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TOP 137 ideas What to give a girl for 13 years +29 gifts and Tips

When you need to decide what to give a girl for 13 years, difficulties arise. How to choose the perfect surprise for a teenager?

Choose ideas from our huge selection of gifts for a girl on her 13th birthday!

TOP 137 ideas What you can give a girl for 13 years

  1. Electric scooter.
  2. Set for experiments or experiment.
  3. A projection keyboard is a win-win option that you can give a girl for 13 years.
  4. Hammock.
  5. Popcorn machine.
  6. Underwater scooter.
  7. Stand for levitation.
  8. Ice cream ball.
  9. Robot for drawing.
  10. Rubber bubbles are a good answer to the question of what to give a child for a 13-year-old girl. This fun souvenir is sure to cheer her up!
  11. Pirate monopoly.
  12. Mat with alarm function.
  13. Constellation globe.
  14. 3D printer for printing on drinks.
  15. Automatic selfie stick.
  16. Electronic notepad.
  17. Munchkin game.
  18. Forms for ice cream.
  19. Gyro rollers.
  20. Magnetic constructor.
  21. City backpack.
  22. Dance mat.
  23. Fitness bracelet.
  24. Selfie ring.
  25. Drum set for fingers.
  26. Compact wireless speaker system.
  27. Juicer bottle.
  28. Inflatable bed.
  29. A set of growing pencils.
  30. Umbrella “Banana”.
  31. Wooden mechanical constructor.
  32. Engraving kit.
  33. Waterproof case for smartphone.
  34. Illuminated bicycle helmet.
  35. Smart flashlight.
  36. Kigurumi pajamas.
  37. Wireless headphones with backlight.
  38. Chocolate fountain.
  39. Telescope.
  40. Professional stylist case with filling.
  41. Painting by numbers.
  42. Skateboard.
  43. Sushi set.
  44. Smartphone lens.
  45. Multifunctional goggles for cycling.
  46. A chest heart rate monitor is a great option to give a girl for another 13 years if she takes care of her health or is fond of sports.
  47. Electronic book.
  48. Flute Pan.
  49. Volume puzzle.
  50. Easel.
  51. Gel ant.
  52. Light tablet for drawing.
  53. Pocket computer.
  54. Apparatus for making cotton candy.
  55. home projector.
  56. Chalkboard sticker.
  57. Stylish lunch box.
  58. A set of jewelry with stones that suit a girl by date of birth.
  59. Sketch book.
  60. Microscope.
  61. Lava lamp.
  62. Pillow-antistress.
  63. A set of double-sided felt-tip pens.
  64. 3D pen.
  65. Robot artist.
  66. Book safe.
  67. A set of fabric masks for the face in the form of muzzles of animals.
  68. Portable printer.
  69. Hair crayons.
  70. Aqua farm.
  71. Smartphone projector.
  72. 3D lamp.
  73. Polygraph. Why not?
  74. Puzzle set.
  75. A set for creating a manicure at home. How about complementing it with a special nail dryer lamp?
  76. Twister.
  77. Wireless karaoke microphone.
  78. Lamp with levitating switch.
  79. Machine for creating curls.
  80. Electronic candles.
  81. Ukulele.
  82. A watercolor folder will appeal to a girl if she loves to draw. You can add a set of good brushes to this gift.
  83. Scooter suitcase.
  84. A set of beautiful hairpins and elastic bands.
  85. Aromatherapy lamp and sticks.
  86. A set of universal patterns for creating fashionable sweatshirts.
  87. Name vase for flowers.
  88. Paint and brushes for coloring fabric.
  89. pen-scanner.
  90. Floating globe.
  91. Ladies bike.
  92. Stylish cosmetic bag.
  93. Vertical computer mouse.
  94. Ball with predictions.
  95. Lumirurumi kit. Weaving from multi-colored elastic bands can become a serious hobby for a girl.
  96. Floating globe.
  97. Flying butterfly from a postcard.
  98. Piggy bank for sweets.
  99. Sketch picture.
  100. Neogam.
  101. Glowing balloons.
  102. Pendant “Flywheel of time”. Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming Hermione Granger for a moment?
  103. Bowl with phone holder.
  104. Leg hammock.
  105. Tripod for smartphone.
  106. Sand painting set.
  107. Rollers for shoes.
  108. Popsocket for smartphone.
  109. T-shirt with equalizer.
  110. Musical candle-lotus rotation.
  111. Pendant “Jar of jam”.
  112. Set for growing plants.
  113. Nutcracker.
  114. Electric plasma ball. Let the girl feel like a real sorceress!
  115. USB vacuum cleaner for desktop and computer.
  116. Music pot.
  117. Ice glass for drinks.
  118. Newton’s kinetic pendulum. Being able to switch off from problems and relax for at least a few minutes will help a girl avoid a lot of stress in her adult life.
  119. Leather pencil case.
  120. Electronic drum kit for learning. There are not so many female drummers on the stage. Who knows, maybe today’s birthday girl will become a popular musician?
  121. Crystal in the bank.
  122. Ferrofluid in a jar.
  123. Florarium.
  124. Bed set with an interesting design.
  125. Raincoat poncho. With such a raincoat, it will never be boring to walk in the rain!
  126. Blanket with sleeves.
  127. Digital or rotating photo frame.
  128. Souvenir coin. The cost of such things has only increased over the years. Give the girl a head start on investing in her future with a gift.
  129. Mini chest of drawers for table decorations.
  130. Humidifier in an interesting design.
  131. Headphone splitter.
  132. Drawing tablet with water.
  133. Aeroball. Who said that only boys love to drive it?
  134. Funny inflatable circle.
  135. Magnetic planning.
  136. Sleep gel mask.
  137. Signal keychain. What teenager doesn’t get distracted?

