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TOP 112 ideas What to give a girl for 12 years +41 gifts and Tips

Twelve years can be called the beginning of adolescence. This is a period of serious change, because the interests of the child begin to change rapidly. Therefore, choosing what you can give a girl for 12 years can be difficult.

On the one hand, the girl has already grown up and she is not interested in dolls, on the other hand, she is still a child, and gifts that are too grown-up will be out of place here.

The best way to make a birthday girl happy is to choose a good gift for her.

The question of what to give a girl for 12 years for her birthday requires a creative approach. For the birthday girl, the cost of the gift is absolutely not important, the main thing is that it be a present that she desires, which she will sincerely be delighted with. Now you will plunge into the fascinating world of extraordinary things, thanks to which you will easily make the right choice.

TOP 112 ideas What you can give a girl for 12 years

Birthday is a wonderful holiday, and every girl dreams of receiving something special as a present. By choosing the right gift, you can even make a young lady’s dream come true. The most interesting ideas that you can give a girl for 12 years:

  1. Personalized necklace.
  2. Beauty case – Box for storing jewelry, varnishes, combs.
  3. Colored mascara for hair or eyelashes.
  4. Mermaid tail blanket.
  5. Bluetooth headphones.
  6. Fluffy keychain made of natural fur.
  7. Anime drawing guide.
  8. Palette of decorative cosmetics.
  9. LED gloves.
  10. Glowing stud earrings.
  11. Waterproof speaker.
  12. Graceful wrist watch.
  13. Turban towel.
  14. Illuminated unicorn slippers.
  15. Coloring spray for hair.
  16. Photo-Instant Camera.
  17. Glitter gel for body, face and hair.
  18. Banana bag.
  19. Aqua farm.
  20. Origami set.
  21. Colored strands for decorating hairstyles (kanekalon).
  22. Sports bag.
  23. Starter kit for manicure.
  24. Chocolate making set.
  25. Kigurumi.
  26. Set for felting.
  27. Smartphone projector.
  28. Luminous shoelace.
  29. Curling iron for curls.
  30. Pendant with the sign of the Zodiac.
  31. Coin wallet.
  32. Personal diary with lock.
  33. Hoverboard.
  34. Rollers or skates.
  35. Bike.
  36. Rollers for shoes.
  37. Pillow-night light.
  38. Nail art set.
  39. Rotating night light projector.
  40. Small bag-backpack.
  41. bluetooth selfie stick.
  42. Gift box with bath bombs.
  43. Electronic book.
  44. Cute warm hat with cat ears.
  45. LED garland-curtain.
  46. Notebook plush or with sequins.
  47. Set of LED candles with remote control.
  48. Electric Toothbrush.
  49. Graphics tablet.
  50. Set for beading.
  51. Table mirror with illumination.
  52. Manicure set.
  53. Bag chair.
  54. Flexible piano.
  55. Fitness bracelet.
  56. Fluffy bedside rug.
  57. Sewing machine.
  58. Skateboard.
  59. Casket for needlework.
  60. Cosmetic bag with a set of natural decorative cosmetics.
  61. Dressing room mirror with led-backlight – such a cool gift will cause a lot of emotions and joy in a girl.
  62. 3D pen.
  63. Large dressing table in the girl’s room.
  64. External battery for charging gadgets.
  65. Electric scooter.
  66. Pogo stick or jumpers are devices with which you can jump high.
  67. Flip flop portrait kit.
  68. Stylish urban backpack.
  69. Ring lamp.
  70. A clutch or crossbody is a small handbag that is worn across the body.
  71. Fashion sunglasses.
  72. A set of growing pencils – as they grind down, they can be placed in the soil and watered.
  73. Badminton with a set of shuttlecocks.
  74. Running away or flying away alarm clock.
  75. Magic ball of predictions and decision making.
  76. Glowing T-shirt with an equalizer.
  77. Cute animal-shaped mittens or special smartphone gloves.
  78. Bright cosmetic bag with a set of decorative cosmetics (lip balm, beautiful shades of natural shades, blush).
  79. Jewelry set – elegant hair clips, earrings, bracelets and rings.
  80. Electronic piggy bank.
  81. A musical instrument that a girl wants to learn to play.
  82. A diary, a set of notebooks or a diary with a lock is a good birthday present for your sister.
  83. A dance mat that can be connected to a TV or computer.
  84. A box of fortune cookies.
  85. Bright laptop accessories: a mouse decorated with rhinestones, an original colorful pad, a flexible keyboard, a webcam for chatting with friends, a colorful keyboard overlay.
  86. Crossbody is a fashionable bag.
  87. A set of nail polishes and designs.
  88. 1:1 head mannequin with long hair, elastic bands and combs to practice hair and makeup skills.
  89. Braiding device.
  90. Gloves and mittens – to match the jacket, warm with eco-fur or decorative with animal faces.
  91. Stylish sneakers or sneakers. For example, a model with led-backlight.
  92. Comb – hair straightener.
  93. Perfume creation kit.
  94. Drawing box with over 130 items. Everything a young artist needs.
  95. Animal hat.
  96. Dessert Factory. Device for making sweets, lollipops, etc.
  97. A set of paints or markers for painting on fabric, which will allow you to create author’s things.
  98. A set of magic curlers.
  99. Bright wallet or key holder. Just don’t forget to include a banknote as a gift.
  100. Pocket mirror.
  101. Instagram photo printed on canvas.
  102. Cotton candy maker or popcorn maker.
  103. A set for self-made cookies, rolls, lollipops, cupcakes.
  104. Large printed pillows. They will decorate the room, and you can also take cool selfies with them.
  105. Nail markers.
  106. Set with glosses or lip tints.
  107. Freezer.
  108. Glitter hair and body gel.
  109. Summer accessories: a fun-shaped swimming mattress, a cap with sequins.
  110. Bracelet on the leg for the most fashionable summer looks.
  111. Set of snood and hat.
  112. Glowing 3D stars for room design.

