What to give your husband

Cool 63 ideas of what to give a Husband for 30 years (and tips) +37 gifts

Thinking about what you can give your husband for 30 years, you should remember that most likely your lover has already said goodbye to youthful recklessness and has gained prudence and seriousness.

At the same time, a man is still quite young and can be delighted with absolutely impractical, but at the same time emotional things.

This inconsistency of the considered age, of course, should be remembered when choosing a present.

Below you will find ready-made lists of gifts and ideas for what to give your husband for his 30th birthday.

TOP 63 ideas that you can give your Husband for 30 years

  1. Wrist or pocket watch with engraving;
  2. A mini-bar where your husband can put varieties of collectible whiskey or cognac;
  3. A portable projector will be a welcome gift for a man who is fond of cinema;
  4. Electronic book;
  5. Action camera (GoPro, Sony…);
  6. Big TV;
  7. Subscription to the gym;
  8. Audio system;
  9. A sweater or scarf knitted by the wife’s hands;
  10. Books in a deluxe edition of your chosen one’s favorite author;
  11. A set of handmade chess, which, in addition to its main function, will become a real work of art in your family nest;
  12. Video camera or camera for keeping family chronicles or work;
  13. Athlete: sports simulator, punching bag, dumbbells, horizontal bar, press bench, etc.;
  14. For fishing: a box for small things, an inflatable boat, etc.;
  15. Music lover: guitar, synthesizer, digital mixer, portable stereo system, functional headphones, a ticket to a concert of your favorite band;
  16. For a tourist: a tourist tent, a mat, a spacious backpack, a portable charger, a road compass, a powerful flashlight, a multifunctional knife.
  17. Picnic set with refrigerator compartment.
  18. Extreme driving courses.
  19. Wall stand for guitar or other musical instruments.
  20. Quality binoculars for hunting or outdoor trips.
  21. Waterproof shower radio.
  22. Lunch box, thermos or thermo mug with an original design, as well as heated from the cigarette lighter and USB.
  23. Collectible model of a ship, vintage car or tank.
  24. Original gem ring.
  25. Quadcopter, airplane or radio-controlled car.
  26. Universal external battery of an interesting shape for gadgets.
  27. Powerful wireless speaker.
  28. Beard grooming gift set including styling wax, balm and oil.
  29. A set of personalized skewers or self-rolling skewers.
  30. An echo sounder is a device for determining the depth of water bodies using acoustic echo signals.
  31. Portable flashlight.
  32. Leather water bottle for hiking and travel.
  33. Winter tent or fishing suit.
  34. A new spinning or hunting rifle with a laser sight.
  35. Luxurious cufflinks or a stylish tie.
  36. A comfortable desk or a good office chair.
  37. A high-quality reproduction or painting by a contemporary artist for an art connoisseur.
  38. Barbecue or electric grill.
  39. Home brewery.
  40. Named terry poncho or plaid with sleeves.
  41. High-quality perfume or fragrant toilet water.
  42. Construction kit for building a robot from scratch.
  43. Multimedia keyboard with many additional functions (media player, mail, browser).
  44. Drink dispenser in retro style.
  45. Holder for documents or men’s clutch made of genuine leather.
  46. Leather case or purse.
  47. A chic cake for 30 years for a husband in the form of a car or other custom-made item.
  48. Stylish shirt, branded tie or precious cufflinks.
  49. Humidor – a wooden box for storing cigars, equipped with a humidifier and a hygrometer.
  50. A set of glasses and chilling stones for whiskey.
  51. A silver cigarette case, a lighter with the initials of a loved one or a self-cleaning ashtray.
  52. Table or laptop stand.
  53. Virtual reality glasses.
  54. Expensive engraved pen in a beautiful gift box.
  55. A set of tools or a suitcase for storing them.
  56. Designer sunglasses.
  57. Car compressor.
  58. Men’s silver bracelet or chain around the neck.
  59. Stylish leather belt.
  60. Name diary.
  61. An Xbox or PlayStation game console (or a new game for them).
  62. A set of sweets, a package of collectible honey or jam, real Belgian chocolate.
  63. Mini golf or table football.

