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45 Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa from Granddaughter and Grandson + Tips

For a beloved grandfather, I want to choose a special birthday present – it can be memorable, useful or original, but it should always be chosen and given with soul.

It is very difficult to decide what to give grandfather for his birthday, especially if the birthday boy does not need anything – this article will help in this difficult matter.

Today there are no problems with buying a gift – shops offer us a wide selection of various things. There remains only the problem of choice – not everyone knows what to give grandfather for his birthday.

Below you will find a ready-made list of gifts and ideas for what to give grandfather for his birthday from his granddaughter or grandson, or any other holiday.

TOP 45 ideas of what to give grandfather for his birthday

  1. Board game – a set of chess, checkers, backgammon, lotto or dominoes.
  2. Heated thermos mug with name engraving.
  3. Wristwatch, folding umbrella or other stylish men’s accessory.
  4. An electric massager or other massage device (slippers, a rug, a cape on a regular or car seat).
  5. Mobile phone with large buttons.
  6. If the grandfather gets along with modern technologies: a smartphone, a tablet, a satellite dish with a set of TV programs.
  7. A new TV is one of the most important things in every elderly person’s home.
  8. Beautiful wall clock of the original form.
  9. Leather wallet, business card holder, paper folder or handy purse.
  10. To simplify housekeeping: microwave or coffee maker.
  11. Orthopedic mattress or pillow with memory function.
  12. Named damask in a gift box.
  13. Mini-bar for storing bottles of elite alcohol.
  14. Home mini-brewery.
  15. An exclusive edition of a classic literary work or a signed copy of your grandfather’s favorite book.
  16. Honey with gold in a gift box.
  17. Fan or air conditioner, purifier or air ionizer.
  18. Luxurious key holder.
  19. Desktop decorated magnifier, binoculars or mini-telescope.
  20. Named set for cleaning shoes.
  21. Clock-weather station equipped with an alarm clock with a snooze function, as well as a temperature and humidity sensor.
  22. Sticks for Nordic (Scandinavian) walking.
  23. Caricature or figurine from a photograph.
  24. Electric fireplace.
  25. Stylish spectacle frame or case.
  26. Photo collage or photo book with a collection of pictures from different years.
  27. Retro radio.
  28. Elite stationery set or fountain pen.
  29. Metal wall thermometer with an unusual design.
  30. Crystal glass with a spoon in a brass cup holder.
  31. Hydromassage foot bath.
  32. Digital photo frame with uploaded photos of children and grandchildren.
  33. Photomosaic or a bright portrait from a photo on canvas in a beautiful interior, which is stylized as antique.
  34. Bas-relief panel.
  35. Piggy bank in the form of a safe for storing savings.
  36. A robot vacuum cleaner is a convenient and indispensable thing that cleans itself (for single grandfathers).
  37. Organizer, planner or stylish notebook made of real leather.
  38. A bicycle, skis, tennis rackets, a good ball or stick are birthday gifts for grandfather to keep him physically active.
  39. Modern comfortable rocking chair.
  40. Massage chair of an orthopedic design.
  41. A beautiful painted icon is a birthday gift for a believing grandfather.
  42. Electric shaver with a set of shaving products.
  43. High-quality thermal underwear or a warming belt.
  44. A sweet gift is a set of chocolate tools or a chocolate gun with a flask, a badge and cartridges.
  45. A set for a bath and sauna, including a hat, a broom, a towel, aromatic oils and skin care products.

Gifts for beloved grandfather from granddaughter

From the very childhood, grandfathers are attached to their granddaughters with special love. They care for them throughout their lives, and Grandpa’s birthday is a great way to repay them in kind.

What to give grandfather from his granddaughter so that he will definitely like the gift ? Here are some interesting ideas:

Warm blanket with sleeves and heated slippers . Great gift from my granddaughter. Elderly people often suffer from chilliness even in summer, they always want to warm up. Give your beloved grandfather such an opportunity. You can also attach a set of soft towels with personalized embroidery, which you can make yourself, to the gift.

Pedigree book . Gorgeous keepsake. Buy a beautiful album and paste in there photos of the next of kin of the hero of the occasion. Another idea: a generic family tree that you can draw on whatman paper and then paste in the photos.

Gift for a collector . Older men very often collect some kind of collection – a granddaughter can please her beloved grandfather and give him a copy. It can be an old stamp, a souvenir bottle, a flag, a model of a weapon. You can also give your grandfather a numismatic album for collecting and storing coins, if he collects these particular things.

A list of other gift ideas for what else you can give your grandfather from your granddaughter:

  • Salt lamp, 3D lamp, floor lamp or photo light.
  • Stylish leather belt or tie with a beautiful (possibly precious) clip.
  • Tea, coffee basket or bouquet.
  • Decorative fountain or waterfall.
  • Upholstered footstool or foot hammock.
  • Stone garden in a glass florarium.
  • A unique figurine for the garden in the form of a gnome or other character.
  • Bonsai, Japanese garden, bottle garden or male houseplant.
  • A memory amulet is a piece of wood, metal or natural stone.
  • Eau de toilette (only if you know exactly what grandfather’s favorite scent is).

Birthday gifts for beloved grandfather from grandson

Often grandfathers take an active part in the upbringing of boys – they teach their grandchildren new things and spend a sufficient amount of time with them.

A gift from a grandson can be serious, brutal and practical, but it should also speak of his warm feelings for his grandfather.

What can you give your beloved grandfather from his grandson:

Exclusive cigars . A grandfather who smokes and is not going to give up this addiction can be presented with a set of real Cuban cigars. You can also purchase smoking accessories for it: a Zippo lighter with laser engraving, a cigarette case or a humidor, a beautiful figured ashtray.

