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155 gift ideas for your sister’s birthday

Sister’s birthday is an exciting holiday for everyone, because the closest by blood gets older. You want to please this person all the time, but on this day you need to surprise and fulfill wishes in a special way. Below are ideas of what to give on a special day, with different budgets.

TOP 55 ideas that you can give your sister for her birthday

Choosing a worthy present for your sister is not so easy. Brothers especially face difficulties, because it is much more difficult for them to guess what the girl wants. The following are standard gift ideas for a loved one:

  1. Powerbank – girls are constantly faced with discharged gadgets, especially mobile phones. It is not necessary to choose standard boxes with a charger; many stores provide unusual shapes in the form of stones and powder boxes to choose from.
  2. Watercolor pencils are the perfect gift for a creative person. Any girl under 20 years old will be delighted with such a gift.
  3. Desktop mirror with backlight – 99% of bloggers have a device and every girl dreams of it. There are several advantages here – great pictures are taken, it is convenient to apply makeup. Such a mirror costs up to 5 thousand rubles, it is easy to save up.
  4. Shadows – buy a palette only if a brother or sister knows the tastes of blood. In other cases, it is better not to risk it, the color scheme may simply not fit the skin tones.
  5. Headphones are a standard and useful gift that your sister will definitely like, regardless of her age.
  6. Organizer – if she likes to use cosmetics or is engaged in applied arts, the gift will definitely be useful and will not be left without attention.
  7. A thermal cup is a cute and funny present, if you don’t go far and print out its image or a funny moment in your life.
  8. Devices for home manicure – a simple ice lamp. During the period of isolation, such a device will definitely come in handy for young fashionistas.
  9. ECO hand cream – all girls love to take care of their hands, as guys pay attention to them. In order for the hands to remain tender and soft for any time, it is worth giving a good and natural care cream.
  10. A beautiful cup – if there is a thermal mug with an image, they give a designer cup, reminiscent of the anniversary. Instagram has a lot of copies with interesting prints.
  11. Jewelry – you don’t have to run to an inexpensive jewelry store to find a beautiful one for your sister. The Internet is full of creative people making brooches, earrings, rings from various materials. They order jewelry for their beloved sister in advance, she will definitely like it.
  12. Interactive Animals – If your sister has always dreamed of having a cute pet, but now she can’t afford it due to a large download, give her a robot. The pleasure is not cheap, there will be no problems with the choice – there are fish, cats, dogs in the presence.
  13. Pantyhose or stockings – girls who are fond of Tik Tok or cosplay will especially like the gift.
  14. Animal hat – relevant if the birthday falls on a cold time.
  15. Socks – after the Prime Minister of Canada went out to the audience in funny printed socks, many girls began to buy similar items for their personal collection. If your teenage sister likes the trend, you should consider adding to her collection.
  16. Knowledge and skills – a useful gift can be spiritual, a sister is given participation in a master class.
  17. 3D pen is a new device available in stores.
  18. Jewelry set – if your eyes darted when choosing jewelry, then you can give your sister a set, with the help of which she will make herself an addition to the image on her own.
  19. A set of cosmetics for a teenager – skin problems, the desire to start using adult creams, all this comes at the age of 13-14. Your sister will definitely love the gift.
  20. A sleep mask is a cute and necessary gift, it can be made by a younger brother to an older sister. Especially if she works a lot, lives in a student hostel, or travels a lot.
  21. Portable speaker – the device will help in hobbies or playing sports.
  22. Portrait from photo – given the situation, hundreds of freelancers are ready to give an unusual gift to their sister for a modest fee. Not taking advantage of the opportunity would be a mistake.
  23. A soft toy, but with a secret inside – a girl wants to hide a secret at any age. You can give a toy even to a 30-year-old sister, saying in your ear the feature of a bear or a bunny.
  24. Hair devices – even a simple set with clips, elastic bands. Well-groomed hair is the key to success.
  25. Services in a beauty salon – has a girl wanted to dye her hair green for a long time? Give her this opportunity, because it is better to let a real master do it.
  26. Bag for storage of linen.
  27. New backpack.
  28. Hair tongs are an indispensable item for girls with long curls.
  29. Gloves – even if she already has them in her wardrobe. It is best if there is a special patch on the index fingers for contact with the phone.
  30. Entertainment certificate – girls also like to be active, a gift can be associated with a visit to a scary quest camera or laser tag.
  31. Umbrella with an unusual print – you can even make to order.
  32. Houseplant – ordinary flowers tend to deteriorate so that the sister always remembers how much her second blood loves her, you can give her eternal flowering in a pot.
  33. Candlesticks – if your sister’s interior is made in a specific style, you should choose it for him.
  34. A night light is a handy technique for young mothers or those who are used to staying up late.
  35. Cooking scales – if the sister adheres to the PP.
  36. Scales for sports.
  37. Bath set – includes bombs, salt.
  38. Original candles – aromatic or just for decoration on a large stem.
  39. A set of fortune cookies will cheer you up in bad weather.
  40. Eco cosmetics – natural blush or lipstick.
  41. A basket of exotic fruits – the main thing is to find out if she is allergic to any of the components.
  42. A new wallet – you can choose with an interesting print for her style.
  43. Portable trainer – rope aerobics devices, elliptical wheel.
  44. Rollers – any active sister will be happy with such a gift.
  45. Gadget – even a new computer mouse.
  46. A chair for a PC – especially if she is a student and spends a lot of time in class.
  47. Creative chair pear – you want to relax on such a bag after a long day at work. In stores, it is quite expensive, you can do it yourself.
  48. A plant in a bottle looks very creative and interesting.
  49. Bed linen with an interesting print is usually made to order.
  50. A cozy body shirt – even if it is several sizes larger, baggy will remind you of home.
  51. Cookbook – you can make it yourself with the secrets of your favorite dishes that mom cooks.
  52. Wicker basket.
  53. A travel organizer is an indispensable thing for any girl.
  54. A hammock for legs – an adult sister will especially appreciate the present.
  55. A phone case is a modest but very useful gift.