It should be noted right away that deciding what to give a girl for 12 years is one of the most difficult, because at this age all the girls are so different. One of them accepts an art book as a gift when a collection of fashionable cosmetics is collected in the nursery. For another girl, the best gift is an interesting book, and for someone, a soccer ball for joy.

But, nevertheless, there is one thing that unites them – they are already adults. That is why no dolls, children’s dishes and toy diadems!

Surely you have a question, how to choose the best option in these conditions. Let’s make it easy for you and answer the question in this guide. It, with all the restrictions and wishes, contains the best options for birthday gifts for a girl of 12 years old.

Original gifts for a girl for 12 years

A girl at the age of 12 is almost a teenager, and in this difficult life period she needs to stand out among her peers.

Most likely, the birthday girl wants to receive something unusual as a gift that only she will have. Original ideas of what to give a child for 12 years to a girl:

Flip flop portrait. To surprise a girl, give her a set to create a flip flop portrait.

How it works? The birthday girl will paint a white sheet with multi-colored paints, remove the extra layer with a film and get her own portrait made by herself. You can also order not a portrait, but an image from the girl’s favorite cartoon or a beautiful still life.

Instant camera. Modern teenagers live in moments – give a 12-year-old girl the opportunity to save these moments.

With the help of an instant camera, the girl will be able to take pictures and receive pictures immediately. Attach a beautiful album to the gift, where the girl will paste the resulting pictures.

3D pen . A device with which you can draw three-dimensional objects. This unusual device is liked not only by children and teenagers, but also by many adults.

With the help of a 3D pen, you can create original figurines, patterns and even decorations. The pen expands horizons, promotes the development of fine motor skills of hands and spatial thinking.

Children’s supermarkets are filled with all kinds of toys, educational games and other things – you just need to choose what exactly you want to give the girl for her birthday.

Among all this diversity, you can find a special, non-trivial gift.

  • Apparatus for making cotton candy. An original but practical present, popular with children. It is a small device that can be used at home, preparing delicious cotton candy by yourself. You can also donate an ice cream or popcorn maker.
  • Ukulele. A musical instrument that is rapidly gaining worldwide popularity, because learning to play it is very simple. It is a small ukulele with only four strings. You can find a ukulele in the girl’s favorite color or take a wooden, better quality instrument. Ideal for a child who is interested in music.

It seems to you that modern children have everything, and nothing can surprise them anymore – this is not at all the case. Below are a number of ideas that will delight even the girl who has everything!

Decoration-transformer . This is not just a hot trend of the season, but also a very profitable gift. Buying one piece of jewelry, you will give several at once. Maybe a model – a pendant around the neck, a necklace-bracelet on the hand or earrings – a pendant.

Long pillow.  This pillow will not leave anyone indifferent. Bright, soft, voluminous, it will cheer you up and set you up for sleep. You can choose a model in the form of cute animals, fruits, etc.

Beauty box . It has a cute design and the most sought-after beauty and care products for teenage girls.

Such a gift will help the girl to collect her own set of skin care products and suitable decorative cosmetics with a natural composition.

You can also assemble such a box yourself by putting in it: soft foam for washing, light serum for young skin, lip balms, tints, bubble mask, plush bandage for home, etc.

3D lamp  is a wonderful surprise on the DR. In stores and online sites you can find a huge range of 3D lamps – it can be an animal, a cartoon character, etc.