A set of tools in a handy case . Grown men appreciate practical gifts, so tools are a good gift idea for a grandson. You can also donate a multifunctional shovel that folds into a convenient bag and is equipped with a knife, ice ax, hammer, LED flashlight, flint and other useful household tools.

Shashlik set . In a stylish case or a picnic basket, you can give your grandfather a set for cooking meat. It may include a set of steel skewers, a carving knife, a corkscrew, a set of stacks and a thermos with a heating function. You can also donate a meat marinating machine, an electric grill or a set of elite seasonings.

Other ideas for practical and original gifts for grandfather from grandson:

  1. A portable radio that can be listened to anywhere, anytime.
  2. Whiskey chilling stones.
  3. Personalized glasses for grandfather’s favorite drink – whiskey, cognac or beer.
  4. A miniature copy of the birthday boy’s favorite car, ship or plane.
  5. Sets for working with wood, metal, clay (depending on the grandfather’s hobby).
  6. Electric knife sharpener.
  7. Compact lawn mower or grass trimmer.
  8. Functional container with compartments for storing hooks, nails, chips and other small things.
  9. Comfortable elegant cane, which can be adjusted depending on the anatomical features.
  10. Automatic watering system for the garden.

What to give grandfather for his birthday with his own hands

Not all grandchildren can buy an expensive gift. In this case, you can make a gift to your grandfather with your own hands – this is a great opportunity to please your grandfather and show him that you took the time to please him.

List of the best DIY gift ideas for grandpa:

  • A colorful application or drawing, a poster with congratulations and photographs is a gift from a child to a young grandfather, which the birthday boy will perceive with special awe and love.
  • Picture frame. At first glance, a banal gift turns into an unusual surprise if you decorate it with improvised materials – stones, coffee beans, buttons.
  • Handmade soap. It is very simple to make it – as a base, you can use remnants or odorless baby soap, as additives – essential oils or your grandfather’s favorite perfume.
  • Knitten things. A wonderful gift for grandfather from granddaughter – warm socks, mittens, hat or scarf. Another original idea: a cute little mug sweater. Making it yourself is much easier.
  • Garden furniture. Gift for grandfather for his birthday with his own hands from his grandson. If you know how to craft, you can make some chairs for the garden or a table for the gazebo.
  • Sweet craft. From delicious chocolates, make an original craft – for example, a ship. You can put sweets in the “hold” of the craft, and a bottle of cognac or a ticket to rest in a sanatorium in the “salon”.

More Gift Ideas for Grandpa

What other gift can you give your grandfather for his birthday? These can be gifts that are somehow related to his hobby.

Examples of some gifts depending on the hobbies and interests of the grandfather:

  1. For a fisherman or a hunter : a high-quality raincoat, a tent for spending the night or a raincoat, a flashlight, a multi-tool knife;
  2. Gardener : a set for growing organic vegetables and fruits;
  3. Antique lover : old book, luxury items;
  4. For motorists : a video recorder or navigator, a vacuum cleaner for cleaning small debris, an organizer for the trunk, comfortable floor mats in the passenger compartment or in the trunk;
  5. Athlete : sports bag, prefabricated dumbbells, home exercise machine;
  6. Handyman : construction kit or professional tool.

Tips: how to choose a birthday present for grandpa

How to give a gift to grandfather correctly, what should be considered when choosing, so as not to spoil the solemn holiday and leave only positive impressions on the birthday man?

The following recommendations and tips will help you answer these questions:

  1. Remember that it is important for a birthday grandfather to communicate with his grandchildren and feel their love. Show real care, surround your grandfather with attention and warmth. It is this, and not the gift, that comes first in importance.
  2. Don’t forget about your grandfather’s hobbies. It can be hunting or fishing, gardening or woodcarving – there can be a great many options. Most likely, your grandfather is missing supplies or some thing that would help him.
  3. Elderly people really appreciate the attention – even if a grand celebration is not planned on the occasion of the birthday, be sure to choose and make a gift.
  4. Any gift must be of high quality. If you can’t buy an expensive branded item, look for a cheaper alternative from a lesser-known brand. The main thing is to refuse dubious fakes that will break after a few weeks of use.
  5. You can add an unusual property to ordinary things – for example, put an inscription on a plain T-shirt, and instead of a paper book, you can give an electronic one. Thus, familiar things begin to play with new colors.

What is better not to give grandfather for his birthday

There are gifts that, with a high degree of probability, the birthday person will not like.

You can give a lot of different things to your beloved grandfather, but you should definitely refuse to buy the following presents:

  1. Gifts for health . Medicines and medications are always relevant for older people, but grandfather will want to get something more worthwhile from his beloved grandchildren. Consider giving a gift for the soul.
  2. Personal care products, Shaving foam, shampoos, shower gels, machine tools and antiperspirants are prohibited. You can always buy such things on your own or receive as a gift on February 23rd. For a birthday, it is better to choose a different surprise.
  3. If your grandfather continues to work, prefers to lead an active lifestyle and feels great, do not give him gifts that remind him of his age . It is better to choose something beautiful, useful and fashionable for him. This rule also works in the opposite direction – modern gadgets should not be given to a grandfather who is not at all interested in this.
  4. Gifts for the home . It is a bad idea to give grandfather a tablecloth or curtains, dishes (including tea or coffee sets) for his birthday. Grandfathers, no matter what age they are, are usually not interested in decorating the home interior and improving everyday life.
  5. Pet . A pet is a living being that requires a responsible attitude towards itself. Such gifts should be given only if you are sure that the grandfather wants to receive it.


Every grandfather, no matter what age he is, has a touching attitude towards his grandchildren. That is why it is important to choose a gift that will surely evoke warm feelings in the birthday boy. Use the lists provided in this article to choose and give your beloved grandfather the best gift.

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