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TOP 62 ideas What to give a girl a calf + Tips

Taurus love practicality, so when choosing gifts, you need to be guided by this particular rule. The presentation must be solid, expensive, as they say “for centuries” so that you can be proud of it. What a gift to give a calf to a woman, given her versatile nature. Consider gift ideas for all occasions.

TOP 62 ideas What can you give a girl a calf

To interest a Taurus woman, it is not necessary to look for some extravagant gift. Taurus is a sign of the Earth, so gifts should be “mundane”, but useful.

What to give a calf to a woman for her birthday?

To understand what to give a calf for a birthday, you need to know the birthday girl well, her character and preferences.

  1. A modular picture with a spectacular image will bring a touch of comfort to the house. Taurus adore non-standard decor details, so a picture will be the best gift.
  2. Golden earrings. Accessories made of precious metals will appeal to Taurus.
  3. Cookbooks. Taurus love not so much to cook as to decorate ready-made dishes. Therefore, cookbooks with beautiful photographs and illustrations will help Taurus to show their creative imagination.
  4. Travel. Tickets must be purchased to a country where she has not been. But there is a small caveat here: not all Taurus love to travel.
  5. Foot massage bath. With such a gift, you will not need to rush to the spa, all procedures can be performed at home in a cozy atmosphere.
  6. Camera. A must have for photography lovers.
  7. Coffee machine. Taurus love to drink coffee! Therefore, the coffee machine will be a welcome gift.
  8. Hands-free device in the car. Taurus love to drive a car, and even more – to talk on the phone while driving. Taurus will be delighted with such a device, as it will eliminate the likelihood of receiving a fine.
  9. A camping tent is the best gift for lovers of hiking.
  10. The treadmill will help Taurus maintain their 90x60x90.

When choosing a gift for Taurus, be prepared for the fact that you have to fork out, because the representatives of the Sign prefer expensive presents.

Gift Ideas for the New Year

Everyone loves the New Year and expect miracles. Taurus want to receive as a gift something necessary and useful in the household.

  1. Gorgeous cutlery set. It can be a spice stand, a set of spices, a tea set.
  2. Anatomic pillow. After the first use, your gift will be appreciated.
  3. Manicure set. The Taurus girl will like the gift, as her hands should always look well-groomed.
  4. Air cleaner. Taurus love fresh air, so they will not refuse such a gift.
  5. Salt lamp. The gift will bring aesthetics to the house and positively affect the health of residents.

A good gift should not end with the holiday, so ephemeral gifts will be out of place.

What can you just give

Gifts do not always have to be timed to coincide with some kind of celebration. Sometimes beloved girls want to give gifts every day, just like that. What can be donated?

  1. Antique vase.
  2. Jewelry.
  3. Chinese frog with coins.
  4. Key holder made of natural wood.
  5. Bath mat.
  6. Indoor plant.
  7. Coffee service.
  8. Purse.
  9. Rocking chair.
  10. Food processor.
  11. Carving set.
  12. Stand for indoor flowers.
  13. Roller Skates.
  14. Skateboard.
  15. Modern gadget.
  16. Floor lamp.
  17. toilet water.
  18. Breadbox.
  19. Jewelry box.
  20. Electric toothbrush.

Anniversary gifts

Taurus treats the anniversary birthday with particular trepidation, although they do not show it. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a “serious” gift.

  1. Electric fireplace. The gift will not only bring a touch of comfort to the interior, but also help to warm up after a winter walk.
  2. Knitted plaid. Taurus will be delighted with the gift.
  3. Table for notebook. A light folding laptop table is a must for Taurus, as the representatives of the Sign love to surf the Internet, look for something new and learn.
  4. Digital photo frame. An interesting accessory that will allow you to enjoy pictures in slideshow mode.
  5. Clock heart rate monitor. You do not know how to surprise Taurus? Give her a watch with a heart rate monitor. This is an indispensable gift for people who love sports.

On a note!

Taurus adore when something else is attached to the main gift, even a small trinket. Therefore, when choosing a gift, it is recommended to supplement it with a bottle of champagne or a box of chocolates.

What to give a girl a calf on February 14

It is on Valentine’s Day that you can offer your hand and heart to Taurus. This will probably be the best gift of her life. And you will hear the long-awaited “Yes!” in response. If such a gift is irrelevant for you, since you have been married for a long time, you can be advised to choose no less attractive gifts for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Lace underwear.
  2. Romantic evening in an intimate setting.
  3. Jewelry.
  4. Spa certificate.
  5. Relaxation massage certificate.
  6. Potted flowers to remind you of the wonderful evening spent with you for a long time.

The choice of gifts is so great that it attracts and scares away at the same time. When choosing a present for your lady, it is advisable to take a closer look at her preferences and then you certainly won’t go wrong with a gift.

What to give a calf on March 8

Women are waiting for the coming of spring. And with it comes the holiday season. A gift for March 8 should be sweet, feminine.