The main advantage creates comfort in the room without heating, which means it is completely safe. And, it creates a sense of three-dimensional illusion.

A wrist watch  is a stylish accessory that complements the image of a child. Depending on the style of the girl, you can choose:

  • a hipster model for a tomboy girl;
  • smart smart watches – demanding, athletic girls;
  • an elegant model with rhinestones – for a romantic person.

Butterfly Farm (Butterfly)  is an unforgettable birthday present for a child. The process of turning a chrysalis into a butterfly will be in front of the girl. Home Butterfly is a transparent box with its own ecosystem.

In addition, the Butterfly can be used many times, in the future simply by buying pupae of tropical butterflies.

Choosing a gift for a growing child is not easy, and surprising him is even more difficult. It should be a really cool present, a thing that the girl has not yet had. To impress the hero of the occasion, pay attention to the following options.

Pendant to create a rainbow. The pendant cheers up and gives a sense of celebration, with this gift the girl will be able to feel like a sorceress. The product is equipped with a solar battery, through which it receives energy that makes the suspension move. While moving, a real Swarovski crystal paints the room in all the colors of the rainbow.

Secret decoration. A good gift option from a boy for a real lady. The decoration is an opening pendant, inside which you can store everything that is dear to your heart. Girls at this age are especially sensitive and love all sorts of secrets. This is very mysterious and intriguing, so the present will definitely not go unnoticed by a teenage girl.

A blanket that glows in the dark. When thinking about what gift to give a 12-year-old girl, keep this present in mind. This is a throw blanket that will delight any child. Stars and planets are embroidered with special threads, so they glow in the dark. The blanket will warm on cold evenings, will decorate the girl’s room.

Smart garden. Thanks to this present, the girl will be able to feel like the Mistress of the garden, growing herbs, peppers, tomatoes, berries. It is not necessary to have practical knowledge in gardening. The kit includes everything you need, and the pot itself is equipped with functions that help control the presence of a sufficient amount of light, water, nutrients.

What to give a girl for 12 years inexpensively

Having connected the imagination, it is not difficult to find an interesting gift in the budget category. If the right ideas don’t come to mind, take a look at the following options. Here you will definitely be able to find a worthy present.

Hug pillow. Cool gift for a 12 year old girl. Such a pillow will give a feeling of comfort, it calms, pacifies, improves the emotional background.

Also, “cuddling” will help to take a comfortable position during a night’s rest, which will affect the quality of sleep. In addition to useful qualities, the product also performs a decorative function – it will ideally fit into any bedroom interior.

Bath pearls. A perfect gift from a friend. Pearls have a pleasant aroma that perfectly relieves stress, calms the mind, and reduces anxiety. In appearance, it resembles large beads with a pearl tint.

Bath beads are used as a relaxing agent, in addition, they tones and refreshes the skin. The beads dissolve well in warm water, filling it with useful substances.

Temporary tattoos. An attractive gift for a rebel girl. The principle of operation of such a tattoo is the same as in the transfer inserts that were found in chewing gum.

You can apply a picture without outside help: just attach the image to the body and moisten the back of the paper with water. The drawing will easily be transferred to the skin!

Not everyone has the opportunity to spend big money when going to a birthday celebration. But this is not necessary – you can surprise a little birthday girl with an interesting and at the same time inexpensive gift.

What can you give a child to a girl for 12 years if you have a limited budget:

Cosmetic bag with a set of cosmetics. At any age, girls actively monitor their appearance, and 12 years old is the age when you can already experiment with cosmetics. Give the birthday girl a beautiful cosmetic bag, put lip gloss, blush, shades of soft shades there – it’s inexpensive, but the girl will be delighted.

Music Box. Many girls at the age of 12 dream of having their own music box, which will delight the eye and ear for a long time. In stores you can find completely different models – a box with a ballerina, the ability to record your own music, or a model in the form of a designer.

Encyclopedia for girls. A book in which you can find everything you need to know a modern teenage girl. From the encyclopedia, the birthday girl will learn about fashion, self-care, cooking various dishes, as well as learn to accept herself and communicate with other people, including with the opposite sex.

Parents, close relatives and friends do not always have money for expensive gifts. However, it is not at all necessary to spend huge amounts of money on buying an unnecessary trinket – you can choose an inexpensive, but good gift.

Set for creativity. It’s a good idea what to give a creative girl for 12 years – accessories for a birthday girl’s hobby. Don’t forget to consider her hobbies. It can be a beading kit, a plaster figure for coloring, knitting or embroidery accessories, a kit for making soap or candles with your own hands. Such sets are not very expensive, but cause positive emotions.