What to give your husband an original for 30 years

It is believed that it is better to give your husband something original for his 30th birthday, as the date is special and requires a non-banal approach. Suitable options might be:

Aerofootball set . Puzzling over what to give your husband for his 30th birthday, if he loves active sports, it is worth remembering this fun game. It is permissible to use the set both with children and in the company of friends, which makes the present both pleasant and useful;

Lamp in the form of a photomosaic . Beloved spouse will definitely like this little thing, which is directly related to him and his loved ones. The lamp looks like a huge poster with lots of small photos. If you look at the lamp from afar, you can see a portrait of the hero of the occasion, while a more thorough examination of the device will allow you to consider individual photographs;

Mobile speaker system .Puzzling over what you can give your husband for 30 years, provided that he is an avid music lover, give preference to this device, through which an ordinary tablet can be turned into a real cinema. Beloved spouse will definitely like the fact that the system will work even offline. Its main advantages are providing high-quality sound of music and the absence of any wires;

Paragliding flight . When choosing what to give an original husband, one should not forget about exciting presents. One of them will be giving the birthday person the opportunity to feel free and forget about everything during the flight over the Earth. Remember that giving such a gift to your beloved spouse is permissible only if you are sure that he will appreciate such an extreme.

Three-dimensional figurine depicting a birthday boy . Professionals in a specialized printing center will easily make a small copy of your beloved. For this, his presence is not required – everything can be done from a photograph using 3D printing technology.

What other original gifts can you give your husband for his 30th birthday? Here are some more interesting ideas:

  1. Modular picture or collage of photos on canvas.
  2. Portrait from a photo by a professional artist.
  3. Hammock for legs in the office.
  4. Poker set.
  5. Damask for drinks with personalized engraving.
  6. Stylish men’s umbrella.
  7. Board game for two or for a large company.
  8. Gift set for baths and saunas.
  9. A barrel of beer and a set of mugs.
  10. Stylish designer travel bag.

What to give a husband-motorist for 30 years

If your spouse is the owner of a car, then a gift to her husband for 30 years suggests itself and the choice in this area is huge.

You may be wondering what to give your husband an original one, but in this industry everyone has their own preferences and, knowing the tastes of your lover, you can choose:

  • Of the expensive and useful gifts, he will certainly be pleased with a video recorder or a navigator of the latest model.
  • As a gift, an auto-vacuum cleaner or a portable TV for a car will also be desirable and relevant.

Digital technology is not an original, but a useful gift

Most likely, your man will not refuse a new gadget:

The latest smartphone , stuffed with a bunch of useful features, with a large high-resolution screen, will delight him, and using it every day, he will constantly think about you.

A tablet or laptop , for entertainment or business meetings, will also appeal to a man who keeps up with the times.

A fitness bracelet ( or smart watch ) will be useful if your betrothed seriously monitors his health and goes in for sports every day.

DIY gifts for husband for 30 years

If the budget is limited, and you want to please your husband on his 30th birthday, you can make him a gift with your own hands. Such presents are highly valued by men, because they are made with love. A few DIY gift ideas for a 30 year old husband:

  1. Postcard or photo album using scrapbooking technique.
  2. Stylish and beautiful sweater knitted by your hands.
  3. Handmade soap set.
  4. A set of openwork candles.
  5. Original night light: lights in a jar (made using a garland).
  6. Beautiful topiary made from coffee beans.
  7. Thread picture.
  8. Decorated pillows in fleece, cotton or other fabrics.

Picture frame


Cool 63 ideas of what to give a Husband for 30 years (and tips) +37 gifts

A photo frame is not always a banal gift – especially if you decorate it with your own hands. Frame decor can be done in a few steps – just buy a regular plain frame, use glue to decorate it with artificial flowers, coffee beans, nuts or sea pebbles. Another option is a do-it-yourself cardboard frame:

  1. From colored, thick cardboard, cut out a rectangle of the size you need. Cut another rectangle right in the middle of the workpiece.
  2. Ready! You can put any stickers on the frame, cut out animals from cardboard of a different color and decorate the frame with them.

You can add such a cute frame to the main gift or give it instead of a postcard.

Lamp from old toys


Cool 63 ideas of what to give a Husband for 30 years (and tips) +37 gifts

A lamp made from old toys will look great on a man’s desk. This is a gift for those who like stylish handmade jewelry. To make you will need:

  • old children’s toys;
  • table lamp or base from it;
  • shade;
  • polyethylene;
  • glue;
  • gloves;
  • paint in a can.

Manufacturing instructions :

  1. Glue the toys to the base of the lamp – you can do this in any order.
  2. Protect the workplace with polyethylene by placing it on the floor and walls.
  3. Take the paint and evenly distribute it over the coating, shaking the can from time to time.
  4. Install a lampshade.

