dance mat. It connects to a computer or TV. During the dance, you need to follow the arrows on the screen and step on the right arrows on the mat. An exciting game develops coordination and dexterity.
  8. Horizontal bar Iron Gym.
  9. Wall medallion.
  10. Apparatus for making cotton candy.
  11. Fragrant lavender toy or rose bear.
  12. Cork board on the wall. A functional thing decorates the room, it is convenient to attach various objects and notes to it.
  13. Photo holder.
  14. Crystal Grow Kit or its Super Magic Tree variant. A simple experiment with reagents – and right before our eyes a lush emerald crown grows on a paper base.
  15. Organizer for jewelry in the form of an evening dress or corset.
  16. Hairdryer, BABYLISS PRO PEFRECT CURL, HAIR WAVZ curlers.
  17. Water light-music speakers or waterproof shower speaker.
  18. Levitating photo frame.
  19. Whiteboard for writing with LED-backlight or magnetic slate board.
  20. Inflatable lamzak sofa or bean bag chair.
  21. Warmer toy.
  22. Glowing stained glass. The mosaic plays with the sun’s rays, and at night it radiates a mysterious light.
  23. Felted toy. Cute exclusive little animal from the online masters of high-class hand-made.
  24. Basik is a fashionable plush cat.
  25. Giant sofa cushion. For example, Alligator.
  26. Laser system “Starry night”. Creates a festive atmosphere at parties.
  27. Unusual thermo mug: roly-poly, self-stirring.
  28. Set of funny lunch boxes. Usually teenagers ignore proper nutrition and avoid taking homemade food with them. The situation can be corrected by a beautiful and functional lunch box.
  29. LED disco lamp. Plasma disk, sphere or cone.
  30. Apparatus for making popcorn or cotton candy.
  31. Inflatable pool.
  32. Aquarium with fish or aqua farm. Aquarium with luminous plankton DinoPet. USB aquarium organizer.

Toys: Adults and not so

It is interesting to explore the real world with original toys. The common activity brings together family and friends.

  1. Radio controlled submarine. Or a plane, a helicopter, a boat, a drift model, a flip car, a tank, whatever. Even adults are happy to play with such toys, and children 12-13 years old are even more so.
  2. Interactive robot on radio control. Modern robots with many sensors, artificial intelligence, and the ability to talk can become a real electronic friend. Some models allow you to change functions or create new ones.
  3. Spy drone.
  4. LEGO Mindstorms. Suitable for a child who is passionate about robots and computer games. A set that combines both, makes it possible to “revive” the designer, creating a Mindstorm robot on a remote control. And if you purchase additional motors for sensors, the possibilities of the device are endless.
  5. Kite.
  6. Antigravity machine. A new invention can cause unchildish delight even among dads! A light machine is attracted to the surface with the help of vacuum from turbine fans. The toy is controlled remotely, perfectly rides on the walls and even on the ceiling. Fantastic gift!
  7. Microrobot Beetle.
  8. Military equipment in miniature, quality sets of soldiers.
  9. Board game: “What? Where? When?”, the popular “Mafia”. For such a game you need a company or a family circle. Interesting joint evenings bring you together!
  10. Kinetic sand (Kinetic Sand). “Live” sand for sculpting figurines and structures is made using a unique technology, does not stick to hands, and keeps its shape well. Looks wet but is actually completely dry. Plastic material brings fantasies to life. Develops motor skills, creativity, creative perception. Calms and relieves stress.
  11. Flying toy – fairy “FlyingFairy”. The doll is controlled with a “magic” wand, gives the feeling of a fairy tale.
  12. Children’s telescope.
  13. Flying fish on the radio.
  14. Kaleidoscope.
  15. Swimming robot fish (RoboFish). Bright plastic fish with an integrated microcircuit swim in different directions, realistically imitating the habits of real ones.
  16. Throwing glider. When properly launched, the aircraft is capable of flying 40-50 meters.
  17. Amazeball maze ball. A three-dimensional transparent labyrinth through which a metal ball must pass.
  18. Set for painting with light.
  19. Apparatus “Thief of sweets”.
  20. Book-Theatre of Shadows.
  21. Small drone.
  22. Minecraft Iron Sword.
  23. Air hockey game.
  24. Flying space dish.
  25. Silicone mask, airsoft mask.
  26. Hammer (soft), based on the sacred hammer of the orcs Doomhammer from the game “World of Warcraft”.

Constructors and educational games

Puzzles, puzzles and constructors develop logical thinking, distract from the computer and smartphone, and can bring you closer to choosing a future profession.

Painstaking work with small details develops technical abilities. This is a great alternative to electronic gadgets.

  1. 3D pen with LCD display. It is very interesting to “animate” the drawn characters and observe how the hot plastic comes out of the rod and freezes, taking the desired shape.
  2. Interior designer.
  3. Electromechanical designer. Educational puzzle: from a set of elements according to the scheme, an operating system is assembled that will start the fan, turn on the light bulb.
  4. 3D prefabricated model of a ship, aircraft, etc.
  5. Mechanical 3D puzzle Ugears made of wood. After assembly, original souvenirs are obtained.
  6. Soft constructor Banchems. A mega-popular toy made of multi-colored sticky balls, from which three-dimensional structures are assembled.
  7. 3D metal puzzle.
  8. Designer of models of Leonardo da Vinci mechanisms “Da Vinci Models”.