Magic ball for decision making. With the help of this interesting and unusual thing, made in the form of a billiard ball, the girl will be able to get an answer to any question.

Simply ask what interests you, shake the ball, and a magical message will appear on the screen. A fun gift for a 12 year old girl who loves magic.

Mobile phone accessory. Modern children communicate and learn, play and read using the phone. It contains their whole life. If the birthday girl is one of these teenagers, you can give her a gadget accessory.

Ideas: a Bluetooth-enabled selfie stick, touch-sensitive gloves that allow you to use your phone in the cold, a gadget stand, or a nice case with a fun image. To please the girl, pick up an accessory of her favorite color.

An additional list of ideas for what else can be inexpensive to give a girl of 12 years old for her birthday:

  • Neon laces.
  • Set for growing a plant in a pot.
  • Flying saucer, boomerang or kite for active walks in nature.
  • A mug on which an image appears after heating.
  • Thermal mug or lunch box with an unusual pattern.
  • A set of pens with invisible ink.
  • An electronic skipping rope that counts jumps or a high-quality massage hoop.

If your girlfriend, classmate or acquaintance has a DR and you are completely confused and do not know what to get interesting, with a limited budget, then the following ideas will help:

Jenga  is one of the most popular, active games not only among children, but also among adults. It gives a sea of ​​positive emotions, and also develops dexterity and accuracy of hand movements.

The famous peanut or chocolate paste , which is very popular among modern teenagers and is certainly one of the most favorite treats.

You can decorate a present in a box or a small basket,  adding marshmallows.

Gift set “Hot chocolate ” – a cool gift from friends. The set has everything you need: a mug-jar with a straw, hot chocolate.

A young sweet tooth will definitely appreciate your surprise!

A set  of cool things for taking a bath. The TOP-5  funds include:

  • bath jelly – real magic in a jar;
  • sizzling bombs with glitter;
  • hard foam;
  • soap confetti;
  • gelatin balls with aroma oil.

A jar of “Tasty help”  is a marmalade to cheer up. It is a jar of sweets, on which cool inscriptions are applied, for example: “Cute and kawaii”, “For credit studies”, “Jar – NOTHING. Because when they ask, “What can I give you?”, You have to answer normally!”.

Selfie tripod . The birthday girl is fond of blogging and shooting videos on TikTok – then this present is for her.

A tripod will allow you to securely fix your camera or smartphone and shoot without fear of even the slightest movement of the lens.

12 years is a period of self-expression, so your girlfriend will be happy if you please her with  unusual accessories and jewelry . For example, like this:

  • A set of makeup brushes with colored bristles or a pattern of a cat’s paw is a great surprise from a friend.
  • Bright pins are a cool accent on a backpack or clothes.
  • Antibooks – funny covers for books and textbooks.
  • Aroma jewelry – an elegant pendant with a pleasant aroma.

Poster.  A great gift option is a poster with photographs of the birthday girl with friends or family. Such a present can be made by both friends and parents.

For beauty and style

TOP 112 ideas What to give a girl for 12 years +41 gifts and Tips

At the age of 12, the girl begins to actively show interest in what will help her look more beautiful. A certain style and copying of older comrades begins to take shape. Therefore, the following selection of ideas will help you choose the right present in this category.

Hair jewelry  is an absolute must for a 12-year-old teenager girl. Even if the birthday girl has short hair, hairpins and invisible hairpins will come in handy. If the girl’s hair is long, then it will be possible to please her with the following fashionable jewelry:

  • Spectacular hairpin in the form of the inscription Star.
  • Headband – sports or decorated with beads, beads or satin.
  • A set of spring bracelets with fruity scents.
  • Miniature hair clips with velvet bows.

Shimmering powder with a fruity scent, in a spray . The gift will give you the opportunity to feel like a magic fairy. Gives the skin a light fragrance and delicate radiance.

Jacket  is a cozy jacket (hoodie) that transforms into a toy. The delight that you will see on the face of the girl when she turns the toy into a jacket for the first time, you will not forget for a long time.

A set of earrings with interchangeable multicolored stones . The gift will delicately emphasize the natural beauty of the girl and allow her to change the color of the rhinestones for any look.

The waist bag  is a useful accessory and an absolute hit among teenagers. The main advantage is that the bag is adapted to any style: classics, sports, dresses.

Corrugated hair styling  device is an inexpensive device for basal volume and stylish hairstyles. The main thing is to choose a quality device. It is better to purchase from a titanium-tourmaline alloy.

Colored overhead strands  (kanekalon) – designed for weaving fashionable hairstyles. Such a gift will be of interest to any girl of 12 years old, since at this age a young lady is drawn to experiments, and such a present will allow her to try out a new look without harming her hair.