Brothers should remember that a sister is, first of all, a girl. Even a modest handmade bracelet can become a great gift. After all, girls evaluate not how much money was spent, but how much effort was made and the very attention to it.

30 original birthday gifts for sister

If the standard gift ideas seem too banal, you can consider more creative options. Pay attention to the list:

  1. Photo album – you can make it by hand, be sure to contact her friends, print cute photos. Storing photos on social networks is not the most reliable option, because at any time they can be blocked, many cards are completely deleted by their owner over time.
  2. Electric curlers – if your sister has long hair and she likes to mess around with it, this will be a useful present for her.
  3. A miniprinter is not expensive, any toy will be delighted.
  4. A set for growing healthy herbs – for connoisseurs of a healthy diet.
  5. A set of professional brushes – especially if the sister is shooting video.
  6. Leather clutch.
  7. Map plan for conquering the world – if a girl dreams of traveling the whole world, she will definitely like the gift.
  8. Hairdryer – it is better to find a professional one that will save her curls.
  9. A plaid with sleeves is an irreplaceable thing for cold evenings.
  10. A fountain on the table is a good distraction and calms the nerves.
  11. Balanceboard.
  12. Mini skateboard.
  13. Coffee thermos.
  14. Thermos for sports.
  15. Dumbbells for sports.
  16. Piggy bank for wine corks – strictly for the most adults.
  17. Makeup mirror.
  18. Alarm clock with imitation of dawn or birdsong.
  19. Shaker.
  20. Waffle maker
  21. A set of glasses or glasses.
  22. Large soft toy.
  23. Stylish pen for signing documents.
  24. Creative passport holder.
  25. Stylish party mask.
  26. Creative kingurumi pajamas.
  27. Wrist watch.
  28. Bluetooth headphones.
  29. Monopod for high-quality shooting.
  30. Slate board for the kitchen.

Selected options can be purchased at any online store. It’s worth starting from the preferences of your sister, since giving a piggy bank for wine corks to an athlete would not be the best idea.

What can you give your little sister for her birthday?

With younger sisters who have just started school or are finishing kindergarten, it is easiest. Surprise the baby with gifts:

  1. Table for creative activities – if funds are not enough, you can share the idea with other relatives. The right workplace will have a positive effect on health and the desire to engage in useful creativity or lessons.
  2. Malbert – a convenient stand will be a real assistant to a creative person.
  3. Poster with your favorite band.
  4. A set of leggings with different prints.
  5. Stylish apron.
  6. Mini weather station.
  7. Constructor.
  8. Strange as it may seem, but many girls also like to participate in yard races.
  9. A box for keeping secrets.
  10. Night light starry sky.

Giving toys is worth only the smallest sisters. Before buying, you should ask the parents what exactly the baby is missing.

Practical Gifts for Teenage Sister

Teenagers are difficult to surprise because of their complex growing up. Gifts should be multifunctional and reusable. You can pay attention to the options:

  1. The smartphone holder in the form of a ring is a practical device that is suitable for creative activities or keeping a personal diary.
  2. Desktop organizer – girls love order, the little sister will definitely like the device.
  3. A Pandora bracelet is a stylish and symbolic gift that any teenager will appreciate.
  4. Silver jewelry – even an interesting pendant, amulet.
  5. Creative rug for the room – for example, in the form of a huge smiley.
  6. Sign on the door – you can order a unique thing that no one will have.
  7. Round aquarium – it is not necessary to keep a fish there, you can fill it with anything.
  8. Set for preparation of hot chocolate.
  9. Nominal star – also made to order with engraving.
  10. Neon shoelaces are a good gift from a younger brother.