The best clue is your spouse’s hobby

Every man, in addition to work and family, should have a hobby – an activity that he loves with all his heart and that allows him to escape from the daily routine. Knowing your spouse’s favorite hobbies, you can understand what to give your husband for his 30th birthday and how to pleasantly surprise him. Depending on your husband’s hobbies, you can choose a suitable gift:

  1. If a man loves classic board games that develop intelligence, give him a set of handmade chess, carved backgammon, or a set for the ancient Japanese game of Go.
  2. If your husband is an avid gamer, buy him a stationary or portable game console that he has long dreamed of or a collector’s edition of his favorite video game.
  3. For an amateur astronomer, the best gift would be a new telescope.
  4. And for a musician, it is a good and high-quality instrument, which can also be engraved as a gift and later bequeathed to the relic.
  5. If your man collects a collection, give him a unique copy to replenish it.

Not only attention is important, but also a gift

Contrary to the common phrase, a man in his 30s will expect something more from his beloved woman than just attention. A gift is a tangible or intangible manifestation of love, therefore, its choice must be approached responsibly and it must be understood that the thirtieth birthday is one of the key dates in the life of any man and must be taken seriously. I hope this article answered the question of what to give your beloved on his 30th birthday and now every loving wife will be able to surprise her husband.

How to choose what to give your beloved husband on his 30th birthday

What to give your husband for DR 30 years is not an easy question. When choosing a gift, you must follow a number of recommendations that will help make the present truly desirable and memorable.

Going in search of what you can give your husband for 30 years, it is important to focus on the character traits of the birthday man, as well as his preferences. If the spouse is a merry fellow and a real joker, it is permissible to consider the ideas of comic presentations. A serious man is more suitable for solid and practical gifts.

When deciding what is better to give your husband a birthday present for 30 years, start from your material capabilities, in other words, from the available budget. Obviously, too little amount will not allow you to purchase something really worthwhile, so in this case, it is probably better to give preference to a hand-made present.

Many are sure that you need something to give your husband for 30 years that will help him develop his hobbies. This option can be considered the most proven, since sometimes a man can simply spare money for the purchase of another fishing rod or football uniform, and receiving them as a gift is the best solution in such a situation.

Character traits of the spouse also play an important role. So, for example, a calm man is unlikely to be enthusiastic about the opportunity to jump with a parachute, just as an active and full of energy young man will not appreciate a warm blanket or bathrobe.

You can give bouquets to a man for his birthday, but you should give up delicate girlish flowers, choose better men’s bouquets – for example, orchids, callas, dahlias, gladioli , delphiniums.

Choosing what to give your beloved husband on his 30th birthday, you need to connect not only the brain, but also the soul. Try to independently feel the desires of your loved one, remember his comments about this or that thing oradmiring glance in the store. Asking a direct question about his preferences is an extreme option. If you really resort to the help of a birthday man, then you need to do this in a veiled way, with the help of conversations on distant topics and hints.

Among other things, do not forget to take care of the beautiful presentation of the present. This refers to stylish packaging and the right words at the time of presenting the gift. As for the latter, it is better to think them over in advance so as not to let the excitement stifle the flow of beautiful thoughts.

What not to give your spouse for his 30th birthday

Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity firmly believe that you can give your husband almost anything for an anniversary of 30 years, because “ your main gift is me! “. Of course, there is some truth in this, but no one will doubt that it is much more pleasant to present a truly necessary gift to a birthday man.

So, when looking for what to give your husband for a 30-year DR, it is recommended to avoid shared items. The present should be dedicated exclusively to the hero of the occasion, so a new microwave or refrigerator is not the best idea.

You should also not pay attention to the standard sets. We are talking about shaving products, body cosmetics, tea or coffee. Despite their usefulness, they look trite and hastily bought. The exception in this case is the sets that the donor assembled on his own, taking into account the needs of the birthday man and beautifully designed.

The stop list also includes :

  • Underwear;
  • Socks;
  • Mirror;
  • Money.

You can hand over the above things on ordinary days, but not for an anniversary. By the way, with regard to money, in some cases this option is acceptable, but only subject to a personal agreement with the hero of the day.


The search for something original to give your husband for his 30th birthday often becomes a real test due to the seriousness of the occasion. However, whatever gift you choose, remember that the main gift for your husband is a warm atmosphere in the house. Therefore, you should calm down and try to remember all the good things that are in your chosen one, and then the decision will overtake you.

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