Presents for creativity, development and recreation

Noticing a child’s creative inclinations, give him a gift for their development. If you are not familiar with the hobbies of the hero of the occasion, do not be discouraged, the following ideas will please any young lady and will be the impetus for the emergence of a new hobby.

Paper and watercolor brushes. Aqua brushes are equipped with a special water tank. It is very easy to control its consumption by squeezing the elastic container. This is a real find for fans of watercolor painting.

Paper also plays an important role in this art. If it meets the professional level, it is even difficult to imagine what masterpieces can turn out!

Crochet set. A good option what to buy if the girl is fond of knitting. Give the hero of the occasion a set, thanks to which she can create a toy with her own hands. In addition to the fact that the child will be carried away for a long time, this activity will help develop such valuable life skills as perseverance, patience, and attentiveness. A nice bonus at the end of the work is a ready-made toy that will increase self-esteem and cheer you up.

Polymer clay. Polymer clay will allow you to unleash your creativity to the fullest. You can create anything from it: earrings, beads, bracelets, key rings, etc. Such a hobby brings undeniable benefits – it helps to throw out feelings and emotions, reduces anxiety, allows you to streamline thoughts, awakens hidden abilities. Present this present to the girl, and let her create for her health!

Electric guitar. This gift will please a girl who is fond of music. The advantages of an electric guitar include: the ability to practice in silence (using headphones), control the pitch of notes, a variety of styles performed, flexible sound control.

A girl who dreams of devoting her life to music will appreciate this gift!

Almost all teenagers are looking for entertainment, are interested in something new and actively develop their interests.

So,   you can give a sports girl :

  • Quadra rollers are a cool present. Much more stable than conventional rollers, as well as easier and safer to operate.
  • Stylish sports bag. A gift is relevant if the girl attends sections.
  • Fitness bracelet. The tracker encourages you to be more active, disciplined, study and eat right. Such a present is motivation and development!

If a child devotes a lot of time  to self -development :

  • A colorful encyclopedia for girls with answers to a variety of questions. The girl will receive useful advice and learn a lot. Or pick up a bright, illustrated book on the subject of the girl’s hobby.
  • An e-book is a functional device with thousands of books.

Cooking girl  :

  • Almost cookies – a set for self-preparation of homemade cookies. Layer by layer in a transparent jar, all the necessary ingredients are laid, the girl will only have to put everything together, according to the instructions.
  • Cactus, succulents and planters. Brighten up the interior of the room and teach the girl how to care for plants. Great alternative to animals.
  • Freezer. Following the simple instructions and tips in it, the girl will be able to get a delicate treat that is not like the usual “store-bought” one.

Princess who is  fond of needlework :

  • Polymer clay, from which the birthday girl can make jewelry, key rings, decorate dishes and much more.
  • Kits for sewing toys. A handmade thing always evokes exceptional feelings. With such a surprise, you will give the girl these emotions.
  • Materials for her hobby. Most importantly, you must be sure that they are exactly what the child needs. No – give the certificate to the appropriate department.

If  a girl likes to draw:

  • A notebook with watercolor paper and good watercolors is a wonderful gift that will inspire a young lady to create beautiful works of art.
  • A set of double-sided markers. With the help of this presentation, the young artist will be able to realize all her creative ideas.
  • A graphics tablet is a working tool for a girl who is seriously involved in drawing.

Gifts from family and friends

Moms and dads, and even more so relatives, do not always understand what teenagers want at this age.

If you are poorly versed in the hobbies of modern children and the transitional age has already begun, when the child rarely communicates with adults, we offer some good ideas.

How can you surprise a twelve-year-old teenager at a holiday in his honor? There are many options, however, the first place in this ranking is occupied by  cake .

Modern confectioners ideally realize any hobby of a girl in a dessert. For example, an arsenal of a girl’s cosmetic bag, a book, etc.

Another practical birthday gift is a  bank card with a certain amount . This is one of the popular ways to teach a child to independently and manage finances wisely.

After all, a grown-up girl considers herself quite an adult, and so you show that you agree with this.

Yesterday the girl was a child, and today she has become a teenager. And this is maximalism, and the need for personal space. Here are some gifts that girls of 12 years old like  to decorate a room:

  • A small dressing table – will provide space and privacy. The main thing is that the product should be equipped with drawers, a large mirror and a soft ottoman.
  • Hangers – cool signs on the door of the room.
  • Comfortable and fluffy bedside rug.
  • Interior motivating inscription or letters with led-backlight. For example, “You can do more than you think”, “Explore the world around you, it is amazing”, “You will succeed!”.
  • A soft and pleasant to the touch pink plaid or a cool mermaid tail plaid.