You can even give a stylish choker that your sister will wear to parties. The main thing is to approach the choice of a gift with special care. Teenage girls are easily offended, so do not give gifts related to hygiene or a “girly” wardrobe.

Birthday Gifts for Big Sister

It is much easier to cooperate with older sisters. Before the main event, they usually hint at what they want to get or what is missing in their life. Below are options for what even a teenager can afford:

  1. A set of spices – in large networks you can find very beautiful gift sets with spices. Any hostess will definitely like a gift.
  2. A set for chocolate fandu – a sister will be able to have a fun evening with her friends.
  3. A set of juniper combs is a great eco-friendly gift.
  4. Mini sewing machine – even if ordered from a Chinese site, it will cost only a few thousand rubles. The present will definitely come in handy in everyday life and creativity.
  5. A photo panel will be especially useful for the one that has started a new life. This will help the girl to post photos from the wedding, from the birth of children.
  6. A bread machine is an indispensable device for hostesses.
  7. A wine set in a case – for business sisters, the present will be an occasion to finally relax in the circle of loved ones.
  8. Spa treatment kit – if a brother or sister knows about the preferences of blood, then the gift should be considered first.
  9. The salt lamp is ideal for all ages.
  10. Fitness bracelet – if she doesn’t have it yet, then you should definitely buy it. In 2020, many new products from leading manufacturers entered the market.

You should not give perfumes, by age they may simply not suit your sister. If initially she did not give a hint of a certain brand of cosmetics, then you should not even give a certificate.

Original gifts for sister on DR

It is worth giving original presents at any age. Especially if the sister has already stepped over childhood and adolescence, and now it is very difficult to surprise her. Do not despair if the budget is limited, you can find a worthy gift in the selected list:

  1. A prediction ball is a great option for those who are constantly thinking about answers and cannot make a decision quickly. The device will successfully fit into any interior.
  2. Slippers paws – even if the sister is already an adult serious woman, giving her paws of a bear or panther is a great idea. She will be able to wear such a gift in cold weather and remember the house.
  3. Tetris is a great symbolic gift for a sister who grew up in the 90s.
  4. Tea “Antigrustin” – if the sister is experiencing a small crisis lately.
  5. Golfs “Chicken” – for those who do not mind jokes and are ready for self-irony.
  6. A set of chewing gums “LOVE is” is a good option for any age, by the way, many girls still guess on inserts.
  7. Unicorn slippers are an addition to the “office” suit for those who work remotely.
  8. A piggy bank that chews coins will cheer you up even in the most difficult period.
  9. The flamingo lamp is a creative little thing that will successfully fit into a girly interior.
  10. Sketch map of the world – for travelers.

Presented gifts can afford each person. Warm and soft toys are sold at seasonal discounts, so you can buy them for gifts in advance.

Gifts for hobby and creativity

It is a pleasure to give such gifts. Creative people are constantly missing something, and they will be delighted with any useful little thing. What to give creative sisters:

  1. Consumables are brushes, paints, sponges. For those who paint pictures, there are no “few consumables”. There is always a shortage of paints. Before purchasing a set, it is advisable to pay attention to the brand used by the sister.
  2. Personal book – if the sister writes stories or poems, it is worth giving her an empty hardcover book. For her, such a device will be a serious reason to think about her future calling.
  3. Mosaic portrait – will help to distract during the creative process.
  4. Decorative dome for inspiration – usually looks like a flask with lights, a garland inside.
  5. Oscar – if your sister is an aspiring actress, then let this interior piece inspire her while studying the script.

A new camera lens can also be an ideal gift. It is worth choosing, starting from what a person lacks for his activity. Creative people usually ask to buy the necessary thing for them or just give a hint.

Gifts for sister for beauty, personal care

As mentioned earlier, gifts related to hygiene or appearance are the most difficult. Only a few can understand what a sister needs, how not to offend her. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, it is better to use a list of standard ideas:

  1. Give a certificate to visit the master – for example, a sister constantly does a manicure. Few people know that the annual cost of such trips often goes beyond five figures. To once again allow her to save money, you can contact her master and pay for several sessions.
  2. A set of lip balms – 95% of a good moisturizer is made on the basis of hypoallergenic additives.
  3. Face masks from Dior – the average cost of such a set is 5-6 thousand rubles, the effect is noticeable, you can cooperate with relatives or friends of your sister.
  4. Beauty gadgets – it is worth considering options for electric brushes for cleaning pores, vibrating massagers, curlers for eyelashes. Such devices can be found in different pricing policies.
  5. An electric toothbrush – from experience, many will say that this device is worth the money. Any girl will be delighted with such a useful gift.