  1. Bath set. A sweet lady will definitely love the chocolate milk set, which includes makeup remover, soap, body milk and hair foam.
  2. Bathroom set. The set includes: soap dish, toothbrush holder, dispenser and toothpaste cup. When choosing a gift, you need to choose the right color scheme.
  3. Room fountain with a clock. The murmur of water will have a calming effect on the nervous system.
  4. Set for bulk products, preferably ceramic.
  5. Cool umbrella. It often rains in the spring, so an umbrella will be appropriate at this time. To add color to cloudy weather, an umbrella can be with a yellow handle or with bright rays of the sun. It is important that the gift cheer up.
  6. Basket of flowers. A huge bouquet of flowers is a stunning sight! Instead of a basket, you can use a figurine of a woman or a glass box.
  7. Stylish wallet. The accessory must be simply chic.
  8. Unique brush. The hairbrush has a 4-level bristle that protects the hair from damage. The silicone insert prevents the comb from slipping in your hand. Ideal for those women whose curls are often confused.
  9. Perfumes and cosmetics. Preference should be given to high quality products. Taurus do not like rich and heavy aromas. Therefore, if you are sure that you will not be able to choose a perfume scent, it is better to give a body cream, shower gel or handmade soap.

Additional gift ideas for a Taurus woman or girl

Taurus are quite capricious and demanding. To please them, you need to take into account the peculiarities of their character.

  1. Taurus are pedantic and accurate, attentive not only to themselves and their belongings, but also to others. In addition, they are scrupulous, meticulous, if they take up a task, they do it without any complaints.
  2. Representatives of the Sign prefer home comfort.
  3. When buying things, they try to surround themselves with only necessary and useful things.

To decide what to give a Taurus woman, you need to take into account all the nuances of her multifaceted nature. So, let’s take a look at additional gift ideas for lovely ladies.

  1. Hobby gifts. Taurus women and girls are wonderful housewives with exceptional taste and culinary skills. Therefore, they spend a lot of time in the kitchen. An original gift in this case will be a cookbook with colorful illustrations, including original recipes. Not superfluous will be tableware, tea and coffee sets, household utensils. Taurus will love exotic spices that can enhance the taste of cooked dishes.
  2. Gifts for decorating the interior, familiar gizmos. Taurus are practical, so any little thing for the house will delight them. You can give quality furniture. Flower stands, ceramic vase will be a non-trivial addition to the main gift. But Taurus is quite calm about gifts from the sphere of household appliances.
  3. Stylish gifts. Taurus is characterized by a sense of style. They feel beauty. A good gift would be wardrobe items: shoes, clothes, hats. But it is important to know the addictions of Taurus himself in order to please.
  4. Romantic congratulations. Representatives of the Sign appreciate attention and care. A gift with a romantic connotation includes: flowers, jewelry, jewelry, a movie ticket, a tourist tour.

Having considered different gift ideas, among them you can choose what is better to give a woman a calf, surprising her with the extravagance and originality of the present.

What to give a Taurus girl with your own hands

Many people think that handmade gifts are much more valuable. Consider DIY gift ideas.

Vase decorated with wooden circles. To create a beautiful vase, you can take any rectangular or round container, paint it with white acrylic paint. For decor, use round cuts from a medium-sized branch. The main thing is that the rings are clearly visible on each cut. This will make the vase more original. The neck can be decorated with twine.

Wire flowers, coated with nail polish. To create a beautiful gift, you will have to be patient. But the result will justify the effort. You will need wire, pencil and varnish. To make a flower, you need to wind the wire around a pencil, then remove and distribute the petals to make a chamomile. Further on the surface of the petal should be held with a brush with varnish. He will create a beautiful film, and the flowers will look like a single whole. Ready flowers are recommended to be installed in a beautiful gift box.

When choosing a gift, you need to build on the personal preferences of the donee. Taurus will only be happy with a long-awaited gift, coupled with beautiful packaging.

Tips – how to choose a gift for a female Taurus

Giving the best gift in the world means choosing it according to your personality traits.

  • Taurus prefer expensive gifts, even very expensive gifts. They will appreciate them, trust me!
  • Representatives of the Sign prefer the classic style, so things should be chosen in this style.
  • An adventure or prank will disappoint Taurus, as the representative of the Sign does not tolerate anything original.
  • All gifts should have a practical purpose, let it be a trinket, but useful!
  • Gifts associated with attracting money will delight their owners. These can be various figurines, talismans, a money tree or a Chinese frog with coins.
  • Taurus are aesthetes. You must know! It is important to pay great attention to appearance and packaging.

You need to give with taste and from the heart! Only then this gift will be the sweetest and most expensive.

What is better not to give Taurus to a woman. Top 7 Unnecessary Gifts

The list of unnecessary gifts is not so great. Gifts that Taurus will be indifferent to:

  • fresh flowers (Taurus does not tolerate a bad attitude towards nature);
  • simple trinkets (representatives of the Sign prefer expensive jewelry);
  • ladies’ novels (they consider them completely useless);
  • humorous gifts (Taurus can take a prank joke at their own expense);
  • ceramic dishes, clothes from “underground couturiers” (Taurus value quality);
  • a tourist voucher (will cause more indignation than joy);
  • all items that are not useful.

You should not give Taurus something that can lead them to resentment. Therefore, you need to know what Taurus loves.

If you sincerely want your gift to really please Taurus, you must take his choice seriously. Only in this case, all your efforts will be fully justified.

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