Earrings with Swarovski crystals  are special jewelry and a wonderful gift option for the 12th anniversary. They are distinguished by discreet brightness and natural brilliance, like diamonds. The basis of the earrings is a radiated silver coating that does not cause allergies.

Gift box . A number of stores have introduced a new service – collecting a gift for you. What you need is to tell about the character, interests and other important features of the birthday man, pay. Only those who collected will know about the contents. Such a present will be a surprise not only for the girl, but also for you!

If you are invited to a holiday, but you don’t know how to surprise your birthday at 12, give a  piñata. This is a hollow toy with many surprises. There may be sweets or small surprises inside.

The shapes of the piñata are diverse – these are animal figures, geometric figures, etc. … And they open this “box”, breaking it with a stick.

A few more ideas for original gifts for a girl of twelve years old for her birthday:

TOP 112 ideas What to give a girl for 12 years +41 gifts and Tips

  • An interactive pet is a small robot that can walk and communicate with its owner.
  • A watch-phone is a modern gift for a girl on her 12th birthday.
  • Tablet for drawing with light or sand.
  • A projector for a smartphone, with which you can display the image from your phone on the wall.
  • An umbrella that changes color when wet.
  • A world map with a wash layer (the girl will be able to mark her favorite places on the map).
  • Heated USB slippers in the form of a funny animal.

beauty gifts

If earlier the girl furtively used her mother’s lipstick, then at the age of twelve, interest in cosmetics increased even more. The following presents will help satisfy her curiosity, allow you to slightly, without harm to health, change the image. Choose!

Hair crayons. This is a special hair powder that is very easy to apply, suitable for any type of hair. The saturation of the color varies depending on how many times you draw a fine strand. On blond hair, the paint falls easier and is washed off after 2-3 times, on curls of dark shades, the powder is less noticeable and is washed off after the first shampoo. The beautiful color lasts all day and is washed off with regular shampoo.

Color changing lip balm. This is a real find for a true fashionista. The balm not only moisturizes and nourishes the lips, but also gives them an attractive shade, which manifests itself differently for everyone. The intensity of the shade depends on the natural color of the lips, as well as on the number of layers (the more there are, the richer the tone will be).

Markers for drawing on nails. These are special markers that are used for painting nails. Pencils will especially appeal to girls who are taking their first steps in creating a manicure. Before use, just shake the marker well. It makes clear bright lines, the pattern can be corrected using alcohol-containing liquids or wet wipes.

Soft curlers. To become the owner of luxurious curls, it is not necessary to injure your hair with thermal hair tools, just wind the strands on soft long curlers. Thanks to the variety of types, it is not difficult to create curls of any size and shape. Even a beginner can easily cope with this task! In addition to the fact that the use of soft curlers does not harm the curls, this perm lasts for a long time (until the next shampooing). Also, twisting the curlers at night, they will not interfere with the quality of sleep, and getting up in the morning, you will not need to spend time styling.

How to please an active girl

A child who leads an active lifestyle and gifts should be given accordingly. The following presentation options will help direct energy in the right direction.

Dance mat. A significant advantage of the product is that entertainment gives a lot of positive emotions and impressions. It will be more fun if you play in a company, since not only the player gets pleasure, but also the one who watches the dance. The effect of daily activities is equal to going to the gym. You should not exhaust yourself with training, because just 10 minutes of incendiary dance will help burn about 60 calories.

Adjustable jump rope. Rope jumping does not lose its relevance; rather, on the contrary, it is gaining momentum. This is not only fun, but also useful. Regular training improves mood, burns fat, develops endurance, strengthens several muscle groups at once. In addition, this is a compact sports equipment that you can always take on the street or even on vacation.

Fitness equipment. Fitness equipment allows you to practice almost anywhere, so you can not be tied to the gym. Equipment can be fitness rubber bands, fitball, bodybar, weights, small dumbbells, expander, etc. If you are afraid to make a mistake in choosing tools for playing sports, buy a girl a tracksuit, shoes or a sports bag.

Massage hoop. Regular hula hoop exercises have a positive effect on the general condition of the body: they increase immunity, speed up metabolism, strengthen abdominal muscles, and help to lose weight. Thanks to the hoop, you can easily improve the body and tighten the figure.

What to give the girl who has everything

The most difficult thing is to choose a gift for a girl who has everything. After all, such a child is almost impossible to surprise. However, the options proposed here will help to solve this problem.

Colored or carnival lenses for the eyes. Such lenses will quickly and effectively change the image. Ophthalmic products are found with the rarest colors and even unusual patterns, thanks to which the girl will become the star of any party! Such lenses do not worsen visual functions, on the contrary, they help to improve them. But products are also produced without optical power, therefore they are suitable for people with good eyesight.

