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TOP 84 ideas What to give a Boy for 12 years +19 gifts and Tips

It is not always easy for guests invited to the birthday of a 12-year-old boy to choose a surprise for the birthday boy. If the question of what to give a boy of 12 years old is acute for you, then this article was created especially for you!

TOP 84 ideas that you can give a boy for 12 years

  1. A virtual reality helmet is something that you can give a 12-year-old boy if he dreams of becoming an esportsman.
  2. Educational microscope.
  3. Balanceboard.
  4. The board game “Zombies in the House” is only for the daredevils! Is your birthday one of them?
  5. Walkie-talkies.
  6. The board game “Scrabble” will develop the boy’s vocabulary.
  7. Agent vest.
  8. Game steering wheel.
  9. Puzzle Neocube.
  10. Scooter suitcase. How many more interesting places to visit a teenager! Don’t let heavy luggage ruin your travel experience.
  11. Camping lantern.
  12. A waterproof stereo speaker is an option for giving a child for 12 years, a music lover boy.
  13. Fingerbike.
  14. Chain mail for role-playing battles.
  15. Urban backpack with cut protection.
  16. Gyroscooter.
  17. Antigravity machine. Even dad will join her driving!
  18. Table hockey.
  19. Lego constructor. Choose a set marked “12+” so as not to disappoint the birthday boy.
  20. Ant farm.
  21. Stickbot studio is a good experience for a boy in creating animation videos.
  22. home planetarium.
  23. An external battery is the idea that giving a boy 12 years old is inexpensive, but useful. Such a device will help a teenager always stay in touch.
  24. Jumpers.
  25. Sports section. Even if a teenager has it, it’s probably time to update it.
  26. Globe of the starry sky.
  27. Computer chair.
  28. Nerf blaster.
  29. Table billiards.
  30. A spyglass will be useful to a nephew if he dreams of becoming a sea captain.
  31. Roller Skates.
  32. Home horizontal bar.
  33. A gaming mouse is a great gift for a brother if he does not already have this accessory for computer games.
  34. Electric scooter.
  35. Game console Dandy-mini.
  36. Boxing gloves and equipment.
  37. Digital compass with additional features.
  38. GoPro video camera.
  39. Basketball hoop on the door.
  40. Hydrator. It is convenient to drink from this container without taking it out of the backpack.
  41. Survival bracelet.
  42. Lightsaber.
  43. Table tennis.
  44. Mask with snorkel for scuba diving.
  45. Collectible model of a ship or car.
  46. Finger USB drums.
  47. Sculptural clay.
  48. Protech Hover Ball. With such a ball, you can play football anywhere.
  49. 3D pen with a set of spare plastic.
  50. Flexible piano.
  51. Robot artist.
  52. Bow with arrows.
  53. pen-scanner. With her, you don’t have to rewrite a friend’s notebooks after the boy missed a lesson. Such a pen scans the contents on the sheet and instantly digitizes the information.
  54. Board game Jenga.
  55. Wireless headphones.
  56. Ferromagnetic watch.
  57. Portable printer.
  58. Set of young archaeologist.
  59. Jumping plasticine.
  60. Electronic notepad.
  61. Board game “Safe Cracker”.
  62. Snow blaster.
  63. Spider on radio control.
  64. Rubik’s ball.
  65. A set of experiences.
  66. Monopoly game.
  67. Alarm clock with a target.
  68. 3D maze.
  69. Rollersurf.
  70. Ball for boxing on an elastic band.
  71. Wireless charger for phone.
  72. Lego calendar.
  73. Selfie Remote.
  74. Multi-color illumination for bicycle wheels.
  75. 3D glasses for smartphone.
  76. Railway.
  77. Thermos mug.
  78. Umbrella with illumination “Jedi Sword”.
  79. Game “Useless box”.
  80. Set of double-sided felt-tip pens Touch Lecai.
  81. Interactive toy.
  82. Monkey FINGERLINGS will replace the hero of the occasion with a real pet.
  83. A solar-powered beetle will accompany a radio-controlled spider.
  84. Family set of 10 board games. Yes, it is customary to give a birthday man something that only he will use, but for the sake of such a set, it is worth making an exception!

Original gifts for the twelfth birthday boy

Going to a classmate for his birthday, it is important to prepare a good gift.

It does not have to be expensive, but try to make it creative so that the gift is remembered by the birthday person.

For the birthday of a teenager of 12 years old, you can prepare:

3D lamp . Such an original night light will cause a lot of positive emotions in the hero of the occasion. Especially if it is made in a “heroic” design.

Guitar trainer . Does your friend dream of learning to play a musical instrument? Fulfill his dream at least half!

Leather wallet . Yes, the birthday boy will surely achieve a good financial position if his friends believe in his success so much. Just remember that the wallet is not given empty. Put some coins in it at random.

Wood burning kit . It never hurts to be a master at something. Creating paintings with wood and fire is a courageous exercise!

Selfie stick . Social networks have firmly entered our lives. If the hero of the occasion dreams of becoming a popular blogger, then this mobile accessory will not interfere with him.

And what else could you please a friend or brother on his birthday? Try to write a list of his skills and talents, and next to him write down the tools that can help develop them.

Choose from these items a gift for the hero of the occasion. He will surely enjoy this surprise!

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give a boy for 12 years

What to give for a 12th birthday to a son or another boy if you are not used to making overly predictable offerings?