Gifts for a teenage look

Children grow up, pay more attention to appearance. At this age, you want to make a vivid impression, because stylish things can be very useful:

  1. Military style clothing. Boys dream of looking older, more athletic, they love “serious” things.
  2. T-shirts with any logo. Even adult children have favorite characters: animation, stage or movie stars. Order a T-shirt on a specialized Internet resource: a good gift should be unique. A teenager will be happy to wear clothes with the image of his idol: such things are always at the peak of teen fashion.
  3. Tattoo sleeve.
  4. Luminous shoelace.
  5. Kigirumi pajamas.
  6. Slippers Emoji Nyashka or warmer slippers.
  7. Unusual luminous pendant.
  8. Harness “Wings”.
  9. Colored crayons for hair. The shade does not last long, but this coloring is suitable for a quick change of image and parties.
  10. Leather belt: braided, embossed, original buckle.
  11. Fully luminous LED sneakers.
  12. Name sweatshirt. To show your individuality to the world, exclusive clothing with a personal inscription is ideal.
  13. Wish Pearl. A set of jewelry and a container with a shell, inside of which is a real pearl. What color it will be, no one knows in advance. It’s a surprise!
  14. Backpack. A fashionable high-quality accessory is needed not only for school. Choose a stylish option: a 3D “CSGO” backpack, triangular, with a summer print or holography.
  15. Leather bracelet. A brutal and discreet accessory perfectly complements the image.
  16. Soft pillow with a hood in the form of a funny animal for comfortable travel.
  17. LED silicone bracelet.
  18. Pandora style bracelet watch, rhinestone bracelet, mirror display watch. What to give a teenager girl for her birthday, no matter how beautiful a fashionable little thing?
  19. Headphones with lights or a funny model with cat ears.
  20. Exclusive phone case with birthday photo.
  21. Colored lenses for the eyes.
  22. Earrings with Swarovski crystals.
  23. Unusual umbrella: with a photo, transparent, umbrella-dome, in the form of a heart, changing color from the rain, with LEDs, tulip umbrella, umbrella-helmet, Jedi umbrella, in a “bottle”.

Original gifts for a teenager

At 11-13, children are approaching the adult stage of life, they begin to think seriously.

At 14 – get a passport. What will a growing child like?

  1. Professional photo session . For example, in the image of your favorite movie character. At a transitional age, teenagers are complex because of their appearance, and beautiful pictures can raise self-esteem. A great idea is what to give a teenager a girl for her birthday.
  2. Tickets for a football match. Watching football on TV and being in the stadium is a huge difference. Emotions, intensity of passions, experiences, joy for each goal scored at a stadium of many thousands are manifested many times stronger!
  3. Stylish leather passport cover : in the author’s design, with personalized embossing. A good idea if the birthday boy is 14 years old.
  4. Thomas Armstrong’s You Can Do More Than You Think . A wonderful work for a person who strives for self-development.
  5. Hike to paintball or climbing wall , to an amusement park.
  6. Portrait from photographs . Order a unique gift for your birthday – capture happy moments in a picture of hundreds of small pictures. You can see each photo up close, but if you take a step back, the frames are folded into a single image.

What to give a teenager with your own hands

For friends, we offer to implement simple hand-made ideas. You do not need to know anything, and the result is visible immediately!

Popsicle stick bracelets

TOP 153 ideas What to give a teenager for his birthday + Tips


  1. Soak popsicle sticks in hot water for a few hours. They need to be plastic.
  2. Bend them into a ring and put them in a glass to dry without straightening. The base for the bracelet is ready.
  3. Then act according to your mood: paste over with twine, fabric, leather or lace, paint with acrylics and felt-tip pens, decorate with buttons.

“Knitted” candlestick


TOP 153 ideas What to give a teenager for his birthday + Tips

You take a sleeve from a boring sweater, a glass and a picturesque twig – a cozy winter candlestick is ready. Glue the sleeve on.

Pin jewelry


TOP 153 ideas What to give a teenager for his birthday + Tips

Original bracelet made of a handful of pins and chains. Get creative – add sequins or small beads.

Tips: How to choose a gift for a teenager

It is not easy to please a boy from 11 and older. On the one hand, he wants to have the same things that Nastya and Kirill from 8 “b” already have, and on the other hand, to stand out, to be original.

In addition, a teenager needs to feel that adults do not categorically decide for him, but take into account his opinion and tastes.

Teenagers are passionate about electronic innovations, so they boldly voice their desires, which are quite expensive.

What to do if the immodest dream is equal to the iPhone, but the money is much less? How to please a teenager with a modest budget?

  • A soulless present “for show” will not interest him. If you want delight and gratitude – guess with a surprise.
  • It’s good if your surprise is connected with the dream of the hero of the occasion, his plans for the future, his hobby.
  • You can invite the birthday person to choose a gift himself. To avoid resentment, discuss the maximum limit of desires in advance. It is appropriate to present a gift certificate with an open list of services or for a purchase within a certain amount.

A teenager will approve of a “non-childish” gift: one that confirms the trust of parents and belonging to the adult world. They include money. Perhaps a certain amount will start an unfulfilled dream, and he will begin to save up for the right little thing.

What is better not to give a teenager

  1. Give up “school” presents, because school supplies are purchased without a festive occasion.
  2. Don’t give a “boring” gift. Get creative.
  3. Do not give presents that are of interest to you, and not to the birthday person. Respect the adult personality in the child, do not impose your point of view.
  4. The growing child is unlikely to appreciate your efforts in choosing practical clothes or shoes. Buy something out of the ordinary.


Don’t forget about live communication. Time spent together with understanding parents will negate the problems of adolescence.

Discover something new for your teenager, organize an interesting trip or camping trip, take tickets to a concert of his favorite artist.

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