Voice changer.  The device will help to change the voice beyond recognition. The device can be used for jokes and pranks on friends and relatives. Such a present will appeal to a mischievous girl. In addition, the device is equipped with various sound effects that will come in handy when connecting karaoke to it. The device is powered by a battery that lasts for 3-4 hours of talking.

Felt pens for painting textiles. This gift will appeal to a girl who is fond of fashion design. Markers are easily applied to the canvas, leaving rich, contrasting lines. The paint is instantly absorbed into the fabric and does not require additional fixing. The ink is absolutely safe for health, resistant to repeated washing, UV rays.

Globe for coloring. A wonderful gift for an inquisitive girl, as well as for a young lady who loves to travel. With the help of a globe, you can create your own travel journal, marking places where you have already been able to visit or that you still have to visit. Continents and countries can be decorated with paints, pencils or felt-tip pens. By giving this present, you will allow the hero of the occasion to fantasize and be inspired to new achievements!

DIY gifts for a 12-year-old girl

A do-it-yourself gift for a 12-year-old girl can be made by a little brother or sister, classmates, girlfriends or friends. This is an inexpensive, but unusual and touching gift option.

List of gifts that you can make yourself:

  1. Sweet poster. Write congratulations on a large white paper, paste photos of the birthday girl, and also place various sweets – sweets, chocolate bars, marmalade in a package. This budget, but original surprise can be given to an older sister, best friend or classmate.
  2. Photo album. If you want to choose what to give your friend for 12 years, make a beautiful scrapbooking photo album, where the girl will insert your joint photos. You can also make a diary or notebook. Decorate the album with rhinestones, a bow or other materials.
  3. Large lamp shade. Take a balloon, inflate it, glue it and tie it entirely with multi-colored sewing threads. Next, leave the craft to dry, burst the ball in a day, and you will get an original lampshade for the lamp – you can put a light bulb or a garland inside.
  4. Knitted product. Great gift for a daughter or granddaughter. Clothes knitted by the hands of a caring grandmother or mother can also be fashionable. For spring or autumn, knit a beautiful coat, give a warm sweater in winter, and a beautiful topic in summer.
  5. Felt bag. If you know how to work with your hands, you can give a girl a beautiful felt bag for 12 years. Such a gift is made without using a sewing machine, it is enough just to connect all the details manually.

Tips: What gift to choose a girl for 12 years

TOP 112 ideas What to give a girl for 12 years +41 gifts and Tips

Preteen girls are very difficult to please – some still like dolls, others prefer to spend time studying and reading. This is very important to consider when choosing a gift.

To make this day unforgettable for the birthday girl, pay attention to the following tips.

Birthday is a bright and happy holiday. Any 12-year-old teenager is looking forward to this long-awaited day. Try to make the holiday fun, desirable and full of surprises, while be sure to pay attention to the wishes of the birthday girl herself.

Teenage girls have their own hobbies – to please the birthday girl, give some thing for her hobby. Usually girls at the age of 12 are fond of drawing, music, dancing, some like to play sports. Your gift will definitely please the girl and come in handy if it is relevant.

Consider the degree of closeness with the birthday girl – the same gift will cause completely different emotions. From parents or friends, the girl will accept a personal gift, such as bedding or clothes. But if a distant relative gives such a thing, she will feel embarrassed.

  • The gift must be relevant. It is unlikely that a girl will be delighted with a gift that will be useful to her only after a few years, or will not be useful at all. Also remember that today’s children often change their preferences. Before celebrating a birthday, make sure that the gift will definitely be used by the girl.

What is better to buy for a 12-year-old girl who has everything? In this case, give an experience – a trip to another city, a ticket to a long-awaited concert or theater performance. Such a surprise will please the girl more than a thing that she does not need at all.

At 12, a girl is no longer a child, but an adult, so you can talk to her directly and find out what she wants to receive as a birthday present. If you want to please a girl and make a surprise, ask her parents or close friends – perhaps they know what the birthday girl will definitely like.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a gift is  relevance . This is fashion and modern realities, these are seasonal chips, new flagships, popular brands, trends – all this is a priority among modern teenagers. In modern realities, such things are united. Therefore, when choosing a gift for a child for 12 years, it is important to take into account the trends of the 21st century.

Maximum communication . It is quite easy for a child to find out what he wants. It is only necessary, and, most importantly, to hear it. You can chat with the girl’s close friends, most often at their age they copy each other and want what everyone has.

A gift for her  is one of the basic rules when choosing a gift for a children’s holiday. Etiquette says that only the child should enjoy the surprise, not the whole family.