Here are some more options for unique gifts:

Wrist MP 3 player . You can listen to music with such a “bracelet” during training, in the company of friends or in your room. This gift will definitely appeal to a teenager, whose world is unthinkable without incendiary beats.

Crossbow . It is an honor for a young man to develop dexterity and courage at any time. In addition, it is always interesting to “try on” the life of your ancestors.

Sensory prints . With their help, you do not have to freeze outside in winter to answer the call of your parents or friends.

What gifts you can still surprise a boy at 12 years old, your intuition and our recommendations on how to choose the best surprise for a birthday will tell you.

DIY gifts for a boy for 12 years

The search for what to give a teenager a boy of 12 years old was unsuccessful in the store? Try to create a surprise for the birthday man with your own hands. For the young hero of the occasion, you can make with your own hands:

  • Plaid from old t-shirts for a boy.
  • Textile baskets for small things.
  • Housekeeper.
  • Handmade hat.
  • Wristband.
  • Bracelet made of leather or other natural materials.
  • Knitted hammock.
  • A flash drive created in a unique design.
  • Sweatshirt with embroidery or pattern.
  • piggy bank.

wooden badge


TOP 84 ideas What to give a Boy for 12 years +19 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • round flat blank made of wood 5-8 mm thick;
  • acrylic paints;
  • safety pin;
  • glue gun;
  • simple pencil;
  • brushes and water.

Working process:

  1. Create a sketch of the future icon on paper. Transfer with a pencil to the base.
  2. Color the drawing with acrylic paints. Let dry.
  3. Attach a pin on the wrong side of the product.
  4. You can cover the badge with a special varnish.

Candy soccer ball


TOP 84 ideas What to give a Boy for 12 years +19 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • sweets in white and black wrappers;
  • wooden toothpicks;
  • a ball of floral sponge;
  • hot glue;
  • floral grid.

Working process:

  1. Wrap the ball in the net. Fasten with a rubber band.
  2. Cut off the “tails” of the candy wrappers.
  3. Glue toothpicks to each candy.
  4. Thread one candy into the base of the ball, piercing it with a toothpick. Follow the order of alternating white and black to make it look like a soccer ball.

Tips: how to choose a gift for 12 years old boy


TOP 84 ideas What to give a Boy for 12 years +19 gifts and Tips

So how is it better to choose a gift for a relative or friend on their 12th birthday?

  1. Try to find out from the birthday man himself or his entourage what he himself wants to receive for his birthday. You can invite the boy to make a wish list and send it to the guests invited to the holiday. So it will be easier for his friends and family to choose a gift.
  2. Determine the budget for the gift. It should be neither too scarce nor too generous. The first will offend the birthday boy, the second will put the boy’s parents in a dependent position on you. An exception to the second condition may be the purchase of expensive gifts in clubbing with other guests.
  3. When a boy wants to get a surprise, then remember what he is interested in. Favorite games, activities, sections and circle of friends will tell you where to go for a gift: a book or sports store, an entertainment center or an experimentarium.
  4. Do not save on gift wrapping and postcards!
  5. Prepare a few kind words for the birthday person when presenting your gift. Rehearse the speech at home to avoid excitement and forgetfulness at the moment of congratulations.

Use these general guidelines to know how to choose and give a gift to a 12 year old boy. Apply them when you go as a guest to any birthday party and you can’t go wrong.

These rules form the basis of modern gift etiquette.

What is better not to give a guy a 12th birthday

Even when choosing a gift for your grandson for 12 years, remember the list of offerings that are better not to give to the hero of the occasion.

  1. Knife and other piercing and cutting objects . First, it’s a bad omen. Secondly, even at the age of 12, a teenager will not always be able to adequately assess the risks associated with edged weapons.
  2. Clothing . In adolescence, guys are looking for their own style, a wardrobe that is comfortable for them, which at the same time will help them show their own view of things. It is not worth interfering in this process.
  3. Shoes . Buying it without the permission of the birthday man is also not worth it, like clothes.
  4. Hygiene items . Shower gel, soap, shampoo is not worth giving. According to popular beliefs, when presenting such a gift, there is a possibility that the birthday boy will “wash away” from your life. In other words, you will lose close contact with this person. In addition, think: with what part of the boy’s peers will come to his birthday?
  5. Socks . Believe me, even the original design in a bouquet will not save such a gift. And why should a young man grow up ahead of time? Surely at least one of his future girls will give the birthday man such a “precious” gift.
  6. Perfumery . Are you sure that you know well the tastes of the hero of the occasion? Yes, at the age of 12 a person already has his own ideas about pleasant and unpleasant odors.
  7. Plush toy . The birthday of a one-year-old baby is probably celebrated in a neighboring house. Perhaps you have the wrong address?
  8. Pet without warning . Perhaps the boy himself dreamed of such a surprise. But how will his parents react to such a gift?
  9. Figurines . If this is not an image of some supergeo that the boy is a fan of, such a gift will be made in vain.
  10. Used item . For such a surprise, one can rightly be offended. An exception will be a thing that is passed down from generation to generation at a certain age. For example, at 12 years old.

Going to a birthday party for a boy who turns 12, you should avoid a number of other gifts.

It is impossible to give frankly cheap things, items of poor quality and those that hint at the boy’s shortcomings.


When looking for what to give a boy for another 12 years, it is important to keep the line between a memorable surprise and the budget laid on it.

To make a teenager like a gift, choose a present for him, taking into account the interests of the birthday boy.

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