It is better to give certificates and coupons for those beauty sessions that the girl hinted about in advance. For example, if a sister regularly goes for a massage, then of course she should pay for several trips to her favorite salon.

Inexpensive nice birthday gifts

Given the unstable economy, finding money for a quality and memorable gift is quite difficult. Surprise even with symbolic presents. Here is a list of ideas that fit on a limited budget:

  1. A selfie ring is an unusual device for a sister to take the perfect photo for social networks. The average cost in online stores is up to 500 rubles.
  2. A jar for cocktails in the shape of a lamp looks very creative, costs up to 400 rubles.
  3. Eco tea set “Ivan” – calms, well suited for those who are going through a difficult period in the form of a session or problems at work. The average cost is up to 300 rubles.
  4. A cup stand for your phone is the perfect device for spending evenings. You can safely eat your favorite nuts or crackers and watch the program. The price is up to 400 rubles.
  5. Eco cube for growing – grow lemon balm or mint on your own. It costs up to 500 rubles, it looks very creative and interesting. Boxes are usually made in the form of illuminated wooden boxes.
  6. A lamp for gel coating is a good option, you can buy up to 500 rubles.
  7. Mirror in the form of a MacBook – up to 200 rubles. Nice gift from little brother.
  8. Depilation kit – up to 500 rubles.
  9. Mini frying pan for scrambled eggs – up to 500 rubles.
  10. Lunch box – useful and inexpensive, only up to 300 rubles. A must have for any age group. It is better to choose high-quality options, with a lid on the seal.

Even with such gifts, you can surprise your own sister. You can buy in any shopping center in the city or order in advance on the Internet.

DIY gifts for sister’s birthday

If you couldn’t find the perfect birthday gift for your sister, you can create it with your own hands. Ideas to consider:

  1. Painting a dish is a good way to impress your sister with your talent. Painting lessons are held in elementary grades, so you can make a beautiful dish with the support of a teacher or parents.
  2. Create a decoration for the interior – even a cape on a sofa or bed. You can sew this from old flaps from your sister’s things that she wore as a child.
  3. To make a shelf or whatnot with your own hands – the sisters do not have extra storage space. It is advisable to ask for help from a father or grandfather, men will never refuse to spend time together.
  4. To create her story in photographs is to give a handmade album, where the pictures are arranged as she grows up.
  5. Create a cartoon with her participation – you can even draw something similar on your phone using software.

Variants of what can be done by hand. It is enough to turn on the fantasy and let the creativity manifest itself to the fullest. By the way, such presents are more appreciated, because the sister will understand that it took a lot of time and will appreciate the attention.

What can a younger brother do for a sister on her birthday:

  1. If the sister is older and has been living separately for a long time, the younger brother can make a wooden kitchen set for her. A rolling pin, a cutting board – all this will be appreciated by the little sister.
  2. Make a movie – collect videos and photos from social pages, add wishes from relatives. If the sister is in another country, she will definitely not forget such news from home.
  3. Collect a box with wishes – fill it with sweets, wishes and compliments.
  4. Make a bracelet with your own hands – you can buy beads and everything you need for the creative process for pennies. By making the same pendants, you can melt the heart of even the most difficult sister.
  5. Make a frame for a joint photo – additional details and decorations can be collected even in a forest or park.

Younger brothers often make handicrafts for congratulations. Such gifts are valued no less than presented jewelry from husbands or fathers. If there is uncertainty in the forces, you can always call mom or dad for help.

What is better not to give your sister for her birthday?

It is impossible to single out specific taboos of what cannot be given to sisters for their birthday. Much depends on the personal characteristics of a woman or girl, so be sure to think about your decision before buying. As for the standard rules, it is recommended to study:

  1. You can’t give perfumes – if the company and the release date are not known in advance, then you should not experiment. Smells on people are felt differently, even if she is your twin, he may not suit her at the hormonal level.
  2. You can’t give things that the whole family can use – this is unpleasant, gifts for girls should be individual. Especially if the present is prepared for a teenager. As an unfortunate example, we can single out – household utensils, useless sets of dishes, general gifts for several events or holidays, school supplies.
  3. As for popular prejudices that girls can pay attention to – empty wallets (to poverty), pearls (to tears), knives (to quarrels). If the sister asked to give herself from the above, then there will be no problems.

Do not give gifts related to irony or jokes. Especially if they are intended for teenagers or adult women. If a lady doesn’t have a good day in the morning, she can react quite sharply to it.

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