The alternative  is to help parents. The birthday girl wants an expensive flagship or a branded item – but there is no opportunity to purchase either? In this case, psychologists recommend involving the child, as it were, in choosing a gift. Like, we choose a surprise for you, help, how best – something for your room, study or hobby? So, the girl will feel her importance in resolving this issue and will compromise.

A fairly common question is – is  it worth giving a girl money for 12 years ? Yes, this is the age when a child can already consciously manage finances on his own, for example, save up for a desired thing. But if the gift is intended for a daughter, it is better to approach the choice with a bit of imagination – the girl expects to receive something original from loved ones.

Also remember that it is at this age that girls have a  desire to stand out  or at least be like everyone else, not worse. Girls at the age of 12 become pretentious about their appearance. Therefore, wardrobe details, accessories, fashionable shoes will be cool gifts. But, remember that you are choosing a gift not for yourself, but for a teenager with specific preferences and tastes.

Flowers.  Yes, yes, even for such a young lady, it is desirable to complement the main gift with a bouquet. If you want to deviate from the standard colors, present:

  • An armful of colorful balloons that will look like a cloud. Such a spectacular surprise will not leave indifferent any young girl.
  • Delicious bouquet . It can be assembled from fruits, snacks, nuts and dried fruits, sweets and cans of soda.

And do not forget  to complement your main gift with something sweet : chocolate, cupcakes, cake pops. All girls love sweets and on a holiday they can and even need to be pampered!

What is better not to give a girl a 12-year-old birthday

Not all gifts will definitely please the birthday girl – it is better to refuse to buy some things in advance and choose something else.

List of gifts that you should not give a 12-year-old girl for her birthday:

  • Toys. Many consider a 12-year-old teenager to be just a baby. This is not so, and therefore you should not choose Barbie dolls as a birthday present. The only exceptions are soft toys, and then only if the girl really likes such things.
  • Clothing and footwear. You should give shoes or clothes only if you are sure of the girl’s tastes and know her size. Otherwise, you can give a certificate to a fashion boutique, where the girl will choose an outfit on her own.
  • Too expensive gifts. Expensive mobile phones and computers should not be donated – a girl at this age can easily lose or break equipment without wanting it. It is better to choose a functional, but not very expensive model.
  • School supplies. At the age of 12, a teenage girl is primarily interested in hobbies and hobbies, and not in school. You should buy new notebooks and pens before September 1, and for your birthday it is best to give something more interesting and original.
  • Pets. Most likely, the girl will be delighted with such a surprise, but before giving a little puppy or kitten, consult the parents of the birthday girl. Not all girls at the age of 12 are ready to take on such responsibility.
  • A gift with a hint. If a girl has problems with excess weight or skin, you should not give her the book “How to Lose Weight Quickly” or lotion against acne and blackheads. Such gifts can embarrass the birthday girl. In this case, it is better to give an envelope with the required amount, and the girl herself will buy everything she needs.
  • Poor quality items. This is especially true for cosmetics – you should not buy cheap analogues of well-known brands, because this can adversely affect the girl’s health. Make sure that cosmetics and other things are of high quality, they should not contain substances harmful and dangerous for the child.

Due to age, there are a number of things that should be excluded from gift options, as they can be perceived negatively.

  • Stop practicality ! Quite often, children are given useful things, but in order to really please the birthday girl, you should forget about it. And leave things like that for weekdays. On her birthday, a girl is waiting for a miracle and interesting toys, even if she is already 12 years old!
  • Medical cosmetics . If the birthday girl has some skin problems, you should not remind her once again. Girls are vulnerable at this age, so you can spoil not only the mood of the young lady, but the holiday as a whole.
  • Gifts out of season . The child lives in the present day and, naturally, wants to receive a gift “here and now.” Instead of waiting for summer / winter, for example, to ride on new roller skates or skates.
  • Abstract surprise  – this is what parents like to give. For example, saving money for education. The girl is not yet at the age to understand the significance of such a present, and there is no question of any holiday.

Giveaway gifts . This includes souvenirs, trinkets, key rings, photo frames from the nearest supermarket.


Choosing what to give a teenager for a 12-year-old girl is not easy – some people often change their tastes and hobbies, and some are picky about presents. However, if you approach the choice consciously and positively, you can buy a good gift. The main thing is to make a choice, guided by the interests, tastes and desires of the birthday girl.

As you have already noticed, there are many options for what you can give a girl for 12 years, you can pick up any surprises depending on your budget, character and hobbies of the child. The main thing is to respect her opinion and reckon with her interests. Give gifts from the bottom of your heart and they will definitely be appreciated!

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