Original gifts for the 13th birthday of a girl


TOP 137 ideas What to give a girl for 13 years +29 gifts and Tips

If choosing a gift for a sister or girlfriend for a 13th birthday is difficult, then use additional gift ideas:

Desktop organizer . Gather together pens, markers, pencils and scissors so that they don’t get lost? For a 13-year-old girl, this is sometimes a difficult task. Make life easier for the birthday girl with your gift!

Balanceboard . Every girl dreams of having a toned and beautiful body, and this device will also help a teenager to form the correct functioning of the vestibular apparatus.

Lamp “Tetris” . Let the girl continue to sleep with the light of a night lamp even at the age of 13. Moreover, this model of the lamp allows you to lay the parts of the lighting fixture in any order!

Virtual reality helmet . Just tell me, what teenager would refuse such a cool gift?

Beauty Sleep pillow . Yes, for the hero of the occasion, the time will come when it’s time to take care of your skin and appearance. Tell the birthday girl in private that the pillow will relieve puffiness of the eyelids and prevent skin deformation.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give a girl for 13 years

Going to your granddaughter for her 13th birthday, it is important not to lose her trust.

At this age, the authority of adults falls from one careless word, and gifts should be taken even more seriously. What to choose as a surprise?

Voice picture . This gift will show the girl that you value modern technologies no less than she does, and most importantly, you know how to use them. This will definitely bring you even closer to the hero of the occasion!

Hanging chair . It seems uncomfortable and useless, but every teenager wants to have such a “cocoon”. Fulfill this innocent girl’s dream!

Painted bast box . Vintage is at the peak of popularity, as is interest in its own history. Take advantage of this to please the birthday girl with a truly unique gift.

DIY gifts for a girl for 13 years

When looking for a gift for 13 years, use the ideas of making unique things yourself. A handmade thing is a good idea for a 13 year old friend or maybe a classmate. So going to the birthday girl for the holiday, you can bring such hand-made items as:

  1. Patchwork bag.
  2. Leather bracelet.
  3. Diary.
  4. Solid perfume.
  5. Folder for documents.
  6. Handmade soap.
  7. Piggy bank made of papier-mâché.
  8. Lamp.
  9. Cover.
  10. T-shirt with embroidery.

Button belt


TOP 137 ideas What to give a girl for 13 years +29 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • buttons;
  • hat gum;
  • scissors.

Working process:

  1. Measure the elastic band to the desired length, fold in half. Add an allowance of about 10 cm.
  2. Cut off the elastic, make a loop and tie it.
  3. Sew on the elastic buttons in any order.
  4. Fix one of the buttons as a fastener.

Tips: How to choose a gift for a girl on her 13th birthday

The main recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a teenage girl are based on generally accepted norms of gift etiquette.

  1. Ask what the hero of the occasion wants. Sometimes teenagers make a wish list, which makes it easier to choose a surprise for them.
  2. Choose what the girl likes, not just you. Even if you don’t like something in the gift itself, it is not necessary to inform the birthday girl about this. Even when the birthday passes, it is not necessary to inform her that “gadgets spoil”. Especially if you gave one of them as a gift.
  3. If you are gifting a machine under warranty, include all paperwork up to and including the receipt in the box. They may be needed in case of malfunctions. In other cases, it is customary to remove checks and labels from items before gift wrapping.
  4. Prepare high-quality packaging, a postcard with your signature and a bouquet for a gift. It’s already indecent to come to a girl’s birthday party without flowers.
  5. Express your congratulations when presenting a gift. Do not drag out the speech, you are not the only guest of the holiday.
  6. Ask if the birthday girl liked the gift, no more than once.

What is better not to give a girl for 13 years

There is a list of gifts that are better not to give to your daughter. Get to know him so as not to get into an awkward situation.

  1. Clothing and footwear . The girl has probably already decided that some items of her wardrobe are outdated by the 13th anniversary. Don’t make matters worse! Let the birthday girl decide for herself which style of clothing is closer to her.
  2. Certificate to a specific store or salon . If there was no agreement on this gift, then the delivery of such a gift is undesirable.
  3. Used items . It is already insulting to give away such items. An exception may be a family heirloom, which is transferred to girls at the age of 13. The hero of the occasion is surely waiting for this gift.
  4. Shower gel . It is not customary to give any personal hygiene and personal care products for a birthday. This hints at the imperfections of the girl. Doing this, according to etiquette, is impossible.
  5. Clock . There are many bad omens associated with this item as a birthday offering. Please refuse this gift.
  6. Mirror . There are also many superstitions associated with reflective surfaces. Do not give this thing to a very young girl.
  7. Jewelry made of pearls or amber . Such products are associated with sadness, which should soon overtake the hero of the occasion. And you don’t want this for a girl at 13, do you?
  8. Chain . As soon as it breaks, your connection with your loved one will also break.
  9. Hair comb . Do not give combs or combs if you want to keep your secrets a secret.
  10. Empty wallet . So that the birthday girl does not know the need, put a banknote in her purse, otherwise this gift will be unhappy for the girl.


Choosing a gift for a girl on her 13th birthday should be done without haste. Before you make a purchase, think about whether this thing will please the hero of the occasion, whether it will be useful to her, whether it will suit her lifestyle. If the answer is yes, then you will give the girl one of the best birthday gifts.

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